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How Did I Get Here 02: The Pause

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This is PT: 02 of a new lesbian story group on unexpectedly finding love through sharing pain, despair, and suffering. I enjoyed writing two earlier stories in a similar but slightly different category, which encourages me to write this story for the 2023 New Year. I hope my dedicated readers enjoy this new story group.

How Did I Get Here 02: The Pause is a Slowburn Hard Hitting Lesbian Romance story based on two new young female primary romance characters. Additionally, a few characters from Love Is Where One Finds It PT: 02 (Ch 01/02) are in this new story, so for clarity, it will be better to first read those two stories.

All descriptive sex in this story is lesbian, with young ladies aged 18 or older. Most explicit lesbian sex scenes feature a strong but loving woman as the definite TOP controlling the action.

This story and all Billyslate lesbian romance stories are 100% Fiction in every aspect.

Edited By Billyslate:

I am indebted to Candy_Kane54 (CK) for editing my 24 Lesbian Romance Stories posted on LIT in 2021/22, as well as for her encouragement, and guidance. I could have never written these 24 Lesbian stories without CK’s unwavering support.

Thanks for sticking with me for 2-Years, sometimes emailing me 3 or 4X in one day, clarifying, who was saying what in a critical paragraph. I remember her once writing me, well Billyslate, you have completely confounded & befuddled both me and Grammarly with this paragraph. Yet, CK hung in there with me, editing my stories for 2-years.

Finally, after 24 Months of Intense Instruction, CK has awarded Billyslate her version of the Adult Literature Editing (ALE) Certificate.

CK then tosses me into the Cold-Cruel world of Literotica Adult Stories, saying Billyslate, you are now officially on your own!

ENDING 01: The Pain


Tears are streaming down my face as I lay my head on Chance’s shoulder, “I know you, Ms. Carmen, are Chance’s biological aunt, so can we both call you aunt Carmen and uncle Felix as we are revealing our recent real-life horrors?”

Before they respond I, “Oops Ms. Carmen, before Chance tells you her past three years of living in fear, shame, and humiliation, I want to share this tidbit.

“Chance has always seen you as her True Mom, so keeping things simple and honest Chance and I indeed want to call you two Mom Carmen and Dad Felix?”

Felix’s eyes widen noticeably as he starts to reply, “I _ _

How Did I Get Here 02: The Pause


Dad Felix responds, “I must apologize for not being current on Carmen’s and Chancery’s family history since we have not been married very long. But I am delighted for you and Chancery to call us dad Felix and mom Carmen.”

Mom Carmen agrees, “Please call us dad and mom as Felix says, but I am a little confused Chancery since I never knew you viewed me as MOM Carmen!

I smile, “Mom and dad Martel please call us Chance and Mere since these nicknames truly bind our new friendship. Let’s have a moment of peace, sipping our wine as I gather my thoughts.

Mom Carmen and dad Felix sip a hearty Murray River Cabernet preferring full-bodied red wines, while Mere and I sip the nice Fume. So the four of us relax enjoying our wine before I start my tale of woe.

Me, “Mom Carmen, I’ve wanted to talk with you about my life in France since arriving yesterday but do not have the courage. Then I meet Mere who quickly calms me with her wit and charmingly warm greeting. We walk and chat, catching up with her daughters, Judy-4 and Char-2 in the playroom.

“Mere’s girls are having a ball playing with Sandi, Mary, and Ronnie. I instantly notice Mary uses a wheelchair, although she is hanging off the side yapping with glee, while Char taunts Ronnie.

“It takes a few moments and a little prodding from Mere for me to realize Ronnie is sightless, which she confirms by lightly sniffing while softly touching my face. Char is happily following Ronnie’s lead, cutely feeling my face and smelling the air near me.

“All five girls are so happily enjoying life together. Their real and/or perceived flaws are only an issue with others because these girls joyfully share a crazy fun time in the playroom. I almost cry, wishing my life is so simple and loving. We sit on the floor, playing with the girls for a while, all five asking if I am staying for a long time?”

Me now tearing up, “Mere and I walk to a small den, where Rose and mom Onna May tell us to relax, have a soft drink, and talk for as long as we want. They will keep watch over the five girls, so Mere and I needn’t worry.

“Mere shares her many problems since age 18, especially after getting pregnant. She quickly marries her soon-to-be ex-husband Travis, who becomes abusive after a year. I am shocked by the violence and ugly language he uses around Judy and Char so ask Mere many questions.”


Quietly weeping Sincan Escort I continue, “Then it’s my turn to share a tale of woe swearing Mere to secrecy from you, mom Carmen. Mere agrees to keep quiet, with the cavort that I need to hastily come clean about seeing you as my True Mom.

“I begin thinking of you as my mom, Carmen when I am 4 or 5. My bio-mom often says to me, you are your aunt Carmen reincarnated since you act more like her than me. She usually says this when mad at me for some newly perceived mistake, which she’s often done in the past three years.

“My bio-mom’s negative complaints about You/Me increase dramatically as I grow older, especially once she knows how much I adore you. Life with you, mom Carmen, is free, breezy, and full of joy. I am only truly happy when we are having fun or you helping me with my studies or anything else the two of us do together since my youth.

“When I show you my report card with mostly As and a B, you hug and kiss me saying this is nearly perfect, sweetie.

“But my bio-mom comments wow I must be really stupid because an idiot can get an A in that class. If I get an A she grunts I should have gotten an A+, so anything I do is not good enough for her. She has been critical of me my entire life and my only joy since a toddler is when you visit us.

“My life moves from bad to dreadful when I am 15 after she starts dating this new guy, and much worse two years later when they marry. My bio-mom tells me he has two daughters my age, who are perfect little angels. They are pretty, and smart, and will succeed in everything they do, but I will fail miserably as usual.

“The crazy thing is I have never seen, met, or spoken to his invisibly perfect daughters. If he truly has two daughters, I don’t think they have ever visited Paris or anywhere in France. So how does my bio-mom know all about their lives, other than what the new husband tells her? I think he lies all the time and she chooses to believe him.

“Just when I desperately need you to uplift my spirits mom Carmen, you abandon me. I know you are very busy with worldwide dancing tours, but you don’t visit anymore even when dancing in Europe. You do not even phone me saying, Hi Ya Beautiful?” which makes me deliriously happy.

“I graduated from high school this summer with excellent grades, and my 18th birthday two weeks later. My bio-mom never says anything nice, take me out to celebrate, or gives me a gift. But it hurts deeply, my not getting a note or phone call from you, mom Carmen.

“When I ask my bio-mom why you do not visit in such a long time, she answers Carmen stays away because she’s tired of your whining.

“I decide no one loves me so I no longer want to live. In my head, I start thinking about jumping off the bridge close to our home and drowning in the river.”

Mom Carmen gasps loudly, “Oh No Darling!” tears streaming down her face.

Dad Felix pulls mom Carmen in a warm hug, “Please go on Chance.”

“Eventually, I decide I don’t want to die, so I must get to mom Carmen for my survival. I am 18 and finished with high school, so tell myself to get to my mom Carmen as fast as possible and she will love me again. After I am back in her arms, I will never let mom Carmen out of my sight.

“I decide to be a holy terror wreaking havoc over everyone and anything at home. I know that mom will eventually try shipping me off to her sister, Carmen, certain I will calm down being with you.

“My plan works and I am now here, but scared to talk about my hurting so badly. Nothing makes sense to me, like why would mom Carmen be tired of my whining, when the best times of my life are with her?

“I question if I’m crazy, and mom Carmen stays away to keep me from getting too close. So I am quiet at your home in Alexandria, VA, and on the plane here, terrified you will quickly send me back to Paris. Then my mom phones saying for you to send me to Los Angeles, where I am certain there is a real danger for me.

“We walk into mom Onna May’s home and I am still afraid until Meredith says hello Chance, using a special name for me. She says call me Mere and I will call you Chance because this is how good friends greet each other in America.

“Mere takes my hand saying let’s learn about each other, so I feel safe and wanted for the first time in more than two years. We walk and talk, with me feeling Mere is strong and I can trust her. We have so much fun playing with the triplets, Judy and Char, who is a riot with Ronnie.

“Then Mere and I walk to the small den, where we exchange horror stories which give me clarity. I am now sure of my survival, because, for the very first time, I realize I am not the only good person suffering.

“Mere’s mom and dad desert her, Judy, and Char, even knowing Travis says he will kill them. My bio-mom deserts me for her new husband, risking me being sold into sex slavery or sent to a mental hospital.

“Mere Escort Ankara takes my hands promising we will make a plan. First, you, me, and my girls will be perfect little ladies. I will tell mom Carmen and dad Felix about our moving from Nunnelly to Nashville in six weeks and need you to help me. I’ll explain it’s not easy packing and taking care of Judy and Char, so please let Chance come to the B&B to help me.

“Once we are in Nunnelly, Mere and I will work on a plan, getting you to cancel my LA visit. I will live with her and the girls in Nashville for a year then will have peace in my life.

“I am so happy and jump into Mere’s arms when mom Onna May catches us. So we tell her everything, talking earnestly with mom Onna May about the despair in our lives, and she agrees to help us with our plan.”

I’m begging, “Mom and Dad Martel, I know something is going on. I believe my mom’s new husband talked with someone in LA about kidnapping me or signing me into a mental institution.

“I overhear a few whispers and know her husband plans something bad for me. Mere is terrified and begs me to stay in Nashville. I am also very scared, but I want to go to LA and prove I am right so you will believe in me.”

Me, crying profusely, “All I ever wanted to do was be with you, mom Carmen because I know you love me and will help me. I am not a troublemaker, and getting to you was the only thought on my mind for the past few months.”

Dad Felix asks, “Chance, are you sure about being hurt by someone in LA?”

Me, “Dad Felix, I strongly feel my mom’s husband and some of his friends are going to try holding me prisoner in LA, or even ship me to Mexico. I honestly do not believe my mom knows about this, but she is so over the moon with him and easily lied to. I also do not believe this man has two daughters, that no one in France has ever seen.”

Mom Carmen rushes over, hugging and kissing me cooing, “Sweetie, I didn’t know any of this before tonight, please forgive me?”

Mere boohooing, “After knowing Chance for only a day, she is very important to mom Onna May, five little girls, and especially me. So I don’t want her anywhere near these bad people in LA, whom she does not know, and whom Chance’s bio-mom has never met. Dad Felix, they could be bank robbers, drug dealers, terrorists, or even sex traffickers!”

Felix quietly, “If okay with you Mere, I will ask Onna May to care of Judy and Char, and you stay overnight with us. I think both Carmen and Chance need consoling, so you and Chance will sleep in the 2nd bedroom.

“Let’s take a rest from talking since I now clearly believe your LA fears as valid and real. We can enjoy our dinner, then relax with you and Chance sipping a second glass of Fume.”

Carmen asks Felix, “My darling, I want to sleep with the girls tonight if okay with you. I need Chance and Mere to know I love them, and will never cause harm to either young lady.

“Thank you, Mere for being here in Nashville, helping my darling niece Chance fight her way through this nightmare.”

Carmen looks hard at Felix, who nods yes, “Felix and I want you two calling us Dad Felix and Mom Carmen Forever!”

Chance and I hold on tightly to mom Carmen, for certain our best night’s sleep in months. We have mom Carmen in the middle and are not letting her move one iota as we relish her presence. It’s a great feeling being wanted and loved by dad and mom Martel, which Chance and I revel in.



Mom Carmen, Chance, and I awaken and freshen up, while dad Martel orders breakfast. Eating, we learn dad Martel has been busy much of the late-night calling in IOUs and working with important US State Department contacts. He even rouses a few government officials out of their warm beds.

We know dad Felix is very powerful in the business community, but he must also hold heavy power in the US Depts of State-Defense-Homeland. I will be issued a Diplomatic Passport in the STH-assigned family name on my interim SS Card. Judy and Char will be included on my newly issued passport since they are under 6.

Chance’s six-month US Tourist Visa is being modified to a three-year Diplomatic Visa, which allows her to legally work for dad Martel’s business consortium, including ROSES LLC.

Both my Passport and the new Visa Page for Chance’s French Passport will be delivered to Mindy’s B&B in three days. So, Chance, me, and my girls will travel to Nunnelly to meet the State Dept people. Dad and mom, Martel are coming with us to Nunnelly to inspect the documents. Afterward, they return to DC, where dad Martel will personally meet with his State, Homeland, and Defense Department contacts.

Following his meeting with local DC US GOV contacts, Dad Felix and Mom Carmen Martel will phone Chance’s bio-mom and her husband. Dad Martel will tell them Chance’s itinerary is PAUSED by US State Dept. until he verifies the need for Chance to visit LA.

These Eryaman Escort Bayan LA people are unknown to Chance who is now safely with her US family, Felix, and Carmen Martel. The US State Dept appointed dad Felix and mom Carmen as Chance’s legal US Guardians (POA) in the interim. Presently, Chance cannot travel outside Metro Washington, DC, and Nashville, TN without the US State Dept’s written approval.

Mom Onna May will work with Mindy, arranging for Chance, Judy, Char, and me to stay in the B&B’s back cottage for 4 to 6 weeks. Dad Martel is fairly certain that mom Onna May/Nancy can bring Sandi, Mary, and Ronnie to the Nunnelly B&B soon after the State Department documents are final. Chance and I hope they will stay in Nunnelly with us for several weeks.

Rose and Jenny select several fashion items for us to sew at the B&B. Chance will review the sewing details with Jenny before we leave for Nunnelly. We are taking, a month’s supply of materials, along with Jenny’s detailed sewing instructions.

Finally, and likely the most difficult task will be Chance and me explaining to five wonderful young girls, why Judy and Char must come with us to Nunnelly and the other three cannot. I am 100% certain Ronnie, Sandi, and Mary’s first question will be, why can’t Judy and Char stay here with grandmom Onna May?


Chance and I survive (barely) Ronnie, Sandi, and Mary’s inquisition on why Judy and Char must come with us to Nunnelly. So they skillfully extract a Pinky Finger Promise, that grandmom Onna May, mom Nancy, and the triplets will visit us at the B&B in nine days. Dad Felix gives me the thumbs-up on that promise, for which I am grateful.

We settle in the B&B, with me noticing quite a few whispered discussions between dad Felix and Wayne. I later learn they met many years ago on a secret pacification mission in East Africa when Wayne was a Special Forces (GB) Operator.

They are not friends or in the same service when they first meet in E. Africa. But dad Martel and Wayne quickly recognize each other on our arrival at the B&B. I never fully grasp why dad Felix was in Africa, but it seems super-secret, so I think not my business.

The US State Dept people arrive the next day with my Diplomatic Passport, also affixing Chance’s Diplomatic Visa Stamp/Page to her French Passport. They speak briefly and hushed with dad Felix and Wayne then hastily depart. After they leave, a smiling dad Felix says, “Okay Mere, you, Chance, and the girls are taken care of, protected by the US State Dept.” Chance looks at me and I nod, as we both overpower dad Felix with bundles of kisses, fiercely thanking him.

Dad and Mom Martel stay another night with poor mom Carmen not getting a moment’s rest. Either Judy, Char, Chance, or I am in her lap most of the evening throwing hugs left and right. It only takes a glance to see that mom Carmen is basking in our attention. She and dad Felix depart for Nashville the next morning, continuing to DC.

Two days later, Mom Onna May rings the B&B, and Mindy places the phone on speaker. “Nancy, the triplets, and I are coming to see you all next Friday and staying for two weeks.” Five little girls are going wild hollering with joy, but mom Onna May reminds them they must also do school work while at the B&B.

I hear Ronnie squeal, “Miss Mere, Char will be so smart after I am teaching her for 2 weeks.”

Me chuckling, “Ronnie, remember you are only teaching Char the good stuff,” as we finish the call.

Chance and I chat with Mindy and Wayne over and over while helping with daily B&B operations tasks. Both of us are good workers, so go full bore on washing, cleaning, and other season-opening duties during Judy and Char’s midday naps.

In the evenings we bathe them, shampoo their hair, and read bedtime stories. Most nights, Judy and Char are drowsy minutes into our story. Once my girls are down, Chance and I share a glass of wine and chat, mostly about new ideas for Rose’s fashions.

Mom Onna May and her group arrives on Friday and will start caring for Judy and Char. Then, Chance and I will physically sew the items Jenny needs for next month’s production. We plan to knock out the month’s work in 10 days of demonized sewing, leaving us free time to make three runway samples of our new design ideas.

Chance and I love the peacefulness of the B&B but realize it would be boring living here long-term. So Chance sets up a 12-month activities calendar on our tablet, asking Mindy to block out the three busiest months for tourists. We will return to Nunnelly, helping Mindy with B&B routine work tasks in those busy times.

Because I need to be off the grid for a while, most of our Rose’s Fashion sewing work will be done at home. So when helping at the B&B, Chance and I make our Roses quotas sewing furiously during the day. We then help Mindy with pre-opening cleaning and restocking rooms in the evening.

Mindy glances at Chance’s activity calendar and exclaims with a smile, “Wow, you two young ladies are real go-getters. Wayne and I are thrilled with your work helping us here, so in the off-season, bring the girls to play at our B&B whenever you want to relax in quietness.”

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