12 Ağustos 2022

Home Alone

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It had been a bad week and I was glad to be home after spending the last week away on a sales trip. I pulled the car into the drive when I noticed that the house was in darkness, I was hoping that my boyfriend, Tom, would be home to give me a nice relaxing massage. I entered the kitchen, turned the light on, and there pinned on the message board was a note from Tom saying that he had gone away for the weekend on a stag weekend. I took the message from the board, screwed it up and threw it in the bin. I went to the fridge and got out a bottle of wine. I poured myself a glass, kicked my shoes off and walked into the lounge. I put the TV on and sat down. I flicked through the channels and couldn’t find anything to watch so I decided to put a DVD on. I went to the bookcase and got a “Sex In the City” DVD out. I went to put the DVD in the player when I found that there was already a DVD in the player. this disc didn’t have a label and I couldn’t recall seeing it about before. I was about to take it out when curiosity got the better of me and I put the disc back in the player and went and sat down with my wine.

The film started and I must admit that I was shocked almost immediately for this wasn’t a program that had been recorded from the TV, it was a porn film. Now I am no prude, if people want to watch this kind of thing then that was there own business. I had seen very tame soft core porn tuzla escort films before, when I was at university. I was about to turn it off but decided to watch a bit more.

The first scene was of a woman lying on a bed with a nightdress on, she had obviously been asleep and was just waking up. As she stirred she started rubbing her stomach as she did this her nightdress started to ride up, she kicked down the duvet and her hands continued to rub her stomach, one hand then moved over the fabric to between her legs, she started rubbing herself with a bit more urgency. By now I was completely engrossed in watching, I had never thought that watching a woman playing with herself could have the effect on me that i was feeling now. God if only Tom were here now.

On the screen the womans other hand had moved up to her breasts and she started rubbing them through the material of her nightdress. Quite soon her nipples had become erect and were clearly visible through the sheer material.

By now my own nipples had started to tingle. I finished the glass of wine and lay back on the sofa and continued to watch. The woman had now slid the straps from her nightdress off her shoulders and started to pull the dress down over her breasts.

I was now feeling extremely horny and pulled my blouse out of my skirt, I slowly unbuttoned my blouse all the while watching the woman on the TV. pendik escort Her nightdress was now around her waist and she was massaging her breasts with both hands, every so often she would tweak a nipple and this made her gasp.

My blouse was now open and my hands were rubbing my breasts through my bra. I reached behind me and unhooked my bra before removing it completely. I turned my attention back to the woman on the screen, both her hands were now between her thighs rubbing the material over her mound. My own hands were now moving down my body I slowly unzipped my skirt and slid it down over my legs.

On the screen the woman had removed her Nightdress completely now, she was now only wearing a skimpy pair of panties. She slid one of her hands into her panties and rubbed herself.

I was now copying her, my hand was inside my panties and I slowly rubbed my trimmed pussy. The more I rubbed the wetter I was becoming, as I continued to rub my fingers parted my lips, god I was so wet, I slipped a finger inside and I couldn’t help but release a gasp. I watched the woman on the screen remove her panties and then continue to rub herself between her legs.

Her eyes were closed and she was breathing loudly. One hand now was holding open her lips whilst the fingers on her other hand rubbed at her clit.

I removed my panties and followed the lead of the woman on the screen, aydınlı escort my left hand was holding myself open while the fingers on my right hand were rubbing up and down the length of my pussy. Sometimes I would insert my fingers into my pussy sometimes I would just rub my clit.

On the TV the woman was now rubbing harder and every now and then she would insert two fingers into herself. you could see she was very wet her back was now arched, she removed her fingers from her pussy and slowly and seductively licked them clean before continuing rubbing her clit and fingering herself.

I was now almost copying the womans every move, I was imagining that I was there with her, I licked my own fingers savouring the sweetness of my pussy, this was something that I had never done before but it tasted so good and felt so naughty. My fingers were now pounding into myself copying the actions of the woman on the screen. She started to cum and as she did she pushed her fingers deep inside herself, you could see her juices running through her fingers and staining the sheets of the bed. My own fingers were jammed in my pussy as I came hard my own juices seemed to pour out of me. I kept my fingers inside me for a few moments before removing them and then licked them clean. God I hadn’t cum that hard for a long time. I paused the DVD whilst I got my breath back. I sat back up pulled my skirt back on and put my blouse back on, poured myself another glass of wine and sat back. I couldn’t believe what had just happened, I felt incredible and still horny, there was still the rest of the DVD to watch, but that was for later…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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