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Handsome Ch. 15

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Chapter 15

The Married Women


Marion Slade

The first woman to actually contact me as a result of my … what else can I call it but an exhibition … was Marion Slade. Mrs. Slade was a recent divorcee, whose thirteen year old daughter, Evelyn was a member of my dance class.

Mrs. Slade inveigled a means of getting me to her home after a winter storm dumped five inches of snow on the ground. She called and asked my mother if I would clear her drive for twenty dollars, and my mom promptly volunteered me.

“You’re only playing video games,” she said. “You can make some money, good money, and who knows; maybe her neighbor will ask you to do theirs as well.”

So I dressed comfortably, and carrying my snow shovel, I walked the three blocks to Mrs. Slade’s home. I was startled to find that the drive had already been cleared of all the snow, and timidly knocked on the door.

Admittedly, I was confused, and also concerned about having lost out on the twenty dollars.

Mrs. Slade opened the door wearing a thick terry-cloth robe and a wide smile.

“Hello, Aubrey!” she said greeting my warmly.

“Please, do come in.” That said she ushered me inside, not letting me stop to remove my galoshes, or parka.

“Sit down. I have some hot chocolate on, want a cup?”

I nodded as I sat and she hurried off to the kitchen and quickly returned carrying a huge mug, filled to the brim with hot chocolate.

Taking a sip, I nodded and said, “It’s really good.”

“I shoveled the drive myself, Aubrey. I apologize.” She ran a hand through her luxurious red hair and added, “I’ve just finished taking a shower, please excuse my just wearing this old robe.”

Somehow I understood this to mean that she was naked under the robe, and the first glimmer of suspicion entered my mind. Still, the hot chocolate, hit the spot, and I had an idea that I would still get my money, one way or the other.

I took another large slug of the hot chocolate and watched her turn and walk to the kitchen, quickly returning with a bottle of wine and two short-stemmed wine glasses. She placed them on a coffee table and then settled down onto the sofa as only a woman can, folding her long legs beneath her as she met my eyes and held them.

Mrs. Slade wet her lips and said, “I saw your performance in the Nutcracker, and I must tell you that you were incredible.”

“Thank you,” I said, “but…”

“Oh, no buts,” she said interrupting me. “I especially enjoyed the later acts where you performed, um, how shall I put it…?”

“Sans codpiece?” I offered.

“Yes, exactly,” she said flashing a great deal of leg as she crossed them.

I finished the last of my hot chocolate and placed the mug down next to the bottle of wine.

“Where’s Evelyn?” I asked to make conversation.

“At my sister’s,” she replied. And a moment later added, “It’s an overnight visit.

“And Mr. Slade?” I added.

“We’re divorced, Aubrey. It’s been a terrible ordeal for both Evelyn and me, just terrible.”

She recrossed her legs, and this time I thought I caught a glimpse of pubic hair. Of course I began to get hard.

“You look like you have a chill,” she said. “Why don’t you come over here? It’s closer to the fire, and do have some wine to warm you up.”

“I … I’m not supposed to…”

“Nonsense, its cold out, Aubrey, the wine will heat you up.”

I plopped on the sofa, joining her, and she waited a few seconds before moving closer.

Mrs. Slade leaned over to pour me some white wine, and in the process, exposed almost all of her left breast. I tried not to react, but like most women, she was conscious of every movement on her part. It was a carefully staged act for my benefit. Even at my age, I recognized it for what it was — an attempt to seduce me.

After filling my glass to the brim (hers was only half full) she said genially, “A toast! Let us toast to not having to shovel any more damned snow today!”

I raised my glass and touched it to hers and we both took a sip.

“So, you didn’t need to clear your drive,” I began.

She shook her bountiful main of red hair and took a swallow of her wine before answering. “No, I didn’t. I need you for something else, and I think you know what that might be.”

“Um, would it be all right if I took off my galoshes and parka?”

“Of course, dear, I want you to be comfortable.”

I stood up and removed the parka, sat down and slowly tugged off the galoshes; while Mrs. Slade watched my every movement.

“That’s a very nice robe you’re wearing, Mrs. Slade,” I said.

“Please, call me Marion.”

“Marion,” I said, as if tasting the name.

“I like the way you say my name,” she said with a bright smile. “It’s from Victoria’s Secret.”

“Your secret is safe with me,” I said, going for broke.

She laughed delightedly. “You’re so much better than I’d hoped,” she said.

“Really?” I said, seeking more complements from her.

“Aubrey, don’t you know it’s kartal escort bayan the man who is supposed to compliment the woman?”

“I nodded, and said, “If you’d only take off that robe I could complement every little part of you.”

Without taking her eyes from mine, Mrs. Slade put down her wine glass, took mine from my hand and placed it beside hers, and leaned in to kiss me.

It was a quick kiss, and then she pulled back a few inches to look for my approval. My right hand reached out and became tangled in her mane of red hair as I fumbled the move to pull her in for another kiss.

Mrs. Slade was not above helping a guy in need out, and made it happen, answering any lingering questions I may have had. This time we experimented with our tongues, tasting and stroking.

“You have some experience at this,” she said when we came up for air.

“Some,” I conceded, and proceeded to do my thing, nuzzling along her left cheek to her jaw line, and from there to her neck. She had a delightful perfume there, and I lost myself in the marvelous scent, nipping little kisses everywhere I ventured.

When my right hand drifted inside the robe, she moaned in anticipation of what would follow. I kissed her a split second before my palm caressed her breast, causing her to moan delightedly.

A moment later, her hand had dropped to my erection and gave it a squeeze.

She tore her mouth away from mine and gurgled, “It’s even bigger than I thought.”

I gave her turgid nipple a light pinch and she shrieked with delight.

“You know about pain,” she gurgled again. I had never had a woman react this way before and it caught me somewhat off guard. I stopped doing anything to her.

“What? What’s wrong?” she said.

“I didn’t know…” I said.

“Didn’t know what?”

“Have I gone too far?”

“No, you haven’t. Keep doing what you’re doing. You do it so well … I can’t begin to tell you how well….”

We resumed our kissing, and my hands roamed up and down her back, with the occasional foray over her breasts, as I attempted to arouse what was already a fully aroused woman. But I didn’t know it … just then.

Somehow, I wound up on top of her, the robe now completely open, and we began a slow dry-humping that would only end when she stopped long enough to tear the clothing from my body.

With the two of us nude, I kissed my way down the valley of her breasts, leaving a slimy trail of saliva wherever I ventured. She began panting when my mouth licking its way up the slope of her right breast; moaned continuously when I circled the stiff nipple three times with my tongue, and cried out when I slowly descended upon the upturned spike and sucked it between my teeth and washed it with my warm spittle.

“Jesus…” she gasped when I allowed it to pop free of my suction, and switch to the other, until then, unattended breast.

“Oh, lover…” she cried out.

“Yes?” I asked, taking a moment away from her lovely tasting buds.

“I want to … I have to … suck you off.”

“You will,” I replied, “But not just yet.”

“Where did you … how did you?”

“I had a great teacher,” I told her.

“Well she taught you a hell of a lot more than English or Math,” Mrs. Slade gurgled again. “My God, you’re incredible!”

“I’m a big tit man,” I told her in a harsh whisper.

“You’re my kind of man. Please, let me suck your cock!”

“Not yet, sweet face, not yet. I have to play with these lovelies just a while longer.”

And as she continued to writhe under my touches and kisses, I cradled the outsides of her breasts as I moved from nipple to nipple, getting them thoroughly wet and impossibly hard. Her hands moved from my shoulders to the back of my head, holding me to her heaving breasts; groaning and growling with appreciation and need. I moved my open mouth to the underside of her gorgeous breasts, kissing the hot, satiny skin there; following the curve of her mounds to the sides and bestowing kisses to the area below her arms. With a loud groan, Mrs. Slade grabbed my head to move me back to her rapidly cooling, but still swollen nips.

Her hips began to sway, and her hands left my shoulders and neck to drift downward to the furry thatch between her legs, signaling me that it was time to move on.

Somewhere between spreading her legs and going down on her, I had an inspiration, and left her for a moment to delve into a pocket of my parka. I found two Christmas peppermints, and popped one into my mouth, quickly crunching it into small pieces.

Mrs. Slade refilled the wine glasses and was sipping from hers as I crunched away. I don’t think she realized my actual purpose, for she had a puzzled expression on her face as I finished off the peppermint candy.

I lowered myself between her legs as I shuffled the remnants of the candy around my mouth with my tongue. I began to kiss along her thighs from the knees upward, letting the last bits of peppermint dissolve in my mouth. Mrs. Slade parted her thighs wider as my head inched closer to her dripping yakacık escort pussy. The combined scents of her excited pussy had me highly aroused, but I was determined to eat her thoroughly before plunging my dick into her.

I had her moaning, and on the verge of losing all control as I massaged her beautiful sculpted labia, then used my thumbs to part them, exposing the pink slick flesh of her steamy cunt; with its clit standing erect and waiting impatiently for me to toy with.

Mrs. Slade arched her back, thrusting her pussy up to me and I allowed the tip of my tongue to touch her quivering clit. The peppermint oils in my saliva must have felt both ice-like and incredibly hot to that tender nubbin. I plowed into her with an exuberant feeling, lapping away, bathing it in a sensual barrage of sensory pillaging. Even as she was reacting to this unusual approach, I was sweeping my flattened tongue the length of her gaping pussy, adding my cool-spiced saliva to the copious juices flowing from her cunt.

“My God! Oh, my God!” she shrieked, from both the shock and pleasure of the sensations I was wringing out of her.

Laughing, I tried to plunge my tongue deep into her cunt, but her labia had become so swollen and soaked with her fluids that it covered my nose, making it hard to breath, and I pulled back to gasp for air.

After a moment, I scooped my hands under her thighs and pushed her legs back up to her chest. As her knees touched her breasts, her pussy opened like a freshly sliced peach, so beautiful, so exciting. A large gush of her cum flowed from her pussy, sliding down her innermost thighs to her ass. I went for her slippery essence, running my thirsty tongue down to lap at everything coated with her juice, from the fat lips at the mouth of her cunt, to the perfect pucker of her ass.

I took a moment to pop another piece of peppermint candy in my mouth. This time Mrs. Slade realized what was happening and begged me not to do her that way.

I ignored her protests, and probed her asshole with my newly re-flavored tongue. Her ass clenched at the first contact. I backed off and blew a cool stream of minty air onto the wet skin.

“Oh, you motherfucker!” she screamed.

“Like it?” I asked.

“I love it! Do it again!”

I repeated the procedure and watched in amusement as her pinkish asshole puckered and then clenched at the strange sensations. A moment later it relaxed in helpless submission.

“Are … are you going to fuck my ass?” she asked, not believing what was happening to her.

“Only if you want me too. Do you?”

“I don’t know … honest to God. I don’t know.”

And then, “I can’t believe this … I can’t believe you’re capable of doing this to me.”

“Want me to stop?”

“Of course not!” Then realizing that I might just do that, she began pleading, “No, don’t even think of stopping. I’m yours. Do anything you want to me. I don’t care. I’m yours, really yours!”

And so, with her expressed permission, I proceeded to do exactly what I wanted and where I wanted with no protest on her part. I sent my tongue into her perfumed asshole. Yes, she had sprayed some of her favorite scent back there before greeting me at the door. Had she really expected me to be active back there? I never knew for sure, but that’s so true of women in general. You can never tell with them.

I tongue-fucked her sweet ass for another few moments, then popped my tongue free and moved back up to her sopping cunt. I blew a quick puff of air over her slit then attacked her clit once more with quick flicks of my tongue. She moaned in approval as I brought the middle finger of my hand to the slit of her pussy, and pushed inside. I began to wonder how much longer it would take before she came, and added a second finger to hurry that moment along.

Her trembling hands clenched my head hard as my tongue moved in circles around the stiff button of her clit. I picked up the pace with my tongue as I felt her body tense in preparation of a major climax, and lashed mercilessly at her swollen clit.

“Oh … Aub,” she gasped, “suck it … suck my clit! Oh, yeah! Now … a finger … stick a finger up my ass!”

So I did. I took her clit between my teeth and worried the hell out of it.

Pulling the fingers from her twat, I sent them to her puckered starfish and urged them into her. They glided in with almost no resistance at all. Her ass was hot, and oh, so tight, I kept going until both fingers were fully lodged inside her ass. I tongue-twirled her clit and she lost all control and started to cum. Her hands gripped my head as she crested, her thighs came down and trapped my shoulders. She kept coming.

And I kept sucking away at her clit; kept fingering her ass, until she arched her hips that one last time, and collapsed. Her chest rose and fell in stuttering spasms. Her breathing was heavy and labored. I eased my fingers from her ass and released her clit. She shuddered as another spasm shook her body, and then noisily licked her lips.

I crawled up her body, pausing to hürriyet mahallesi escort suck and bite each nipple, as she kept moaning, “Oh, God” over and over again until her climax began to recede.

A few minutes later, we were kissing one another more to express mutual gratification than renewed ardor.

Mrs. Slade propped herself up on one elbow, and said, “Where on earth did you get the idea to use peppermint like that?”

“The internet,” I told her, and reached for my wine glass.

“I never knew…” she said, before breaking off into a delighted laugh.

I laughed at that. “Mrs … What is your first name again?”

Laughing, she touched my lips with her middle finger and said, “Shame on you. You’ve done all those nasty things to me and don’t even remember my name.”

“I’m going to do more nasty things … but won’t unless you tell me.”

“Marion,” she said. “My name is Marion.”

“Well, Marion, what would like me to do to you?”

“Would you go down on me again, and then fuck my brains out?”

“Sure, now let’s see…” I said pretending to think about just where this would take place.

“I’ve had this fantasy about getting eaten out on my kitchen table…”

“Say no more,” I said and scooped her up in my arms and carried her over to the table and set her down on her feet. There were several items on the table and I thought it prudent to clear them off before starting on her. She took care of that and then hopped up on the table, leaned back on her elbows, and spread her legs into a wide V.

I grabbed her hips, pulling her closer to the edge of the table. With a flurry of movement Marion had her back flat on the table and as I moved in on her pussy she had her hands entangled in my hair.

With my first lick on her sopping wet cunt, she threw a leg over my shoulder. I nipped at her swollen clit, wringing a loud moan from her.

I sent two fingers into her seeking her G-spot, and continued to tease her clit. Marion’s fingers started to claw at the tabletop as my mouth began to slide up and down her wet lips.

“Fuck, yes!” she screamed, as my teeth closed down on her enflamed clit.

I started sucking on her opening, drawing gobs of fluid from her and swallowing most of it. It had a sweet, tangy taste, and I wanted more of it.

She began to write on the table and I felt her spasms start. I sent another finger into her gushy cunt and found what I thought to be her G-spot.

She shuddered and whined, “I don’t believe it … you better stop Aubrey.”


“I have to … I gotta go.”

“No you don’t.”

“I’m telling you…”

That’s your G-spot I’m rubbing. It makes you feel like you gotta go, but you don’t. You’re gonna cum like crazy. Just wait and see.”

“I never…”


“What are you…?”

I sucked on her clit and rubbed her secret spot, and felt a tell tale shudder, then a soft, pliant grunt.

“Cum for me, Marion! Cum right … now!”

“Oh shit!” she yelled, “I … I … here it comes!”

And she erupted in the most forceful climax I had seen to that time. Her thrusting caused Marion to roll off the table and fall on top of me, sparing her from what might have been a serious injury.

As it was, we found ourselves hugging and laughing long after her orgasm receded.

I went and got us some wine, and sat down on the floor with her. She took the glass of wine, and before drinking, said, “I can’t believe all the things that ran through my mind while we were doing it. I mean all the mundane things I’ve done on this table and now to be eaten to such a sensational climax … you … you’re just unbelievable! I can’t describe how dirty and perverse and excited you got me!”

She took a long gulp of wine and went on. “And … and you were right. You found that elusive spot. Damn it, I’ve fiddled around with my hands and all sorts of toys and never found it … well, not like you did anyway, and here you are … just a kid actually, and you not only find it but tell me that I’m not going to piss myself. I can’t believe you. I really can’t.”

I waved my erection in her face. “But you believe this, right?”

“I sure do!” she said, and laughed lewdly. “Want me to suck it?”

“Well…” I said, and left it at that.

“The bedroom,” she purred. “C’mon, let’s get into bed. It’s much nicer there.”

I lay on the bed and watched as Marion kissed my shoulders, and then my mouth. After that she was kissing my chest, sucking and biting my nipples, and then moved lower.

I thought she was going to blow me then, but in a husky whisper, she said, “Not yet. Roll over.”

I rolled over, and felt her weight on me; her nipples stabbing my back. But most of all I felt her lips and tongue on my neck, as she began to bathe me with her tongue.

Marion whispered to me that she was going to lick every square inch of my body. And she set out to do just that.

I could feel her breath on my sensitive wet skin. My shoulders and upper back were next, and then she licked her way down my spine to the crack of my ass. Her hot wet mouth caressed both buttocks, and her hands spread my cheeks. I found myself grunting and groaning with pleasure as her tongue licked between them. Encouraged by my sounds, she licked around my pucker, teasing me as I had her earlier.

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