13 Ağustos 2022

Graduation Dress

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She was showing off the new dress she had bought for the graduation dance. He was her step-brother back from college. He had been her confidant since she was eight. Now he watched as she showed how pretty the dress made her feel. He had always loved her as his sister. Now he felt new stirrings for her as a woman.

She turned, looking into the full-length mirror, which gave him a profile of her bosom. When had her breasts grown so full and beautiful? He caught himself staring at the two perfect globes of soft white skin. He looked up and saw her watching, watching him stare. She smiled, wagged her shoulders, blushed, then looked away, embarrassed.

When she looked back, his eyes met hers and locked. They both felt their hearts beat faster as they knew it was a longer look than normal. She swung her head away and turned her back to him as she looked at herself in the mirror. Now, from behind, his eyes drifted down her back, noticing the curve of her chest, the thinning of her waist, then the spread of her thighs and buttocks.

The dress revealed the cleft at the top of her butt, as he looked down to where he imagined her legs must split. As his eyes took in the soft rounded curves, he realized that he didn’t see any thong lines over her hips.

She glanced back, caught him staring at her butt. Her face turned bright red, but she smiled, turned away, lifted her head, shook her curly red hair until it swayed loose, and arched her back, making her butt stick out towards him. Then she gave her hips a wag, swinging her butt as if to flick some hidden tail.

She may not have known what she was doing, but his erection was instinctual. His heart beating faster to match his breathing, he took a tentative step. Then, as his conviction grew, he took a couple more steps towards her. She turned, facing him, took a step away and found herself backed against the wall. He took another step, now close enough to touch her. She avoided his eyes, looking down, and saw the bulge in his pants. Her heart began to gallop.

Part of her wanted to run, but another part kept her frozen. She felt the heat of his body… so close. She felt herself weaken, begin to shake. Her knees became rubbery. Her breath quickened.

He took one more step forward, his body now brushing hers, a foot sliding between her feet. Before she knew what she was doing, her knees twitched apart at the touch of his incoming knee. Her widened stance let his knee in further. She felt him slide between her inner thighs. Her heart was pounding. She tried to calm her breathing. He leaned into her.

“I love your dress,” he whispered as his hand reached down and took the hem between his fingers. His knuckles brushed her knee as he rolled the material. He let go, and with his fingertips, he traced the edge of the dress against her thigh. She moved her leg away, spreading her thighs further apart. She felt like she couldn’t breath. She felt so vulnerable. She didn’t know what to do.

When she was younger, how many times had she asked him to tickle her, enjoying his strong but gentle touch. Now, as his fingers brushed her leg, it wasn’t to tickle. Her head was swimming as new feelings ran up and down her body. Part of her didn’t want him to stop and was enjoying the new sensations, including the growing moisture in her crotch.

She looked up at his face. He bent kocaeli escort bayan forward, watching her lips. As he moved closer, she felt her lips swell. She let them open slightly in anticipation of his kiss. She melted into his body as he leaned into her breasts, then into her lips.

He pressed his lips to hers, then let his lips slip open. She followed and opened her mouth. He answered her invitation with his tongue, wet and slippery. While he explored her mouth, his fingers slid under her dress on to her leg. She felt a burst of heat flash from her legs to her lips, then back down to her crotch, where it triggered a gush of more slippery fluid.

Light-headed and dizzy, she felt like she was in a dream and she didn’t want it to end. She relaxed her leg and let it swing open from the gentle pressure of his hand climbing her inner thigh.

As her tongue danced with his, she felt his hand reach her crotch. His fingers paused and she imagined his surprise at finding nothing baring his way. He pressed his mouth against hers and lifted his fingers to slide them over her sopping wet, swollen vulva lips. She groaned, the sound vibrating into his mouth. More of her lubricating juice seeped out and she felt elated at the way her new woman’s body reacted to his touch.

He pressed into her mouth, probing deeply with his tongue as his fingers slid easily into her. He pressed his thumb down and grazed her clitoris. She gasped, her knees giving out beneath her. She pressed her hips against him to steady herself. His thumb moved down, then up, as it entered her. He pressed in and she gasped, breaking her kiss, arching her head into the wall. He slid his thumb down and up at the edge of her pussy.

She put her arms around his neck and lifted herself. He slipped his arm under her butt, supporting her. She lifted one, then the other leg, locking them around his legs. As she tried to lift herself higher, her weight invited him to lay her down. He pressed her against the wall and carefully sank to the floor. He could smell her sweet pussy as her hot wet crotch pressed against the bulge in his pants.

He eased her to the floor, on her back, her legs clasped around his hips. Her dress had crept up above her waist and her breasts were exploding over the top of her bra, bulging with each breath she took.

He kissed her lips, then moved down to her neck. He continued going down, giving the top of each swollen breast a lick with his tongue and a nip with his teeth. He didn’t stop but kept going down. As he passed her belly button, he stuck his tongue in and licked, putting his hands at her sides and tickling. He looked up and they both smiled.

He slid his hands down to her knees where he gently pressed and she responded by letting her legs fall open. He leaned his face into her crotch and smelled her anticipation. She felt the hair on his head climb the inside of her thighs. She jerked as he bumped then rubbed the tip of his nose against her clit. She moaned and let her head fall back, hitting the floor with a thunk, a groan of pleasure and pain coming from deep in her throat.

He kissed her sweet pussy lips then nipped and tugged at her clitoris. She jerked with every sensation, grabbing then pressing his head into her. He rolled his tongue around and around her pleasure button. She buried her fingers in his hair, then izmit escort bayan clenched them into fists. This was the first time she had ever had a man between her legs. The intensity of his touch made her hips buck. Then her back arched and she cried out with an orgasm. Her spasms washed his face with more of her fluids. As she continued to shake from her contractions, he softened his tongue’s attack until he was barely touching her and she relaxed.

When he felt her breathing slow down, he climbed back up her body and kissed her. She did not hesitate and welcomed his lips, tongue, and the taste of her juices into her open mouth. They lay there, embracing, feeling her satisfaction until he lifted his face off hers.

Her eyes seemed softened, her whole face relaxed, glowing, beautiful. She looked at him and knew he still had tension, needed her. She knew she needed to give herself to her lover. She smiled as she thought of him as her lover. He smiled back, then felt her hands drift down to his waist and give a little tug.

His heart began to beat faster as he propped himself up and she nervously undid his belt, then the button of his pants. He lifted himself, making it easier for her. She found the tab of his zipper and slowly pulled down. The sound sent a pulse through her thighs and washed her body anew with anticipation. She had read about this moment in so many books, and now it was really going to happen, happen to her. She felt her pussy as her juices dripped down towards her asshole.

Impatient, excited, and scared, she pushed his pants down over his thighs, lifting his underwear carefully over his engorged penis, leaving him naked from waist to knees. Her hands came back up slowly and she felt his muscles, smooth and strong. Shaking because she was uncertain, had never done this before, her hands went to his crotch, where her fingertips grazed his ball sack. She moved her hands up and squeezed his penis, thick and long, bigger than she expected, already slippery from his pre-cum. She couldn’t help tensing up from being afraid. He realized he was to be her first. He smiled, encouraging her by putting his hands atop hers. She smiled back, reached up behind him, and pulled him onto her.

She felt his hardened flesh press against her stomach as he let his balls come to rest on her slit. He tipped his hips forward and then back, the base of his dick pressing hard into her clit. She closed her eyes as she felt the pleasure of his balls dragging over her vulva lips.

He slid his hips down and she felt the full length of his cock slide over her clit.

He held her face with his hands, let his chest sink into hers, his hips flowing down her thighs, and kissed her hard. While his lips merged with hers, she felt him move side to side, the head of his cock massaging her labia lips, becoming slippery from her own juices. Then he stopped and she felt him fall into place, between her labia, spreading them, the head of his cock pushing, entering her.

She gasped as the head penetrated her tight vagina. She felt herself stretching, opening for his thick rod as he slipped further and further inside her. She knew she had no maidenhead, but his rod was thick and her walls felt tight as he slid slowly deeper. She felt unknown muscles stretch her vagina to accommodate his swollen cock. He felt gebze escort so big, so long. She had never had anything in her cunt this big, this deep.

Then she felt him bump her mound. Her eyes fluttered as a wave of pleasure flashed through her body, his own mound compressing her clit. She felt so full, so ready. She had never felt more like a woman than at that moment. A warm sensation relaxed her as she knew she had taken his full length inside her. She wrapped her arms around him and pressed her lips to his. She closed her eyes and let herself merge completely with his body, giving herself to him as she knew he was giving himself to her.

He slowly withdrew and she felt herself drain empty. Immediately she wanted him back inside her, against her, connected to her. She pulled him forward and he slowly reentered her until another flash of pleasure as he bumped her clit. She let him withdraw, then fill her, bump, then withdraw.

They began to move together, a careful pace, as if every sensation, every inch of contact between cock and cunt awoke a deeper and deeper connection between them. They began the dance.

They felt their way to a shared rhythm and she rocked her thighs into him each time he penetrated her. Two, three, four thrusts and she felt him grow more urgent. She matched his need with her own, rocking her hips into him as he rocked into her. Each thrust ended with a crash of pleasure, a lightning flash as his fully penetrated cock bumped her clit.

She felt herself losing control of her body as he became more frantic, his hips dancing, his dick going in and out faster and faster, her body undulating, waves crashing, then spreading through her whole being. He begins to grunt with each thrust and she knows it is not long now, his sounds pushing her over the edge, triggering her own growing sensation, starting at her clit, and radiating inside her, with each thrust, now quickly, now pulsing, like shocks, like light, like…

She heard herself begin to moan, a deep guttural sound. As he cried out, the moan climbed up her throat and out her mouth. She felt herself crashing into her orgasm, her body writhing, contracting, her back arching. Her knees spreading wider.

Deeper, deeper, deeper. He was banging against her, now, then he grunted and thrust so hard it lifted her pelvis off the floor. He froze, did not withdraw. She felt him shake, then twitch as she knew he launched his seed deep inside her. She let go and disappeared into her own climax, crying out, grabbing his back, sinking her fingernails, pulling him into her, clamping around him with such force he could no longer move. His hips twitched again, and again while she cramped every muscle in her body. Her vagina pulsed, pulsed, and sucked up all he offered.

Time stood still. They floated as one in the dark immensity, connected to themselves, each other, everything…

She slowly released her grasp. He relaxed and collapsed on top of her. Her legs drooped to the ground. His dick shrank, tickled, and they both jerked as it flopped out of her. They took a few big breaths and their heartbeats slowed. They smiled at each other and kissed, melting into each other’s love.

She felt complete. She was a goddess. She was a woman, no longer a child. He lay his head down on her chest as his breathing slowed and grew deep. She held him close and stroked his hair. As he fell asleep a knowing smile came to her face, and she gently kissed the top of his head.

“I love you,” she heard him mutter into her breast.

“I love you, too,” she said, already thinking when next they could find themselves alone.

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