30 Kasım 2022

GF’s Dad Fucks Me Gay Pt 4

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GF’s Dad Fucks Me Gay Pt 4
While my high school girlfriend and her mom were gone on summer vacation, I had ended up being seduced by her dad. My summer job consisted of taking care of their home and pool, so I was not raising any suspicions at home. Everyday I would bicycle off to the Engle’s. And every day I would spend my time sucking and fucking with Mr. Engle. I had progressed to the point where I couldn’t wait to get to his house. I had come to love sucking his huge cock and having it rammed up my ass. I couldn’t get enough. He had even invited over a co-worker of his once and the two of them had used me all day.

Now, about a week after this had all begun, I was again biking up to the Engle’s house. I knew that things would change as soon as Margie and her mom got home, but I was determined to use every minute I had with Chuck.

When I got to the house, I knocked and let myself in with my key. As usual, Chuck was on the chaise lounge by the pool, naked in the sun. The tall trees and shrubbery hid the view from the neighbors.

“Hi, Mr. Engle,” I said. Without being prompted, I shucked my clothes and climbed onto the lounge next to him.

“Good morning,” he said and he ran his hands down my body. He fondled my prick until it was hard, then squeezed my balls. His hand trailed underneath to my asshole, which he stroked lightly. “Mmmm, you’re just as tasty as ever!”

“Thanks,” I said and I reached up and kissed him. His tongue insinuated itself into my mouth and we played tongue tag for several minutes. While we were kissing he took my left hand and moved it to his prick. I grasped his huge member, barely able to encircle it with my hand. I marveled at the texture of it and how I could get such a huge monster up my ass. Both my mouth and my ass ached to have it. We stroked each other’s cocks while we kissed.

After a bit we pulled apart, out of breath. Chuck looked into my eyes. “Would you like to do something special for me?”

Anything,” I said, wondering what else we could do together.

“It’s a little weird,” he said, “I don’t know if you’d want to do it or not.”

“A little weird? As compared to what we’ve been doing?”

He laughed. “I casino siteleri see your point. Come on.” He got up and led me by the hand into the house. We walked through the living room and down the hall. At the end we turned right, into the den I stood there with my mouth open. All I could see is black guy’s and they were all naked and two video cameras setup.

That strangeness began tingling all over me I was too afraid to make any moves and really unsure about what I was really going to happen . Luckily, he made me feel comfortable with some small talk.

Most already had their large poles in hand and were jerking off uncontrollably. Knowing they couldn’t fuck their own friends and still face the world……………they LINED UP one by one for my personal casting call.

I suggest you follow the lead here”. Down on your knee’s

There was a moment of clarity…when I realized that all the giant black poles would be inside me. My love canal opened like a tunnel and my nerve endings being brushed by its rigid penis just made me shivvver…ten, twelve inches inside my body. “Is that his black COCK at rest?” I thought. I first thought he was erect, but it became obvious that he was relaxed and flaccid.

I reveled in the notion that there are LITERALLY hundreds of black guys with enormous hole pleasing cocks out there. Cocks that make you gasp at the size makes instant sluts of us all.

I peered at an endless line of giant black cocks………………….it looked like a half mile of bobbing, hard poles. I knew my ass would feel like I got fucked by a train! My anticipation grew and my thirst for the big black cock gushed out in my actions.

I grabbed the first black pole in line and began sucking it wildly……………..I sucked and sucked and stroked his long pole in my hand…………..the Chuck would keep them coming in the exact order I wanted. When I had sucked him good and hard, I motioned him around the back to my ass and he quickly plunged his 9″ cock up my ass as I gasped and cried in temporary pain. I was going to get BLACK BALLED by two dozen men! He started fucking my ass, stroking his sweet black pole canlı casino in and out and groaning loudly as the serum kicked in hard.

I motioned the next guy in line to move forward to my mouth. I began sucking him just as fast and good as the first guy. His cock was very big too. Different but big. It was veiny and very bulbous, like a tick about to be popped. I sucked on the length and cherished it as it opened up my throat for more pleasure. The guy behind me was fucking me wildly and so hard. His long black cock had me sending “oohs” and “aahs” with every stroke as I tried to breathe with the other giant cock in my mouth.

Suddenly the guy fucking my ass had to cum and I immediately made them switch ends………..I wanted every drop of cum in my mouth! He wheeled around front and let forth a gushing stream of white cum in my mouth and on my tongue……I was sure to stroke him and swallow as much cock as I could. He rammed my head onto his member as I tried to keep up. I barely sucked the last drop when I realized that the other guy was 10″ deep in my ass! d**gged and still horny he fucked me very hard and very firmly………grabbing my hips and pushing his between my asscheeks.

I became aware that the rest of the guys were watching and anticipating their turn…………they saw the pattern…………..guy#3 would put his penis in my mouth only to pull out and fuck my ass while guy#2 would swing back around and cum in my throat. Once done, guy#4 would get sucked and when guy#3 was ready they would switch.

This fucking went on for FIVE hours! I got fucked so hard and so long by so many black poles that I became a constant, moaning whore. I had my pink, tiny hole fucked by so many hot black dicks that day……………some were uncut (I loved sucking and tonguing the inside skin on those!), some were rock hard with little foreskin (great for penetration), some were smooth and bald (so sexy and fun to lick), but most of all I remember how big each and every one was.

Cock after cock was just a pleasure to suck off and it seemed each on got bigger and bigger! I can remember the joy of sucking off one guy who was 14″ and kaçak casino as juicy as a liter……………just knowing that minutes later he would be all the way up my ass! I got my asshole reamed out over and over again and begged them to not cum in my ass………but rather in my mouth. The taste of the delicious and sweet black cock on my tongue made me squirm the whole time…………………cum dripping from my lips as I sucked off each and every one of them! It turned out that not one missed a turn! They were so muscular and huge……………some fucked me from up high and some stomach to back. In any case, my sphincter, colon and prostate were WORN OUT!

At sunrise, I saved the biggest cock for last. When he pulled out I stretched forward and I told him (you’re the lucky one!). I let him cum up my ass and found out later that he was not the widest but was 16″ long! It caused my sphincter to contract so tightly around his bulbous head and thick shaft that I set him off too! I heard him moan and yell, he grabbed my hips with both hands and pumped his pelvis furiously all the while I was being fucked so hard by his smooth, wet, giant black cock. I couldn’t feel totally satisfied until I heard his voice let out a deep, 10 second roar of ecstasy! I rubbed him all over as the moment continued on and on…I wished it would never end!!

He was in such pleasure and I knew his dick was exploding inside me. Filling my soft, pink ass with cum and nearly knocking him u*********s. I pulled my aching anus from his shaft and treated myself to licking up his fine juices. I didn’t waste a drop as I ran my tongue from base to head…he quieted down and fell fast asleep. I stroked and caressed the shrinking pole all the way to his belly. I had accomplished my goal. I was so proud to have him up my asshole all the way that it still makes me orgasm hard to this day. I went from bicurious to black size queen overnight. The possibilities are endless!

It was a great way to wind up the day. Margie and her Mom were due back the next day. Chuck and I spent time on the chaise lounge, hugging and kissing and fondling. It would probably be some time before we could repeat the week’s events. When I left that evening, I felt a little sad. But I knew I’d see Mr. Engle again and maybe his friends again. And besides I keep telling myself I’m not gay, Margie was still my girlfriend. Right!

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