10 Ağustos 2022

G Spot in Goa Pt. 08

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(This is a genre I am exploring, part biography, part fiction, some imagination, full pleasure. All characters in this story are above the age of consent . Dedicated to S., my wife, the love of my life who has been gone for 7 years now, whose image comes to mind, as I put these words down.

I write because it gives me pleasure. My initial writings drew greatly from my own experiences. But as I progressed, I learnt not to fetter my imagination, but to give it wings, to take it to places one has only dreamt of. That’s why I have experimented with different perspectives, preferring not to use names, so that the readers can easily put themselves in the place of the protagonist or any of the characters, building a strong identification with them. I am an amateur and a learner and would love your feedback as it is worth its weight in gold, and enable me to craft a richer experience for us all.

This is a lengthy story, which I have broken down into chapters, each complete by itself and maybe of a different genre. The story continues from Part 7.

Going in way too deep)

22 Love boat

After her experience, where she had to stop halfway because of his roving hands, she felt it would be safer for him to drive up to the jetty. She tied the coat around her waist to prevent any unintended exhibition of her privates as her dress hitched up, sitting akimbo. As the wind blew through her, she held on to him tight feeling aroused, as his manly scent permeated her nostrils.

Her hands drifted lower down from his chest to his tight pants, her finger tracing the contours of his manhood straining to break free. She wanted to imitate what her mom had been doing just a few minutes earlier, peeling his trousers so that he sprang up in salute, to the hands that set him free of their tight stranglehold. She twisted him this way and that, following each bend of the road, making him cry in delight.

He could feel a damp spot near his bum as she ground her nether lips against him, her essential oils leaking out of her making the seat slippery and sticky. Her nipples poked into his back like twin points, as her hand moved up and down his joystick, making him hard up again. He was too far gone, and his organ started pulsing in anticipation of an honorable discharge, when she pinched his tip hard almost choking the blood flow, making him apply the brakes to the scooter, as well as his passions, bringing them to a grinding halt. She whispered an apology in his ear, she didn’t want him spoiling his pants, slowly releasing her pressure on his dick, allowing the blood to flow back in as he became limp, she bent over to stem the lubrication,seeping out of him slurping it up, before they resumed the ride.

At the jetty her parents were waiting, and informed them they just missed the boat. Sheepish and a little dejected, he went to the counter to make inquiries, returning with a broad smile a couple of minutes later. He had not only managed to salvage the situation, but improve on it beyond their expectations. He had chartered a private yacht for the evening, along with entertainment and candlelight dinner thrown in for good measure. It had cost a bomb, but no price was too high for love and to make a good impression on his future in laws too.

They climbed aboard the swank boat and we’re greeted by a serenade on the guitar, some mocktails and a constant stream of starters, as they sat on the plush sofas in the lounge. The lights dimmed and a round of traditional song and dance, upping the beat as the boat rode into the bay where the river met the sea. She and her mom relaxed on lounge chairs on the top deck, as the menfolk went down to experience time at the wheel. Her mother cosied up to her, under the blanket provided to keep them warm, probing under her dress.

She started spreading her labia and flicking her clit, the squishing sounds, masked by the live music emanating from below. She blushed a deep red, enjoying the pleasurable current that coursed through her loins from her mom’s experienced fingering, astounded at her reckless abandon of all conventions. She then felt her mother guide her hand to her thighs and up her leaking slit whose folds welcomed her as she learned to reciprocate the gestures that were being performed on her own peachy fuzz.

It was a race to see who could cum first, and ended in a dead heat as they both spasmed simultaneously, but the volume of her discharge was like a pond, compared to her mother’s ocean. Her hand was enveloped in her mother’s mature cream, while only a thimbleful of peach fizz issued from her inner core. They both used this liquid to slake their parched throats, her mom relishing some of her own vast reserves as well.

The sun was going down into the ocean, and her mom went in search of her dad, to view it together.Meanwhile he clambered up carrying some juice and a bunch of fragrant blooms for her. She asked him to put some in her hair, as he kissed her full on the lips. He tasted the sweetish remnants of her mother’s cream enjoying the kocaeli escort flavor. He asked her what she ate, and she blushed, too embarrassed to reply. The rim of the sun was nearly touching the sea at the horizon and he motioned her upwards to the crows nest, clambering up after her.

She had removed her shoes and he got an up skirt view of her thighs and a whiff of the musky scent from her loins, scooting closer pressing his nose up her skirt. She blushed helpless, as he took a small bite of her bottom, as well as a couple of licks of her thighs, tickling her, making her laugh. He was enjoying the perspective from below immensely, as she took the final few steps up he pulled down the zip at the sides.

On reaching the platform he kissed her passionately once more, taking the opportunity to lift the halter and let it fall on the floor leaving her clad in only the red negligee, tits and snatch poking through, her whole body a reddish hue, whether due to the sun’s dusky glow or the flush of her arousal, he couldn’t fathom. Maybe a combination of both, as she leant back into him, enjoying the romantic ambience.

As the sun dipped into the azure waters of the sea and the sky a medley of shades, she felt a melody of love within and a familiar rise up her behind. She turned her head, lips melting into his, as his hands played with her tits and fingered her pussy lips. As they broke off to breathe, he motioned her to look below. Though a little afraid of heights, she followed his gaze to see her mom at the bow of the boat, arms spread wide in a titanic pose, feeling the breeze on her face, hair streaming behind, eyes closed, enjoying the atmosphere.

Her father, trousers lowered, was ploughing into her considerable behind, her skirt bunched up at the waist. One hand was at her breasts milking them dry and the other between her thighs stimulating her clit, rocking her boat. Then with a mighty heave he docked into her harbour, filling her up with his foam, as her dry dock flooded with her considerable tide.

They were nearing the port themselves up high, as he tested her bottom, caulking it with his glue. Her body tensed as eddies of pleasure coursed within her depths, leading to her sinking to her knees as her harbour gushed, with waves of pleasure coursing over her. They caught their breath, licking each other’s juices for nourishment, putting her dress back on as they prepared to descend down below.

She was afraid of heights, so he went first supporting her, enjoying the view, and taking the opportunity to lick her slit, despite her vociferous protests as payment for her services almost resulting in her missing a step. She cursed him under her breath, secretly enjoying his touch as they got back on deck.

He then took her to the cabin guiding her to the wheel, using this opportunity and the cover of darkness to grope her as she started to pump his penis. He removed her dress once more, she got busy pulling his shirt over his head, freeing him from his tights as they got frisky on the captain’s table . She put her legs around his waist, clasping him tight in a vice like grip, as he suckled on her tits, making her wet again He then managed to unlock her legs from his back laying her prone on the table as he used his lips and tongue to explore her inner depths, making her rise in ecstasy as she filled him with her sweet nectar.

His mouth full, now it was her turn to feed on his rising mast, using her nips and lips to make him stand tall and then grease his pole, her saliva mixing with his jizz to give her lips a smooth ride. He tensed up, firing volleys of his ball butter down her throat, giving her a mouthful of his love. Exhausted, she lay down on him relishing his warmth and his taste. Relaxed and rejuvenated, they got decent and dressed again, moving out of the cabin they saw that the parents had moved their action to the poop deck, but were far from pooped.

In fact they made full use of the cover of darkness to get down and dirty, making out like randy teenagers on the sofa. Her mother’s legs were up in the air, as her father pushed into her smooth wet slit, splitting her wide as he pumped his seed into her welcoming womb, she grabbing his buttocks, pulling him deeper into her welcoming recesses, scaling new peaks of pleasure, as two fused into one.

23 Ocean of love

The gong rang out, and it was time for dinner to be served. They made their way to the fore deck, where a table for four was laid out. There was a candelabra with three candles enclosed in glass cases ,a beautiful flower arrangement in the center, a frilly lace table cloth and seats laid out, two on each side. They took their seats at the table, sitting side by side as the courses were wheeled in, an aphrodisiac delight, a feast of love.

He had lowered his trousers and she hiked her skirt, invisible to the parents seated across, but a green signal to each other, to facilitate better access to their loins. As the butlers trouped in with their dinner, their ardor for each other grew in kocaeli escort bayan intensity. The aphrodisiac nature of the food enhanced the passion they felt for each other and the romantic setting, under the stars and the aroma of scented candles made it impossible to restrain their arousal, their bodies literally burning with desire.

He fed her and she likewise with each course, starting with the chilled watermelon gazpacho, with hints of celery; where they touched first base with sweet caresses, rubbing earlobes, finger sucking and stolen kisses to the lips, nose, cheek and neck. The next course was an arugula and almond salad with a honey dressing with braised asparagus stalks, signalling a move to the second base. They rubbed each other’s nipples, arousing them to points, him through the side of her dress, zip surreptitiously lowered, and she through the open buttons of his ruffled shirt.

Her parents on the other side were too absorbed in their own lovemaking to pay much attention to their daughter antics. Her father greedily suckling her mother’s pendulous breasts, her dress disheveled as she moaned in orgasmic pleasure, her head thrown back and ruffling his hair. They used this opportunity to steal a few nips and kisses at each other’s teats too, though far more circumspect. They circled each other’s navels with the line of their nails ending with a vacuum kiss at the center setting their loins aflame.

The main course of shucked oysters with salt and lemon was next and it was suggestive of the third base at the junction of their thighs. On the other side her mother was fully nude, her skin reflecting the light of the moon and her father was alternating between the oysters she fed him, and the flavorful discharges from her inner recesses, as he ate her out, too far gone to bother about anything or anyone. She whetted his appetite and proceeded to add his salty sauce to her oysters too, sucking him off in a frenzy.

The young un’s could only look wide eyed in amazement at this erotic display of unbridled lust. But feelings were stirring in their loins too and they got down to the task at hand with a sweetness and sincerity that was endearing. Stroking each other’s bottoms, slow languorous licks of her folds, and a warm pair of lips encasing his member, ensured that not one drop of each other’s essential oils was spilled, increasing the pace till a burst of intimate flavor seasoned the remnants of the oysters in their mouths, leading to a satisfactory conclusion.

It was now time for the dessert consisting of strawberry and figs coated in dark chocolate, and time to progress to the fourth base, but it was off limits for them. As they were not yet wed, he couldn’t yet drop anchor in her port of call. Her parents on the other side of the table had no such compunctions, her mom had climbed onto her dad’s lap and was rocking his boat, moving up and down in a steadily increasing rhythm, her unfettered jugs swaying wildly as he tried to latch on to them, his hands grabbing her posterior, as she lubricated his thick rudder as it navigated her love canal.

They could only watch agape, their arousal and envy increasing with every stroke. But then he had a eureka moment, if fourth was off limits, why not proceed to the fifth, and inserted his sticky fingers up her anus. She let out a silent scream and turned sideways, did likewise, till they both reached a climax, potent white jizz pouring out of their loins, using the cream to add a punch to the dessert they had just consumed.

They tidied themselves up, as her parents recovered from their four course love fest, having just scored a home run covering all four bases. They were a bit embarrassed, at not being able to control their passions in front of the kids, not knowing that the kids weren’t kids anymore, progressing one step ahead of them in their own love boat.

The meal over they moved to the top deck where a live band was playing old romantic numbers and under the light of the full moon. He asked her for a dance, and the two couples swayed to the melodies, which echoed the feelings in their hearts. It was magical with her head on his chest, her scent wafting up his nose and holding on tight, not wanting to let go of this moment of love.

He saw her dad out of the corner of his eye, up to his old tricks again, and wondered from where he got his energy from. He got inspired to try the same, getting frisky, but she would have none of it, content with just enjoying the atmosphere. She wanted to freeze this moment in time, her heart bursting with love and joy, enjoying being ensconced in his strong arms. They saw that her parents had disappeared, and took this moment to engage in a tender kiss under the stars in the night sky.

They made their way down again as the cruise was nearing its end. Hearing sounds of passion coming from a cabin on the landing, they couldn’t resist a peek through the porthole. Her parents were bouncing about on a water bed, game for one last farewell fuck before kocaeli escort the ship docked. The oysters and other aphrodisiacs that they enjoyed for dinner, were still working their magic as squishy noises emanated from his forays into her welcoming crevice, her legs locked around his back, her hands cradling his balls. His face was buried in her cleavage, his hands tweaking her nipples, evoking moans of pleasure as she came in a series of orgasms, her vaginal walls massaging his dick with their contractions till he emptied his seed into her depths.

Watching from the other side , she too was primed for release as he fingered her clitoris relentlessly , stooping down so that she placed one leg over his shoulders as he caught a close up view of her creamy thighs, tasting the sweet honeysuckle that emanated from her bud, lapping it up. The boat docked and they disembarked, a little wistful after a pleasurable evening.

24 Sex on the beach

They drove home in silence, contemplating the evening’s events. A cold wind was blowing, and she cosied up to him deriving heat from his body. The cool night air had hardened her nipples to points again, poking through his shirt into his shoulder blades. They stopped near the beach opposite the resort, wishing this time spent together would never end. She intertwined her fingers in his, removing her stilettos to walk in the soft sands.

He motioned her to wait awhile, using his lips to roll down her stockings, kissing down the inside of her thigh, feeling her quiver as he did so. Her legs were incredibly sexy and he loved the feel of her rounded buttocks, toned thighs, smooth knees and shapely calves that turned him on, making him hard again. He removed her dress too and the red negligee too taking advantage of the cover of darkness.

She made weak protestations, but got to work as well, divesting him of all his garments too in the process. She was aflush with arousal and embarrassment, though through the gloom, he could just make out her silhouette. She could make out the shape of his penis, standing erect, and he, her hips and nipples sticking up like points. They walked along the beach, the sound of the waves lulling them into comfort, and their shared silence speaking volumes no words could match. They walked along the water’s edge, the waves lapping at their feet as they enjoyed the intimacy of the serene beach and the romance of the night.

Suddenly she left his hand and broke out into a run. Puzzled, he sprinted after her, noticing the sexy sway of her buttocks and the jiggling of her breasts. He caught up with her, putting a hand across her belly in order to slow her down, with the result that sent both sprawling into the soft white sand. He was afraid that he had injured her, but was relieved to hear her tinkling laughter. Intrigued, he asked her why she ran and received the answer that it was just that she wanted to see if he would follow after her and loved the freedom of streaking in the moonlight on the beach.

He grabbed her and kissed her tight, rolling over each other, enjoying the warmth of each other’s skin. The urgency of their kisses reduced as their heartbeat normalized, now slow and languorous, their hands feeling what their eyes couldn’t see, tongues doing a tango in their mouths, breaking off in a series of small kisses over each other’s face. She could feel him pulsating near her navel, and thirsted for a taste of his lolly. She sat on his chest facing his legs and decided to give him a tit fuck for being such a good boy, licking his glans as it emerged through her cleavage.

Her pussy was leaking too, and he was no stranger to her cunt, knowing it’s contours as a mechanic knows a car engine and soon got her all heated up spreading her lips accessing her core as she ground against him, his tongue probing her inner walls, caressing her.clit. it didn’t take them long to reach the throes of ecstasy, a final spasm as they filled up the other enjoying the manna of love. As their floodgates opened up, so did the sky above, with large droplets of rain cooling down the heat of passion.

It was coming down in sheets, and they let the droplets of heaven bless them and clean them as they made their way back to the scooter. They kissed each other in the pouring rain, enjoying the cool water drops sizzling as they touched their overheated bodies. She wore his shirt and he bare chested only his tights, as they drove the short distance to the resort, parking and running for cover as they reached their suite.

They went on tiptoe, afraid to alert their parents with the noise of their entry. But they needn’t have bothered as a bolt of lightning illuminated the scene. On the lawns leading from her parents room, a pair of lovers came into view, enjoying the showers of blessings on their naked forms perched on a garden swing, sitting side by side, like a pair of children, only their antics betraying them.

In the garden lights they could make out her dad feeding on her mom’s knockers, his hand between her thighs. She had a glazed look in her eyes, head thrown back, mouth open as the raindrops fell from above, her hand stroking his dick. They slipped onto the lawns, bodies writhing in the rain, trying to gain ascendancy over the other, legs flailing, covered in mud and grass.

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