31 Ocak 2023

Good Girl- Part 2

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The Room was in the basement, it was behind a nondescript solid dark wooden door. Unless you knew what was behind the door you would never assume it was any different from the rest of the basement, which was finished and had been turned into an office and a game room.

Opening the door and going inside always gave me a thrill. I felt a quiver in my abdomen looking at all the toys in the room. There was a table in the middle waist high with padded edges, I went and stood in front of it and bent over. I put my arms out to the sides. I waited there for Mistress and Master to come in. Sometimes they would come in immediately, and sometimes they would make me wait for them.

They didn’t leave me there long this time. They came in only a few minutes after me and Master walked over to me and placed the restraints that were attached to the table around my wrists. He then spread my feet slightly and fastened the restraints around my ankles. I was spread eagle bent over the table with my ass lifted toward the sky. This was the position Mistress and Master liked me in the most. They could use me as their toy any way they pleased.

Mistress came up behind me caressing my ass before giving it a swift spank. “Now, let’s get the red one in.” “Yes, please Mistress.” I replied, excited to have my ass stretched even further. As before, she slowly took the plug out and then pushed it back in. She loved fucking me just as much as Master did and I enjoyed the times she put a on a strap-on dildo and fucked me. I desperately hoped she would this weekend.

Mistress continued to play with my ass, swirling the plug around stretching my hole. “You are being very quiet my little whore, do you not like how I’m playing with your dirty little asshole?” “I love it, Mistress, I’m sorry for my quietness.” “Well, we’ll have to see how to fix that, now won’t we.” Before I could şişli bayan escort say anything, Mistress brought her hand down hard on my ass. “Aahhh.” I groaned. “Now that’s the sound I like to hear.” Mistress said. I could see Master in the mirror that took up an entire wall of the room. He was naked and playing with himself. His eyes were dilated, he was enjoying the show. Mistress popped my plug out and set it on a paper towel sitting on the shelf and put on a latex glove. She walked back to me while putting lube on her hand. “Let’s see how prepared your ass is.” She snapped the glove against her wrist and then slapped my ass with her non-gloved hand. “Yes, Mistress.” I breathed, waiting excitedly. Mistress placed one, then two and then three fingers in my ass. She started fucking me with her fingers, slow at first and then faster. “Oh, your ass is still so tight. It has a death grip on my fingers.” She stopped fucking me and spread her fingers in my ass. “Ohhhh, thank you Mistress.” I groaned.

The feel of my tight muscles being stretched thrilled me and I couldn’t wait for my red plug to be in my ass. It was as long as the clear one still narrower at the tip than the base but not as narrow at the top as clear one. Mistress took her fingers out of my ass and took off her glove throwing it in the trash. “You definitely need to be stretched more before you can take Masters cock in your dirty ass” she said. I watched her bring the red plug over, it looked huge but I knew it would fit. Mistress and Master had spent months helping me train before we had made it to that one.

Mistress placed lube on the plug and met my eyes in the mirror. She smiled, “Bring the hand mirror, please.” She asked Master. He picked up the mirror and walked over to her. “Let her see how her ass looks while it takes the plug.” Master angled the mirror so I could see the reflection in şişli escort the mirror and Mistress slowly started to push the plug in. I groaned at the erotic sensation of my ass being spread by the large plug. I felt a pinch on the underside of my breast, “Don’t close your eyes; watch your ass take it.” Master commanded. I did as he said and watched as Mistress ever so slowly pushed the large red plug in my ass. It seemed to take forever but finally, came the pop of my ass swallowing it. I felt so full and it aroused me. She pulled it out completely out and then slowly pushed it back in. The satisfying pop sounded again, I groaned. She spanked my ass “Good girl” she crooned. The placed her thumb on the plug and swirled the plug in a circular motion. I moaned and squirmed. She stopped and slapped my redding ass cheeks with both hands. “Now that is a bad girl. You know that your not supposed to squirm.”

Mistress walked over the one of the many drawers and took out the vibrator. She plugged it in and said to Master. “Would you like to do the honors or shall I?” Master held out his hand, “I have been thinking about doing this all day, ever since our little whore sent the teasing photo.” Mistress relinquished the toy to him and sat down in the comfy viewing chair to watch. “Then make her squirm.” Master put the vibrator to my butt plug leaned over me and said “Do not cum until you’re told to.” He looked at Mistress and said “Would you mind putting a condom on me, I think I may fuck her during this.” Mistress happily complied and then sat back down. During it all Master had never taken the vibrator off the plug. I was almost trembling with anticipation, not knowing when something was going to happen, being totally helpless and at their whim enhanced my excitement. Master put a finger in my pussy, “Already wet enough I can just ram my dick into you, you are such a good little whore.” mecidiyeköy escort Then he turned the vibrator on without any warning and the vibrations shot straight up my ass.

I groaned and moaned and cried out as Master switched the speeds, up, down, and off. He had no particular rhythm to what speed he used and kept my ass tingling from the vibrations. I was so wet and could feel my juices running down one of my legs. Master had changed position of the vibrator and then slammed into my waiting pussy with his long hard cock. Feeling his dick in me and the plug in my ass being vibrated almost sent me into climax, I was barely able to hold off, “Please Master, let me cum” I begged him over and over. He repeatedly said “No.” He kept fucking me hard and harder. He held my hip with one hand to hold me steady while he pulled out and the slammed into me again. In the mirror I could see Mistress in the chair playing with clit, her fingers slick with her own juices. “Please Master, please, please let me cum.” I begged almost crying with need. “You may cum” he said and I let go. My vaginal muscles clamping around his dick like a vice trying to milk his cum and my ass muscles tried to suck my plug in they clenched so hard. I screamed the orgasm was so intense, my whole body clenched and then released. Master continued to use the vibrator on my on my plug and pump himself into me a few more times before he came pushing himself into me to the hilt. I felt him spasm and contacted my muscles around him the way he liked. “Good girl.” He sighed contentedly. He slowly withdrew his shrinking cock from my pussy and put the vibrator away.

Mistress came up beside the table; she had a paddle in her hand. “Now we’re going to play Name It.” Mistress loved to play games and this one was like the I-spy game people played on long car trips, except if I didn’t guess what Mistress was describing correctly, I got a spank with the paddle for every incorrect answer. I wondered if she knew that I sometimes made bad guesses so I could get an extra paddling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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