25 Şubat 2024

Homecoming Surprise

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This feeling had haunted her for some time. She was waiting for him. Her man. She missed him. And all through the time she was sitting waiting she had this feeling. It intrigued her, and excited her, and added to the sense of anticipation and excitement that ran though her body, making all her nerves stand on edge, teased and aroused.

She was feeling that there were eyes on her all the time. She was sitting at a small hotel on the patio, drinking a glass of the house chardonnay, and she was alone. Her hands trailed slowly, sensually across her cleavage, almost absent-mindedly. A drop of the cold water that had condensed on her glass fell and landed on her left breast, trickling down and into the valley between the two gorgeous orbs, as she drank briefly from the wine inside her glass. She was again mindful of the eyes on her.

Her hand dropped to her lap, casually. She squirmed imperceptibly, moving her seating position ever so slightly so that she was better able to squeeze her thighs and tease her clit with the effort. The thought pleased her, knowing that the eyes watching her would not know that secret… She’d been doing that ever since she could remember, using her muscles in her butt and legs to tease herself secretly to orgasm.

She sat now waiting for Jorge to appear at her table, as he had promised. They had agreed to meet today, when they were chatting on the instant messaging site. She was excited, because she hadn’t seen him in some time. She smiled ever so secretively again as she felt a small twinge of pleasure ripple through her from her vagina. She was wet now, she could sense it. And she wanted so badly to run her fingers through her pussy and feel the wetness, sliding her fingers across the valley of pleasure, and then teasing her mountain of pleasure till she came.

“I hope that smile is about me?”

Jorge had arrived in her reverie. No wait, He’s here now! OMG! I hope he can’t really tell what I’m doing… no, surely not, I’ve successfully hidden that from many a man, AND my mother far too many times to get caught now, Alina thought.

Jorge reached down and kissed her lightly on the lips in greeting, his hand sliding down her arm, to the elbow, sending little impulses of electricity through Alina’s body as he did. On the way back up the back of his fingers brushed ever so indiscernibly across her nipple under the loose fitting top she wore.

“I see you’re already doing things without me,” Jorge’s smile was casual but distinct. “So, you WERE thinking of me when I walked up?” he said as he sat down next to her at the table.

“I must admit, the thought of you does have me very excited, Mr Sebastian, but sadly, no, this was not of your doing…” Alina said with a seductive smile crossing her full, gorgeous red lips. She bit the lower lip slightly, and erotically licked them.

“I see you haven’t missed a trick since we last saw each other and you are still teasing me, you know what the whole way you do things does to me…” Jorge smiled.

They chatted some more, the waitress came and took their orders, the food came, they ate… all in a long languid afternoon of togetherness for first time in a while for the two of them. Jorge laughing at all of Alina’s little sayings and jokes, Alina giggling at every mistake that Jorge made when he spoke English. The ease that flowed between the two of them growing as the minutes passed…

Alina settled the bill, and the two of them left the café to walk along the promenade holding hands, and as they did, Alina leant into Jorge’s arms and he wrapped his big arm around her gaziantep escortları shoulder and together they walked along. Slowly and together they meandered along the walk, heading in the direction of Alina and Jorge’s home. Alina was still working the muscles in her legs, and it was now easier that they were walking to do, and she was now really intensely excited. She could feel how wet she was and almost smell that musky scent that she knew she was giving off.

Alina unlocked the gate at their apartment block, and taking Jorge’s hand pulled him inside. She had been very warm and had chatted away all along the walk so that Jorge did not sense her excitement. Jorge sensed her nervous chatter was a way for her to cover her anticipation and exhilaration at seeing him again.

She unlocked the security door to the building and they entered, crossed the lobby and walked up the two flights of stairs to the apartment. At the door, she turned to Jorge and kissed him, reaching up the few inches he stood over her, and wrapping her arms around his neck. Their lips wrestled and their tongues snaked around each other as they kissed. Alina stepped back towards her door, and pulled Jorge inside… he was not going to resist, and he stepped with her through the door into their home.

He kicked the door closed and pulled her into his arms, kissing her deeper and thrusting his tongue into her mouth. Alina responded by thrusting her hips out at his groin and she clearly felt his hard and proud cock inside his trousers, the bulge was as huge as she remembered from last time. Alina slipped her hand down and felt his cock through the cloth of his pants, Jorge stepped into her hand and gave her his cock. His hands went to the buttons of her blouse and in three or four easy moves her blouse was on the floor next to them. His hands never stopped and soon her bra was on the shirt. He squeezed her breasts in his hands and Alina’s head fell back as she really enjoyed the sensation of having Jorge’s rough hands tweaking and pinching her nipples.

She squeezed his cock through the cloth again and then she began to loosen his belt, and the trousers, and as soon as they were loose, she dropped them to the floor around his ankles. Jorge, worked his shoes off with his feet, and stepped out of them and his pants. He reached down and removed his socks, and stood there in his shirt proudly, with her hand wrapped around his cock, in her foyer.

Alina reached around and dropped the zipper on her shirt and it joined the rest of her clothing and Jorge’s pants on the floor. And she stood there, completely naked. Her tits stood out proudly and naturally round, her nipples standing out arrogantly almost feeling for Jorge’s hands… and her wetness between her legs was now visible for Jorge to see if he had had a mind to do so…

His hands were busy however at her tits, teasing and pinching the nipples to an even harder state. She pushed her hips forward towards his cock and his pelvis as she clung to his shoulders, kissing him and now his hands found their way to her back and her butt, easing the fingers between her cheeks, sliding in the wetness that she had managed to create and the subsequent kissing had produced…

Jorge pulled her closer and using his longer reach lifted one of Alina’s legs, and she wrapped it around his hip, giving his big cock access to her wet pussy. The kissing continued, and Jorge used his hands to lift Alina a little, pulling her closer and sliding his cock between her legs. His cock-head slid up and down the valley between her pussy lips and got her more wet, as well as making himself moist and ready to penetrate her pussy.

Alina was now so excited she was moaning and mewing into Jorge’s neck and mouth as they kissed and he leaned back against the wall, pulling her onto his cock. She gasped as he entered her, filling her completely, and causing her to breathe in excitedly.

“Oh, Jorge!” Alina gasped.

“Yes, Caro, are you having fun?”

“Fun? You’re so big! And it’s so fucking awesome!” said Alina. “This is more than just fun, baby! I just so love having you so deep inside me.”

Jorge thrust his hips forward and pulled them back and began to stroke himself in and out of her, as he held her up, and Alina locked her ankles around his hips, holding herself up, and allowing him to fill her completely. She locked her arms around his neck, kissing him again and again, and crushing his lips with her mouth. They started to topple over and Jorge carried her, keeping himself inside her, walking her to the couch and together they flopped onto the day bed section, Jorge underneath so as not to crush her as they fell.

Alina sat up, and resting on her knees, she rode Jorge like a cowgirl, thrusting him deep inside her pussy and she gasped and groaned as she bounced on and off of him, her clitoris being ground between them, stimulating her senses and driving her higher and higher to eventually fall over the edge as she began to cum.

“Oooh! AAAH! Ooooh! God, that is so good, Jorgeeee! God!! I’m cumming!!!!”

And as she said it so her body began to twitch and jerk as she rode Jorge to his own orgasm to match hers… and he bucked and rocked as he came, shooting hot jets of cum deep into Alina’s pussy and as he filled her with his juices, they rocked and moulded themselves, each one to the other, from top to bottom. Feet playing, legs locking, hips joined and still twitching, slightly, tits and chest wet from sweat, sticking together, arms wrapping around and entwined… lips locked as they still slowly sucked and kissed each other.

Alina closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, savouring the aroma of their sex, Jorge’s body and her musk. And she was contented. She napped briefly. Jorge snored, momentarily.


Alina snapped awake. She was still wrapped in Jorge’s arms, on their couch. She rolled gently off him, stood up and padded naked through to the bathroom and to the shower, she contemplated turning the shower on, looked over at the large tub and then decided to run a bath with oils and fragrances. She poured bath salt into the tub, then added bubble bath and turned on the water mixer, adjusted the temperature to a decent heat and walked back out to the sitting room where they had been sleeping.

“Jorge… baby…” Alina called quietly to him. “I’m running us a nice bath. Come through to the bathroom, baby.”

“Oh that sounds amazing, Caro, let’s get ourselves to that steamy room and get wet…, well wetter than you were just now…” he winked, and smiled.

“Oh, you are so wickedly sexy.” Alina pulled him up by the arm, and they quickly strode through to the bathroom, where by now the foam was rising in the tub, and the water was steaming up the glass surfaces in the room. As they were both already completely naked, Jorge still could not understand or fathom what happened to his shirt but he too was naked, they could get straight into the bath.

They both gingerly stepped over the side of the huge oval tub, and Alina turned off the mixer, and as they settled into the water, the foam rose over her full titties and they sat looking at each other over the foam. Jorge’s hands reached out and pulled her closer, one hand moved to her breast and the other sought out her leg, reaching and holding her to him, then lifting her to rest on top of his thigh, and Alina raised her leg a little, giving his hand access to her pussy again, for the second time tonight… and he obliged. His hand slipped in between her legs, touching and teasing her pussy and slipping inside her easily.

The slipperiness the oils that Alina had put in the water created for them, helped make it easy and playful as well, as they slipped and fondled each other in the warm watery environment. The fragrances of the salts and oils were a heady fusion of Lavender and Eucalyptus, and they rolled around in the water, kissing, fondling and teasing each other.

Alina put both hands on Jorge’s cock and squeezed it gently, then began to rub it to the full length it would extend to, then she moved herself down lower and put her head down and took him into her mouth as best as she could. God, but you’re so big!…, she thought. And I love sucking you like this… face in the water and oily, soapy, foamy water, at that… but I love it.

She dribbled a little water as she looked up at Jorge, smiling as she sucked him deep into her mouth, and then letting him slowly slide out. He smiled back at her, and then closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations Alina was giving him. He felt the pressure building and growing inside his balls and then the rush and tickle as his orgasm grew and grew, then burst forth with him thrusting his hips up and out of the water.

Alina rode him up as he was cumming, she felt the growth in his cock as he came, and she swallowed as best she could, some of the cum, running out of her mouth and into the water and foam. She washed her face off in the water, and she saw Jorge looking at her with a look in his eye. He grabbed her gently, lifting her out of the water and putting her up on the side of the tub, and lifting her knees over his shoulders her settled in between her legs and sank into her clean pussy.

“I think it is your turn now, baby…” He said, seductively.

His dark head sank into her pussy, and she felt his rough tongue ride up the lips of her pussy, sending jolts though her and wishing that her would do it again. With his tongue he reached her clitoris and with one hand wrapped around her thigh her reached in and tweaked it with his thumb as well, and as he did that accomplished he let his tongue stroke and lick her pussy lips from back to front.

Alina writhed and groaned, “Oh, baby, that’s so good, I want you to lick me till I cum… please.”

Jorge reached in from below with his other hand and inserted a finger and then two fingers inside Alina so that tongue, thumb and two fingers were manipulating her and working her pussy till the juices began running out of her. She was so excited she was grabbing her titties in her hands and squeezing them together, pinching the nipples and making them hard as pencil erasers on the tips, licking them and rubbing them to get as much sensation as she could to add to the pleasure and wonder that Jorge was creating for her in between her legs.

Alina came in a gush of her juices, as she reached orgasm and showered Jorge with her wetness, her sweet and musky wetness. He sat up, pulled her into the water and kissed her with an open mouth so that she tasted herself. And she kissed him again and again.

“Thanks you, my sweet Iberian Prince.” Alina said, purring in his neck.

“That was the best welcome home present I could ever have imagined.” Jorge said, hugging Alina close, “You are an angel, my baby. And absolute angel sent to please me… and you have succeeded.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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