10 Ağustos 2022

How to Spend New Year’s

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Madison stared at the blank screen before closing the lid on a failure that made her feel so stupid. She wandered out on the porch and stared at the stars. The weather had been cool enough that the sky had been clear for days even as close to downtown as they were. It was a few hours before 1012. Madison was unimpressed. Away from the crowds and loud noises and traffic downtown she couldn’t feel too much about it. She was twenty-one. After twenty-one new years you begin to realize that they really are every year and the change itself isn’t really very important, except to herald tax season or another year of failure.

Madison laid out on the couch and watched the stars. She sighed. Was life so…Madison got up, went back inside and located her Hello Kitty neck massager. It was called that and you wouldn’t want to stick it inside anywhere, unless a featureless kitty clutching a teddy and covered in juices was your thing. It wasn’t Madison’s. Still, it was a New Years gift and she thought she’d like to cheer herself up. Back on the couch outside in the cool night air, Madison stared at Hello Kitty. She glanced around but the neighbors were all off doing something unwise with alcohol and other people, like fire works. Burn ban be damned. New years and July fourth had to have fireworks. This was Texas, after all.

Madison turned the arrow to on and the kitty began to purr loudly. She stared and then shrugged and ran it down her hand. This could be good. She undid her bra and pulled it over her head while the kitty lay beside her leg sending pleasant vibrations. Madison took the vibrator and stuck it up against her breasts, circling them both and then stroked her neck. She shoved it under her shirt and then jerked in surprise as her nipple was teased back and forth by the movement. Madison stared down at her self. She had on a scoop neck tee. The weather was beginning to get to her but she didn’t want to go in and get a blanket bursa escort because she was sure people would start coming back if she did and she liked messing with herself with a view of the stars.

Madison removed the vibrator and used it on her hardening nipples, through the shirt. She pressed hard against them on each side and pushed them in, gasping and then gently stroked them or let the vibrator stay where it was as she absorbed the sensation from her breasts. She ran the vibrator, kitty face down along her stomach and hesitated at her pants line. There was no one around but she’d have to pull her jeans off to get directly at her pussy. She ran the kitty face back and forth along the hard seam of her pants and stroked on either side of her groin. Her pussy was red hot and wet. It pulsed for more attention. As soon as she’d thought of taking her pants off and pleasuring herself on the porch, her lips had begin to tingle and the flower or her vagina had definitely bloomed.

Her clit was exposed and she found herself lifting and dropping her hips to meet the strokes of the vibrator. She began to rotate her hips as the feelings became more insistent. She grabbed her breast, more for something to hold onto than for stimulation, before she stroked her pussy through her jeans the last few times. She moved carefully, since she was so tense and the feeling felt so good, almost to the point of being unbearable or painful, and she came in a twitching mess. She could feel the gush of juices flooding her groin.

Madison wondered what she would do next. She still had the couch and the quiet night and she still had her vibrator, which was proving to be a very nice present, indeed. The New Year was still an hour away and it seemed a shame to stop or go inside for good until it did. She went inside, got a blanket and a glass of water full of ice and sat down again, eager to take the weight off of legs which still spasmed. bursa escort bayan Madison stretched out under the blanket and began to fondle herself. She started with her breasts since she always had fun with how pliable and squishy they were. A little massage was good for them. She picked up speed, kneading carefully and her nipples responded to the occasional brush of her fingertips and palm with heat and hardness. Madison began to rub them back and forth between her fingers and then she gasped. It was too much. She couldn’t keep touching her nipples. The lightest touch was enough to make her writhe.

She lay on the couch, still as a stone, waiting for the sensations to fade out. By the time she’d calmed down, Madison realized she’d unbuttoned her pants. She grabbed her waistband and inched them down her waist, until her panties were exposed. She could feel the winter air through the thin jersey and her blanket more so than she had with her jeans on and her vagina tightened. She laid a hand on the patterned triangle of fabric and felt her clit, tiny little nub that it was, hard and poking up. She stroked it with a finger and shuddered. A light touch through thin panty fabric was very effective. She took two fingers and rubbed along the mouth of her pussy. This was pleasurable but more bearable since her clit was still being rubbed but the focus was on her whole vagina. The buildup was more gradual and worth waiting for. Madison was afraid it’d start to hurt if she went too fast after already coming once.

She stroked and the warm nectar had begun to soak through her panties and seep onto her fingers. Madison leaned back against the couch arm and moaned. Her own sweet scent was making her horny. She needed to hold off until midnight. Premature fireworks sounded in the sky and Madison vowed even more adamantly not to stop until she had her own fireworks at midnight. She finally pulled her pants down far enough, though escort bursa embarrassment reddened her ears and then she grabbed at her panties and pulled at them with such force she nearly ripped them. The violence of her assault of her own happy place was enough to stimulate her still more and she writhed and went still moaning unconsciously.

When she’d calmed down, she pulled her panties down with more care and Reached her hand down to her pussy. For the first time that evening she was touching herself directly and the wet goo that lined her hot, gaping lips was a surprise, even though she knew what she’d done to herself. Madison tentatively touched her flesh on either side and then she closed her hand into a fist but for two fingers. She teased herself with those fingers, rubbing rigorously as if she could trick herself into thinking she wouldn’t do it. Perhaps she wouldn’t. She was masturbating on the porch! The longer she took to pleasure herself, the more likely people would start to come back. She might be discovered and then she’d be done celebrating.

Madison rubbed her lips and worked her fingers inside herself. It was tight, so tight and even wetter than the outside of her pussy and warm, hot really and she rubbed her walls until she moaned. She began to shove a little upward as well as in and out and stroke the inside of the flower. She’d put her phone on the arm of the couch and it lit up. She took no notice because, with every movement she was coming closer. It was harder to move her fingers. She had to stick only one inside.

Madison arched her back and stoked for all she was worth. Her other hand came forward and she rubbed frantically at her clit with her palm. She thrust her hips out with every stroke. Her blanket had slipped down off of her chest though that didn’t matter much. She stroked and stroked and began to whisper. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes yes.” She gained in volume until it was a shout and as the sound of the big fireworks downtown began to thunder out, she screamed. “Yes, please yes!”

Madison sagged onto the sofa. Her legs were jelly and her arms were tired.

That was the way to ring in the new year.

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