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Groundhog Day Ch. 06

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The booming sound of thunder woke me. I could hear the violent storm right outside the window. My eye opened just barely enough to register the glowing numbers from the bedside alarm clock. 5:03AM was way too early to be getting up.

I didn’t need to check. Same storm, same time…it’s Tuesday again. By now I had given up keeping track of how many there had been. I’ve always had a problem with judging time. Not in the sense that I was always late, but that things that weren’t as important to me could have happened two months or two years ago, and I wouldn’t be able to discern how long ago it was. If I ever needed an alibi, I was gonna go to jail.

I gingerly moved to get out of bed, being careful not to wake Gabriela, my FWB who was still slumbering beside me. It was her bed and this was her apartment. I was her guest after Monday night’s time hanging out at the club together. I’m not much of a club guy, and if it wasn’t for Gabriela wanting to go and get a couple of drinks, I would not have gone there. I was able to gather my clothes and put them on in the dark, as my clothes were always in the same place since this whole resetting day thing began. Tuesday after Tuesday after Tuesday after Tuesday. The cycle had not been broken. I wasn’t sure it could be, or how it might be. At this point, my attitude was that “it is what it is”, meaning there was nothing I could knowingly do to change my circumstances, so just accept, adapt, and carry on.

I had been putting this off for some time. No matter how much I didn’t want to address the matter concerning my mother Susan and my sister Bella, I felt that I needed to. Bella had moved back to our family home to live with our mother after she had broken off her engagement more than a year prior.

My last visit had gone quite askew from my intended plans of helping move furniture and such for my sister Bella. I had arrived early and unannounced, only to witness a sexual circus between my mother and my sister, which I later joined. I could have simply left the whole thing alone until time finally decided it was done screwing with me. Or I could have repeated the whole situation multiple times had I been so inclined. I had questions that I wouldn’t get answers to in any other way, so I was planning to head over to my mother’s house this morning, this time giving her plenty of warning before my arrival.

I dressed in my clothes which still smelled faintly of the club. I left the apartment, making sure the door locked behind me. I was soon riding my Harley back to my place for a shower and fresh clothing. Since it was still too early to show up at my mother’s, I took care of the same chores that I had done sporadically throughout this whole Tuesdays debacle. Once it was a more respectable time, I texted my mother to let her know I was headed over shortly. Before I even made it out the door my phone rang. It was my mother.

“Hi mom.” I answered.

“Good morning Brad. I know the plan was to come over later for you to help Bella, but isn’t it a little bit early for that?”

“Yeah, it is kinda early, but actually I wanted to talk to you.”

“Oh really, what about? she asked.

“About you, Bella, and your “extracurricular” activities.”

There was silence for a few seconds on the other end of the line. I looked at my phone to make sure it was still connected.

“Alright, but I’m not sure what you mean.” she responded.

“Mom, let’s not do that. Just believe that I know what’s going on behind closed doors.”

“Well, you know you’re welcome at home any time, so I’ll see you when you get here.”

She hung up. I wasn’t sure I was ready to do this. It’s not like I knew how this was going to go. The plan only went so far as to get there, let her know I knew, and take it from there. I could put this off some more. If I didn’t show up, tomorrow it would be right back to the way it was before, except I still knew what was happening. But they wouldn’t know I knew. It would be just another Tuesday to them. I decided that since I already pulled the trigger on it that I would follow through and let the chips fall where they may.

I took my bike this time, not caring about the potential need to haul stuff with my truck. Plus there was the added benefit of my mother knowing exactly when I arrived, as my Harley was not quiet. She would hear it before I actually even reached her house. As I pulled into the driveway I noticed that Bella’s car was not there. I still parked behind my mother’s car, as I wasn’t sure when my sister would return, but did not want to take her spot and get blocked in when she got back. I knocked on the front door and walked in. The door was not locked since she was expecting me, so I locked it behind me when I shut it.

My mother was not in the living room, kitchen, or dining room. The bathroom door was open and the room was dark, so that really only left one more place in the house to check. I headed for her bedroom. From what happened the last time I was here, I called https://sokkan.org out before I went down the hallway.

“Mom? Where are you?”

“Back here.” she called from her bedroom.

So towards her room I went. As I walked in through the open door, I saw her sitting in an armchair by the window, still in her bathrobe and reading a book. I knew she knew I was on my way, as we had already talked, so for her to still be in the state she was in surprised me a little. That was the whole reason for my call, so she could be ready. On seeing me enter, she placed her bookmark and closed the book, holding it on her lap. I was close enough to read the title. It was “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Of course it was. From what had happened last time, I guess that shouldn’t surprise me.

“Good morning Brad. What brings you by to talk to me so early in the morning?”

“You know why I’m here. I already told you on the phone. I know about yours and Bella’s “special” relationship.”

“I really don’t know what you’re going on about.” she responded. “Bella asked to move back in after she broke it off with what’s-his-name. I would do the same for you if you needed.”

“I know that part, and I appreciate it. But what’s been happening the last few months is what I’m talking about. You taking advantage of my sister is what I’m talking about. Your blatant manipulation of a vulnerable girl to satisfy your needs is what I’m talking about.”

I saw my mother’s face darken as I made my accusations. I thought that I may have crossed a line in speaking to her like that.

“Look Brad, I don’t know what you think you know or where you got your information. Since we’re obviously not beating around the bush here, I will say that everything your sister and I do is consensual. We’re both grown adults and I’m not your actual mother. I’m your stepmother, so it’s not actually incest, if that was where you were going with that. I’m not taking advantage of her or manipulating her. In fact, she was the one who actually started all this, not me. You should ask your sister about all of it if you really want to know. She’d be mortified that you knew, but if you do ask, she’s not going to lie about it. Up until your sister moved back in I had not been with anyone since your father. In actuality, if I was going to groom one of you over the years, it would have been you.”

Two pieces of information caught my attention. The first was her claim that Bella had initiated all this. The second was her eyeing me now that I had deflated a little as she explained things.

“Me?” I asked.

“To put it rather bluntly, I like cock Brad. Even though I guess I go both ways now, I still prefer man meat. I also like to be in control. There’s nothing like the feeling of dominance over another person sexually. That’s not new though. I’ve always been like that. I know you Brad, just like I know your sister. Your sister likes to be controlled. She likes being told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. You do too. You were always eager to please growing up, and I suspect that’s still the case. I mean, just look at yourself now. Your cock is about to burst through your pants at this very moment.”

She was right. My hardness was tight against my jeans and struggling to break free. My mother got up from her chair, laid her book down, and stepped over to where I still stood in front of her bed. I stayed where I was, frozen like a deer in the headlights. The robe she wore wasn’t tied around her waist, and flowed open from her movements as she approached me. I noticed that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath either. She stopped right in front of me, having to look up as I towered over her. We were staring each other down as her hand groped the front of my jeans. She traced the outline of my cock as I tried to stifle a slight groan. She smiled a little when she heard that. Without looking she unzipped me and reached in to fish out my tool. Once I realized that I wasn’t moving and was simply letting her have free reign to do as she wished, I did move to stop it. Her grip on my shaft tightened and I was unable to pull away without potentially injuring myself.

“It’s a little late for that, and it just proved my point. You knew I was coming for you, but you did nothing to stop me. You know you could stop me at any time. You’re a lot bigger and stronger than I am, or you could simply say “no”, but I still seem to have the upper hand at the moment. I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you the chance to end this right now. It’ll be like nothing ever happened and we will never speak of it again if you just turn around and walk away. If you don’t though, I plan on seeing if you’re as much of a submissive little slut as I think you are. So…what’s it gonna be Brad?”

I just stood there, not speaking and not moving. My mother moved around me, still firmly holding my wood in her hand. I had no choice but to turn around with her. She now stood in front of the bed. She released my cock and stood bursa eskort there for a moment to see if I would hightail it out of there. When I didn’t, one side of her mouth turned upwards in a satisfied smirk. She placed her hands on my shoulders and applied increasing pressure until I kneeled on the floor. My mother sat on the bed, letting her robe completely drape open without the slightest hint of modesty. We locked eyes and she crooked her finger at me, telling me what she wanted without using words. She then spread her legs wide apart in invitation and waited. I shuffled forward on my knees. Her hand went behind my head and gently drew me straight to her cleft. I heard a soft sigh and a slight lilting giggle from her as my tongue barely made contact with my mother’s intended target. She moved her hips forward, pressing herself firmly against me as I was held in place by her hand behind my head. I recalled this exact activity from the last time I was here. Even though the last time I did this, it was in the living room on her couch, her reactions were the same.

“Mmm hmmm. Just like I thought.” she sighed. “Both you and your sister have one thing in common. You are willing to give up control to anyone willing to take it from you. Your sister has turned into a little slut who will do whatever I say. It looks like you will also follow suit.”

My mother pulled me harder against her as my tongue worked her exactly as she wanted. She was moaning from my efforts but didn’t stay in that position long. She let me go on for a few minutes before she brought her knees back together again, effectively cutting off my access to continue servicing her. I sat back on my ankles and looked at her questioningly.

“Go open the closet door and grab what’s hanging on the back of it.” she instructed.

I opened the indicated door and froze. I immediately recognized what it was she sent me for. There were different items hanging from several hooks that I never would have guessed my own mother owned. There were a couple paddles and flogs, a leash and collar, and on the final hook was a web of straps I vividly remembered from when I had been standing outside my mother’s bedroom watching my mother take my sister using that same harness. The unique looking artificial phallus was already fitted in place on it. The fake, dark cock sticking out the front along with the second, smaller unit pointed inwards seemed to be taunting me as they swung in the air after I opened the door. I stood staring at it for a few seconds before removing it from the hook and I turned to see my mother watching me. Her eyebrow arched as I swung towards her with the harness in my hand.

“It’s interesting to see what you picked when you had all those choices.” my mother mused. “Bring it here.”

I took the harness to her and tried to hand it to her, but she refused to take it from me. She placed her hands on my shoulders and raised a foot. It was quite clear what was expected of me. I went back to my knees and fitted the article on her. I hesitated when in order to strap it closed on the side I would have to fit the inward facing dildo into place by pressing it inside her. I looked up to see the amused expression on her face. She turned halfway towards the bed and placed one knee onto it, effectively spreading herself open to do exactly what was needed. I flushed in embarrassment as I placed the tool against my mother’s entrance and gently penetrated her with it. Once it was fully buried, I finished fastening the harness.

“Good boy.” she praised. “Now open wide son.”

I stared blankly at her, not understanding.

“Remember, you’re the one who chose this. What did you think was going to happen once I put this on? Now open up and show your mother what a good little slut you can be.”

When she started sliding the dark silicone shaft between my lips was when I realized that I had opened my mouth just as she wished. My hands held her hips as she slid in and out of my compliant orifice.

“I never expected to see this, but I’m glad you came by, and I’m glad you’re just like your sister.” my mother said as she slowly and gently slid the fake cock deeper into my mouth. “Just relax Brad. Just let it glide across your tongue. Don’t try to fight it. Stick out your tongue, it opens your throat. Swallow as it goes farther into your mouth. You’re doing just fine. Keep breathing. Just take a little at a time.”

Her coaching led to her fake cock going deeper with each stroke. I couldn’t help but gag as she went deeper, but she backed off, let me regain my breath, and slowly started over again.

“Good boy. Good job. Get it good and wet Brad. I like seeing you like this, on your knees and worshiping my staff. I’m really gonna love what comes next.”

She backed away, dragging her sex toy out of my mouth. My mother took me by the arm and pulled me onto the bed. I sat where she had been earlier as she went to her nightstand. Opening the drawer, she pulled out a bottle, orhangazi escort poured some of the liquid onto her hand, and slathered it over her strapon. The smell of strawberries filled the air around her.

“Strip, and get on your hands and knees Brad.” she said as she came close.

I shed my clothing as she had demanded and then got onto the bed. She pushed and pulled me into the position she wanted. I felt like a life sized sex doll. I was at the edge of the bed and heard her approaching behind me. I felt her hands on my ass and her slick fingers travel up and down my fissure. I gasped loudly as she worked two fingers into me. I squirmed in discomfort until she removed her fingers and spread my ass open. I almost screamed when her tongue made unexpected contact with my vulnerable opening. I uncontrollably moaned and gasped as she rimmed me. I hadn’t ever been in this position, feeling what she was doing to me. My mother’s hand reached under me and grasped my hanging trunk. She lightly jacked me as she continued her oral activity. I couldn’t think, couldn’t focus, and couldn’t refuse her at this point. My mother climbed onto the bed behind me and slid her strapon along my crease. The lube made her glide across my skin, repeatedly passing over my exposed hole.

“Are you ready Brad? I’m going to enjoy taking you. Don’t worry, you’re not the first man to give it up to me like this.”

I wanted to ask her about her last statement when her cock invaded me. She had done her best to relax and arouse me, getting me ready for her anal invasion. I stopped breathing for a couple seconds and clutched the bedspread as her black snake slithered deeper.

“Oh fuck!” I finally groaned.

“Don’t worry, I will.” my mother answered, sinking in a little deeper.

“Stop, stop, stop!!!” I begged her.

She did stop her forward movement, but made no effort to retreat. She held still as I tried to adjust to her filling my backside. She rubbed my back with one hand and continued to steadily fondle my member with the other, all the while making shushing noises like I was being a petulant child. My heavy panting slowed somewhat as the initial pain and shock receded. Once I quieted, my mother squeezed some more lube onto her toy and began to inch forward some more. I groaned some more in complaint, but didn’t outright stop her again, so my mother kept going. It felt like she spent hours in her trespass from behind. I heard her whispering reassuringly, but the words were lost on me. Once I felt the cold metal ring of her harness press against my ass, I knew I had accommodated her entire length.

“Mmmm hmmm.” she muttered. “Good boy. You’ve got the whole thing now. Can you feel me buried deep in your ass? That was your first time, wasn’t it? Did your mother just take your cherry? I loved hearing you fight it. But your cock is still hard, so I know you’re enjoying this. You are just like your sister, a little sub slut who secretly wants to be taken.”

While she was talking, she was also backing off inch by inch, just as slowly and carefully as she had buried her rod into me. I felt the head pop on its exit, but my mother held still at my conquered portal. A little more lube and a little more pressure and she was forcing herself forward for a second time. My groaning was not as loud this time, so she pushed ahead with more intensity. She bottomed out much quicker this time and tightly held my hips as though she thought I might suddenly try to escape.

“Much better. Good boy. Do you want some more?”

Without waiting for a response she withdrew and thrust forward once more. She was still being gentle with me, presumably because it was my first time. Once fully buried, this time she didn’t stop or wait, but just repeated her movements.

“I love fucking you like this, but I want mine too.” she said as her fake cock hovered at my entrance. “Are you ready for me to really take that ass now?”

I guess I didn’t understand the rhetorical question and was therefore unprepared as my mother firmly held my hips and started driving into me hard and fast, like she was hate fucking me.

“OOOooohhh!! Ooohh! Ooohh!” I groaned uncontrollably as she took my ass for her own pleasure.

I knew the dildo inside her was fucking her just as hard, but I guess that was the point. She wasn’t doing this solely for her proof of ownership of a new piece of meat, but also to drive her towards her climax. My discomfort had faded away. Her repeated thrusting kept rubbing a spot that was making me see stars. What I had formerly protested against gave way to hoping she would keep going. My cock was leaking all over the bed below me. The sounds of flesh slapping filled the room around us. I could faintly hear my mother’s increased moaning as I guessed she was getting closer to her own finish.

“Almost there, almost there. Fucking your tight little ass is gonna make me cum so hard. Do you want me to cum Brad? Do you like hearing your own mother cum from taking you like a bitch? You know that I own your ass now, don’t you?”

She was loud and demanding, while still plunging in and out of my abused hole. I was close to my own orgasm, but didn’t want her to know it. It didn’t seem to matter what I wanted though. She already knew.

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