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Guilty Pleasures Ch. 08

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Authors note: Though I am planning that this series will end with two more chapters including this one, it has been a fun and exciting one for me to write. I have truly appreciated all the comments and emails I’ve received on it. If in fact I get enough who feel like it shouldn’t end at that point, or that you’d like to see me continue it on for another couple of chapters, let me know. If you think it’s a good place to leave it, I’d appreciate hearing that too. But again, thank you so much for your feedback and support on my writing (even with the hopefully few typos along the way).

I remain.

And now…continued

Chapter Eight, and then Chapter Nine…the conclusion.

I arrived home just in time to start fixing dinner. Rob would be home soon, so there was no point in calling him now. We’d have plenty to discuss and chat about after he got home. No doubt Rob would be anxious to hear what had happened, and no doubt later on be wound up tighter than a drum after I’d told him everything we had done. As tired as I actually found myself, I also needed more than anything at this moment, a good stiff hard cock inside my pussy. The thought of that already making me wet as I stood in the kitchen preparing our evening meal.

I felt a little bad about keeping Jared in the dark about the way things had gone too. But I only wrestled with it briefly, deciding almost immediately that I couldn’t betray the trust and confidence I had with my friend. When I had the chance to call her, I had quickly told her everything. She was surprised at that of course, but had thankfully and excitedly gone along with it.

When Jared had accidentally stumbled into the wall, it could have ended everything right then and there. But Susan was smart enough not to react to it, pretending she hadn’t heard anything. I had caught only the briefest of looks and knowing smiles from her in that moment, as we went on from there to spend a rather erotic encounter with one another while her son stood watching us most of the entire time.

I had also been thinking about the whole reason any of this had begun in the first place. It was almost funny. Initially it had been the idea and concept of taking Jared’s virginity, but we hadn’t really come close to actually doing that, not in the real sense. I’d begun to think that up and to this point, the main reason it simply hadn’t happened…was that Jared really wasn’t ready for that. The last thing I wanted to do was for Jared to give his virginity to someone that he would later regret having given it to. I could relate to that as I had done so myself early on in my own life. It was entirely possible he was waiting for the right girl, the right woman to come along, and I was more than willing to ensure he did that.

Going in, I had already made the decision to give it a week. After that, if it still hadn’t happened, then as far as I was concerned, it wasn’t going to. As much as I had enjoyed this dalliance with Susan’s son, the last thing I wanted or needed was for him to suddenly have feelings for me that would in time only cause everyone grief. And as much fun as this had been, it wasn’t worth the price of destroying friendships, or causing discontent within our best friend’s family.

Tomorrow was Friday. Even with the weekend ahead, it would in fact be the last day we’d actually have any alone time together though he might not even know it at the time. I was also nearing the finish of the book I was working on, so I wouldn’t have that as an excuse to stay there while working on it. Things were rapidly coming to an end one way or the other.

When I heard Rob’s car pulling into the garage, I smiled inwardly as I put the pasta on the stove to boil. I still held the erotic image of him standing there in the laundry room jerking himself off, which now never failed to arouse me. I was in fact in an odd way, looking forward to the end of the month when he’d be forced to work late again, wondering if he would in fact do that again when he did.

I was still standing at the stove stirring in the pasta when I heard the door open. As he usually did, Rob sat his briefcase down on the kitchen table and then walked over to greet me. I expected my welcomed greeting on the neck as Rob walked over, which I received as I had expected, along with another, which I really hadn’t. He kissed me, but it wasn’t one of his quick little smooches on the back of my neck, it was a well planted, somewhat lingering one as he did that. Additionally, his hands came up and around cupping my still somewhat tender, sensitized breasts, though even that felt good as he stood there kissing my neck holding them. But I also felt something else, the hard press of my husband’s cock burrowing into my ass from behind.

“My my…what’s gotten into you today?” I asked. “Or should I say…who’ve you gotten into?”

He laughed at that. “I wish…but I hope you didn’t wear yourself out today, because later on after dinner, I’m escort bayan planning on fucking you silly!”

I liked the sound of that, it was just what I needed at the moment in more ways than one. I turned, kissing him deeply, passionately as my hand reached down grasping the hard swollen member now pressing against my thigh.

“When do we eat?” He asked stepping back reluctantly.

“Right after dinner,” I said eyeing him purposely, letting him know what I really meant as I said that.

He laughed walking over to pour us both a glass of wine taking a seat at the kitchen table as he loosened his tie.

“Why are you in such a damn good mood anyway?” I now asked. “Not that I’m complaining mind you.”

“Number one, because I’m sure I’m going to hear a very hot erotic story about the day’s events, so that’s kept me aroused and excited most of the day anyway. But number two…we’re going away for the weekend!”


If I thought that Jared and I were going to have at least one more day, I was dead wrong. It was then that Rob informed me we’d been invited to stay at a resort with Bill and Susan. Bill had called him early that afternoon, informing him that he’d been given a company thank you for his recent contributions at work in the form of a weekend stay at a nearby resort. We had actually gone there a while back, and had hoped that we’d eventually return there ourselves. It really was beautiful and offered all sorts of pampering amenities. But the best part was, the entire three day weekend was free. Bill said he’d been given the finest of suites for us to stay in, three bedrooms in fact with a centrally located dining, sitting room and a fully stocked bar. By the smile on Rob’s face, I already knew what he and Bill were planning on, and hoping for. And to be perfectly honest, I now found myself looking forward to that as well.

“Anyway, I took the day off, we’ll be leaving first thing in the morning. Bill at this very moment is likewise breaking the news to Susan, so I’m expecting her to be calling you any time now after he has. I’m sure the two of you will want to coordinate your activities together while we stay there,” Rob laughed. “Not to mention going over what clothes you’ll be taking, wearing…or not wearing,” he now added looking over his wine glass at me as he sipped it.

“You just want to see Susan and I eating one another out,” I laughed back knowing full well what he…and no doubt Bill, were hoping to see.

“Only fair,” he said. “Hell Jared’s seen more of that than either Bill or I have, so it’s about time that things get back to normal around here don’t you think?”

It was a subtle reminder that he and I had agreed to give this a week. The week was essentially now up. One more day either way at this point really didn’t make much of a difference, and I was inclined to agree with him. Fate had determined that it wasn’t I who would be the one to take Jared’s virginity, and I was almost relieved in accepting that.

It was then that the phone rang. Sure enough…it was Susan.


Although she was just as excited to be going away for the weekend as I was, I could also sense a bit of sadness in the fact that we would be. She knew how I felt, and had accepted my reasoning. As much as she might have liked for me to be the one to finally seduce her son, or he me…it hadn’t happened. We in fact discussed everything but that. Susan had already called making an appointment for us to spend the following day getting pampered. We’d be getting side-by-side massages in our room, we had appointments for facials, pedicures, manicures and the whole nine yards. The boys of course would be out on the golf course for the better part of the day. The resort had a five star restaurant where we’d actually dress for dinner, and I was actually quite looking forward to that. I had a black cocktail dress I’d purchased a while back and had been dying to wear. Even Rob hadn’t seen me in it yet, and as sexy as it looked on me, which I believed it did, I knew it would set the tone for the rest of the evening.

After we’d sat and discussed everything that was possible, I then had to ask.

“So, have you spoken to Jared at all?”

“Yes, shortly after he got home with the steaks,” Susan laughed. “He’s actually in a pretty damn good mood too for a change, though not too surprisingly after his…and our…adventure this afternoon. He was even pleased to hear about us going away for the weekend with you guys,” she added. “Though I think part of that is because he knows he’ll have the house to himself for the next three days. Perhaps…he has plans for he and Cheryl, who knows?”

“Maybe it’s for the best…and good for him if he does then,” I told her.

“I did tell him he was more than welcome to come up and join us if he wanted to, you know…use the pool, spend the day just laying out in the sun if he wanted to, even told him he could bring Cheryl if she wanted to come, tuzla genç escort so guess we’ll see if he decides to do that. I have a feeling though by the way he received the news, he has other plans on his mind.”

Once again, I was ready to accept things the way they were, and basically wished him the best in my own mind. I’m not sure if he’d expect things to continue on after the weekend, but if in fact he did, that would be a conversation we’d have the next time I went over there when the two of us were alone. Though that too didn’t look to be like anytime soon.

With that, we said goodbye, excited to drive up together in their car the following morning and begin what I hoped and anticipated would be a relaxing, yet likewise exciting weekend together.

By the time I had finished serving up dinner, Rob had changed out of his work clothes and returned to the dining room. All he was wearing was his black silk Kimono, and nothing else. Perhaps not very appropriate to eat dinner in, but then again…certainly very appropriate for eating me shortly afterwards. As Rob poured us fresh glasses of wine, I ran up stairs likewise putting my own matching silk robe rejoining him. I had every intention of being just as ready as he was the moment we’d finished eating dinner.

Rob was indeed elated and excited to hear about the way things had gone earlier that afternoon. Particularly when I mentioned the fact that I had lay there with Susan masturbating me with her breast, watching Jared the entire time as he stood back in the shadows, stroking himself with his mother’s panties, though it was my own moisture he was then feeling while doing so. It was the mere thought of that, which had Rob enormously hard and very much aroused as he spread himself out on the couch in our living room, me straddling him above as we slowly fucked, moving together. My telling him in explicit hot detail everything the three of us had experienced together, though Jared of course had been totally unaware of his own mother’s involvement. Rob had come hard…twice, spewing his load first into my cunt, and then later into my mouth as we fucked there on the couch late into the evening. With an early morning ahead of us however, I finally begged off, still a bit tender from the day’s events, with an entire weekend ahead of us which I knew would no doubt continue on with more of the same.

We soon after retired to bed and fell quickly asleep.


I knew the boys were up to something as we began loading our luggage into the trunk of the car. Even Susan seemed to sense it, smiling at me, but the way they were acting, almost like a couple of high school kids going out on a double date together was a dead giveaway.

“Watch out, they’re up to something,” she whispered to me as we handed the last of our luggage over to Bill to put in.

“Yeah, I know,” I said winking back at her, wondering when we’d find out. We didn’t have long to wait as Bill stepped over to the driver’s side door, with Rob taking the passenger side. It was obvious they wanted the two of us to ride together in back.

That in and of itself wasn’t so unusual. We had actually ridden that way before on a few sightseeing drives we’d gone on with them. What was unusual, was that they were the one’s now hinting at, and suggesting it. Usually, it was either Susan or I who had done so in the past.

“And why is it you want the two of us to ride in the back together?” Susan now asked as we both saw the boys looking over at one another more than a bit sheepishly.

“Well, we were sort of thinking,” Bill began, looking once again over towards Rob seeking his support. “That maybe…you know, to sort of help pass the time, and you know…keep things interesting this weekend, that well…maybe, the two of you might sort of…ah…”

Susan laughed interrupting his long drawn out explanation. “You want to see us get naughty with one another in the back seat during the drive up, is that it?”

They stood there grinning from ear to ear like a couple of Cheshire cats when she said that.

“Well yeah, that would be nice,” Rob grinned now jumping in. “And it really would help pass the time during the drive up, watching the two of you fooling around in back, not to mention, keeping us all nice and horny to start the evening with.”

I almost burst out laughing. I had seen the look on Susan’s face before, and so I sort of knew what was coming here, even if the boys didn’t. This was going to be a tit for tat sort of thing, and it was going to be interesting to see what it was Susan would require from them if we were to do that.

“Tell you what, we’ll do that…sit in the back and fool around for a bit on the drive up, provided…” she paused. “The two of you do the same for us on the drive back. Tit for tat,” she added, which did cause me to burst out laughing at that point, agreeing with her.

“Yeah, our tits…for that, or rather tat,” I amended. “Otherwise, tuzla kendi evi olan escort you sit in the back seat with me Rob,” I told him, though I had actually been looking forward to riding in the back with Susan during the drive up.

Once again the boys stood there looking at one another, confused, worried expressions on their faces.

“You don’t have to touch one another…unless you want to,” Susan now told them, seeing the sudden relief in each one of their eyes as she tried to maintain her laughter. “But…we do expect to see you jerking yourselves off on the way back, and perhaps we’ll make that a bit more interesting for the two of you if you do. But…your choice, tit for tat. What’s it going to be?”

They both nodded their heads in agreement, and then held the doors for us as Susan and I excitedly climbed into the back.


Susan and I waited until we were well out on the somewhat secluded highway heading up to the resort. As we were both a little exhibitionistic as it was, removing our clothing while riding in the back seat wasn’t of any real concern. We could easily duck down if the situation warranted it, though both Susan and I, along with the boys riding up front got a kick out of the few cars that either we passed, or who had passed us, glancing over and catching a boobage or two looking back at them.

And as though having some sort of sixth sense about all this, she had packed her “toy bag” as she called it in the back with us, as opposed to having it packed away in the trunk along with the rest of our luggage. We sat initially, side-by-side simply toying and fingering one another much to the boys delight as Bill looked at us periodically in his rearview mirror, though keeping his eyes on the road as he did. Rob on the other hand had the luxury of looking over the backseat staring at us directly and loving every minute of it.

“Remind me to have you drive next time,” Bill stated a bit frustratingly as Susan warned him once again about keeping his eyes on the road. As fun as this was, it certainly wouldn’t be if anything were to happen. Though I’m sure we’d be the topic of conversation amongst any emergency people arriving on scene who would no doubt be curious as to what had been going on.

Eventually however, Susan reached down into her terrific little toy bag and produced two very similar looking vibrators handing one to me, her newest and most elaborate. It had so many whistles and bells on it, that for a moment I could only turn it on and sit there staring at it, trying to figure out everything that it was supposed to do.

“Fuck Susan, does this thing cum too?” I asked as I sat there watching it rotate, move up and down, vibrate, and worm back and forth in random directions.

“Well, it can. But I didn’t see any point in filling it up,” she told me. “That’s what the little button on the sides for…so you can make it squirt.”

“Squirt what?”

“Whatever you’d like,” she told me. “In fact…I once had Bill jerk off for me and added his cum to a bit of whole milk, just to add a bit of realism to it when I used it on myself for him.”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” I laughed. “What will they think of next?”

“You’d be surprised,” Susan quipped. “Remind me to show you the catalogue.”

For the rest of the drive, Susan and I entertained one another, along with our husbands as we sat in the back fucking ourselves with the toys. I had a reasonably nice little orgasm while doing so, though Susan’s had been far more interesting when she did. Another car had briefly pulled up alongside of us on the two-lane road. The driver just then peering over towards us, as Susan basically came up off the seat, her head tilted back, screaming out her pleasure at the top of her lungs. Bill had to swerve the car slightly to keep the other driver from running us off the road.

“Ok, enough of that,” Susan said seconds later as she and I began getting dressed again. Though the resort was indeed private and secluded, it wasn’t exactly clothing optional, though they didn’t mind it if women sat out by the pool topless. Rob and I had in fact noticed that before the last time we were here.

“Hey, it wasn’t me!” Bill responded defensively. “I’m the one who kept us from being hit!” He’d added as though that made any difference.

“Just the same, we’re nearly there anyway,” she told her husband. “Though after that, I might let the two of you off the hook for the drive back…maybe,” she added quickly grinning at the two of them.

Minutes later we arrived, checked in and were shown to our room as the bell hop retrieved all our luggage from the car and brought it up behind us. The room was indeed far nicer, and much larger than the one Rob and I had stayed in. It looked more like a damn apartment than a hotel room.

“Holy shit! This place is huge!” I exclaimed as we wandered around briefly. In addition to the three enormous bedrooms, there was a very large sitting room, our own private hot-tub sitting outside on the deck, a large kitchenette, though we certainly didn’t plan on doing any of our own cooking while we were there, along with a very well stocked bar, which Bill and Rob immediately headed over towards.

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