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Frat Party Hell Week Part One

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The frat parties at the University of ————— were legendary, especially during Hell Week, or the last week of Pledging. The Actives hazed the pledges to the point of breaking, and all of the ones who made it through would get up Sunday morning and be ready for their secret activation ceremonies. But they had to get through Saturday night. That night every fraternity on campus had a party and invited everyone, and the biggest part of the activity was hazing the pledges. Of all the fraternities, however Sigma ———— ————- was well known to be the worst. They paraded their pledges naked around the party, and forced as much booze down them as they could hold. All night long they would be forced to do whatever deprived thing the pledge trainer thought up.

The Hell Week Party of 2001 kicked off when trainer Andy Lee called pledge Gabe Smith to the stairs at the center of the frat house. The music was cut and Gabe stood their, buck naked with every eye in the house on him. Everyone laughed, and the poor boy’s face turned a dark shade of red. Andy smiled and waved, then pointed to Gabe’s small cock and large belly. He shook the other boy’s belly, which drew some applause and laughter from the gather crowd.

“Where is Gwen Abney?” Andy asked. There was another cheer from the back of the room, and the crowd urged a very large girl to the front of the room. She was wearing a top that was tight on her robust boobs, and a leather miniskirt that showed more of her ass cheek than most people wanted to see. At six foot, three hundred and fifty pounds, Gwen was by far the largest girl and one of the largest people on campus. But she was also very rich and loved to buy drinks for all of her friends, so she was very popular on şişli bayan escort campus. Especially at the Sigma House. “Gwen baby, welcome to the party!” The crowd cheered. “I heard you’ve been looking for a man?”

“That’s right,” she said with a very husky voice. She looked down a Gabe. “I was hopping for one with a bigger cock!” The crowd erupted. “Maybe he’s better with his tongue.”

“You heard it, Gabe, why don’t you show our favorite little sister a little love?” Andy said. “On your knees.”

Gabe dropped to his knees in front of Gwen and the crowd cheered. He stared up at the massive woman and sighed. During pledging you didn’t question your pledge trainer, and you didn’t hesitate too long, or you were black balled. He slid his hands up her leather skirt until he felt her panties. Slowly he slid them down as the room whooped and cheered around him. He could already smell her pussy, and even though he’d always expected a fat woman’s pussy to smell bad, it was really kind of a sweet smell.

“Oh, it looks like Gabe’s enjoying this!” Andy cried, pointing at Gabe’s swelling erection.

Before he could react, Gwen grabbed Gabe by the back of the head and pulled his face up into her pussy. It was hairy and wet, and his tongue at once found her clit. She moaned.

“Jim Glover, get your ass up here!” Andy ordered. A rather pale, skinny pledge emerged from the crowd. “I’ve heard that you’re an ass man?”

“Yes sir!”

“Then why don’t you get down here and sample the product?”

The crowd cheered again as Jim dropped to his knees behind the large woman. He raised the back of her skirt, revealing her large naked ass. He spread her cheeks with his hands, and then leaned in to lick her asshole.

“Now şişli escort we’re cooking!” Andy yelled.

“Oh god,” Gwen moaned as she started to cum. And Gabe did seem to be enjoying himself. He was attacking Gwen’s pussy like a horny teenager, licking her clit and sucking up the juices. Without even being told he slid two fingers into her pussy, and this time her body quivered as she cam. On the other side, Jim Glover was running his tongue up and down her massive ass crack. She spread her legs a little to let them both work a little better.

“Andy,” Gwen said between deep breaths. “This just isn’t working….Maybe we need to try a new position.”

She pushed both boys away and quickly undid the zipper of her skirt, letting it fall to the ground. The crowd cheered as she dropped to her hands and knees. She grabbed Gabe and pulled him into a kiss, which he returned passionately. She guided him down under her into the 69 position, and then lowered her pussy onto his face. Then she devoured his small cock. Jim dropped to his hands and knees behind her and started running his tongue from her pussy all the way up to her asshole, which he tongued aggesivly.

“Where’s Dave?” Andy asked. A third pledge was herded up from the back of the room, where he had so far been trying to stay out of site. There were some cat calls from the ladies when they saw the massive limp penis swinging between his legs. “We got plenty of action here, Dave, and I think the ladies would like to see that big cock of yours in action wouldn’t they?” The women cheered. “Jim, give your pledge brother a hand.”

As he continued eating Gwen’s ass, Jim Glover reached up and grabbed Dave’s limp cock. He started stroking it, and at once it started to get hard. The mecidiyeköy escort crowd gasp at their first site of an actual twelve inch penis, which most people would never see outside of a porno movie. When it was fully erect, Jim turned and pulled it into his mouth. At the same time he slid the index finger of his now free hand into Gwen’s ass and started finger fucking her. Gwen and Dave moaned together. Jim managed to deep throat almost all of Dave’s cock.

Gwen raised her head from Gabe’s cock, and out of breath she managed, “Would someone FUCK me already?”

The crowd cheered again.

Dave pulled his cock out of Jim’s mouth and moved to stand behind Gwen. He ran the head of his massive cock down the crack of her massive ass. When it got to her pussy, Gabe licked the shaft as he helped to guide it in. As he started to fuck her, Jim got behind Dave and started licking his ass. After a moment he licked a finger and shoved it in.

“Now its getting hot!” Andy yelled and the crowd cheered. The four bodies on the floor moved and moaned almost as one.

Jim finally got to his feet and started to gently work his cock into Dave’s tight virgin ass. Down below Gabe was playing with Dave’s balls every time they slapped him in the face, and continuing to lick Gwen’s clit. He cam first, blowing his load in Gwen’s mouth. She kept sucking until she’d sucked him dry, and then finally let his cock loose.

“Oh Fuck Yeah!” she moaned, cum dripping down her chin.

Dave cam next, blowing his load in Gwen’s hairy, dripping pussy even as Jim fucked him in the ass. A moment later he too cam, filling Dave’s virgin ass with a load of cum. All four of them collapsed to the floor.

Gwen pulled Gabe closer and kissed him again. Dave looked at Jim uncomfortable, but Jim was all smiles.

“Welcome to Hell Week!” Andy yelled. “Everyone keep drinking, this is just the start of tonight debauchery!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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