25 Şubat 2024

His Plan

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The house is quiet; the kids are asleep, and my boyfriend took off about half an hour ago to go visit some buddies for a few hours. I shut the house down, get in bed, pick my book up off of the night stand and begin to read; getting ready for sleep myself. Several minutes later, I am startled by the phone ringing; I can’t imagine who would be calling this late.

I pick it up, saying “Hello,” only to hear my boyfriend on the other end.

He says, “I want you to listen to me and do what I say. I am going to tell you what I want, and the only thing I want to hear come out of your mouth when I am done talking are the words ‘I understand’.”

I say nothing. He sounds kind of odd, different….almost stern.

He starts speaking again, “I will be home in 30 minutes. You are to be waiting for me in the bedroom. You are to take a quick shower, then pick out a garter belt and stockings. The garter belt is to be pink, the stockings are to be either pink or white, and you are to also wear those light pink heels of yours.”

He pauses, as if to make sure that I understand his instructions so far. He continues; “Then, I want you to get out the lube and oil yourself up. By the time I walk in the door, all I want to see is your ass up in the air, legs spread, covered in oil from ass to cunt, and you playing with yourself with your fingers. Enjoy yourself while you can, because after that your only purpose for the rest of the night is to pleasure me.”

I am struck silent by this new side of my lover.

With impatience in his voice, he prompts me for my response “Do you understand?”

“I understand,” I reply, my words followed by only the sound of the call being disconnected.

I just sit there for the next several minutes in a daze, unable to grasp the meaning of this new development. Full comprehension comes to me suddenly, and I immediately jump up and dash for the bathroom, turning on the shower. I bathe quickly, shaving thoroughly, then towel off and hurry back into the bedroom, digging frantically for the items he told me to be wearing, overly aware of the minutes ticking by. I put on my pink garter belt, slip on a brand new pair of white stockings, then slide on my pink spiked-heel shoes, fastening the strap around my ankles. Grabbing a brush, I quickly put my hair into a braided ponytail, then take a quick glance at the clock. Time grows short.

I start getting stuff out next. I make sure that anything else he might want to use gaziantep escortları is in the compartment in the headboard (the cuffs, blindfold, nipple clamps, etc), neatly arranged within easy reach. Then, I straighten out the bed, place a pillow, along with a bottle of lube in the center of the bed. I place a small stack of porn movies next to the VCR, light a couple of candles, and turn off all of the lights. I glance at the clock again.

Less than five minutes left.

I start to get myself into position. First, I crawl on my hands and knees to where the pillow lies, fold the pillow in half, and place it under my abdomen, making sure that I am facing directly away from the doorway. I bend and spread my legs about half way apart, pour some lube into my right hand, and soak every square inch between my thighs with it, working it lightly into my pussy and ass. Now, all that’s left to do is wait … and anticipate.

It seems like only a couple of minutes before I hear his truck pull up, followed a few minutes later by the sound of the front door opening. I hear his footsteps coming down the hall, approaching our room. I realize that he didn’t even stop to grab a beer before heading back; he must really be eager to get started. I stay facing away from him as he walks into the room and stops just behind me.

“Very nice,” he says, as he pulls my hand away.

“I want to watch you,” he says, “Spread yourself open as far as you can with one hand and finger yourself with the other.”

I comply, feeling a bit odd knowing how closely he is watching me, but I try to make it as erotic as I can for him. Minutes later, just when I am hoping he will join in, he grabs both my wrists in one hand and a moment later I feel cold metal locking around one wrist, followed immediately with my other wrist. I automatically try to pull my wrists apart, but find that I am unable. Then I realize that he hadn’t been anywhere except behind me since he walked into the room, which means that he already had the handcuffs with him. Already having the handcuffs ready makes me realize something; he had this planned since before he left the house.

This is the first time I can ever remember that he has planned something in advance.

Knowing he has a plan fills me with both excitement, and a bit of apprehension, though I have to admit that the main thing I am feeling is highly aroused. He tells me to stay put minute and I hear the bathroom door close behind me.

A few minutes later I hear the door open, and I feel his hand on my arm as he pulls me up into a kneeling position. He lets go, then moves to the head of the bed and get on, sitting upright against the headboard with his legs stretched out in front of him. He tells me to crawl up until I’m next to him. It’s a bit of a struggle with my hands firmly cuffed behind my back, but I finally make it. He turns me so I am sideways to him, then manipulates me until I am face down with my head in his lap with my prone body at a right angle to his body. I look up at him, saying nothing.

“I know what you want,” he says as he wraps one of his hands firmly in my hair.

I lower my head and take his cock into my mouth and start working it with my tongue. Quickly, it starts to grow, and as his cock stiffens he places one of his hands around the base of it, with his other hand tightens his grip on my hair. He uses my hair to guide me up and down along the length of his shaft; and none too gently.

After a while, he pulls my head up by my hair away from his now rock-hard cock.

He tells me that there is something else that would pleasure him, and drags me by the upper arms farther across his lap so that my stomach rests across his thighs. Even though my hands are still cuffed at the wrists, he restrains me even further by grabbing my upper left arm and pulling it towards him, effectively limiting my motion. His other hand starts spanking my round ass cheeks, making me twitch with pleasure. Soon, though, the feeling of his hand striking my ass becomes more pain than pleasure. I start squirming in discomfort, but he just tightens his grip on my arm and pulls me harder against him.

For some reason it occurs to me that in all the times he has bound me to this, or taped me to that, I have never felt quite so restricted as I do right now pinned against him. After several minutes of this, he tries to force his hand down between my thighs, but I resist.

Roughly he grabs my thighs and throws them apart, then proceeds to punish my pussy for not spreading for him by slapping it sharply with his open palm. He stops, telling me not to move, then reaches over me, fastening leather cuffs around each ankle, and, as I discover when I test my freedom of movement, he has attached the spreader bar, making it impossible for me to close my thighs.

He resumes slamming his hand sharply on my ass, which is now actively burning. The next sharp slaps lands squarely on my spread open pussy, making me yelp, but as the sting fades I realize something. The whole time I have been laying here complaining to myself about the unusually high level of pain he’s been subjecting me to tonight, my pussy has been steadily dripping and is now completely drenched with my juices! Maybe, in that way, he really does know me better than I know myself. Scary.

I feel a warm, smooth object running along my pussy and ass, pressing down more firmly as it passes over each of my holes.

Warm? That cinches it. If the fact that he had handcuffs ready when he walked into the bedroom isn’t proof enough, the fact that my toys are already warmed confirms my thoughts that he had everything planned before he left the house earlier. He brings his hand down hard on my now tender ass several more times, then shoves the dildo in my pussy. He pumps it back and forth steadily, until it’s as deep as it will go.

Then, in one swift move, he yanks it out! I open my mouth to voice a protest when he grabs the biggest dildo we have and shoves it all the way in; in one stroke! In and out he moves it, fast and hard! By now he has released my left arm and is spanking me randomly. I feel lube trickle down the crack of my ass, all the way down. Next thing I know, while he is brutalizing my pussy with the toy, he slowly pushes one of the smaller anal toys up my ass.

This is too much.

Sensation overload.

Almost immediately I start to come as he pumps both toys back and forth. I ride the wave for a while, crying out in pleasure, for what seems like a very long time. As the pulsating inside me stars to ebb, he pulls out the dildo in my pussy, and move out from under me.

Next thing I know I’m being yanked up from behind, with pillows being shoved under my hips, raising my ass high in the air. My hand still cuffed behind me, he orders me to spread my ass cheeks as far apart as I can, then proceeds to remove the toy from my ass and replace it with the head of his huge, iron-hard cock. Slowly he eases in, dripping more oil on us. He pushes steadily until he is in as far as he can go, then starts pumping away, plunging deep into my ass each time before pulling back.

After several minutes of being slammed into the pillows by sheer force, I can feel his cock start to swell as he gets ready to come, and realize that I am about to come again as well. We explode together, our voices drowning each other out in pure pleasure, this moment lasting forever. All too soon, the lights fade, and we fall into each other, completely sated, yet again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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