13 Temmuz 2024

Hawaii Ch. 03

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We’ve slept for hours now, our minds and bodies adjusting to the sun’s new position in time. For me it’s two in the afternoon, for you its four in the morning of the next day. On Oahu, its eight at night and we’re both famished. We wake up in each other’s arms, reluctant to let go, but our stomachs and our bladders drive us from beneath the covers.

We don’t rush, but we can’t linger. We need to get out into Waikiki before its too late to eat anything but saimin or Korean BBQ from the International Market Place. We shower together – not the long luxurious shower of lovers, but the quick furtive shower of lovers with no time. Playfully grabbing, lovingly soaping, slippery bodies rinsing. Plenty of time for slow, smoldering sex later. I love the sound of your giggles as we finish in the shower and dry off. The playful music of your laughter breaks my heart that this week will end and we’ll be apart again. But for now you’re mine.

Shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops, we’re out the door. We don’t even bother with underwear – what’s the point? These clothes won’t be on us in a couple hours anyway. Waiting for the elevator we look out over Waikiki and see the thousands of tourists down below us ducking into shops and carrying their bags of useless crap that they’ve purchased for their aunt Marge or cousin Ralph. The elevator doors open and we’re dropping the twenty-two floors back to the hotel lobby. I hold you against me as the elevator descends, wanting just 30 more seconds of privacy to make you mine before we are thrust into the general population.

The doors open and people are waiting for the ride back to their floors as we exit the tiny box. We walk through the open air lobby past the waterfall and valets and out onto the street. We make our way to Kalakaua Ave and join the throngs wandering aimlessly along the beach front road. The temperature at night is 27 C as a gentle breeze blows across the island. Clouds drift past a starry sky. The smell of plumeria is ever present – the entire island smells of flowers. We walk past the McDonalds and Hilo Hattie’s, past the Hyatt Regency Hotel and turn right on Kanekapolei Street. The King’s Village shopping square is standing in front of us complete with its small tourist shops of various flavors, a museum, and restaurants. We walk across the cobblestones and up the stairs to Tanaka of Tokyo, a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant.

We’re seated quickly at a large table with a teppan grill for the chef to prepare our meal. Another family of Japanese tourists are seated with us and the language barrier, thankfully, prevents us from having to converse with them at any length. The Daimyo sounds fabulous – deep sea lobster and beef tenderloin. The dinner is wonderful, the sake escort kartal is warm, the chef is entertaining, and the company is exquisite. We finally have that time together where our lusts have to stay in check and we can talk freely about life. It warms me to see the happiness dance in your eyes as we chat about everything and nothing. Making you laugh is almost as good as making you cum.

After dinner, we have plenty of time to walk along the beach. We carry our flip-flops and let the cool sand caress our toes as we walk past the statue of Duke Paoa Kahanamoku. Other tourists are walking along the beach, couples holding hands, young lovers like you, and old fools like me. We stop by the water and I turn to face you. Gently holding your face in my hands I pull you to me. Our kiss is soft but electric. I can still taste the sake on your lips as I let my tongue caress them. I feel your tongue in my mouth and I close my lips around it and gently suck, touching the tip with my own tongue. I hold you closer and feel your tight nipples press against my chest. Thoughts of those nipples in my mouth and the feel of your hands on my back work its magic on my cock. I pull away, sheepishly… no underwear. I’m sporting a pup tent in my shorts and we’re still out in public. Fuck ’em. You’re hot and everybody can see that. Nobody would blame me a bit. We kiss again and start laughing.

Sitting on the beach, watching the waves wash up to the shore, we talk. We talk about the usual – hopes, dreams, fears, aspirations. We talk about the unusual – fantasies, sexual likes and dislikes, our kinks. I don’t care what we talk about as long as we’re together. Hours pass and it’s getting late. We walk back across Kalakaua Ave to our hotel and jump back in the tiny box that takes us to the 22nd floor.

Once in the room, we can take our time. We have all night to spend with…on… each other. You start to remove your t-shirt, but I take your hands and lift them above your head. I run my hands under your shirt, against your warm skin, and start sliding it up. My hands caress your sides, your tummy, your back as I lift your shirt higher. Finally your breasts are exposed and the feel of my hands and the cool air of the room make your nipples harden against my fingers. I lean down and gently suck one nipple into my mouth while slowly pulling at the other. My mouth moves to the other nipple and I let my teeth delicately nibble on it, tugging, pulling it while my hand works on the breast still wet from my mouth.

I lift the shirt higher and let my mouth trace along your neck. Your arms raised over your head, I pull the shirt completely off and drop it unceremoniously to the floor. I kiss you again, full on the mouth, one hand on uğur mumcu escort your back, the other holding your head to me, my fingers grasping your hair. I won’t let you go. Your soft skin against me is making my cock rise in my shorts again… I can wait. I start to kneel kissing you and tonguing you all the way down until I’m on my knees.

I unsnap your shorts and pull the zipper down. Your fingers are running through my hair and pulling my face close to your belly. I can smell you. The musky scent is making my head swim. I run my hands up your thighs and my mouth touches the skin beneath the gap in your shorts. Your shorts fall down easily with a firm tug and I’m rewarded by the site of your pussy only inches from my face. I lean in and inhale before I softly kiss your mound. Let my tongue flick out and run the length of your slit, licking the wetness, savoring your taste. You kick your shorts off so that you can spread your feet apart, opening your pussy to my waiting mouth. I let my tongue play on you, in you. I softly suck your hard clit and let my tongue flick over it. My hands grab your ass as I pull you harder to my face. I’m loving this. I just want to stay here and breathe you in, listen to your sighs, let your moans caress my ears.

I feel your hands on my head, pulling me upwards, pushing me away from between your legs. You tell me that it’s my turn. I thought that *was* my turn! I grudgingly relent and stand in front of you, kissing you deeply before you push me away again, laughing, telling me to relax.

My stomach twitches under your fingers as you lightly touch me under my shirt. You lift it, slowly pulling it over my head then letting your hands caress my raised arms as you kiss my neck. I smell the fragrance of your hair as you let your mouth wander down my neck to my chest, your hands on my back pulling me closer. I feel your hands move down my back and squeeze my ass as your tongue traces its way to the top of my shorts. Your hands make quick work of the button and zipper that hold the last of my clothing secure over me. I close my eyes, not wanting to be distracted by anything except the way you make me feel in your arms, the way you make my cock feel as you take it in your mouth. The warm, wet feeling of your mouth around my cock and the firm grip of your hand around my shaft cause a low moan to escape my lips. I look down and see my cock disappear inside your mouth and watch your hand slowly griping and pumping me. You look up at me and I see lust in your eyes. The look of hunger and desire and you continue to suck my cock. You keep your eyes locked to mine as you open your mouth and take each of my balls, in turn, into your mouth and gently lick them – your çavuşoğlu escort hand never leaving my cock… always slowly pumping.

I know if you keep this up any longer, I won’t last. I push you away and see the pre-cum mixed with your spit dripping from the end of my cock. You smile at me knowing that you’ve brought me to the edge, that you have complete control over me. You stand up and lock your lips to mine. I can taste the mild saltiness from my own cum on your tongue. You wrap your arms around me and turn slightly then quickly push me backwards. I fall onto the bed, surprised and laughing, my hard cock bouncing when I land on my back. You watch as I start stroking my cock, your own finger lightly stroking your clit. You climb onto me, positioning your pussy just above the head of my cock and carefully lower yourself down. I can feel the entrance of your pussy, so hot and wet, as it barely touches me. I’m almost inside you, not even an inch, while you grind on me – keeping me just touching, more like your pussy kissing my cock than be being inside. When I thrust myself up, you lift your hips. You don’t let me in yet. You just tease.

After a minute of your grinding and teasing, I feel all your weight bare down on me. My entire cock sinks into you. Your clit is pressed against me and you grind me with my cock buried to the hilt. Your juice is flowing out of you with every stroke, every up and down movement causes more to spill out onto me – squishy noises mixed with fuck me words. Your ankles wrapped around my legs, your arms wrapped around my neck, your mouth whispering fuck me in my ear. Don’t let me go, fuck me harder, plleaassee fuck me. You’re saying it, I’m thinking it. Pllleeassee cum in me Mick. When she says my name, my ears burn with the words. I need your cum inside me Mick! I’m delirious.

Its time. You know I can’t hold out any longer. Your thrusts speed up as your pussy slaps against me. Your words aren’t whispers anymore, they’re shouts. Your pussy doesn’t just drip anymore, it gushes and spasms. I feel my balls tighten, that long drawn out beginning of orgasm when my body goes rigid and the groan escapes my mouth. Then my own spasms start, shooting jets of cum inside you, spilling out onto me. Mixing with your cum and covering my cock and balls with slick, sticky, cream. We pound against each other until it subsides, you rocking on top of me until we are both spent. My cock is still hard inside you, but I feel it already getting softer. You still don’t let me go. I feel your pussy holding onto me, trying to coax me into staying just a little longer. Your arms are still wrapped around me and your legs have me in their grip.

I don’t want to escape. I want to stay there, with you wrapped around me until the world ends. Just me and you, joined at the waist, never letting go. You hold me and relax. You stretch out your legs now but remain on my chest. Your face is buried in the pillow behind my head. Still inside you, I close my eyes. We dream.

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