24 Mart 2023

Getting Bi with Help from Family

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This story contains multitudes of taboos.

The joy of reading fiction is that the worlds in which our characters live closely resemble our own. And yet, we’re lucky it’s still fiction.

Dear reader, this tale is for those who like men who have sex with men; who enjoy straight men doing gay things; who want to read about incest; and readers who enjoy cucking.

This story is for you if you like anal sex, light cucking, men who claim to be straight but have gay sex, or fooling around with family members.

There is a little bit of everything for everyone.

All characters are 18 or older.


Part 1 – I Get Bi with a Little Help from My Friend

“Did you see what Chelsea was wearing today?” Jake asked Marty, barging into his house. His father still at work, Jake took his clothes off, revealing his skinny runner’s frame. “I’m so fuckin’ horny, dude. All fucking day.”

“Fuck,” Marty groaned, drawing out the vowel. “I’m horny too.”

Marty removed his clothes too. Each of them tossed their garb on the floor in a trail to the living room, where they sat nude on Jake’s plush couch. The two-track stars were muscular but sinewy.

The boys had turned 18 in the last few weeks, beginning their senior year of high school. After track practice, the two would strip down and play video games or watch porn for a couple of hours before Jake’s father, a single parent, would come home from work after long hours.

“I said it first.” Jake exhaled, grinned, and planted himself on the couch. “You know the rules, bro.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know.” Marty rolled his eyes. Having just sat on the couch, Marty groaned as he sat up and got on his knees. He shuffled over to Jake, positioning himself between his best friend’s legs.

Both flaccid, the two knew this was a transaction. Jake and Marty implicitly agreed to help each other when needed. Both horny? Slow on the get-pussy front? Time alone? Get each other off.

“Dude, you’re up next. Stop pouting,” Jake teased as Marty took Jake’s cock in his hand and sucked the tip. Shaved and smooth so’s not to offend spectators with creeping bush above skimpy shorts in track meets, when Jake grew full-staff, he sported something just shy of eight inches.

Jake’s size always annoyed Marty. Getting a monster cock off was a lot of work. Jake had it easy–Marty had a little over six inches, which Jake could deepthroat without struggle. Marty had long since resigned himself to never being able to reciprocate the talent for his friend, which disappointed Jake. Nevertheless, he gave all he got out of respect for their mutual agreement.

“I can’t believe Chelsea got away with that low-cut top,” Jake wondered. “Thanks, dude. Today was torture.” His eyes were closed, his cock nearly fully grown. Marty bobbed with tight lips.

Marty removed Jake’s fully erect cock from his mouth and used his hand instead.

“Torture for me too, man.”

Marty was flaccid. He wasn’t on his knees, sticking his friend’s cock in his mouth because he enjoyed it. He was doing it because their arrangement would ensure Marty could eventually blow his load. Neither of them had to self-serve, which means everything to young adults.

“What’re you thinking today?” Jake asked Marty.

Marty bobbed again but pulled off his friend’s rock-hard cock, said, “Mouth,” and resumed sucking.

“Dude, again?”

Annoyed, Marty pulled off again but continued to jack his best bud. “Fuck off, man. Less messy. Feels better.” He licked Jake’s cock.

“You love the taste of cum. You queer?”

“Fuck you, dude.” Marty licked. “You know it feels better to cum in a mouth, bro,” he admonished and put the cock back in his mouth, using his hand to stimulate the rest.

Marty had no opinions about the taste of cum, unlike Jake, who, if it was ‘mouth’ day, always took it straight down his throat, so the load never touched his taste buds.

“I know, I know.” Jake gasped. “Shit, dude.”

Marty had taken Jake’s istanbul travesti cock as far as it could go. Maybe a couple of inches left untouched.

“Gettin’ there.” Jake’s eyebrows arched over his squinting eyes.

Marty got no pleasure from deepthroating–this was helping friends get off. He knew Jake liked it when his girlfriend Lucy deepthroated his cock. He tried to make it as pleasurable for his friend as possible.

“Not fair.” Marty gasped for air. “You’ve got it easy.”

“Not my fault you got a tiny dick,” Jake laughed. In the same breath, he took his hand, placed it on the back of Marty’s head, and shoved Marty down farther. Jake threw his head back. The warmth and tightness of Marty’s throat, feeling his mouth further down his shaft, sent shockwaves. Too bad Lucy was busy tonight–he could be eating pussy while burying his cock in her throat.

Lividly, Marty pulled off with force and swatted his friend’s hand away. “Fuck you, dude. It’s not tiny,” Marty said, visibly annoyed, tears in his eyes. “Can you hurry the fuck up?”

“Sorry, man. Pick up the pace a bit. I’m almost there. You’re next, buddy.” Jake reassured his friend.

“Sweet,” Marty said, returning to sucking his best bud’s dick. He used his hand in tandem to make up for the length he couldn’t take, picking up the pace and feigning enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, Jake thought about how size didn’t matter. On one particularly drunk night, he and Marty had fucked Lucy together, steering clear of each other. There was no need to help each other out when there was a willing woman to take both their loads in her pussy. Jake had watched his friend fuck his girlfriend into ecstasy, even with his shorter cock. Jake knew from swallowing his load that Marty came buckets. Still, it was much more noticeable when he’d fucked Marty’s load out of Lucy’s pussy. Jake’s dick, balls, and pelvis were slathered in cum and juice before he released his own inside Lucy.

The memory brought Jake to extraordinary bliss. “Alright, alright,” Jake mumbled. “That’s–yeah. Keep going. Fuck.”

Marty grunted, giving the green light.

“Okay, okay. I’m cumming, dude.” A restrained moan escaped Jake. He shot his cum in his friend’s mouth.

Marty had pulled away slightly to the tip of his friend’s cock to take the load in his mouth–he’d choke if it went straight down his throat.

Jake shook in pleasure. Marty sat quietly on his ankles, and his low-hanging balls graced the floor, awaiting their turn.

“Jesus,” Jake sighed, rubbing his face with his hands. “Thanks, man.”

Marty lifted his mouth from Jake’s quickly softening dick. He opened his mouth in a joking gesture to show just how much his friend had cum.

“Oh my god,” Jake chuckled, palm slapping his forehead. “You are so stupid.”

Marty laughed, mouth agape.

“Swallow it, bro. Swallow it,” Jake cheered. He playfully shoved Marty’s shoulders. Marty fell back onto his elbows, threw his head back, and gargled cum.

Jake guffawed as Marty took a dramatic gulp and sighed as if it were the first sip of a cold brewski.

“You are so fucked up,” Jake squeezed through laughter. Marty laughed at himself.

“Alright, dude. You’re up,” said Jake, sounding constrained as one does when lifting themselves from sitting to do something other than relaxing.

“Final-fuckin-ly.” Marty lifted himself to the couch, playfully fondling Jake’s cock and balls on the way.

“Fag,” Jake teased.

“Me? A fag? You’re the one about to suck some dick. Get on your knees, queer.”

Jake smiled, huffed, and shook his head. He knelt between Marty’s legs. “Make it fast, dude.”

“Make it good.”

Jake knew that meant lots of deepthroating, which he could easily do with Marty’s cock, nearly two inches shorter than his own. Jake confidently took Marty’s flaccid dick in his mouth. It grew as he swirled his tongue around it, lips tightly closed.

“Fuck,” Marty moaned, elongating the vowel with istanbul travestileri his cock.

Jake was soft. He wasn’t a notable fan of cock in his mouth, nor was he a fan of Marty’s largely untrimmed pubes, in stark contrast to Jake’s own cleanly shaven crotch. But blowing wasn’t about your pleasure when you were the one blowing. Jake figured if his straight friend could find courage, suck a dude’s cock, and even swallow his load, he’d be able to do the same as a fellow hetero. It only seemed fair. Their friendship was unbreakable since they’d started helping each other out. The only way this was a losing arrangement would be if someone found out.

“Aww yeah, suck that cock.”

Jake hated when Marty got vocal. On average, Marty spoke more when in a state of pleasure. Jake kept his rhythm steady, feeling the veins against his tongue, the head of Marty’s slight curve on the roof of his mouth. Not hot, but good to know he was checking all of the boxes to make his bud feel good, as Marty had done for him.

“Can you do it, please?” Marty begged Jake, looking down at his best friend slobbering on his knob.

Jake knew what he meant, and without missing a beat, he dove mouth first to the base of Marty’s dick. His nose buried in Marty’s pubes, chin touching Marty’s nutsack. Breathing through a thicket of pubes and the elastic, sweaty scrotum on Jake’s chin were blowjob details that embarrassed him.

“Awe fuck,” Marty groaned. “Thanks, bro,” he sighed, looking down at his friend. “Remember when we fucked Lucy?”

Jake responded by bobbing deeper into Marty’s pelvis rather than nodding. Paradoxically proud of the gagless talent, he feared it was his destiny to be a cocksucking faggot. But his penis was soft, so there was nothing to worry about, right?

“Think about your own girlfriend’s pussy,” Jake said, smirking before slapping Marty’s dick on his tongue, secretly invigorated by the fact that his best friend remembered and fantasized about that night too.

“Lucy’s is better,” Marty said, eyes closed, thinking of Lucy and that night. His girlfriend, Katie, was a bit of a prude. She was a lay-there-and-take-it kind of gal, too embarrassed to communicate what she wanted. Marty loved her, maybe, but he used her pussy to get off, and that’s about it. So fucking his best friend’s girl was heavenly. And something that would have to stay a secret–Lucy and Katie being best friends.

“Yeah, dude, you announced that to us while you fucked her,” Jake said with a devilish grin. He dove down again, eliciting a gasp from Marty.

With his nose buried in Marty’s pubes, Jake thought about how the cock in his throat was the same one who spunked inside his girlfriend. His cock twitched as he stuck his tongue out to lick Marty’s balls while deepthroating him. He never gagged.

Marty knew the tongue trick was the thumbs up to cum. “She was so fucking tight.” Marty’s head tilted back, breath heavy as Jake licked his balls, his face pressed against the pelvis.

Jake came up for air. He used his large hands to jack his buddy’s spit-slick dick. “Fuck her again, dude.”

Jake’s cock grew. Usually, if he got hard while sucking cock he would stop–a step too far. But he loved the image of Marty fucking Lucy again.

“I’m going to,” Marty whispered. “Swallow me, bro, swallow me. I’m going to blow.”

Jake dove down again, engulfing Marty’s cock in one fell swoop.

Cum erupted–the same cum that had once been in Lucy’s pussy and covered his cock–making its way down his throat, unobstructed.

Jake held steadfast as Marty’s hips bucked against the couch and his friend’s face. Convulsing, Jake thought Marty would never stop. He wondered when his friend would finish, but their shared interest in Jake’s girlfriend had resulted in a never-ending cum pump.

Throughout, Marty grunted until he huffed. His arms at his side, his eyes closed, his head bowed, he imagined it was Lucy’s pussy he was cumming in.

Jake travesti istanbul waited for the last few contractions in his mouth. His cock swelled in the semi-sweet place between flaccid and hard. But ultimately, he wanted to play video games.

“Holy fucking shit,” Marty exclaimed. “Did you mean that?”

Marty’s spasms subsided, and his cock shrank.

Jake caught his breath.

“Huh?” Jake asked, confused. He joined Marty on the couch, where neither said anything about Jake’s chub.

“Me fucking Lucy. You’d be cool with that again?” Marty clarified.

“Oh. Yeah, dude. Cool with that.”


The two stayed nude, which was the standard order of things. Play games naked until Jake’s dad came home in a couple of hours.

After a bit, the two took a bathroom break. Both needed to pee, so, being the mature young men that they were, they played swords. On the way back to the couch, Marty tested the waters, “So, do you have to be there? You know. When I’m fucking Lucy.”

Jake thought about it, taking his time to answer. Marty sat on the couch in silence as Jake remembered the night the both of them creampied his girlfriend. How Lucy had wailed in pleasure as Marty pounded her while Jake jerked off watching the two or while spit-roasting her.

Jake imagined Marty fucking her while he unknowingly sat in class or slept in bed. He knew she loved Marty’s cock. That she would get immense pleasure from his best friend.

“No,” Jake said. He looked just as surprised as Marty. “You can fuck her whenever you want.”

Jake looked down. His cock was its entire length. Fuck.

“Seriously?” Marty asked, wide-eyed and grinning.

Marty’s question broke Jake’s panicked gaze at his hard cock. Jake looked at Marty’s hairy cock that pointed to the ceiling. Marty shrugged.

“Yeah, seriously. But–” Jake was interrupted. Marty sprung from the couch and wagged his hard cock side to side.

“I’m gonna fuck your girlfriend, I’m gonna fuck your girlfriend,” Marty teased in singsong.

Jake slapped Marty’s dick. The stinging sensation sent Marty falling back to the couch.

“Only because you can’t get a girlfriend worth a fuck,” Jake said, knowing Katie wasn’t great in bed. “You can do it whenever but there are a few conditions.”

“Totally, man. Whatever you want. Our friendship comes first.”

Marty listened intently.

“One. Don’t ask me ahead of time. Just do it. Don’t worry about it,” Jake said, his hand gripping his cock. “Two. No one can know that I’m allowing you to do this.”

Marty interrupted: “Dude, don’t worry about that. There’s no fucking way I want Katie to find out I’m fucking her best friend, and Lucy ain’t gonna want that shit either. We’ll be discreet.”

“No, no. Listen to me,” Jake barked, gripping his cock. “No one can know,” he said in a staccato.

“Wait.” Marty pondered. He put his hand on his cock too. Subtly, but Jake still noticed in his periphery. “You don’t want me to tell Lucy? Isn’t that, like, Lucy cheating?”

“I dunno,” Jake said sarcastically, “you tell me. You’re the expert.” Jake reached over and gave his friend’s cock a few friendly pats, Marty’s cock bobbing in response.

“And what do you call this?” Marty shook his friend’s full-throttled dick.

“Let go.” Jake swatted his friend’s hand away. They laughed. “But there’s one more condition.”

“Yeah?” Marty tensed.

“You have to cum in her.”

Neither’s cock was going soft any time soon.

“Yeah?” Marty’s mouth had gone dry in astonishment. “Okay.”

Not playing video games anymore, the two stared at the paused tv screen. Marty broke the silence.

“I’m horny.”

“No shit,” Jake smirked. He didn’t return the sentiment–Marty knew that meant no second blow job, a rare occurrence.

“Let’s watch porn,” Jake offered. Before his father got home, they could rub one out with plenty of time. Jake fixated on the image of Lucy fucking his best friend behind his back. A fucked up situation, yes. But in theory, it was an incredibly arousing image.

The two put on porn–lesbian threesome. A choice to counterbalance the rather gay afternoon had so far. The friends beat their meat.

Chapter 2 finds Jake’s father walking in on him and Marty.

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