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Hippie Chick

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I had never been to Colorado before; had never had a reason to visit until my brother moved there during my senior year in high school. As a graduation present, my parents bought me a ticket to fly out and spend a couple of weeks with him. It was just a couple of days into the trip when he took me to a party some friends of his were hosting one beautiful afternoon. It was an incredible experience for me, having grown up on the east coast, to be drinking beer on this huge piece of property in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains while a band played on the patio. Beer in hand, I wandered down a path through the backyard at one point, ending up near a small creek where a tire swing hung from a tree on the bank. How could I resist? I set my beer down and swung over the creek on the tire, hoping that the rope was strong and that I didn’t end up in the mud.

What a hoot that ended up being. I was having such a good time that I didn’t realize I was no longer alone. Looking around at one point, I noticed a woman standing nearby so, feeling slightly embarrassed, I jumped off the swing onto solid ground and said “Hello” as I picked up my beer. Even at 18 and fresh out of high school, I knew immediately that something wasn’t quite right with this chick. As soon as I acknowledged her, she started talking and not much of what she was saying was making any sense. As I tried to follow her conversation, I gave her the once over and things didn’t seem any clearer. Her physical appearance, including the way she was dressed, combined with her rambling suggested either mental illness or heavy drug use.

I looked around and realized that no one else was in sight so I started to get a little bit nervous. I quickly downed the rest of my beer and made the excuse that I needed a refill before heading quickly back up the path toward the house. I breathed a sigh of relief when I reached the keg and, as I refilled my cup, looked over to see the weird chick on her way back to the house, but not moving as quickly as I’d been.

“Is she a friend of yours?” asked a voice that was suddenly behind me and I actually jumped a little bit. I turned to see a total babe standing beside me looking completely bohemian. I’d seen her from a distance a few times since I’d arrived at the party, but she looked even more incredible close up. She wore her long, curly brown hair to her shoulders, a halter top that barely restrained her large breasts and a long, flowing skirt. Her arms were ornamented with various fabric bracelets, she wore several strands of beads around her neck and there was one braid hanging right alongside her stunning face. She giggled at my being startled and her green eyes twinkled. I started filling her cup as I related what I’d experienced down by the creek. By the time her cup was full, my story was finished and the weird chick was approaching. Before I knew what was happening, the hot chick had taken control of the situation.

“I’m just glad you’re here because I’ve missed you, sweetie,” she said loud enough that the weird chick could definitely hear. She threw her arms around me as she told me that she didn’t plan to let me leave her side for the rest of the night and the next thing I know her lips are against mine and her tongue is in my mouth. I played along, with no argument, my free arm going around her waist and pulling her against me. I’m sure we made a bit of a sight, if anybody had been paying attention; I had more of the surfer look going with my long blonde hair, jams and puka shell necklace while she was the quintessential hippie chick and, of course, we had a weird chick just staring at us.

After a couple minutes of making out, she chanced a peek over my shoulder and the weird chick was still there staring at us. Stepping back, she took my hand while saying, “Why don’t we see if we can find someplace a bit more private,” while throwing a look at the weird chick. She led me away from the keg and through the backyard until we found a place where we could sit and still hear the band without having to yell a conversation. I thanked her for saving me and she smiled, telling me that it had been her pleasure. She then told me that she thought it might be a good idea if she stuck with me for a while gaziantep escortları for my own protection. I told her that she was probably right and asked her what her name was; it was Janis.

It turned out that Janis was one of the residents of the house, though not one of the owners; she rented a room and shared the rest of the living space. She was definitely cool and unlike anyone I’d met before. After a couple of hours together, on one of our trips inside to use the bathroom, instead of heading back outside, she led me upstairs to show me her room. It was everything you would have expected for a late-80s hippie chick: beads, a lava lamp, billowy, filmy hangings and drapes and lots of books and CDs. She turned on the ceiling fan to get the air flowing while I selected some music to put on the stereo. When I turned back from the stereo, she took my hand and led me toward her bed, which was just a box-spring and mattress on the floor. She positioned me at the foot of the bed then sat before me and opened my shorts. As she worked my shorts and underwear down, my cock sprung out in her face.

As she took my rigid tool in her fist and began to gently pump it, I stepped out of my shorts and underwear, kicking them aside. She looked up at me with a smile, then returned her attention to my cock and wrapped her lips around it. I let out a moan and embedded my fingers in her curly locks as she began to blow me. Her mouth felt like heaven as her lips slid up and down my throbbing member and I knew, even with several beers in me, that I wouldn’t be good for very long. I wasn’t concerned, though, because I knew that once I got her clothes off and got a look at her hot body, I’d likely be fully rigid again in no time at all.

Prior to this incident, every blowjob I’d received had been from somebody close to my age and probably with not much experience. I didn’t know how old Janis was, but I suspected she was a few years older than me and probably a bit more worldly. As such, her skill level with respect to oral sex far surpassed any of my previous experiences. I had never felt such pleasure as while her mouth engulfed my tool. She held the base of my cock in one hand, pumping it gently as her lips slid up and down my shaft. Her other hand had a firm grip on my ass. Occasionally, she’d slip my cock from her mouth and, while continuing to pump it, raise it up and slurp my balls.

I found it difficult not to watch as my cock slid in and out of Janis’ mouth since most of my previous blowjobs had either occurred in the dark or under the covers. Between watching and feeling the incredible pleasure, I did occasionally have to close my eyes and just relish what I was experiencing. My cock grew even more rigid and began to swell as I felt what promised to be an intense orgasm welling up from deep within me. Janis just continued what she was doing even as I exploded with a moan of relief, spurting my load down her throat.

Once my cock had stopped spasming and began to soften, Janis released it and leaned back on her elbows. I wasted no time in dropping to my knees, anxious to get her naked and return the favor. I told her how amazing she had been and that I intended to make her feel equal pleasure as I leaned forward and slid her halter top up to expose her stomach. I kissed my way up over her stomach and ribs until the halter top was bunched below her incredible breasts. At that point, I had to raise my head as I began to lift her top up to expose her tits. I’m not sure I was breathing at all as the lower swell came into view, followed by her large areolas and hard, thick nipples. I could feel the blood already trying to return to my flaccid cock.

Once her tits were fully exposed, I lowered my head, first to one then the other, to lick and suck her hard nipples. Janis let out a soft moan and brought one hand up to the back of my head, supporting herself on just one arm. I brought my own hands down from the hem of her shirt onto her luscious globes and fondled the soft flesh while continuing to ravage her nipples and areolas with my tongue and lips. She slowly sat up while I remained focused, pulling her top and the strands of love beads completely off then holding my head with both of her hands. I knew I would never tire of her soft, smooth, torpedo-like tits and could have spent the rest of the afternoon indulging myself, but I still wanted to see her naked and go down on her with the hope of providing as much pleasure to her as she had to me.

Somewhat reluctantly, I started kissing my way back down over her ribs and stomach while she reclined on the bed as I moved my hands down to start sliding her skirt up. Being an east coast boy with no experience with bohemian chicks, it didn’t occur to me at the time that I might be on the verge of entering an area that was unfamiliar with the business end of a razor. I’m sure I’d had a glimpse of her pits prior to this moment, however, and it would have occurred to me had her pits not been smooth and hairless. As it turned out, while I was sliding her skirt up, I did not encounter any leg hair and, when I flipped the hem up above her waist and exposed her pussy, I was greeted by a nicely trimmed bush. I lowered my head and kissed my way up her smooth inner thighs, alternating from one side to the other, until I reached her pussy.

Running my tongue up her slit, I found her overflowing with pungent juices, which I eagerly lapped up. Janis moaned passionately and ran her fingers through my hair. I glanced up and my eyes practically bugged out as I saw her arms squeezing her succulent breasts together as they pointed toward the ceiling. The blood continued to return to my now not-as-flaccid cock. I focused my licking on her clit while slipping a finger into what turned out to be a nicely snug but extremely slippery pussy. She was ever-so-subtly moving her hips in rhythm with my finger sliding in and out of her but her moaning, though continuous, dropped to a much softer level.

I felt good because it seemed pretty clear that she was enjoying what I was doing, so my goal of providing her as much pleasure as she had provided me was being realized. The longer I licked and sucked her clit and fingered her pussy, the more she seemed to writhe around on the bed with an occasionally louder moan interspersed with the others. As I relished the taste of the juices flowing around my finger and gazed up at her mountainous tits, my cock continued to grow along with my confidence that I’d soon be slipping it into her. Her pelvic movements were getting faster and she was holding my head in place as her moaning was beginning to turn into harsh, heavy breathing.

When she clamped her smooth thighs around my ears and held my head down, I couldn’t hear what sounds she was making, but I could feel her entire body seeming to tense up. I just kept at what I was doing, since it appeared to be doing the trick, until she went completely limp on the bed and convulsions racked her body. My finger was flooded with fresh juices as she came and I didn’t stop pumping in and out or licking and sucking her clit until she went still. I raised my head and sucked the juices from my finger as I watched her chest heaving while she caught her breath. I glanced down at her skirt bunched around her waist, the only article of clothing she still wore, and noticed the tie holding it together around her waist. She opened her eyes and smiled at me as I untied it, then she slid out of it, moving backwards up the bed. I stood up, peeled off my tank top so that I was as naked as she was, then crawled up the bed to join her. She reached for my cock and found that it was fully rigid again, stroked it a few times as she glanced down at it, then asked if I’d like her to ride it. I smiled and nodded.

She rolled toward me, swinging her leg over to straddle me as her tits swung about right in front of me. While she reached back to guide my tool into her pussy, I was already fondling her dangling globes. I groaned as she lowered herself onto me because her pussy was so hot, so slippery and so snug that I couldn’t believe how great it felt. She sat up, with her tits just jutting out rather than swinging, and humped her hips forward and back on my throbbing cock. She smiled and moaned as she rode me while I caressed her soft tits and her hard nipples. Her tits heaved and jiggled in my appreciative hands while my gaze alternated from watching them to watching the look of pleasure upon her stunning face.

She started out fucking me slowly but gradually, and almost unnoticeably with me being entranced by her tits, she not only started to pick up her pace but began to lean forward until, eventually, her hands were planted on either side of my head. By this point, obviously, I had noticed because now her tits were swinging right in my face and I quickly had my tongue and lips working once again on her thick nipples. She was slamming herself backward on my stiff shaft harder and faster as her moaning was getting longer and louder, so I started raising my hips to push deeper into her.

It was reluctantly that I released her tits and slid my hands around to her ass to pull her down on me as I pushed up into her, but I knew they weren’t going anywhere and I’d have my hands upon them once again in no time. Janis’ ass, a work of art in itself, was slapping against my thighs as we frantically fucked each other and she approached her second orgasm. With each pass of her pussy up and down my shaft, it felt hotter and more slippery until she let out a cry and I felt tremors coursing through it around my cock. She continued to ride me as she came, stopping once she finished and lowering her mouth to mine again.

We made out with my throbbing cock still embedded in her steamy pussy until I managed to roll her over onto her back. As we continued to explore each other’s mouths with our tongues, I started slowly thrusting in and out of her juicy pussy again. She had her legs completely splayed out and was gripping my ass, pulling me into her while raising her hips to meet each thrust while I relished the amazing feel of her pussy. I could feel my own second orgasm slowly beginning to build but realized we hadn’t said a thing about contraception, so I decided that I wasn’t going to cum inside her. I’d already cum in her mouth, so that left another enticing option on the table.

I continued to slowly fuck her, trying to draw out the pleasure for as long as possible because I’d determined that sex with Janis was absolutely incredible. Eventually, to my simultaneous chagrin and relief, I found myself on the verge of cumming. At the last possible moment, I casually pulled free of Janis’ succulent pussy, moved up over her and lay my cock between her luscious globes. She was right with me all the way and had her tits squeezed together around it as soon as my cock touched her sternum. As she held them together, I leaned against the wall above her head and slid my cock in and out between the soft, fleshy masses.

Although a different feeling from her juicy pussy, fucking Janis’ tits was no less pleasurable. The friction of the smooth, soft flesh along my already overstimulated cock was heavenly and my impending orgasm continued to build. My attention was on Janis’ tits, her hard nipples and pink areolas, and her pretty face, which was intently watching the head of my cock playing peek-a-boo. My tool began to swell as the level of pleasure built to an incredibly intense level just before I came. Finally, with a grunt that I couldn’t suppress, I began to shoot my load all over Janis’ chest and neck as her eyes got wide and her smile got broad. Only once I was completely spent did I pull my softening cock free from her tits and move to lie down beside her as she cleaned my cum from her skin, scooping it into her mouth with her finger.

“You should stay here tonight,” she said, once she’d finished.

“Really?” I was pleasantly surprised at the invitation, despite what had just occurred.

“Yeah. I think it would be fun.”

“OK. I just need to find my brother and let him know. What time is it?”

She rolled away from me to look at the digital clock on the floor, then turned back and said “Six thirty.”

“That’s it?” It felt like I had already spent an eternity with Janis, but it wasn’t even dark outside yet. We decided to get dressed, briefly at least, and go downstairs for something to eat and another beer. I figured I’d track my brother down while we were down there and let him know of my plans for the night. I hated to see Janis covering her body up again, but when she bent over with her ass aimed directly at me and her puffy lips peeking between her thighs, I knew I’d be keeling behind her at some point very soon, my hips smacking against that sweet ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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