4 Aralık 2022

Found My Master On Omegle

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Found My Master On Omegle

I wanted a kink in my life. A kink which will change my life and make me involved in it every time. I use to read and see BDSM porn only. How slave girl is being torture was the fun part for me an orgasm every time. I was regularly looking for a master.

Even on a tinder date, I use to look for the master who was able to control me properly and able to satisfy my needs. Every day I use to masturbate while seeing the BDSM porn which use to excite me so much. One day I found the best thing. Omegle it is chat box where you can chat to the strangers.

I wrote my interest as a slave girl. And for a like month, it was fun texting different random guys and cum and sleep. Help them jerk off. Be their slave for only one session. After 2 months of being there, I found an Indian man. He was so dominating that I gave him my hangout id in just 15 minutes. Talk only.

After the chats, we got to know that we stay in the same city only. For 1 week he used to call me. And order me bahis siteleri to do things. And he used to listen to me doing the spanking, beating or cumming with 4 fingers. I was his slave. Doing things all at his command.

After a week he said me to level up and I started sharing pictures. Pictures such as me writing slave on my boobs, on my face and even on my ass. One day he made me write slave (Randi ) all over my body. He made me sleep naked on the floor.

And asked for the proof with video calling and photos in the middle of the night. After a month he told me to meet at his flat. He used to live alone. He ordered me to wear tight clothes with no bra and panty. I went there and rang the doorbell. He opened the door shirtless.

He was 31 and I’m only 20. He was dark, broad and powerful, and I, on the other hand, is slim and skinny. With the size of 32b 26 28. He saw me and ordered me to get naked and bend down on my knees. He asked me who are you. I said, “Your slave, master.”

He said mobilbahis very well. He said to wait. I was on the doormat naked with the door opened. He brought a box from his room after 5 minutes of my embarrassment on the doormat. I opened the box it was panty and bra but some twist. It was having holes where the nipples and pussy come. And a dog collar.

He told me to wear it all. And then shut the door and walk like a bitch and come to the room where he is waiting. I did the same and went to the room crawling. He said, “Good girl.” And asked me to come up on bed lying on the back. As soon as I lay down he started slapping me for not meeting him sooner.

It was around 30-40 slaps around my body. He didn’t make me count it. And then he took my legs up. And started fucking me roughly. I was literally very wet after all this. I was moaning loudly. So he said to stay quiet or else I have to deal with punishment.

But staying quite was very difficult. I tried for a bit. But then perabet I started moaning. He listened to my voice and said, “Shut-up, bitch.” And started fucking me very hard. It was hurting now. I shouted to stop. And he increased his pace more, and finally, he came all over me.

He asked me to clean the mess by licking everything up. It was my first time licking anyone cum. But I had to. I can’t do anything else though. As soon as I cleaned him up. he asked to lick everything from my body too. It was good in taste. I started liking it. Afterward, he tied my hands to the curtain hanger.

My feet were just touching the ground like only fingers, heels were in the air. Then he brought 10 clothes pins and started putting 3 -3 on my nipples and 1 on clit and 2 on pussy lips last one on my tongue. God! It started hurting like hell. Tears were rolling down my eyes.

But he didn’t show any mercy. And asked me who I am. I said, “Your slave, Master.” He said now get ready. He left me there naked with pins on my private parts for almost 15 minutes. I was crying in pain and calling him master I’m sorry. He then came back to the room with a whip.

He started removing the pins by it. It was hurting but making me wet too. I was enjoyin

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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