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In Sickness or In Health

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In Sickness or In Health
It was July 12, 2013 at 10:12 am, he was going thru the traffic light at Rt. 50 and the lights went out. Nine months later he woke up in a rehab center. When he opened his eyes Beth his wife of six years was leaning over him running her fingers thru his hair, with tears running down her face. He tried to talk but his mouth and throat were bone dry. The doctor said give him a sip of water. Tammy a Candy Striper put a cup of ice water with a straw in it up to his lips as he took a sip. He looked at his wife and said I love you Beth where am I, she tells him he was in an accident and he was in a rehab center. He asks was it my fought she says no not at all, he asked if his truck was bad, she said a tractor and trailor ran the traffic light at Rt.50, his truck was totaled. He asked her how bad he was hurt, she looked up at his doctor he said Tad everything from your waist down had been crushed he had lost both legs from just below his hips down, he was catharized, and had a colostomy. He looked at the doctor his face turns red and he yells why the fuck didn’t you let me die I’m a god damn vegetable, I’m no longer a man can no longer be a husband to my wife. He buries his face in his pillow and tells everyone to get the fuck out he just wanted to die. The doctor said they should all leave for now, except Tammy to tend and watch him in case of emergency.

Out in the hall Beth was upset, the doctor says this wasn’t totally unexpected, and it was a lot for him to take in and he still had a long road to go for recovery. An orderly takes his meal in and Tammy goes to feed him, out in the hall they hear a crash and a loud bang, he had grabbed the tray and thrown it across the room up against the wall and yells for everyone to get the fuck out of his room the orderly ran out of the room, he is yelling he wants a lawyer, and he wanted a devorce. The doctor and Beth run in the room he says he has rights, he wants no visitors, Beth is crying and asks what about me, he says forget about me, find yourself a real man. Then he says he wants a lawyer again just before he goes to sleep from the injection the doctor had just given him.

Beth cries and says he will never accept his condition, he was very active, he went to the gym every day, ran marathons, hunts and fishes he was a contractor, he built houses and he was a great lover none of which he could do any more. The doctor says we just need to redirect his energies in other directions. Beth says I just told you what his life is, he is twenty-six, in the prime of his life, if you think he is going to ever going to be content doing, crossword puzzles or knitting you can forget it, I’m going to spend the rest of my life to make sure he doesn’t kill himself! The doctor says he will learn in time with therapy to accept his condition. She says you obviously don’t know my husband he taught mules to be stubborn.

Beth calls Jake Johnson, one of the Town Cops, who was first at the accident, he was Tad’s best friend from high school and Beth’s secret lover! She told him they had brought him out of the c***, and he was not happy, that he wanted to die, wanted a devorce and wanted a lawyer. Jake says they can’t afford to let any of that happen so they can keep milking the trucking company whose drunk driver had hit Tad. Reminding her they needed to keep him in ether the hospital or rehab center to keep control of him and his afairs and keep milking the trucking company!
The next morning Beth is at the Rehab Facility, and asks the doctor how he was this morning, the doctor says he threw his breakfast tray up against the wall. He keeps yelling for a lawyer, now he wants his cell phone, you think he wants to play games, Beth says I have no idea, can I see him, the doctor says he is refusing all guest, Beth yells I’M NOT A VISITOR I’M HIS FUCKING WIFE! The doctor looks down and says I’m afraid you represent his ultimate failure and pain because he can’t make love to you anymore! Beth leaves the facility, and says to herself, he wants a cell phone fat chance. Beth wrights a note than he goes back to the Rehab Facility and pays an orderly a hundred dollars to smuggle it in to him;

Please let me see you, I love you with all my heart and soul and I will never stop loving you, we vowed to say together for better or worse in sickness or in health, I’m holding up my end of our marrage now I expect you to!
I Love You

Tammy the Candy Striper smuggled a cell phone in to him and tells him she will give it to him only if he promosed to stop giving her a hard time, he says he will behave for her. She gives him the phone and tells him she paid a thousand dollars for the phone and expected to be repaid for it. First thing he does with his cell phone was to text Beth;

I love you but you are wrong a truck took away my ability to keep up my ability to hold up my end of our marrage, I can no longer perform my marital duties as I am no longer a man! Please forget about me devorce me and find yourself a real man that can give you the love affection and c***dern you deserve, want and need!

The next thing he did was to call 911 and tell the police that he was being held against his will and being denied access to a lawyer! The police responded as they must, the doctor tried to stop them from seeing him but legally he could not. The officer walked into the room and said wow Tad, he turns to see Jake Johnson, a black guy he went to high school with and team member from, football, soccer and baseball. Jake extends his hand to Tad and he weakly reaches up and shakes his hand. Jake says I was the first one on the seen at your accident, and I gota tell you I never thought you would make-it. I know when I pulled that drunk truck driver out of his cab and he tried to fight me he wished he hadn’t! So, buddy what can I do for you, he says I need a lawyer, I want a devorce and I want the right to die. Jake says dude what the fuck, is there a problem between you and Beth, he says come on Jake you know how hot she is and believe me as hot as she looks, she is twice that hot in bed I mean she wants it all the time! On weekends we do it five times a day! Jake says lucky guy so whats the problem? He said Jake I’m no longer a man, everything from the waist down is gone. I shit and pee into a bag, I can’t walk, or run or swim I’m fucking Humpty-Dumpty, Jake I can’t make love to Beth everything is gone! We can’t have k**s it’s not fair to her she needs and deserves a man! Jake asks him dude have you talked to the doctors, now a days they can fix anything. He says Jake everything is gone I have two tubes coming out of me one for pee one for shit! I’m not a man or a woman I’m a thing no good to anybody or anything. He says Tad I know how you feel now, and I have known you and Beth forever, she loves you and will never give you up. I’m not susposed to refer lawyers to people but I will, I still think you need to talk to the doctors and for god’s sake see Beth she loves you dude! I have to go back to work I’ll send the lawyer to see you!

When Jake walked out the doctor said thank you for reinsuring him that his wife loves him. Jake asks is there anything that can be done for him down below? To a large degree yes but it will take years, it’s very doubtful but not impossible he would ever be able to father a c***d. Jake looks at the doctor and says you have to give him some hope, you need to show him some light at the end of the tunnel! When he got out side Jake called Beth and told her Tad had got his hands on a high-end cell phone and called 911, fortunately he got dispatched, he asks for a lawyer, devorce and to die. He told her he told him he would send him a lawyer but of course I’m not going too.

Dr. Tuttle sticks his head in the door and says Tad can I come in examine you and talk options? Tad says sure Doc. come on in, he does a quick health check blood pressure, temp, pulse. Well your doing ok there, now let’s talk, whats on your mind. Tad says I want to do right by my wife and then die! The doctor says what do you mean, Tad says devorce her so she can have a real man. The doctor says why do you think you can’t satisfy your wife, he says Doc. I no longer have the right equipment to satisfy her I have felt, no cock, or balls and two bags hanging off of me one full of piss, one full of shit how romantic! Tad you have been in a c*** for nine months, Tad said nine months, yes, the discomfort you are feeling now is nothing compared to the pain your body has been subject too. The only way you got this far without going crazy was to keep you in a c***. Now the colostomy was done to keep you in a c***, you have lost most of your penis, and your balls were inserted up into your body cavity and sewed in there to keep them viable. So, what can we do? By no way are you done with your medical issues. The next thing will be your colostomy reversal. There are several options for your penis at the appropriate time we will discuss but it is possible for you to be fully functional, but it will take a few years, at the time of the penis transplant your balls will be brought back down to their proper position. Tad asks how soon can we get started and would my insurance cover the procedures, the doctor says oh how could you know I don’t know the details but all your medical expenses are covered your wife can tell you more about the settlement with the trucking company rumor has in addition to medical expenses for the rest of your life including a very large home with multible lifts for getting you in and out of bed, bath/shower, chairs. A special truck is to be designed to your specifications when your able to. Dr. Tuttle asks can I give the OK for Beth to see you, Tad says yes, I’ll Text her.

I’m starving how about bringing us dinner I want a double whooper plane, chocolate shake, french fries and your lips!
Love Ya

A few seconds later he gets a return text;

I LOVE YOU ! I need to shower and change but fuck it you will just have to take me grungy I’ll be there as fast as I can!

Beth calls Jake tells him Tad had agreed to see her, Jake says do what ever you have to do to convince him you love him and not to devorce you. Beth says but he is so discussing with bags of shit and piss hanging off him.
Twenty minutes later Beth runs in the room throws her arms around him and they kiss a long loving kiss, then they just hold each other, and he cries. Tammy leaves the room and gets the doctor and says should I let them the doctor cuts her off and says take the night off he will be well taken care of. They kissed again this time more passionately Beth moans as Tads hands and fingers instinctively finds her boobs and nipples, his kisses go down her neck then to her huge nipples, Beth screamed and her body shook, she held onto Tad tight as she had an orgasum. (outside the room the nurses put a sign on the door DO NOT DISTURB!) Tad slides his hand down her body over her slightly hairy mound and said hold on a second I didn’t take time to shave, she ran into the bathroom threw up, quickly washed her mouth out, got a little bowel of hot water his shave cream, razor, wash rag and towel came back to his and says I know how you like to do this for me, Tad smiled took the wash rag, washed her mound, shook the shaveing cream, sprayed some in his hand and spread it over her mound, then d**g the razor slowly over her mound removing her stubble and occasional long hair. When he finished her mound, he had her turn around spread her cheeks and repeated shaveing her ass. When done he kissed her little pink star than circled it with the tip of his tongue, Beth moans oh Tad, he pushes his tongue into pink star, and he feels Beth shake again. Beth pushes Tad on to his back climbs up on his face and says EAT ME Tad dives in sucking her sweet hot nectar out of her pussy. She reaches down make me cum baby OH GOD YOU FEEL SO GOOD I NEED YOU SOOOOFUCKINF BADDDDDDDDDD and she squirted in his mouth and all over his face at the same time Tad screams out and humps up his what was his groin area. Beth jumps up and says whats wrong did I hurt you, Tad was sweating and says I came, Beth says how, Tad says I don’t know, she asks are you ok, Tad says very much ok, come here and kiss me. He pulls her into his arms they kiss and cuddle and fall asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning the doctor comes in and says whats this, the nurse says the staff says Beth spent the night, and it sounded like they had quite an active night! The doctor asks active how the nurse says sexually! The doctor says really! Well give then till nine am then we need to get them moving. Tad wakes up kisses Beth’s neck and turns around in his arms and they kiss, he says hun go down suck my morning wood, Beth goes to duck under the covers then says DAMN YOU! Tad pulls himself up and says to her would you suck another guys cock, or fuck one? Beth says what the fuck of course not why would you even ask that? Tad says the doctor said yesterday they could give me a penis transplant, that would be fully functioning, so for us to have sex you would have to use another guys cock, she says wait, I mean, what, shit I don’t know, she says I mean it’s you isn’t it? There is a knock on the door a nurse calls in the doctor will be in, in half an hour. Beth runs in the bathroom and takes a quick shower, then brings in a bowel of hot water, washes Tad’s hair, face and body, then shaves him, the whole time Tad is feeling up Beth playing with her pussy. She says STOP THAT before I cut your nose off and heaven knows you have already had enough cut off! He says ok I’ll be good. She has him brush his teeth, then she combs his hair, and she gets dressed.

She walks out to let the nurses they are all together they smiled and said ok sweetie, did you have have a good night, Beth says best night I’ve had in months I missed being in my man’s arms! When Beth turns around and see the sign on the door and her face turns blood red, Beth jumps as the doctor put his arm on her sholder and says good morning Beth how are you today, as they walk into Tad’s room followed by two nurses, one nurse changing out his colostomy and urine bags, she says DOCTOR look at this she whispers is this puss in the urine bag, he says no seamen! She says oh my I have never seen that before. The second nurse was taking his vitals, everything normal doctor, he says good, now you two ready for the good and bad news, kaçak iddaa Tad says go ahead, well there has been a cancelation in the OR this afternoon, and we can reverse your colostomy today, at the same time take the necessary measurement for the penis transplant. That is if you still want to go ahead with the transplant, Beth says YES HE DOES, I mean you do don’t you? He says yes deer a huge one, maybe even a black one what do you think deer? Beth what do you think, she says wait I’m thinking. The doctor is just standing there with his mouth open listening to them, Beth says it doesn’t have to be black, but it should be BIG, then both Tad and Beth bust out laughing! Doctor Todd you two are going to drive me crazy, ok an ambulance will be here in half an hour to take you to the hospital get you prepped, Beth says another waiting room. Tad says give Jake a call he was here the other day he will wait with you, wait I’ll text him, Tad sent him a text and got a reply almost instantly, Tad says he says he will be there with you Beth.

At 11:00pm Beth is beside herself no one had told her a thing, Jake was holding her in his arms as she is crying, finally at 11:30 the surgeon comes out and says everything went fine, he will be in recovery for tonight and in his room in the morning, Beth asks sobbing what took so long, the doctor said it was about two hours actually that as good time, Beth says he went in at 2:00 this afternoon. The surgeon says no one came out and told you we had an accident come in this afternoon with four critical patience’s, we had to postpone Tad for hours, someone was susposed to come and tell you, Jake says no one did this poor woman has been beside herself. The Surgeon says I am so sorry it got very hectic back there, anyway Tad is fine. Jake says let me walk you out to your car she says ok thank you.

When they get out in the parking lot Beth leans against her car with her head down and eyes closed, Jake says let me take you home and spend the night she says great I need you he says my car is just over here, once inside his car Beth cuddles up against him as he drives her home her hand falls into his lap and on his cock, next thing he knows she is creasing and stroking his cock, thru his cargo shorts and moans. When they get to Beth’s house, Jake says we are here, Beth as they drove had unbuttoned her top and did not have a bra on, when Jake said they were home she reached her arm around his neck her top fell completely open totally exposing the most perfect pair of tits Jake has ever seen, she pulled his face to her and kissed him a hot passionate kiss searching his mouth with her tongue.
Beth looks at him and says carry me to bed and take me, take me hard over and over all night long! Jake reaches in pulls her into his arms carries her into the house and lays her on her bed, Jake pulls his t-shit off and says you are so beautiful Beth she had lost her top in the driveway, she pulls her shorts off and then her pantys and says feel these and throws her pantys to him and they are soaked! She says I’m ready I need you in me NOW! She lays back spread her legs wide he lays down on the bed and starts to eat her pussy. She was really into it as her hands pulled at the bedsheets and she was grinding her pussy into his face.

By now his cock is rock hard and they are both ready to fuck. She is still lying on her back, so he scoots up closer on his knees and she takes hold of his cock and points it at her wet hole. The deep contrast of their skin is mesmerizing. She is a pale skinned green eyed redhead and Jake was blacker than night. He loved watching her pussy open up as he slowly worked his cock into her. They fucked like that for what seemed like hours. After a bit they changed places and she rode his cock while he played with her 36C tits. She was loving this fuck. This was not their first time together and she was got off on his color. After a while they changed to doggystyle. Soon he started to pick up the pace and she knew he was going to plant his seed deep in her belly where it belongs. He was hard fucking her, and she was fucking him right back. Then his cock started to throb as he was cuming in her. She shouted yes Jake take me take all of me, she could feel him throb inside her. He seemed to be cuming forever.

They layed there in each other’s arms recovering, their senses, Beth rolled over facing him pulls his face to hers buried her tongue in his mouth than reached down grabbed his huge cock and started stroking it, then scooted down and started sucking his massive member licking around his big purple head than down his shaft and then sucking each ball into her sweet mouth. She sucks his cock in her mouth and he starts to pump her mouth faster and faster, then Jake flipped Beth on her knees and said put your head right down and your ass in the air, he bent down and he was licking her little pink star and fingering her soaking wet pussy making Beth scream with pleasure, Jake put his cock head on to her pink star and started to push a little Beth never reacted at all, he pushed more till his head disappeared, he was in, slowly he pushed and pushed, Beth was whimpering as he got further, finally he was ball deep and he was doing little thrusts to warm her up.

Jake stood up now above her with his full weight over her and his big black cock was deep inside and he was now going to town on her ass, Beth was squirting cum and this was the 1st time ever she had cum so much it was everywhere the bed was drenched, the entire room smelled of pussy and cum as his shaft was going in so deep she thought she would pop, she said cum in me Jake. he smiled and said to late as he made one final push, he had filled Beth’s ass up with his cum, he pulled out his black cock, full of cum as it fell and slapped on his leg it looked unreal, Beth fell forward and was goosed she said, she turned herself over laid full out and spread wide she looked amazing, Jake picked her up carried her into the shower they kissed and in between washing each other Jake bent her over slid his cock thru her red swollen pussy lips and deep into her belly fucking her until he unloads one last time for the evening. They get out of the shower dry off and go to bed Beth cuddles in Jakes arms and Jake says we really need to talk in the morning with Tad away now awake we need to be more careful, Beth says the doctor says he will be in the hospital and rehab for a few years yet, Beth puts her arms around his neck kisses Jake and says we have a lot to work out.

The next morning Beth wakes up feeling Jake’s morning wood poking her in the ass she slides down and sucks his cock in her mouth and starts working his cock head swirling her tongue round and round it. Jakes eyes flash open, he reaches down pulls her up into his arms and buries his tongue in her mouth, rolls her over, she spreads her legs and his cock pushes forward easily finding it target and sinks deep into her pussy, she looks up at him a tear runs down her cheek and she says Jake I love you make love to me, he pushes his tongue in her mouth and slowly pumps his huge cock in and out of her hot wet tight pussy. She meets his every thrust with one of her own, ever nerve in their bodies were on fire burning with the passion for the two lovers, he kisses her neck as their pace rapidly increases, they melt into each other as their climax approaches and explodes he fills her pussy with his hot cum into her body and they clutch each other locked in a loving embrace.

Jake rolls over holding Beth in his arms she is laying on his chest, Jake asks what is this? Beth says I love you Jake, I have sence high school, but back then it was impossible for us. Jake says you’re the most beautiful woman I have ever known, I have loved you sence the first time I saw you, but what about Tad! Beth says I love Tad and he knows my needs, that’s why he wants to devorce me, but we need to keep control of him for our support right now. Besides I get ten grand every month from the trucking company for loss of affection that will go a long way in establishing our life together. If they find out we are fucking or he gets his penis transplant that all goes away that’s why I told his doctor no transplant, I mean I do have his power of attorney! Now let’s get a shower, I’ll fix us some breakfast, and we will need to get dressed and head out. Jake says do you have a turtle neck, she says yes but why would I wear a turtle neck in the summer, she says no you didn’t! Beth jumps up looks in the mirror and says DAMN JAKE we need to be more carful for now.

Nine am Beth walks into Tad’s room he is highly sedated, even though he senses something is different, she asks how he is feeling without making direct eye contact. He says I hurt, then notices she is wearing a turtle neck in the middle of summer and sees the edge of her hicky. He asks her did Jake take care of you last night. She says what do you mean, I know it was late when I was finally operated on, did he see you got home ok? When she twisted to answer she exposed most of her hicky and he had no doubt. She says obviously he did I’m here ok can’t you see! He looks at her and says you should leave I’m not going to be very good company for a few days, so just leave, I can see you have other things you can be doing. She says whats that susposed to mean! Tad yells I’M SORRY I GOT RUN OVER I DIDN’T DO IT ON PURPOSE, just because I don’t have a life any more obviously doesn’t mean you shouldn’t, I only ask you to be up front with me! Without looking at him she turns and says I guess I’ll go then, as she walks out the room Tad says I Love You Beth. When she leaves Tad falls apart and balls into his pillow, his heart torn out of his chest. The nursing staff hears him and tries to communicate with him he won’t talk so they page his doctor. His doctor finds him inconsolable and had to sedate him. The doctor goes out and says has anyone been in to see him this morning a nurse says Beth was in but just for a few minutes. The doctor says that should make him happy, Tammy the Candy Striper says humph the doctor says do you have something to add she says he is the sweetest guy in the world how could she do that to him? The doctor says what are you talking about? She says you all must be blind, she spent the afternoon with that hunky black cop yesterday, when we came in this morning her car was in the parking lot covered in dew, she was wearing a turtle neck sweater today and it’s hot as hell outside, when she left the collar had dropped down and I could see a big fresh hicky was in plain sight. She says that bitch just crushed his heart! The doctor says young lady thank you for your insight, god with all his problems and all he’s been thru how do we give him a sense of purpose and a reason to go on. He says that was a question people not a statement I need suggestions, Tammy the young Candy Striper, maybe we should get psychologist in to see him.

Beth calls Jake and says I need to get away for a while can you get off for a few days, he says where are we going she says somewhere we can be nude and fuck all day, he says he has a friend that is an x pro football player that has a small private island off the keys in Florida how about that, she says perfect call him I’ll get us a private jet as soon as you let me know, we can join the mile high club on the way down and back! An hour later Jake calls her back and says we have it for the next two weeks. Beth says great better than I hoped go pack. I’m calling to arrange the plane come pick me up at my house. Beth arranges for the plane. Then she text Tad;

Sorry about this morning, I have been under a lot of stress for months I’m going away for two weeks please don’t hate me.

Tad reads her message and reply’s;

I love you please call me!

Half an hour later;

I can see you don’t intend to call me, I understand your needing to get away, you had to handle everything while I just slept for nine months! Where are you going and who are you going with?

An hour later still no reply.

I love you, hope you have a good time and tell Jake I said hello, oh and I’m not stupid I noticed you could not look me in the eyes, I saw your neck this morning, and my window looks out over the parking lot and your car was there all night. I’m sorry for any problems I have caused you by getting crushed by a tractor and trailer. I just wish you would be up front with me. If it’s just sex because you need relief I understand and I’ll see you when you get back, if it’s more I guess I’ll see you next in court when you decide to devorce me.

Beth and Jake are strapped in their seats as the plane levels out the pilot comes on the intercom and says we have reached our cruising altitude of ten thousand feet well over a mile high, please feel free to move around the plane, there is an aft cabin with a bed should you be tird. Have a very pleasant flight. Beth stood up reached back unzipped her sun dress pushed the straps off her sholders and it cascaded down her body and piled up around her ankles. Jake looked at the dress at her ankles around her 6” white spiked heels. Inside her heels were a pair of white lace toped thigh highs, held up by a white lace garter belt, covering her pussy was a white g-string farther up she is wearing a white lace shelf bra that presented her breast to him and fully exposing her rock-hard nipples. She steps out of her dress reached down takes his hand sways her ass as she leads him to the aft cabin!

Once they were in the aft cabin Beth reaches down hooks her thumb thru the waist band of her g-string drags it down across the flesh of her plump ass cheek until the thing strap slides out of her ass crack then out of her hot wet pussy slit, the other side pops loose and slides down her legs and she steps out of the g-string crawls up on the bed and tells him to come stand in front of her and take his clothes off. She reaches out takes his cock in her mouth and swallows his cock, he grabs her head and fucks her mouth, once he is hard she pushes him away and says go back there and take me make me yours, he climbs up behind her takes his cock rubs it up and down her hot wet slit sits it in the entrance to her pussy grabs her hips and says are you ready she says give me that big black cock Jake pushes his cock in her as he pulls back on her hips in one push she begins to shake collapses on the bed but quickly recovers to push kaçak bahis back against his cock and says take me use me, he pounds her harder and harder faster and faster she is in a constant state of climax, then he jerks her hips back and forth hard and fast several times and finally pumps her full of his black seed. He releases her hips and she falls on the bed and he lays beside her, and asks is this what the next two weeks is going to be like she says no we will have to sleep and eat FOOD some time! Beth says I really don’t trust planes let’s get wash up and get dressed.

She takes her bag in the small bath room comes out a few minutes later hair pulled back in a pony tail, make-up perfect, a pair of sandals and a small white bikini. She went over sat down pulled out her cell phone and see’s Tad’s last text for the first time, and just stares at it. When Jake comes out of the bathroom and he sees her staring at her phone. When she doesn’t look up at him, he asks whats going on, without looking up she says he knows! Jake says who knows what, Beth says Tad knows about us! Jake says shit, how pissed is he? She says read for yourself. He says very civilized so which one is it, she says I guess we will know in two weeks! After they landed the pilot reached inside her bra to pin her mile-high club wings on!

A week later the nurses at the nurse’s station are gabbing, one says they found a match for Tad, but the doctor says Beth will not permit the transplant, but they may not find another match for a few years. Tammy the Candy Striper over hears them talking and goes in to blab to Tad, she has been hitting on Tad sence the day she busted Beth for cheating, and then broke into his cell phone and saw his text. Actually, Tammy has the hots for him, and she’s been very blatant about it. She unbuttons the top three buttons on her top and pops in and says how’s it hanging today slugger and reaches over his face to plump his pillows, in the process buries his face in her huge boobs. Tad says are you trying to suffocate me with those things, she says never they are for your pleasure! Then he says not funny the how it hanging comment! She says maybe not for too much longer! Tad says what do you know, she says I can’t tell, he asks ok what do you want, she says when it’s done, I want to be your test dummy! Tad gets a big smile on his face and says deal, now spill it what do you know, they have a match for you, but Beth won’t give permission for the transplant. It could take years to find another match, so you gota get a lawyer and take back your right to make your own medical decisions, Beth has Power of Attorney for you from when you were in a c***! Tammy says I know I’m a hot POA and as far as I’m concerned, we can start pleasuring each other now! Tad says why would a young beautiful hot girl like you want to mess with a half thing like me. She says first I’m twenty-four your twenty-six and I don’t know if you noticed but I’m blind in my left eye, like you I was in an accident I did actually die but was brought back lost a few brain cells along the way but it’s made me more direct I’m here to tell you I can relate to you, I think your hot and I want you. She says I do aerobics every day my body is smooth and tight and the thing I want most is to feel your hands on me, and you between my legs.

She says I know your stump gets hard and you can cum, and I want to give you pleasure and make you cum over and over! She says I’m tird of fucking around with you, and she unbuttons two more buttons pops the front clasps on her bra and pops out two huge perfect tits that any man would die for. Tad thinks what the fuck reaches up with one arm pulls her to him and kisses her burring his tongue in her mouth and grabs her boob and was surprised how firm it is! She reaches down under her skirt fingers her pussy, then moves back spreads her nectar over her big nipple and says taste me I’m so sweet and she pushes her nipple in his mouth. She reaches down circles his stub and strokes it as he sucks her nipple harder and harder, she feels him stiffen than shake and it sets her off she gasps and says OH GOD TAD I LOVE YOU!

They lay in each other’s arms she is crying and says I have wanted this for so long, he says you have no idea what you just did for me I know now I am still desirable and can still attract women! She says NO YOU CAN’T I’ll scratch out the eyes of and bitch that tries to get you including your BBC loving cheating wife! Tad moves back looks at her, and she says I’m sorry I over stepped please don’t hate me. He says your right she is a cheating slut, and god your wonderful, you want to make your dreams come true get me a good devorce lawyer in here to see me. I don’t know where she is but I want her and her black stud hitching hiking back and I want control of my life back. One more thing before sun rise, I want you sitting on my tongue! She pulls out her phone dials a number and says Uncle Dale I have a client for you, can you get to the hospital now! She says yes room 604.

In forty-eight hours, her uncle’s investigators had located Beth and Jake by calling Beth from a hospital phone, her thinking there may be a problem she picked it up and they were able trace her location and with drones get all the evidence they needed for the devorce! Beth tries to use her phone but it is dead, she uses Jake’s phone to call her cell phone provider and learned her phone service had been canceled by Tad, a few hours later a boat approaches the island a nude Beth walks down to the pier and the guy in the boat says Beth Dunn you have been served, Jake just behind her tells the process server to get the fuck off their island. Beth says whats this all about Jake looks at the first package of papers contained a document vacating her power of attorney for Tad, his medical and financial afairs. The second was sewing her for devorce. The third was a suit from the trucking company suing her to recover funds for loss of affection due to her afair with Jake. Jake says FUCK, FUCK, FUCK we are so screwed! He says quick get inside on your laptop, log on to your bank account she says I’m locked out, he says check your credit cards she checked their canceled too. She says don’t worry her lawyer had set her up an offshore account and stashed most of the settlement funds.

Beth gets an e-mail from her lawyer telling her his office was raided by the State Police and they confis**ted all his records for her, also had, they got the off-shore account too! They have protective orders against you and Jake, and it includes the house and all the vehicles, also arrest warrants for fraud and embezzlement, Jake says they know where we are, we need to get out of here and split up for a bit. They pack head to the mainland Beth only has her bikini, nylons, g-string, shelf bra, garters, sun dress and make-up she puts on her sun dress takes a beach bag and puts her clothes and purse containing twenty-five hundred in cash, in the beach bag. When they get to the mainland Beth takes three hundred dollars out of her purse and asks Jake to watch her bag while she goes in and buys a burner phone. When she comes out her bag is there, but Jake is gone along with the rest of her money. He was in fact in a cab heading for the airport to fly home he had no warrants out for him, even though he was the one behind all of Beth’s schemes and hooked her up with her crooked lawyer.

Beth realizes immediately Jake has abandoned her and taken all her money. She has one hundred thirty dollars, she makes her way to the bus station a buys a ticket for Miami, once she arrives she purchased an entertainment paper went to the want adds for dancers and picked an add at a strip club went there and waited to see the manager. A blond woman comes out and has Beth follow her to her office.

In the office the boss says stand up and strip Beth stands and starts to remove her sundress and exposed her completely shaved pussy her breast are exposed no bra and her 36d’s bounce proudly. Beth stood naked in front of the manager. She asked Beth I need to know are you bi and Beth says yes I am very bi. Then asks do you do anal and if she had ever had a triple penetration. Beth says yes, she stands and walks to Beth and slaps her ass hard and Beth says thank you Ma’am. She then removes her blouse and, drops her jeans and she is commando with her shaved pussy. She says crawl over here and lick my pussy, Beth quickly gets on her hands and knees and crawls to her, The boss sits down and spreads her legs and exposes a wide open pussy Beth starts to lick her thighs and then licks her clit and her tongue explores and licks her ass and then to her clit and nibble on it and flick her tongue across it till she starts to buck and she grabs the back of Beth’s head and smashes her face into her pussy. She starts to buck and soon she explodes covering Beth in her warm elixir. She pushes Beth back and she falls in a heap on the floor. The manager says your hired. You go out dance three dances then mingle amongst the customers give lap dances it’s fifteen a dance you get ten the club gets five, private rooms are thirty for the club and what ever you get for tips is yours. Customers can not touch on the floor and do not encourage them to, from time to time you may be invited to off premises parties that’s totally up to you, also sometimes you may be required to entertain club friends the club will pay you.

Beth goes up and does her first three dance set. She is hot and she is fresh meat, the crowd goes wild, the bouncers had their hands full keeping the patrons off the stage. After her first set as she walks off the stage all the guys at the first table want lap dances, the first guy she sits on grabs her forces his tongue in her mouth and pushes his hand between her legs, almost instantly the bouncers are on him and he is escorted out of the club, the rest of the guys at the table apologize, the next guy says twenty for a dance another says thirty finally the last says fifty and she went over gave him his dance, the other two got dances also for fifty each. The first guy says, I need a private dance, she took him into a private room undressed him got down on her knees sucked him till he was good and hard, he bent her over the table in the room fucked her hard till he pumped her pussy full of cum. It was time for her next set this was repeated over and over that night so that when she walked out of the club at five am she twenty three hundred dollars and walked across the road to a very nice hotel and took a long term rental. She showered, put her sundress back on went down the block to a Mc Donald’s , had some breakfast, then went to the shops and purchased stripper clothes and outfits and sexy lingerie. Then she went for a big lunch, that would be her last meal for the day. Then back to the hotel and a few hours sleep. Back up at three a quick shower, do her hair and makeup dress, throw some changes in her bag and off to the club.

Tammy was waiting for them to bring Tad up from surgery and recovery, Dr. Tuttle walks in the room looking very tird. He sits down and says Tammy everything went well he will be up in a bit. He already had his first erection, and well we want to discourage erections until he is completely healed. Dr. Chad says and he’s is going to be under deep sedation for a few days, finally Tammy says how big is his new cock? Doc. gets up and says you need to go buy the extra-large condoms, now I’m going to get some sleep in the on call. Ten minutes later they bring Tad up get all his leads connected and leave him in Tammy’s loving care. Once alone with him she lifts his robe and smiles even though about all she can see is the head with the catheter tube running out of it. Tammy takes off her clothes except for her pantys, she puts on one of Tad’s T-Shirts bends over kisses his lips and says I love you Tad sleep well and she cuddles him in her loving arms.

The next morning Tad wakes up feeling two very strange things, soft loving arms holding him and morning wood! Tad slowly turns around gently pulling her into his arms he kisses the sleeping beauty in his arms and says good morning baby I love you, Tammy smiles says umm I love you too, hugs his arm and rolls over and pushes her butt up against him. Her eyes fly open suddenly she is wide awake realizing her sweet butt was pressing back against his hard cock! She jumps up to take pressure off his cock, she says we aren’t susposed to let you get hard yet, Tad says what should we do, Tammy says I don’t know, think of something else, Tad says I can’t your tits are hanging out Tammy says damn turns around and pops her boobs back in the neck hole of his way too big T-Shirt, she turns back around, Tad says god your hot! Just then, Dr. Tuttle walks in and says whats all the commotion, Tammy says he has an erection and we can’t get it to go down, he says tammy go in the bath room and put your smock on. When she comes out Doc. sends her to the cafeteria to get everyone a Cinnabon Roll.

When she leaves the room, Doc. checks his vitals then checks his bandages everything seams to be doing well. Then Doc. Chad Tuttle says Tad I want to talk to you, you Tammy is head over heels in love with you. She more than any one on our team has been with you the whole time. We all knew that Beth was unfateful to you, she wanted you to believe she was here constantly but the only one with you has been Tammy. Tad looks at Chad and says I love her with all my heart, I am concerned by loving her I’m being selfish tying her down to an indolent! Chad says Tad the next thing is going to be fitting you with prostatic legs that are controlled by your brain, you won’t run any marathons, but you will be able to walk hunt and fish and go for walks. Just then Tammy comes back in all bubbly and says breakfast is served, when she takes Tad his, he pulls her in his arms kisses her a long loving kiss, he looks at her and says you know I love you and if you’ll have me as soon as I can devorce Beth, I intend to ask you to marry me, She burst out crying throws her arms around his neck and says yes of course I’ll marry you I love you so much.

There is a knock on the door and there is a State Cop, he asks if we know the whereabouts of Beth she has failed to show up as a witness in four separate devorce cases going back two years and has bench warrants for her arrest. Tad says two years what the fuck, Tammy says the only one güvenilir bahis that might know where that slut is the town cop Jake Johnson, the last we knew she was in Key West, Florida. With Jake, the cop says I saw him on patrol this morning so he is back, and he would go question him.

Three months later Tad, Tammy and Dr. Chad are meeting with engineers from MIT. A month earlier Tad had a device implanted at the base of his brain and was connected to the nerve centers that controlled his legs and feet. They had a long box when they opened it, it contained a pair of legs, Tammy said they look real one of the engineers said touch them when she did Tad said honey, I feel that their warm and have hair! Tammy pinched the thigh and he said ouch what are you doing she giggled and said just testing sorry baby! One of the engineers said these are bionic once they are fitted to you they become perinate, he says I’ll be whole again, Doc. says yes, Tad asks what are my limitations with them the engineer says none you can walk, run, swim, jump, he says can I build houses, the engineer says yes of course, he says can I tango the engineer says yes, Tad says that’s great I never could before, the engineer says well than no you can’t then smart ass. Tammy says can he walk me back down the aisle after we say our I do’s Doc. says yes. After that there was not a dry eye in the house. Two weeks later Tad under goes yet another long operation, another morning Tad would wake up in Tammy’s loving arms. This morning would be different, Tad slowly pulled up his left leg up to him and then repeated the same with his right, he sat up on the edge of the bed put his feet on the floor, he could feel the floor felt cold on his feet. Holding on the wall he pushes up to stand which is does with no effort, it actually surprises him how easy it was, then he takes his first small step again no problem, he releases the wall and walks to the bathroom lifts the toilet seat and takes his first morning pee standing up in a year. He flushed and walked back to bed lifted the sheet to see Tammy’s beautiful body laying there in front of him. He lays back in bed and pulls her into his arms kisses her, burring his tongue in her mouth, she pulls back and says how do you feel baby Tad says amazing an he pulls her up on him straddling him and look up at her and says I love you with all my heart and soul. He lifts her up and sits her down on his face. Tad bures his tongue in her sweet pussy she says no we can’t it’s too soon, OH GOD YOUR TONGUE YES TAD YES GOD IM CUMING ALREADY! Tad lifts her off his face and impales her with his cock Tammy says no Tad not yet DAMN YES, YOUR CUMMING ALREADY! Tad filled her with a years’ worth of cum the nerve endings in his new cock are supper sensitive, so he never had a chance to last more than a few strokes! Tammy lays over his chest Wraps her arms around his neck.

Outside they hear Dr. Chads voice out in the hall. Tad pulls the sheets over them and tells Tammy to make out like she is asleep. Dr. Chad walks in and says all damn guys it’s way too soon, then he says damn Tad she has a cute ass, they both bust out laughing, Tammy ties the sheet around her and goes to the bathroom, threw a wet wash cloth and towel out to Tad and says so you can clean up babe then, I’m going to take a shower, Tammy yells out DAMN TAD YOU HAVE TO PUT THE TOILET SEAT DOWN!, Tad says sorry baby it’s been a while, Tad and Chad are laughing, damn do you always cum this much, I’ll be knocked in no time flat. Dr. Chad asks Tammy is it ok if I examine Tad, she says sure go ahead but I can tell you he’s fine except he came really fast! Dr. Chad says he’s not susposed to be using it yet the nerve endings are super sensitive. She walks out with a towel around her head and one around her body, Dr. Chad asks her are you working for me today or are you off, Tammy says I’m off today, Dr. Chad says oh thank god I didn’t want to get busted as your pimp, and please girl put some clothes on. Tad gets up and walks over to the bathroom, Dr. Chad says what are you doing Tad says going to the bathroom. Chad says your susposed to have weeks of therapy before walking on them, Tad says hum well let them know they work fine! You know what I’m checking out today, and I’m going home today, and Tammy is giving you her two-week notice, Can I shower with my new legs he says of course, you and shower, bath or even swim. Great I’m getting a shower, Tam would you run out and get a pair of cargo shorts and some clothes while I shower and take care of some business. Tad jumps in the shower.

Tad’s out of the shower but his mood has changed drastically. Today is his seventh wedding anniversary, and hopefully his last with Beth. Tad calls his lawyers investigator he is down stairs and comes on up. He comes in and half sits and half falls into the chair. Jayson the investigator says I can’t believe he has legs and is standing and walking. Tad asks is everything set up Jayson says the jet is waiting for us, the notary is waiting for us in Florida. Tammy comes bouncing in and says hi Jayson why are you here, he said Tad and I have some business that’s going to take about sixteen hours. Jayson takes the clothes Tammy brought for him, gets dressed, he pulls Tammy into his arms and says this is something I have to do when I get back, I’m never letting you out of my arms again.

Eight that evening Tad, Jayson and Sara the notary, who was playing Tad’s wife are just finishing dinner, they go over the plain one more time, Jayson was susposed to go in buy Beth a drink and slip her a d**g once it kicks in Tad and Sara are to come in pay the bartender a grand for the two of them to spend the night with Beth in a private room, once they get her into the room have her sign the devorce papers have Sara notarize them and head back home. The problem is when Beth woke up this morning relized it was her anniversary she put on her wedding rings and started drinking, the sad thing is she does really love Tad with all her heart and soul but her carnal desires exceeded her ability to be fateful. When Jayson walks in the club Beth is drunk on her ass, He calls Tad and says she is drunk, Tad says I have never seen her drunk, but ok. Sara and Tad walk into the club and go to the bartender, he asks what can I get you two, Tad says we would like that big tited stripper in room seven for the rest of the night and he hands him a grand. The bartender says she is our top girl but tonight for some reason she is really drunk, let me fix you up with another girl, Tad says my wife prefers her especially sence she is drunk! The bartender says ok it’s your money go wait in the room and I’ll send her in.

A few minutes later Beth stagers in, Sara pulls her in her arms kisses her and feels up her tits, she says hey baby want to make some real money, I’ll give you ten thousand to eat my pussy, but you have to sigh this saying I can video you doing it, she says fuck yes give me a pen, Sara does and she signs her devorce papers. Sara went to work placing her seal on the papers and signing the papers. Tad had been standing in the shadows and after she signs, he walks up behind her, kisses her at the base of her neck, it was a special spot that only he knew, she melted back against him, he slides his hands down her arms holds her hands, says happy anniversary Beth and slid her wedding rings off her finger, she turns around in his arms and yells TAD HOW? OH, TAD I LOVE YOU PLEASE FORGIVE ME. Tad looks at her pulls her arms off of him asks Sara if she is done, she says yes, then he says let’s go, Beth is kneeling on the floor crying Tad please don’t leave me. As they walk out into the club Jayson joins them, Sara hands Tad his devorce papers they hug and Tad and Jayson head for the airport.

Tad text Tammy;

I love you and miss you please meet me at the airport at one am.

Tad gets a text back;

I love you to baby I’ll be there miss you too!

Tammy is driving to the airport to pickup Tad and she gets pulled over. The cop comes up and tells her to get out of the car and hand cuffs her and tells her to stand by the back of the car. He reaches into the car and comes out with a bag full of packets of d**gs. He walks back to Tammy shows her the d**gs tells her she is under arrest and reads her, her rights. Tammy says they aren’t her d**gs, the cop Jake Johnson says aren’t you Tad’s girlfriend, she says yes, he says look he is a friend of mine how about you be nice to me and I’ll make this all go away! The reaches in grabs her tits and forces his tongue into her mouth. Two seconds later their cars are surrounded by State Police and Jake is instructed to step back away from Tammy they move in cuff Jake, uncuff Tammy and is turned over to a female officer to reassure her she is in no trouble. The State Police had been investigating and monitoring Jake for several months. Tad had Tammy’s car fully monitored for her safety, and when she was pulled over by Jake the State Police were contacted and the monitoring feed of Tammy’s car was sent to them, they then activated all of the monitoring devices on Jakes patrol car and they had everything from the time she was pulled over to his assault at the back of her vehicle. Tammy is crying saying I have to pickup my boyfriend at the airport at one, the female cop says we will make sure you are there on time.

At one Tammy is standing at the private air line terminal surrounded by the female State Cop and two body guards from Tad’s lawyer’s security firm. Tad had of course been informed of the incident during his flight when the plane had come to a stop and the stairs were lowered Tad was down them and sprinting into the terminal looking for Tammy he sees her calls her name Tammy runs to him throws her arms around his neck jumps up in his arms buries her face in his chest and cries he touched me baby, why did he touch me, Tad tells her because he is a pervert, but he won’t be able to hurt anyone ever again, because he was going to jail for the rest of his life.

Tad carries her out of the terminal and across the street to the airport Hilton and he rented two adjoining suites one for he and Tammy and one for the security team. He takes Tammy in their suit sits her down on the sofa cuddles her into his arms and tells her tomorrow he needs to stop by his lawyers and drop off my signed devorce papers, then we needed to go shopping for a wedding ring set for us! She sits up and says really, he says really that is if you still want to marry me! Tammy gets up pulls off his golf shirt, runs her hands down his chest and unbuckles his belt, pops the button on his paints then slides down his zipper Then grabs the legs of his shorts and with his help pulls his shorts off, he’s commando, she pulls off his sandals. Tammy pulls off her t-shirt, she reaches behind her back pops the clasp on her on her bra and lets the straps slide down her arms. She pushes her shorts and pantys off and kicks off her shoes.
She reaches down takes his hand and leads him to the bedroom, she lays down in the center of the king-sized bed spreads her legs, she looks at Tad and says come make me all yours forever. Tad gets on the bed pulls her into his arms and says, it’s just us now, you and I, in each other’s arms forever. They kiss a loving kiss that turns passionate, Tammy pushes him back she says I will never turn you down for anything, and you will never want for anything she bends over and sucks his cock into her mouth he says go easy or it will over before we start, he held his breath as much as he could as she continued to give him the best oral sex he had ever had, rotating between sucking his cock, licking his shaft and ass and sucking his balls she works him over for ten minutes when Tad relized he can’t last much longer, he pulls her off his cock, lays her on back, spreads her legs and drops his head between her thighs, lifts legs onto his sholders and licks her from her little pink star up to her hardening clit, she gasps reaches down and pulls his face tight against her pussy wildly fucking Tad’s tongue, she is cuming hard, trying desperately to pull Tad’s face away from her flooding pussy. Tad pulls her to him as they kiss, she feels his cock enter her body Tammy moans oh god yes Tad make me yours forever! Tad’s cock keeps going in deeper and deeper Tammy was wondering when his cock would finally bottomed out against her cervix, she says oh my god baby I think you reached my soul! Tad began to slowly pump his cock in and out of her as she is arching her back and twisting and moaning begging Tad to make her his and never stop, Tad’s cock is on fire every nerve ending in his cock is firing all at once. He begins pumping faster and faster, his cock begins to swell they melt together, his cock explodes filling her womb with his hot sperm, millions of twisting turning tadpoles trying to swim upstream to find a ripe egg to burry it’s self in, then make Tammy’s boobs, nipples and belly swell as their baby grows inside her! Tammy digs her nails in Tads back, her eyes roll back in her head, they cum together in each other’s arms but can’t let go of each other. He pussy clamped down tight on his cock holding him tight inside her as her cervix milks him sucking his balls dry!

They layed there together exhausted and went to sleep in their love knot. The morning Tammy wore up realizing Tad’s cock was still inside her filled with blood his morning wood pressing against her cervix. Her hips automatically start to rhythmically seek pleasure from his cock and it’s hot cum, Tad wakes up moaning oh god baby you feel so good, she moans back our bodies have taken us over. They hold on for the ride of their lives, their bodies melting together in their own separate reality. Two hours later they are in the shower trying to wash each other but keep finding them selves locked in a loving embrace. Finally, they are chased out of the shower as they run out of hot water.

They get dressed Tad calls for a car to take them down town and drop them off. They go to diner for breakfast, then down the street to his lawyer’s office and drop off the signed devorce papers. His lawyer tells him it should take about six weeks, to be finalized. Tad and Tammy walk down the street hand in hand in what seemed like a perfect day, the sun was shining, it was warm, the birds were singing, Tad felt full of hope as he directed her into the jewelers.
Three months later they would be married, three years later Tad layed in bed rubbing Tammy’s pregnet belly as their two-year-old daugther Amy came running into their bedroom laughing jumping up on their bed hugs Tammy’s pregnet belly and says baby brother!

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