27 Kasım 2022

Gold Class Sexual Experience With Friend Swapna

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Gold Class Sexual Experience With Friend Swapna

Swapna is a friend from college. We have been in touch ever since as she had only very few friends and I have been one of her closest. She is 32 but still single by choice and pretty young looking for her age.

Swapna has short hair and a lean face with a great smile. She is thin with tiny breasts and small buttocks too. I have made fun of her figure at times before saying she has to work out and gain some mass in the right places to please her future husband. But I never really thought of her in any other manner.

My friend always insists she doesn’t wanna get married and she doesn’t care about her looks. She has always been a good friend and a very innocent girl.

She moved to Bengaluru from Chennai for work around 1 year back and we have met each other many times for lunch, dinner and even for work. My wife has never had any issue with my friend Swapna and she also regarded her as a sweet and simple girl.

“2.0” movie released somewhere in early December 2018 and Swapna wanted to go watch it ever since it was released. The tickets were not available and none of her colleagues wanted to watch it.

Swapna asked me if I was okay to join her for the movie as she was dying to watch it but didn’t wanna go alone. I was not a great Rajnikanth fan but I loved an entertainer and I was curious to see what the makers of the movie have done as a sequel.

My wife was not in town anyway and that left me available for the weekend. Tickets were still hard to get and finally, we got hold of Gold Class seats. It was expensive but she said for a Rajni movie, it was worth it. I didn’t disagree with a Rajni sir fan and we eventually booked 2 tickets.

That was her First Gold Class experience. She was really thrilled by the classy environment and a plush couch. We got the couple couch and she was so excited and was jumping up and down.

The movie started and she was engrossed in it. During the interval, we had some soft drinks and soon she started feeling cold. She was wearing a short skirt and top with a lace shrug (short jacket) and the Gold Class AC was doing its job. She complained to me that her hands were freezing so I took her hands in mine and started to rub it.

She went back to watching the movie leaving her hands to me to keep rubbing. After I made both her hands warm, I ended up holding on to it.

She looked at me and said thanks and asked me, “How are your hands so warm? I am shivering here.”
To which I answered, “Guess I am a warm and cuddly person.”
“That you are”. Saying this, she sat closer to me and hugged me. I also hugged her with a smile.

She broke the hug and went back to the movie. But I kept one arm around her shoulder and kept her closer to me. I kept rubbing her arms and shoulder and soon she rested her head on my shoulder.

We both were watching the movie like that while I gave a bit of warmth to her. She was sitting on my right and my right hand kept rubbing her arms, her back and soon went to her neck. I brushed aside her hair and was rubbing her neck.

She was starting to feel really güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri nice. Now I held her left hand with my left and was pressing her hands. My right hand went back to her side and this time, I skipped her arms and started massaging her back and sides and even hugged around and kept massaging her tummy.

I was feeling her body and she started to squirm a bit in my arms. I guess she was not against it and was enjoying it as well. That is when I took my right hand a bit higher and started to brush her breasts from the side.

Seeing no objection, I started to make more prominent moves and finally, started to caress her right breasts. I sensed her breathing getting heavier and her body arching back a bit.

I started to press her breast now and she turned to look at my eyes. And we kissed – straight on to her beautiful lips. She had her eyes closed and was really giving herself into me. I didn’t even blink and wanted to take this moment in. I wanted to see her reaction to my moves.

As we kissed, I could see the colours of the screen shining on her skin and hair, it was magical.

I started pressing her right breast more hard and soon, I inserted my hand inside her top and pressed her boobs over the bra. Swapna crushed my left hand in excitement and I could see her closing her eyes ever more tight.

I let go of her hand and my left hand was not playing with her navel regions. Her skin was exposed to air conditioning but she was not shivering from the cold anymore. She turned a bit more towards me to continue the kiss and my left hand now leaped towards her other breast which was ignored till now.

The loud noises from the movie all sounded very distant. The colourful lights added a wow factor to the moment. The plush couch offered ultimate comfort and soon we forgot where we are.

I freed my right hand now as she completely turned to her side to face me. I was also on my sides to face her. She still had her eyes closed but she was now having her right hand over my hugging me. I started caressing her hair and her cheeks and held her neck with my right hand and went back to kissing her.

This time, I didn’t go straight to her lips. I roamed all around her face and kissed everywhere and then I spend some time kissing her neck. In that pose, I could hear her breathe heavily and even moan a bit now and then. My left hand was holding her thighs and was slowly caressing there.

Feeling her fleshy thighs, my hands started moving deeper in by raising her skirts as it went inside. She started squirming again but started to press herself more closely to me. My hands reached her inner wear and I was super-excited to feel that it was dripping wet.

I started to move my finger over the wetness and she was all lost. She started moaning and pressing me closer and started to bite my lips. Surely, she hasn’t experienced any of this before.

I started to move my finger around her wetness and even over it. I made fast moves and she was really shaking now. I moved the lower portion of her underwear and touched her canlı casino siteleri pussy. Oh wow, it was soft. It had hairs all over as she would have never bothered to keep it clean. But it was all wet and soft and I went straight for the love hole.

I put my finger deep in through the wet tunnel and started doing fast to and fro motions. She couldn’t take it any longer and started to moan louder now. Thankfully the movie was louder and I supposed no one noticed or cared or maybe there were people watching us but now I didn’t care.

I went on finger fucking her and she was like a doll in my hand. She had stopped kissing me and was pressing my arms hard and was just enjoying the magic of my fingers. Soon, she was reaching her heights of ecstasy and with a small “Ahhh” that escaped her mouth, she had her first orgasm and the juices flow over my fingers.

I slowed down but continued to drill her in a calm rhythm so that she can enjoy the moment a little longer.

She released her pressure on my arms and relaxed to the couch. I took out the finger and licked it myself and cleaned it. She was shocked by the act.

“You taste nice” and she felt shy and slapped me lightly on my cheeks.

“I am not done with you”, I said, “Let’s go out somewhere”.

She was more eager than me and quickly we got out of the theatre while the movie was still running.

We reached the parking lot and I couldn’t wait any longer. Since the movie was still running, I was sure that the parking will be clear of people for some time now. I decided to take her there itself.

When we reached my car, I pushed her to the car and started kissing her again. This time, Swapna went really wild on me. Her hands were all over me and mine were again opening her top buttons to reveal her bra. I pulled it and started to kiss her nipples. I was sucking it mad and she was moaning out loud now.

I hugged her around the waist so that she would arch her back. This way, her nipples were pointing up into my mouth and I licked, kissed and even bit her. She also put one of her back to the car and pushed herself closer to me.

After sucking her boobs for some time, I reached under her skirt and removed her underwear. She was still dripping wet. I knew the place was not safe to go full nude so we have to go halfway.

I unzipped my pants and reached in and took out my dick which was hard as iron. I lifted her up and put her weight on the side of the car and out of pure instinct, she put her legs around my waist to support the weight. I felt around with the head of my dick and once I felt the wettest spot, I just went straight in.

She was tight for sure but her wetness was unmatched and with a gasp from her mouth, she welcomed the first dick to be in her.

I don’t have a thick big cock. Mine is just 5.5 inches and just a bit thicker than an inch. So it was not a monster cock that would have killed her. She was in pain as it is her first time but it was very pleasurable, as she later told me.

After a pause, I gave a few slow strokes and then some quick short strokes. Those strokes forced canlı poker oyna her to open her eyes and for the first time, she looked into my eyes. I saw the acceptance in her eyes. I saw love, lust and a dying thirst for more. And I took out my dick and put her back on the ground.

She was confused but then I told her, “I am not done, Swapna”. I opened the back door of my car and let her lie down on her back. I reached into my pockets and took out my purse and out I took a condom.

She smiled and turned her face. I put on the condom and went down to lie on top of her. I positioned my dick and again I drove right into the pit of love juice. It was not the most comfortable place to fuck in a car. But this had to do for now.

Thankfully, she was short and the back seat was big enough for her. I was not in a great pose to kiss her or play with her breasts. All I could do was to fuck this girl and I decided to the best in that.

I tried different techniques and movements and with every change in movements, she was enjoying it more. I didn’t fuck her slowly.

I was ramming her and our privates crashed against each other and made nice clapping noises. I could feel her pubic hair against my shaved skin down there. Her skirt, which was lying upon her tummy, jumped with every thrust I did.

I fucked her thud thud thud and she was moaning or even screaming at the same pace, “Aah.. aah.. aah.. Ram.. please.. ah..”. Who the fuck cared if she was pleading me to stop or not to. This pussy was mine now and I decided to do what I wanted with it.

I took my dick out and put two fingers in it and fucked her faster with it than I could with my rod. I did circling and twisting movements and she did feel the heat more now. She let out a long moan, “Aaaaah.. oh.. aaaaaaaah” and I stopped and lifted her to a sitting position with her legs hanging out of the door.

I did have to bend low but again I entered her pussy with my dick and fucked her crazy. She hugged me around my neck and put her head on my shoulder and took it in. This time, I did get to press her nipples and her breasts while I drove my iron rod in and out.

After what felt like an eternity, which was in reality just 5 minutes, I shot my cum into the condom. It was sudden and in all the craziness, I didn’t know it was coming and I couldn’t stop it. As I finished with small jerks, I realized I was giving her a bone-crushing hug.

I let her sit back on the seat and I took my dick out slowly. She was breathing heavily and had a look of satisfaction and also a bit of longing for more feel in her eyes. I also was panting.

After a short break, I told her, “Next time, let’s do it somewhere nicer”. This time I saw her blushing. I just looked around to see if anyone was there and realized I should have done that earlier.

Thankfully, no one was there and I couldn’t spot any cameras too. By the time I put my dick back it and looked back into the car, she had buttoned her top and adjusted the skirt and was sitting quietly.

I understood and went inside and sat next to her. “Swapna, listen.. Don’t feel bad. We had a good time and that’s it. Don’t over think it.. For now, just savour the moment.”

She nodded and turn around and hugged me.

It was a very quiet drive back from the movie but till the time she got down at her PG, she had her hand in mine.

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