31 Ocak 2023

Getting Cindy Fucked, Part three (Re-transmitted)

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Once I had determined the perfect solution to finding playmates for feeding Cindy’s obsession with threesomes, I was able to analyze the men available to determine those that would be suitable. Obviously, not every engineer who we contracted to perform short-term work with our firm would be suitable, but I was able to easily determine the most likely after observing them a fairly short period of time. Those that were too boastful of their sexual prowess were immediately cut from consideration, while the quiet ones seemed to offer the most promise. Even so, I usually had to get to know the men pretty well before extending an invitation to join us as a new playmate. The key factor remained in ensuring that the new playmate would be discrete, particularly in light of Cindy’s increasingly important job at the hospital.

As an example, Mike Davidson seemed to be an ideal possibility as he worked with me on a transportation terminal throughput engineering study. He was a quiet, soft spoken married man from Arizona. He was about 5′ 10″ and of medium build, with short cropped hair and pleasant smile. I was tipped off observing him sighing one day, his eyes fixed on the shapely ass of Brenda Adams. Brenda was one of the senior department chiefs in our firm. She was a knockout, regardless of any yardstick used, even though she was in her late forties. Tall and shapely, she automatically attracted the attention of every male when she walked through the cubicle area. She realized the attention she received and provided additional incentive by wearing exceedingly short skirts that displayed her exceptionally shapely legs.

“What’s the matter, Mike.” I asked with a chuckle. “Getting horny watching Brenda?”

Mike gave me a startled look, then sheepishly commented, “Well, yeah I guess I was. I haven’t been laid in way too long” We chatted for several minutes about women and our love lives. Once he started to talk, I was amazed at how graphic and detailed Mike was in talking about his sexual encounters with his wife and other women. It became apparent that the quiet, soft spoken guy certainly enjoyed a roll in the hay.

That following Friday morning, Mike stopped in my office. It was a quiet day and after an hour discussing throughput procedures and engineering requirements, we quickly transitioned to a conversation about our sexual endeavors. After a while, I suggested that we go down to the snack bar and continue our conversation. Once there we sipped coffee and I waited until the only other employee present left the room. I started quietly asking a series of carefully selected questions. My questions gently probed the status of his sexual condition and I subsequently concluded that he was more than ready to be invited to join us.

I sipped my coffee and then began to extend the invitation. “Mike, perhaps I may have an opportunity for you to resolve your horny predicament, after all,” I said.

Mike looked at me with a somewhat puzzled expression. “What? What did you say?”

“I might be able to arrange for you to meet a mature, extremely attractive woman …. Oh, five foot five about 125 pounds, with hazel eyes, light shoulder-length brown hair, nice breasts, fantastic long legs, … and she absolutely loves to fuck and suck!”

“What? What do you mean?” he responded, still confused and baffled by this sudden turn of conversation. “I don’t understand.”

“Let me show you a possibility,” I answered, slipping a photo of Cindy, taken on the beach at Nags Head. “What do you think? Do you think this woman would do?”

“Whoa!” he exclaimed as he gazed at Cindy in a revealing swimsuit. “Who is she? Where would I find her?”

I smiled and continued, “At my house. That’s my wife, Cindy.” Mike’s expression was one of shock and disbelief. I then provided him with a detailed description of Cindy’s recent obsession with threesomes. I suggested that he might relieve his current dearth of sexual activity and enjoy helping my wife with her sexual fixation at the same time. Mike stared at me in absolute disbelief . “Well, what do you think? Do you want to join us in a threesome?”

“Ahhhh,” he stammered, “Do you really mean it? I mean, are you really serious about this?”

“Certainly,” I responded. “I enjoy watching my wife with other men. It’s a fantastic turn on for me. Don’t you ever fantasize about your wife fucking another man. Doesn’t thinking about your wife sucking off some guy and swallowing his cum arouse you?”

He paused for a while and then continued. “Well … Yes, I must admit I do and it does. You’re suggesting that I join the two of you in a threesome …. You want me to fuck your wife.” I nodded in agreement. He paused briefly and then continued. “Ah …. you said threesomes. Do we fuck her at the same time?”

“One after the other or both at the same time.” I answered, “She likes it both ways. Oh, and she loves blowjobs. She prefers that you would come in her mouth and she’ll keep sucking until your nuts ache!” I chuckled. “However, if you want to pull out and cum over her face or tits, she likes that, as well.”

I cautioned him that everything that he did with us would remain absolutely discrete, secret, and confidential. He agreed and I explained the final arrangements for the encounter, gave him our address, and suggested that he come over to our house at six on Saturday night. As soon as I returned to my office I phoned Cindy at the hospital and alerted her. She was excited, eagerly anticipating an evening of pure sexual decadence with a new playmate.

Mike arrived our house just about six o’clock şişli bayan escort in the afternoon the following day. I was somewhat surprised how the quiet, soft spoken engineer turned into a charmer and soon had captivated Cindy completely. Later, Mike joined me on the patio as I grilled steaks for the meal and had a few drinks while we talked about the action that was to follow later in the evening. Mike was enthused at the prospect of fucking Cindy, yet still cautious. “Are you really sure that she’ll want to fuck around with me?” he asked incredulously. “I mean are we really going to go through with this?”

“Oh yeah, that’s not a problem,” I chuckled. Assuring him that she would soon be sucking and fucking him beyond his wildest dreams. Satisfied with the steaks, we joined Cindy in the dining room as she finished putting the salads and side dishes on the table.

The atmosphere was light and Mike continued to charm Cindy through the dinner, complementing her on her appearance and flirting with her. After dinner, we lounged around the living room and Mike and I sipped on a bourbon while Cindy enjoyed another glass of wine. During the ebb and flow of the conversation Cindy tantalizingly crossed and uncrossed her legs several times, allowing her dress to rise even higher on her legs. I watched as Mike’s thoughts seemed to rise in excitement and anticipation of a torrid fuckfest.

As we finished our first drinks, Cindy asked, “Mike, would you like another Bourbon?” Mike seemed to hesitate, perhaps anxious to get on to the main event of the evening. “Ah, well, I … I don’t know,” he stammered. Cindy’s legs parted ever so slightly, giving Mike a quick peek what awaited him and an opportunity for further arousal. She stood and we both watched as her slender body moved toward the couch, her hips swaying seductively under the short skirt of her sundress. She unhurriedly sat down on Mike’s lap, wiggling her ass provocatively as she settled in.

“Well,” she whispered, “Perhaps we should move on to the reason for inviting you over.” Cindy’s arm slipped behind Mike’s neck as she pulled his head forward and began passionately kissing his lips. I smiled, watching Cindy’s ever effective arousal technique. I had also realized early on that I enjoyed watching her with other men. I have enjoyed each of the times I watched as Steve, Bill, and the other men in our threesomes gave and received pleasure from my luscious wife.

I eagerly watched as Cindy’s dress moved higher on her firm thighs as she squirmed in her own rising sexual excitement. I smiled, knowing full well that her pussy was probably beginning to ooze as her excitement continued to grow. Mike seemed to hesitate just a bit, so Cindy gently took his hand and placed it under her dress so he could feel her thighs and hot pussy. “I definitely think that it’s time we got better acquainted, Mike,” she purred. “Don’t you think we should?”

While they kissed and fondled one another, I moved to a different chair and watched as Mike was tentatively stroking Cindy’s hot pussy, through her silken panties. From my vantage point I could see Mike’s finger gently push the panty crotch to one side and disappear into her dripping wet slash. “Mmmmmm” she softly moaned. “Oh! Oh, that feels wonderful, Mike” she groaned, “I love the feeling of your fingers inside my aching pussy!”

Mike was encouraged by her deliberately provocative words and began steadily increasing the tempo of his eager fingers pumping in and out of Cindy’s sopping wet pussy. Cindy’s breath was becoming uneven and ragged as she derived pleasure from Mike’s probing of her impatient cunt. Meanwhile, Mike’s other hand had unfastened several buttons of her sundress, reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra. Once released, he pushed down the top of the sundress and began to caress Cindy’s powerfully erect nipples between his fingers.

After a few moments watching the couple, I said, “Well, I might as well freshen our drinks and leave the two of you alone for a while.” I was surprised when Cindy suddenly got to her feet, standing between Mike’s legs with her long shapely legs slightly spread apart and gave me a long drawn out kiss. “Sure, honey. Mike and I will be just fine while you’re gone” Her hand reached out and she softly squeezed the front of my khakis, clutching my already rock hard cock.

While this was happening, Mike’s hands slipped under the hem of the sundress and were caressing her luscious ass. She smiled for a few moments, slowly stroking my rigid shaft through my pants. “Mike,” I said, “You to take good care of Cindy while I make the fresh drinks for us.

“Oh, yeah, you can count on me, Hank” he said, giving me a knowing wink.

As I left the living room, I watched my wife sit back down on Mike’s lap as he resumed undoing the remaining buttons. This prompted Cindy to start kissing him even more passionately than before, her tongue anxiously probing his mouth. By the time I turned and entered the kitchen her dress completely was open.

I leisurely prepared the drinks, giving Cindy sufficient time to properly arouse Mike. Even so, I was only out of the room for perhaps five minutes. As I came back in the living room with the drinks I saw that Cindy’s dress, bra, and panties were crumpled on the floor and my naked wife was on her knees between Mike’s spread legs. He was also completely nude, as well, and propped up with his back against the edge of the couch and his legs widely spread. Cindy was giving him one of her truly exceptional blowjobs as she knelt between his thighs.

I walked into şişli escort the living room with the bourbon for us and her fresh chardonnay, put the drinks on the coffee table and stripped off my clothes, anticipating that I would soon be involved in the lustful action. I certainly didn’t want to interrupt Cindy, so I sat in the chair, sipping my bourbon and delighted in watching every move my sex-driven wife made to arouse our guest.

Cindy took a moment from her cocksucking effort and said, “Hank, why don’t you get the camera and take a picture of me sucking Mike’s cock.” I got to my feet and fetched the camera from our room and I took several digital pictures, providing a close focus of her luscious mouth sliding up and down on his cock. I love the sight of my wife sucking cock, either mine or someone else’s. These tight in shots were of her lips and his sinewy smooth shaft slick glistening with her saliva, while her hand firmly gripped the base of the shaft.

Mike’s cock easily slipped in and out of Cindy’s mouth as she swallowed him deep and then unhurriedly pulled up to just tease his cockhead with her lips. As her tongue licked the shaft and swirled sensuously around the head, Mike was definitely on the verge of his first orgasm of the evening.

Stopping her ministrations, Cindy gave explicit directions: “My pussy’s soaking wet and I’m ready, Mike,” she moaned, “I’m so fucking horny! I need you to fuck me now!” Cindy crawled into a position facing away from the couch so Mike could move in behind her. Responding, he quickly mounted her from behind, ramming the full length of his fat cock into her eager and insatiable pussy. Mike grasped her by the hips as Cindy wailed that she wanted him to fuck her hard. Mike’s cock was smoothly sliding in and out of Cindy’s luscious pussy, then his rhythm began to rapidly increase in his arousal.

Within moments he was pounding in and out of her welcoming slash. My wife’s small tits were quivering under her, her rigid nipples trembling as she met each of Mike’s strokes with her own vigorous response. I took several digital shots as his cock speared into her voracious pussy, both full body and close-up.

In just a very few moments I watched as the sex-crazed couple joined in a nearly simultaneous orgasm. Cindy’s body began to quiver and tremble in anticipation “Fuck me! Oh fuck, I’m going to cum!” she moaned, “Fuck me, Mike! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me good!”

The combination of her heaving body and passionate shrieks of sexual release, brought Mike to his own orgasm. As he approached his climax, Mike was pounding into her with a frenzy of hurried, short strokes. As he finally reached his orgasm he froze deep in her cunt and began pumping his semen into her slippery, soaked pussy. “Aaarrgghhh!!” he moaned, “Oh fuck! Oh, this is so good! Oh, fuck!” as his potent pulsating cock spewed a full measure of sperm in her sucking pussy. He held firm for several moments then slid out her soggy cunt of and rolled onto his back.

Cindy staggered to her feet and slumped on the couch as she recovered from her strenuous effort. Several moments later she said, “Mike I want my pussy licked now.” From my position I could see the sopping blend of my wife’s juices and Mike’s cum seeping from her wet, shiny, inviting pussy. Mike never hesitated a moment, but quickly moved in between Cindy’s spread legs. Gripping her hips he avidly began licking and sucking on her swollen pussy, consuming the seeping mixture of their oozing love juices.

It was too good of a shot to miss, so I quickly took the camera and started taking pictures of Mike fervently licking Cindy’s freshly fucked pussy with his probing tongue. I snapped shots as he slipped his fingers in her saturated pussy and I licked and sucked her swollen lips and clitoris. Cindy was soon gripping the sides of his head and writhing on the couch as I took a steady stream of pictures of the two of them. Within minutes Cindy reached yet another orgasm and wailed in sexual release.

I got up and went to the bathroom, wet two washcloths in warm water and returned to the living room. By then, Mike was sitting on his haunches as he recovered. Cindy was resting, her head against the back of the couch, a satisfied smile tracing across her face. I gave one washcloth to Mike and used the other to carefully clean Cindy’s sodden, seeping pussy. She closed her eyes, grasping my hand and pressed the warm washcloth firmly against her pussy.

Cindy and Mike rested as they quietly sipped their drinks, perhaps reliving the recent experience. I was totally aroused by what I’d watched, so I was anxious to get in on the action. Allowing them a few moments to recover, I suggested that we adjourn to the bedroom and the waiting king-sized bed. Mike may have just orgasmed, but he was ready to continue the action.

Once we entered the bedroom, Cindy scrambled on to the bed, while I crawled to her left and Mike took the opposite side. We curled up next to her as her arms wrapped around both of us. As hot as I was, I started the action as I reached out to fondle Cindy’s breast, massaging and squeezing her hard, engorged nipples. Following my example, Mike fondled and suckled on her other pliant, luscious breast. “Oooohhhh, That feels wonderful!” she moaned, thoroughly enjoying the attention we provided.

We continued to lick and suck on her breasts, tracing our tongues around her soft, pliable skin. Increasingly aroused, Cindy’s arms crushed our sucking mouths to her tits and we responded by enthusiastically sucking on them. After a few moments, she brought Mike’s face up and began mecidiyeköy escort to passionately kiss him.

As Mike moved up on the bed Cindy started caressing his semi-erect cock, slowly stroking it, endeavoring to bring it back to life. As I watched, his cock quickly grew rigid in my wife’s small hand as he responded to her urgent stroking action. I was more than ready, so I moved up and slid my hard cock into her drenched, ravenous pussy. Almost at once, I began ramming her with long strokes in a steady and vigorous rhythm.

After several minutes of steady fucking, Cindy and I rolled over so that she was on top, crouching as she raised and lowered her sucking pussy on my rigid shaft as I thrust upward. Mike moved off the bed behind my wife, his cock once again fully rigid and ready. “Mike,” I said, “there’s some petroleum jelly on the nightstand.” He immediately realized what I wanted him to do and opened the jar, scooping a dollop on his fingers. He coated his hard dick and used the rest of the slick jelly to lubricate her tight rectum. Satisfied with his preparation, Mike crouched between our legs and slowly penetrated Cindy’s ass. Almost immediately I could feel his cock separated from mine ever so slightly by a thin membrane. Cindy was moaning and gasping for breath as she experienced the double penetration of her body.

Moments later the three of us began a steady and compatible rhythm and soon we were all participating as one in an unbelievable sensual experience Cindy loudly gasped, “Oh, Fuck Me! Fuck Me!” and I felt yet another climax coursing through her shuddering, quivering body. Mike and I gripped her hips and continued our coordinated attack on her well-used pussy and rectum. Moments later I reached my climax and began to pump my cock deep into Cindy’s sopping cunt, flooding it with a full load of steaming, creamy semen. Soon Mike began grunting, driving his cock balls-deep into her ass and held firm as he gushed his second load into her tight hole in an intense orgasm.

Cindy collapsed on my chest, her small breasts flattening against me. As Mike withdrew his softening cock from her rectum, I could feel his semen and her juices trickling down onto my aching nuts. Cindy’s body was slick with sweat as she rolled off of me onto the side of the bed, looking exceedingly well fucked and satisfied. Mike picked up the camera from the nightstand and took several shots of a well-spent wife lying next to her satisfied husband. The room was bizarrely silent as we relived the most recent incident in our minds and endeavored to physically recover from our exertion.

Having only experience one orgasm, I was the first to recover and start the next session of serious fucking. I pulled Cindy onto her knees, turned her around and pushed her into the doggie position. I had a awesome view of her frequently fucked slash, her pussy lips red and swollen from sexual release and steadily oozing love juices. I crouched behind her and quickly probed her wet cunt with my my cock , grabbing her hips and steadily increasing the viciousness of my thrusts. I watched my wife’s breasts swaying under her from the intensity of the fucking as I took one hand to fondle her exceptionally hard nipples.

It seemed like only a few minutes in my super-heated state before I thundered in another powerful orgasm, pumping my creamy semen into Cindy’s already saturated pussy. Even after I finished spurting, I continued rocking my hips, sliding my cock in and out of her slick, seemingly insatiable cunt. I was so aroused by all that had happened that it seemed my cock would just not subside. Cindy continued to purr softly and contentedly as I continued my slow, steady in and out penetration.

I eventually felt my cock soften and slip from Cindy’s pussy and she collapsed forward spent again from the intensity of the action. I looked up to see Mike standing along side of the bed with his hard cock cradled in his hand. By now Cindy lay face down on the bed with her legs spread slightly apart, a puddle of cum forming on the bed just under her pussy.

Mike made his way around the bed and rubbed the head of his cock against her cheek. Cindy turned slightly and smiled as she looked at his seemingly constantly hard cock. What a sight: my lusty wife lay on the bed with my semen oozing from her pussy as she took Mike’s cock in her mouth and began licking his shaft up and down. I watched as Cindy as she sat up, sliding her legs over the side of the bed and engulfed Mike’s cock. Her cheeks immediately went concave as she began furiously sucking and her hand pumped Mike’s cock with her hand. I admired her tremendous cocksucking skill as she purposefully swallowed his dick in and out of her mouth.

Moments later Mike firmly grasped Cindy by the hair with both hands as he erupted into her mouth sending his semen surging down her throat and oozing from her lips. Cindy tried to lick his cock clean and then slowly rolled over on her back. I was on my knees looking down at my beautiful wife, her cum soaked pussy and her face partially covered with Mike’s cum. Cindy had a well fucked glow about her and a smile on her face

We continued on with our threesome for the rest of the evening until we were all completely exhausted. Cindy finally slipped a silky robe over her luscious naked body and I did the same. We walked Mike downstairs and watched as he retrieved his clothes and slowly dressed. Just before reaching the door Mike turned to say goodbye and Cindy gave him a final, lingering kiss, pressing her body against his. “I certainly enjoyed your visit, Mike. Do you think you might find some time to come and visit us again before you return to Arizona? ” she purred.

Mike smiled, kissed her again and said, “Cindy, you can count on that!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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