15 Ağustos 2022

Good Morning

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As I start to wake up I stretch out taking advantage of the big empty bed. Looking at the clock I realize it’s pretty early still. I run my hands down my body stopping briefly to tug at my nipples and feel them respond eagerly. I keep going down over my stomach and down my legs. Coming back up the insides of my legs I stop where the dampness starts.

I’m naked. It’s been years since I’ve slept naked, totally naked anyway. I must have gotten hot in the night and ripped off all my clothes as an easy fix. Smiling because since I’m already naked, and apparently wet with no plans for at least a few hours I figure I might as well take advantage of the situation.

I get out of bed and shiver as the breeze from the ceiling fan hits my skin and my nipples making goosebumps on the flesh and making my nipples even harder. I guess that’s why I woke up under the blankets. I’m never happy when it comes to temperatures. Grabbing my supplies: 2 vibrators, nipple rings, warming gel, a towel and my camera I head back to bed. Laying down the towel I toss it over my stomach. I hate my stomach, and if I’m going to look back at any of the pictures later I don’t want the focus to be there.

Taking the warming gel I start by putting a generous bit on my clit and surrounding areas. As it hits the intended place a long low moan escapes me. Letting it sit for a bit I rub more gel into my hands and then give my breasts a good massage. Feeling the heat is almost to much to bear so I pause while I grab the tube again and as I add a drop more of gel to each nipple I moan again as the sensation overcomes me and my body shutters a little with its first orgasm. Yes, this was the right decision for my morning.

I tuzla escort lay back for a couple of minutes and let my hands explore my sensitive areas. Finding my nice tingly clit I start to rub it with small circles. As my toes start to curl I reach over to my supplies I take hold of the smaller of the two vibrators. Turning it on I rub the head of the smaller silicone penis over my clit and then plunge it inside me. The little wings find their place outside and I moan again, this time longer and much louder than before. Pushing my legs together to hold the vibe in place I run my hands back up to my breasts. Squeezing both of them then moving to my nipples to give them a tug my breath starts to catch again. I move my left hand back down to control the vibrating butterfly as my right hand moves under my breast to lift it up. Moving my head down I start to flick my nipple with my tongue. The warm wet nipple combined with the breeze from the fan when I let go makes me moan some more, this time with a tiny little scream too.

Moving the little vibrator in and out and applying more and then less pressure I decide it’s time to turn the fun up another notch. I pull it out and then immediately inset it into my mouth. Wrapping my lips around it I lick and suck it clean. Getting my larger and more powerful friend from the pile I turn it on, just on the low setting at first. I sit up a little more and make sure the camera is within my grasp. The head of the rotating, vibrating rabbit comes into contact with my clit and I start to moan. Taking the smaller vibe from before I turn it on again and let it work its way around my nipples. With this I moan louder and more intensely then I start to pendik escort scream and shake as an orgasm more powerful than the last takes me.

Putting the original vibrator aside my focus turns to the bigger one that is teasing my vagina, the bunny ears occasionally grazing my clit making my breath catch yet some more. I tease myself like this for a few more seconds as I pinch and pull on my nipples. Moving my hand back down I use it to help guide the vibrator into place around my clit as the shaft of it moves deeply into me. I lay somewhat on my side and enjoy the feeling of the vibrations. I reach over and grab my camera. Taking some pictures of whats happening to look at later or just delete I toss the camera aside again. After only a few more minutes my body starts to tighten and tingle in that familiar way and I’m experiencing a third, more intense orgasm.

Things are really, really starting to heat up now. I turn to my last trick, the nipple rings. Turning the vibrations and rotations down to their least powerful settings I prop the Rabbit up between my legs so I can still enjoy some sensation as I lay flat on my back to attach the rings to my nipples. They’re pretty tight and it takes two hands to open them up and slide them over the nipple. Slowly releasing them I gasp in shock as I feel their tightness. Moving over to the right nipple I repeat what I just did to the left as my head starts to swim from these sensations.

Taking control over the Rabbit again I turn it up. I start to moan and scream. My toes curl and my body tingles. Taking a deep breath to regain a bit of control I reach one last time for the camera. Moving my body slightly to the side so I can get aydınlı escort what I what into the shot I reach out my arm with the camera. Not anticipating the pull on the nipple ring as I move my arm I drop the camera back onto the bed as the pulling sensation seems to travel down my body and my fourth orgasm hits me.

Laying back and panting slightly I will myself to focus just enough to get a shot or two of the nipple rings tightly holding onto my nipples, making them stand right out completely at attention, the towel strategically wrapped around my body and the Rabbit peaking out from around it.

One more deep breath. Pick up the camera. Shift my body more to the side so I can extend my arm just enough. Oh shit, feel the pull of the nipple ring… I can do this… This time I do indeed manage to snap some pictures. With no time to check on them I just have to hope they’re what I want. Putting the camera down I lay back again and give a little tug to the left ring, just so it doesn’t feel left out. Repositioning the Rabbit I sit up a little straighter so I can feel the deeper penetrations and so I can shake my breasts causing the little sliders on the rings to shift their weight and then crash into my nipples.

I lean back once again. This time to remove the rings. Carefully pulling them apart and off my nipples I don’t even have time to set them down as sensations change and my body is rocked with my final and most powerful orgasm My breath quickens even more, I start to shake and call out between my loud moans. I can feel my juices running down my legs around the Rabbit. My body is left tired and a little sore. Warm, yet cool from the fan above. Tingly and weak. I lay back and just rest a bit knowing that moving just yet is pointless.

I must have fallen asleep for a little bit. I wake up and stretch out. I smile as I feel the sticky mess around me. Why is the unexpected, unplanned always the best?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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