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Hiking Guide

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Alex worked for the Forestry Commission. He enjoyed being out in the bush. Open air, interesting work, plenty of healthy exercise, and a reasonable pay packet. Seeing that the pay packet was only reasonable he sometimes moonlighted on other jobs. One of these was to act as a guide for the two local camps.

There were two local holiday camps. One was privately run and accepted groups from all over the place. The other was run by the Catholic Church and tended to restrict their groups to people from other Catholic institutions, such as schools and orphanages. Plus the occasional convent. This wasn’t a case of the nuns wanting to go to a holiday camp but rather because some of the convents also ran a girl’s school and the girls were sent to the camp during holidays.

The Catholic camp asked Alex if he could drop by while they discussed a hike with him. Having some free time Alex did so. Alex arrived at the camp and found himself surrounded by what appeared to be a screaming horde of young girls running in all directions. Fighting his way past the mob he found himself in the Administration Block, talking to Father Randle, the priest in charge.

“I understand that you sometimes do over-night hikes, Alex. A couple of our girls have put their names down for hikes on their activities list and we do try to grant all activities if possible, but we don’t have an experienced guide. I was hoping you could take them.”

“You have got to be kidding. Dumping a couple of kids on me for an over-night hike? You’d have to be out of your mind. I know I would be if I agreed.”

“It’s not that bad, Alex,” Father Randle. “The girls who have signed up are a couple of our seniors. This is their last camp with us. They’re both eighteen and will soon be leaving school and joining the workforce.”

“Father, no offence, but that’s even worse. While I have no doubt they could handle the hike do you really want to leave me out over-night with two nubile young ladies?”

“Yield not to temptation, my son,” Father Randle said smiling.

“Lead us not into temptation, Father. Luke 11, Verse 4, I think.”

“I see you know your bible. However there is no need to worry. The hike will take you up to the camp’s high cabins. Sister Margaret is currently up there and she will take care of the girls. All you need to do is escort them there and back.”

That made it easier. Just pick up the girls on Saturday morning, hike them through the woods to the high cabins, dump them on Sister Margaret, and bring them back the next day. He could do that.

“OK. It’s a deal. Make sure the girls are appropriately dressed. That means jeans, slacks, or shorts. No skirts or dresses. Also make sure they have backpacks. I believe you have the standard list I supply of what the backpacks should contain?”

Father Randle nodded, smiling.

“We do. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Alex arrived the next morning and was introduced to the two girls, Helen and Rebecca. They were wearing walking shorts and t-shirts and carrying their backpacks.

“Do I need to check your backpacks?” he asked.

The girls quickly assured him that he didn’t. They had the list of what was required and they made sure they had everything. They also had warmer tops in their packs, in case the weather cooled.

“I trust you haven’t over-packed? Those things can get heavy after you’ve been carrying them for a while.”

The girls assured him that they hadn’t.

“Anyway, the packs will get lighter as we go as we drink our water and eat the snacks,” Rebecca pointed out.

They were only thirty minutes into the hike before Alex found that he was in trouble. They were walking along a track, only themselves and trees to be seen, when Helen called a temporary halt.

“Can you wait a moment, please, Alex,” she said.

Alex stopped and turned to see what the trouble was. Both girls calmly took off their tops, revealing what were, in Alex’s opinion, godawful bras.

As if taking their tops off wasn’t enough both girls were reaching behind them and undoing their bras.

“Ah, girls, standing right here,” pointed out Alex.

Helen flashed him a grin at the same time she flashed her breasts. Very nice breasts, Alex had to admit, but still.

“Don’t let it worry you, Alex,” she said, sounding quite happy. “You’re not seeing anything that some other man won’t be seeing fairly soon.”

He was relieved to find that she and Rebecca were taking different bras out of their pack and putting them on.

“So who do you expect to receive that particular treat and how soon is fairly soon? Ah, and why the peep show?”

“Do you seriously think we were going to hike all day wearing those things? It’s all you can do to breathe in them. I wanted to wear a sports bra but Sister Mary said no. We had to wear the approved bra. As to who and how soon I have no idea, but I can assure you it will be someone and fairly soon. I am so tired of the convent’s restrictions.”

“I’ll go along with that,” grumbled Rebecca. “The nuns are still living in the eighteenth bursa escort century.”

“I see. Ah, those aren’t exactly sports bras,” Alex said, referring to the scraps of lace the girls were now wearing.

“True, but they are a lot more comfortable than the boob breakers that the nuns insist on.” The girls exchanged self-satisfied looks and pulled on their tops.

“Shall we go?” suggested Rebecca.

“So, girls,” Alex said as they continued on their way. “Am I to understand that you may have been kicking over the traces a little when the nuns aren’t watching?”

“Perhaps a little,” agreed Helen, “but not too much. Overdo it and we’d get caught and we can wait when we have to. We both enjoy an occasional drink, but we don’t smoke or do drugs. We don’t intend to, either. That’s a loser’s game.”

“We may even have gone on a date or two, and gone dancing,” added Rebecca. “Not horizontal dancing, though.”

“Yet,” added Helen with a giggle.

Alex sympathised with the men of their community once those two were free from the convent. They were both ready to start cutting a swathe through the local bachelors.

They continued on their way and mid-morning they arrived at a creek with a small cleared area.

“OK, girls. We’ll take a break here,” Alex said. “Grab yourselves a drink and a nibble.”

The girls settled down on the ground and dug out their water bottles and a snack while Alex did the same.

Alex considered the girls thoughtfully.

“How long before you two actually leave school?”

“About two months. Less if we can leave as soon as our exams are finished.”

“It seems to me that the pair of you can’t wait to be out and about so why bother waiting? Why don’t you choose one of you to get undressed right now and I’ll introduce her to, ah, horizontal dancing, I think you called it? For that matter, why don’t you both get undressed? That way I’ll be able to anticipate a second bout of dancing this afternoon.”

“Excuse me?” said Rebecca in an odd tone.

“I’m offering to help you get ready for a world of men,” said Alex, smiling. “I have already seen enough of you to interest me and I’m quite willing to see more.”

Both girls were blushing.

“Do you seriously expect one of us to get undressed right here in front of you so that you can, ah, fuck us,” asked Helen, sounding as though she was being extremely daring to say the word fuck.

“You weren’t listening properly, Helen,” Alex pointed out. “I suggested that both of you get undressed. You, so I can introduce you to the world of men and their ways right now and Rebecca so I can admire her figure and appreciate what I will receive from her this afternoon.”

The girls looked at each other, blushing.

“Oh, we couldn’t,” said Rebecca in a die-away voice.

“Of course you could. You had no problems showing of some beautiful breasts this morning and I assume that you’ll show them off again before we reach the high cabins. You will want to change to the torture-bra before you reach them and Sister Margaret, won’t you?”

“But that was just a bit of teasing,” said Helen. “It wasn’t as if we expected you to try anything. We were just embarrassing you.”

“Mm, no, I would have to say that I was interested but not embarrassed. I’ll tell you what. The pair of you take off your tops for a start. After that you can decide if you’ve got the nerve to the full monte.”

“Um, how do we know you won’t try anything if we do?”

“You don’t, but I assure you I won’t touch anything you say I can’t. You’ll just have to trust my word for that. But, I might point out, I didn’t grab when you were topless earlier.”

The girls looked at each other and then Helen giggled.

“I’ll take my top if you do,” she said.

Rebecca bit her lip and then gave a nervous giggle and nodded.

Alex stayed back far enough not to be considered a threat as the girls took off their t-shirts. The bras, he decided, were almost pure decoration. And they were taking them off.

He looked at the girls, letting his appreciation show. They were both very nicely developed and he could see why they favoured decorative bras. It wasn’t that either of them really required any support just yet. They both looked at Alex, a touch of nervous defiance on their faces.

“Very nice,” he said softly. “Now come over here.”


“I want to touch them. If I approach you it would be a sign of bad faith. If you come over her I can caress those lovely treasures. I want to make your nipples stand out.”

His eyes wandered back to their breasts.

“Ah, too late,” he murmured. “They’re doing that without me touching them.”

The girls glanced down and their blushes seemed to deepen slightly. They looked back at Alex, neither moving.

“Well, you have three choices. You can come here and let me pat your breasts, put your tops back on, or take your shorts off and give me a proper view. I vote for option two.”

“Two? I’d have thought you’d be all in favour of us finishing stripping,” said a startled bursa escort bayan Helen.

“Well, yes, I am, but there’s plenty of time. If you’re feeling nervous you should put your tops back on. Otherwise. . .” He made a beckoning gesture.

The girls slowly approached, nudging each other as they came. When they were both standing in front of him Alex reached up and took a breast in each hand, one from each girl. He slowly rubbed them, letting his thumbs seek the nipples. Leaning slightly he captured Helen’s right breast in his mouth, sucking lightly, rolling the nipple around with his tongue. Lifting his head he lowered it again, this time taking Rebecca’s left breast.

He spent a little time feeling their breasts, hands, mouth, tongue and teeth coming into play. Both girls had slightly swollen breasts, their nipples hard puckered, by the time he took a step back. Both girls were breathing hard.

“I think you’d better get dressed again,” he told them. “Time for us to be moving on.”

“You’re not going to try to make us take our shorts down?” asked Helen, surprised.

“Not just yet. You might do it but it would be very reluctantly. You’d feel coerced. We’ll let it go for now. There’s plenty of time.”

He observed without smiling as the girls slowly put their bras and tops on. It seemed to him that they were slightly disappointed in not being coerced. Not a problem. Lunch time would be along soon.

Both girls were in a cheerful mood, probably feeling deliciously wicked, in Alex’s opinion. They seemed quite happy to flirt with him as they walked along.

“Um, Alex,” asked Rebecca, “If Helen had taken off her shorts would you really have tried to, um, you know.”

“Yes, I know, and yes, I would. But she’d have had to agree. The same applies where you are concerned. If she’d kept hers on and you’d taken yours off then you’d have been fair game.”

Alex paused and then continued.

“Now that I come to think of it you’re fair game right now. You’re both of age. But if you’d been naked then the game part would have been a lot more immediate. Remember that when it comes time to take your panties down.”

Rebecca blushed and started to talk to Helen, who also seemed to be blushing slightly.

They continued on their way until Alex finally called a break for lunch. He had them step off the trail for a few paces into another little cleared area. They settled down, raiding their supplies for food and drink. Afterwards Alex sat back and gave the girls an expectant look.

He didn’t have to ask. The girls looked at each other, Helen gave a little nod, and they both very quickly stripped off their tops, faint blushes showing.

The girls were sitting up, topless, smiling but nervous. Alex smiled back and continued to look expectant. Their blushes deepened.

“You don’t really expect us to, um, take off our shorts, do you?” Helen asked.

“Yes. If you hadn’t intended to you wouldn’t have taken off your tops. You’ve had all morning to decide you were going to. Don’t worry. It doesn’t commit you to anything.”

Now the girls were taking great care not to look at each other. Helen suddenly made an exasperated little noise and stood up. Moving quickly, wanting to be done before she could change her mind again, she stripped off her shorts and panties, standing there with her hands covering her mound.

“Shift your hands,” said Alex gently. “You’re being silly. Put them behind your back.”

Helen did as she was told, giving Rebecca a surreptitious nudge with her foot. Alex turned to look at Rebecca, one eyebrow raised. She looked over at Helen, standing there naked, slowly rose to her feet, just as slowly dropped her shorts and panties, blushing wildly the entire time.

Alex looked at the two naked young women, trying not to smile too broadly.

“You are both as lovely as each other,” he said with great sincerity. “It is with great difficulty that I refrain from reaching for my phone to take a photo. May I?”

“Take a picture? No,” was the immediate response from Rebecca, while Helen nodded.

“Ah, I’m sorry, Helen, but are you nodding yes, I can take a picture, or nodding in agreement with Rebecca?”

“In agreement with Rebecca,” she said hastily. “No photos.”

“Pity,” Alex said as he slowly rose to his feet. He ambled closer to the girls, smiling as they seemed to become increasingly nervous. Stopping in front of them he once more stroked their breasts.

“Unfortunately, as there is only one of me, I can really only pay serious attention to one of you right now. I did say that Helen would be first so unless you’d both rather Rebecca went first maybe she’d like to sit down.”

Rebecca very hastily did just that. Helen looked even more nervous.

“You did say that this didn’t commit me to anything,” she said quickly.

“And neither it does,” Alex assured her. “But I am going to touch and taste you. Feel free to call a halt when you want to.”

With that he leaned forward, his mouth capturing a breast again. One hand went around her, escort bursa nestling against her back, while the other hand slipped downwards, rubbing against her mons. Helen made a choked protest but didn’t try to move his hand.

Alex took his time, just lightly touching, generally in all the wrong places from the way Helen was restlessly moving. Speaking softly he eased her down to a sitting position, his hand sliding between her legs as he did so. Sitting there with her legs splayed made it easier to touch her, his fingers easing their way between her lips.

It wasn’t long and Alex considered her physically ready to take him. She was hot and wet, her passage an invitingly slippery slope. Emotionally he wasn’t quite so certain. Reaching down he unzipped, pushing down his trousers and briefs, letting his erection show. Helen’s eyes went wide and she was shaking her head slightly. Not saying no as such, but certainly showing some reluctance. He didn’t try to touch her but settled down onto the ground beside her.

“Your turn,” he said, nodding toward his gently moving cock.

Her face a mixture of curiosity and trepidation Helen reached for the prize, giving a little gasp as her hand closed over it. Glancing to where Rebecca was watching from the side Alex could see the interest on her face. She was curious about the male parts as well. He winked at her and turned his attention back to Helen.

While Helen was investigating her prize Alex was taking it easy, determined not to rush her. His hand still rested on her, continuing to gently rub her. She was already aroused, all he was doing was maintaining that arousal, maybe building on it a little, ensuring that when the time came she would be ready.

He gave her time to run her hands all over his cock, squeezing it and feeling it, feeling its heat, its hardness. Finally he decided to move along. The question was whether to ask or just take? If he asked, she had to make a decision and might dither. If he just took her she also had to make a decision but any delay was in his favour. He eased her legs further apart, gently extracted his erection from her clutches and moved to kneel between her parted thighs.

Helen’s eyes opened a bit wider. She looked down at where Alex was moving closer to her. He was going to do it. She flung a frantic look at Rebecca, only to find that Rebecca was watching avidly, clearly expecting things to progress. Alex was spreading her lips apart, moving his cock between them, pressing against her.

“Ah, Alex,” she said, relieved to find him pause. His cock was still pressed against her, but that was all. It wasn’t pressing, but waiting. He wasn’t going to force her to go ahead with this. She hesitated, not knowing what to say. Alex waited a moment and then smiled at her. At the same time she felt a slight increase in pressure. Say no, a little voice yelled, but she found it being drowned out by another little voice saying, oh, wow, it’s happening.

When she didn’t speak Alex started pressing into her, her lips closing around his bulbous head. A moment later and Helen knew she was about to be an ex-virgin. Now or never she thought. Then it was too late. A sudden pang and she had a cock starting to move down her passage.

It was odd, but she’d always thought that once her hymen was broken it would be a case of the cock just sliding smoothly in. Apparently it wasn’t. There was resistance. She could feel his cock pressing firmly against her, her passage only slowly yielding to let him pass. She watched, seeing his cock slowly sinking into her, feeling him going deeper and deeper.

Alex gave one last little push, his groin slapping against Helen, his cock taking possession of its conquered territory. He held himself still, watching as Helen considered the feeling of a cock inside her. Slowly she relaxed, adjusting, accepting. He started moving.

“Just push to meet me,” he murmured softly. “You’ll find it comes naturally.”

It took Helen a few false starts but Alex didn’t mind. Patience invariably won out. Finally she was moving smoothly with him, pressing up to meet his eager cock. Moving easily he slipped into a nice rhythm, Helen following him without hesitation.

Alex kept things moving right along, talking softly, praising Helen, telling her how wonderful she felt, how well she was doing. For her part Helen found herself starting to go wild with excitement. Alex would plunge into her and her whole body seemed to react, strange feelings starting to burn deep inside her, the fires spreading, reaching through her, getting hotter with every thrust.

Helen was now wrapped around him, arms and legs clinging to him and she moved under him, wanting him in her, wanting more each passing moment. Alex was quite happy to give her more, driving in fiercely, watching the lustful passion shown on her face.

He considered prolonging matters and decided against it. Maybe another time, if he should be so lucky, but right now just help her along until she climaxed, not forgetting to make sure that he did so as well.

When the time came Alex drove in hard and fast, working hard to help Helen over the edge, smugly satisfied when she finally shrieked, shaking with the force of her climax, probably not even noticing that Alex was spilling his seed inside her.

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