10 Aralık 2023

Holiday Romance Ch. 02

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Bex woke first the next morning. The thought of Lucy going back to her own room hadn’t been contemplated by either of them. Bex stood, naked, looking at Lucy as she laid there, long, slender legs stretched out under the thin duvet, her long dark hair spread out over her shoulders and she smiled.

Leaving Lucy sleeping, she went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She reached in and tested the water, adding a little more cold until it was just right. She stepped in, gasping slightly as the powerful jet of water struck her abdomen. Inching forward and tilting her head backward slightly, she let the spray hit her face. Then she allowed the shower to engulf her head and flow over her short brown hair.

Bex wiped her face with her hands, smoothing her hair off her face. Her hands traced a path down her neck before reaching her breasts. She cupped them in her palms and watched the water flow over them. She thought back to the last pair of hands that held her breasts. How gently and lovingly Lucy had caressed them.

Back in the bedroom, Lucy was awake and guided by the sound of the shower headed to the bathroom. Reaching the open bathroom door, she poked her head around the corner. Through the translucent shower curtain, she could clearly see her twenty six year old lover soaping her full, firm breasts. Bex seemed to be taking an age to wash her breasts, rubbing and cupping them, even, Lucy was almost certain, squeezing her nipples.

Lucy felt a growing heat and tingle; almost unconsciously her hand slid down towards her pussy and she began to rub her clit.

“Are you just going to stand there and watch like a pervert,” Bex called out, “or are you gonna get in here and join in?”

Lucy didn’t need a second invitation. She slipped quickly into the shower, where in an instant they were locked in an embrace. They kissed, tongues meeting in open mouths, as the shower cascaded over them. They pulled each other closer until their bodies were pressing closely. Bex grasped Lucy’s firm bum, pulling her nearer. Lucy returned the favour, using her long fingers to knead the older woman’s more rounded bottom.

Slowly Bex rotated, now she pushed her bottom back against Lucy’s crotch. This also allowed Lucy freedom to caress, squeeze and tease Bex’s breasts. Slowly, and teasingly Lucy’s hand moved down, sliding across Bex’s tummy towards her pussy. Now she was playing with Bex’s pussy, just as she had been playing with her own a few moments earlier. The spray of the shower gushed over them both as Lucy rubbed Bex’s clit with increasing firmness and speed. With her other hand she continued to massage each of Bex’s breasts in turn, paying special attention to her hard, nipples. “Oh, my, that feels good!” sighed Bex, “I’m going to come if you don’t stop!” “And why would I want to stop?” whispered Lucy into Bex’s ear, before rubbing and tweaking even more frantically.

Bex stiffened, her body’s response to her orgasm. Lucy held her tightly.

Wordlessly Bex, turned round and began to kiss Lucy. Starting at her mouth she kissed a path down the body of her young lover. She stopped at Lucy’s small breasts and sucked on both nipples. Then, kneeling, she continued down. When she reached the girl’s clit, Lucy leant back against the cool tiles of the shower wall, opening her legs wider apart at the same time.

Bex’s tongue probed, parting Lucy’s lips before it found her clit, sending shivers through Lucy. After a couple of licks, Lucy was so aroused that Bex could wrap her lips around the engorged clit. Incomprehensible sounds of joy came from Lucy’s mouth. For a moment Bex tasted the sweet juices she had set flowing, as she lowered her tongue to Lucy’s cunt, before turning her attention back to the clit.

This time bursa evi olan escort Lucy flinched; Bex guessed she was close. Without a care for how it looked or felt for Bex, Lucy pulled her lover’s head forward and forced her hips forward. Bex’s tongue worked furiously on the clit, which she was sucking on at the same time, causing waves of pleasure to rush through Lucy’s body as she experienced another orgasm.

They were late to breakfast. Observant on-lookers might have noticed that Lucy was wearing the same clothes as the night before, her still wet hair making a damp patch all over her back. They passed Lucy’s parents in the corridor outside the dining room.

“There you are, we wondered where you’d got to!” gushed Vicky, Lucy’s mum. “We stayed up late and overslept,” said Lucy, adding quickly “at least I overslept and I was late meeting Bex.” “Well don’t forget we’re booked on the coach trip to Pompeii this morning.” Lucy had forgotten. She felt like stamping her foot like a petulant toddler in a supermarket aisle and refusing to go; she wanted to stay with Bex. Sensing this Bex swiftly defused the crisis. “Oh that sounds great, you’ll have to tell me all about it when you get back.”

It was early afternoon when they returned after the excursion round the ruins of the roman town. In spite of her longing to be with Bex, Lucy had found the guided tour interesting, but, as soon as she could excuse her self, without looking rude, she hurried up to Bex’s room.

She knocked vigorously on the door and stood impatiently, shifting her weight from one foot to the other until the door opened. On the other side Bex peered through the peep-hole, smiled at Lucy’s frustration, toyed for a while with the idea of making her wait, then relented and let her in.

Lucy burst into a monologue about how her parents treated her like a child, how the ruins had actually been surprisingly interesting and how much she’d missed Bex. In the end Bex had to lean over and kiss her on the lips to shut her up!

They put on their bikinis and headed for the pool. The fat family with the skinny show-off son were not there today; in their place were two elderly women, American to judge by their accents. Their presence acted as a restraining influence – neither Bex nor Lucy wanted to give either of the old dears a heart attack by behaving too outrageously in front of them. However sun screen had to be applied and they both found it hard not too spend longer than was strictly necessary rubbing the lotion on. In the pool it was also hard to avoid the chance to steal sly kisses and caresses.

The two young women were lying on sun-loungers when the two elderly Americans walked past on their way back into the hotel. “Excuse me dear, can I interrupt for a moment?” asked the taller one of the two. “Elsie-May and I just wanted to say how nice it’s been watching you two; so young and carefree and so very much in love.” “It reminded us of us when we were younger,” added Elsie-May. “Ginny here was quite wild back then.” “We just wanted to wish you good luck,” said Ginny, and with that the two women strolled off.

After dinner with John and Vicky, Lucy and Bex skipped dessert to head into town. It was the norm for shops to shut in the afternoon and re-open again after dinner. As they handed in their room keys as they left the hotel the receptionist handed Bex a note.

Bex read the note. “How odd,” she said. “Someone called Claudia would like us to meet her at the Bougainvillea Gelateria at half past seven.”

Undecided what to do, curiosity got the better of them and by twenty past they had been served with the most delicious ice cream. In that way only couples in love can get away with, Lucy insisted on being given altıparmak escort a taste of Bex’s strawberry flavoured ice cream. Bex was just feeding her a spoonful when Claudia interrupted them.

“Buona sera Miss Small and Miss Dawson,” said Claudia, who they both recognised as one of the team of receptionists from the hotel. Without waiting to be invited she sat down with the couple. They made small talk for a couple of minutes, during which time Bex scrutinised Claudia carefully. She had dark hair, immaculately styled, bright brown eyes and full red lips. Her dress, blue and low cut, was both flattering and stylish. Lucy noticed that Bex didn’t say ‘my friends call me Bex’. She wondered why?

“So Claudia, what did you want to see us about?” Lucy was unable to contain her curiosity any longer. “It is a little delicate, Lucy. Let me explain.”

In her accented, but perfect English, Claudia explained that one of her duties on reception was to monitor the CCTV monitors from the cameras throughout the hotel. “There is one in each elevator you know.”

Lucy blushed deeply. Bex shifted uneasily in her chair, wondering if the glamorous receptionist about to try a bit of blackmail?

“Luckily for you I was watching last evening, when you took the lift up to Rebecca’s room.” Claudia casually took a spoonful of her own ice cream. “Why is that lucky for us, Claudia?” asked Bex with a note of caution in her voice. “Well, Rebecca, if one of my male colleagues had been watching he would have taken a copy and you’d be on the internet now. I, on the other hand, erased it.” “Thank you, Claudia,” exclaimed Lucy, nearly knocking the table over in her attempt to hug the receptionist. “How can we thank you?”

Bex braced herself. ‘Here it comes,’ she thought, ‘I wonder how much she’ll ask for?’

“Your smile is thanks enough. I know how difficult other people can make your life when you are different to the rest. I left my last job because of the prejudice of the others when they found out about me, so now I keep my personal life separate from work.” “So you’re …” Bex let the question hang there. Claudia nodded. “There is one favour you could do me.” “What’s that?” asked Bex still suspicious. “I was going to go to a nightclub in Napoli tonight, but my date has let me down. I hate to go alone; I wondered if you’d join me?” “That’ll be fantastic,” exclaimed Lucy.

Bex relaxed a little. Lucy was as excited as a puppy with a squeaky toy; there was no way she could refuse Claudia’s invitation, especially when Claudia offered to drive them there.

Like most Italian drivers, Claudia had two speeds; stop and scarily fast, the latter to the accompaniment of the tinny car horn. It took hardly any time at all before they were walking through the side streets from the place where Claudia had parked to the club.

The club’s DJ played an excruciating mix of euro-pop, but this didn’t stop Lucy from enjoying herself. Her dancing style, Bex reflected from a safe distance, was best described as ‘unself-conscious’; nearby dancers were in constant danger of her flailing limbs! Bex and Claudia chatted for a while, before Claudia began to flit around the club from friend to friend.

Bex reflected that, had she not met Lucy, the sexy Italian would have been very appealing. For a moment she mused the idea of a threesome. It wouldn’t be her first, but then Lucy waved at her from the dance floor; she couldn’t risk damaging the youngster’s growing confidence. She waved back, put her glass down and weaved through the dancers to be with Lucy. “This is so much fun!” Lucy shouted. “Yes it is.” “Dance with me!” Bex moved gracefully next to her and they began to move rhythmically, in time to the music and in tune with each other. Luckily the DJ put on some slower numbers towards the end of the night, allowing Bex and Lucy to dance together.

Bodies pressed closely together, from lips to thighs, they moved in slow steps around the dance floor. Nothing broke their spell. Lucy was lost in her thoughts; the heat of Bex’s body pressing so invitingly against hers; the smell of her perfume; the touch of her soft skin; the desire and passion that consumed her.

Claudia watched with a twinge of envy. She was dancing with a stranger, pleasant enough, but lacking the passion of Bex and Lucy.

As they drove home the two English girls sat entwined in the back of the car, restrained out of their concern for their new found friend. Claudia spoke as the arrived at the hotel. “Tomorrow afternoon, my friend, Isabella, and I are going to her villa on the coast. Would you like to join us?” “That sounds wonderful,” Lucy gasped, “can we Bex?” “Of course, it’s very kind of you to invite us Claudia.”

They said their goodbyes and, mindful of the cameras, made their way through the deserted corridors to Bex’s room, via Lucy’s where they picked up a change of clothing for her.

Once in Bex’s room the dam broke and their pent up passion overflowed. Bex took control, pinning Lucy against the door, she pulled Lucy’s dress off over her head and dragged her cotton panties down to her knees. Almost roughly she began to finger Lucy, her fingers finding Lucy’s pussy delightfully wet and receptive. Slurping sounds accompanied the pumping motion of Bex’s fingers, first one and then two as she finger-fucked the younger woman’s cunt. They kissed passionately, tongues exploring deeply.

For Lucy such an onslaught of raw passion was breathtaking; completely overwhelmed she couldn’t have held on, even if she wished. Her orgasm was swift and violent in its intensity; she clung to Bex for support like the survivor of a shipwreck.

Bex guided Lucy to the bed, where she helped her lie down. “Thank you Bex,” whispered Lucy.

Bex looked at her young lover; she was exhausted. Bex knew she would have to take care of her own needs for the moment.

Lucy watched as Bex moved the dressing table chair to the end of the bed. She hitched her skirt up and she slid her panties down. Bex sat with her legs spread wide. Her hand traced a path from her knee, along the taut thigh before reaching down between her legs, where it stayed, moving slowly up and down against her swollen pussy and caressing the inside of her thighs. Bex looked directly at Lucy as she slowly stroked herself.

Lucy was hooked! In spite of her tiredness, she willed herself to remain away. She had never seen another woman doing that to herself. It was hypnotic; Lucy’s gaze slipping from Bex’s eyes then down to her crotch then back up again. Bex closed her eyes and slipped lower in her chair. Her head went back a bit as she brought both of her hands to her crotch. Her pussy was already quite open now and clearly glistening. Lucy watched as Bex separated her lips with one hand, exposing her clit, which was standing up, free from the folds of skin that usually encased it. Bex started flicking it with the middle finger of her hand that held her lips apart, while she ran two fingers of her other up and down her slit.

Bex was very close to her climax; her fingers were now furiously pumping in and out, just as they had done moments earlier to Lucy. Her body stiffened, her back arching, and then she started to shake, her mouth wide open, but without sound. Her eyes stayed squeezed shut and Lucy watched amazed as Bex’s right hand all but disappeared inside of her!

Bex ground her left hand hard against her clit as she stayed stiff, bottom off the chair, while her orgasm swept over her.

Using her last ounces of energy she undressed and slid into bed next to Lucy. They slipped easily into an embrace, Lucy putting her arm round Bex and snuggling up next to her. The lovers drifted into sleep as another day ended.

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