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For Love of E Ch. 02

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Eliza rolled over and reached for the bedside table. “All right, damn it!” she muttered as she fumbled for the phone which was repeating the silly ringtone which had seemed so cute when she downloaded it, but was now getting on her last nerve. “Hello and this had better be important!” she growled when she finally pried the phone open and tucked it under her ear.

“Whassa matter, E? Somebody wake up on the wrong side of an empty bed?” chirped an irritatingly cheerful voice. “It’s time to get your lovely ass out of the sack and into your shopping clothes, girlfriend. There are clothes to buy and credit cards to abuse. Get it in gear!”

“Damn, Jeanie, what time is it?” demanded Eliza, who was struggling to untangle herself from her covers as she spoke. “Are the stores even open yet?”

“Where has your head been, girl? It’s almost noon, and time’s a’wastin’! All the good stuff’ll be gone by the time you haul your lovely carcass out of that romper room you call a bed,” drawled Jeanie, who was Eliza’s best friend and confidante, having known her since high school. “If you aren’t out of bed by the time I get up there, I’m gonna drag your ass out myself!”

Despite her less than perfect outlook on life this early in the morning, Eliza couldn’t help but grin at her friend’s stubborn Georgia accent, which lingered on despite four years of college at an Ivy League school. “All right, all right. Don’t get your knickers in a knot. I’m up.” she said with a sigh. As she hung the phone up, she surveyed the room around her with a jaundiced eye. “This crap can wait until later,” she decided, “if I get to it at all…”

It had been a long time since Eliza had cared about much of anything; her lack of anything resembling a normal social life had begun to wear her down to a point where housework, or anything resembling normalcy, was pretty much a non-occurrence. If only she had a reason to care…

She tried to remember the last time she had felt like sprucing up for anyone; her last sexual encounters, while exciting, had somehow fizzled out as her work schedule played havoc with her relationship with Kit, the older, but still attractive, building superintendent. They hadn’t exactly fought, but had drifted apart as she was forced to cancel one ‘date’ after the other. Kit’s parting words had stung her to the heart; “Call me when you need your plumbing fixed.” Then he turned and walked away. She had been too proud to beg, and had been too angry to apologize; as a result, it had been several months since she had had an encounter of a sexual nature with anyone other than herself. She had grown quite weary of that, thank you…

As she was sadly remembering, the doorbell buzzed. “Damn, look at the time! Jeanie’s gonna kill me!” she muttered, as she raced to the door to let her friend in before she started to pound at the door and yell.

“Well, I see that Martha Stewart moved out,” was Jeanie’s only comment as she entered the apartment.

“And it’s so good to see you, too,” was Eliza’s curt reply. “You know that I don’t care how the place looks, since nobody but me sees it anyway.”

“And whose fault is that?” inquired Jeanie, archly. “Maybe you are in love with Rosie and her five brothers, but this is ridiculous!”

“Do I pry into your sex life?” countered Eliza, as she rummaged through her bureau for some fresh panties. “Not EVERY swingin’ dick that passes by interests ME,” she insisted. “Especially when all they’re interested in is getting off and getting out. Besides, aren’t you busy enough with your own life without taking care of mine?”

“Oh, but I LIKE taking care of you, darlin’; whatever would I do in the big city without the girl who knows all my secrets?” giggled Jeanie. “Even the ones we don’t talk about,” she added, taking a playful swat at Eliza’s bare bottom as she walked past.

“Be careful what you start with me, girl,” Eliza warned, still looking for something to wear.

“Oh, I’ll be careful, all right,” said Jeanie, as she reached out and grabbed Eliza’s ass with both hands and gave it a big kiss. “I’m always careful!”

With that, Eliza whirled around and pushed Jeanie backwards. Jeanie türkçe altyazılı porno stumbled over Eliza’s wadded-up jeans on the floor, and fell backwards, knocking her head on the footboard of the big sleigh bed. “OW! SHIT!” she said as she fell to the floor, clutching the back of her head in both hands.

“Oh, God, I’m sorry, Jeanie!” Eliza cried, rushing to her friend and cradling her head against her chest as she kneeled beside her. “I didn’t mean to do that!”

“Oooohhh,” moaned Jeanie, as she lay limp in Eliza’s arms. Eliza tried to feel around the back of her friend’s head, with the result that her still-impressive breasts were virtually forced into Jeanie’s face. “MMMMMM!” said Jeanie, as she opened her mouth to say something, only to have it filled with one of Eliza’s boobs. Jeanie thought for only a split second, then took advantage of the opportunity to reconstruct one of the pastimes they had shared while in school together, so many years ago. She started to suckle softly at her friend’s breast, amused that the taste was still as she remembered it; warm and slightly tart, with the remnants of her perfume still lingering from last night.

“What the hell—you’re not hurt!” said Eliza. As she tried to pull away, Jeanie held her close and said, “What are you afraid of, dearie; that we’ll be interrupted? We have all day to go shopping: besides, you haven’t gotten dressed yet, and it’d be a shame to waste such a beautiful opportunity!” With that, Jeanie reached up and drew Eliza’s head down to her face to kiss her with a passion suddenly remembered after so long. “Oh. God, you’re so sweet!” she murmured, as Eliza began to respond to her friend’s passion.

Suddenly, all the pent-up frustration in Eliza’s life swept through her, and she picked her friend up and placed her on the bed, pausing only long enough to sweep the tousled bedclothes aside. As she started to remove Jeanie’s blouse, Jeanie stopped her and said, “I’ll do this…little buttons,” and began to unbutton a surprisingly large number of tiny buttons holding the blouse closed. As she did this, Eliza transferred her attention to Jeanie’s blue jeans, which, as was usual with her friend, were nearly skin-tight, and required a bit of tugging to get over her hips and down her legs. Eliza then had to stop to remove Jeanie’s sandals so she could pull the pants over her feet.

“God, how do you walk in these?” Eliza panted, as she finally got the jeans to come off. “Doesn’t that chafe?”

“Not if I powder my thighs, first,” was the reply. “But it’s worth it to see the double-takes on the street.”

Eliza giggled as she remembered the trip when they had bought those jeans…

Two years prior…

“What’s the hurry, Jeanie?” panted Eliza as she tried to keep up with her friend, who was expertly weaving around the clothing displays like a running back on a mission. Eliza shook her head in exasperation; when it came to shopping, Jeanie was major league. When she got a target in her sights, she was unstoppable. “Are you after something in particular, or anything that moves too slowly to escape?”

“Skinny jeans!” Jeanie crowed. “Gotta have some skinny jeans…got a date tonight with a hottie, and need all the tools I can get my hands on. This hunt WILL be successful!”

“Hunt? You sound like a predator,” muttered Eliza. “How important can one date be?”

“You haven’t seen this one,” chuckled Jeanie with an evil leer. “And, come to think of it, I don’t think I am going to let you in the near future; I need a chance to land this big boy without you distracting him.”

“What do you mean, distracting him?” asked Eliza. “Just look at you; how in the world could I distract anyone within sight of you?”

“Oh, you have your ways…remember Larry? He took one look at you, and I might as well have been a side of beef. He practically tripped over his tongue.”

Eliza laughed at the memory. “Well, he certainly had nothing ELSE to trip over,” and held up her thumb and forefinger about two inches apart. “My tongue is longer than his prick.”

“Well, be that as it may, I need a clear field with this one, xnxx so give me at least a head start,” pleaded Jeanie.

“No problem; just pulling your chain. Here, aren’t these the kind you’re looking for?” asked Eliza, pointing to a rack of incredibly skinny jeans. “See if they have your size; you know, teensy…”

“Got it!” cried Jeanie. “Now, let’s go see if they fit!”

The girls both crowded into a dressing cubicle, giggling like two schoolgirls. Every time one looked at the other, they burst out laughing again. Finally, Jeanie got the jeans pulled up her legs and struggled to close the front. “Here,” said Eliza, “let me give you a hand.”

“Oohh, that sound delicious,” cooed Jeanie, with a suggestive shake of her hips. “Two hands, if you can spare them…”

Laughing, Eliza deliberately placed both her hands on Jeanie’s slim bottom, and grabbed a double handful of her delightful ass. “Like this?” she asked playfully. “Is this what you want?”

“Silly, I thought you were going to help me into the jeans, not out of them,” giggled Jeanie. “This reminds me of summer camp; you remember?”

“We didn’t do this at summer camp,” said Eliza, pulling Jeanie close and kissing her fiercely on the mouth. “How about them apples?”

Laughing gaily, Jeanie pulled away, and said, “Let’s get these all the way on, first,” indicating the jeans which were still not securely fastened. “I want to see if they are going to close.”

“All right,” Eliza sighed, “if that’s what you really want.”

“Anything else will have to wait until we get back home,” Jeanie said, “unless you want to risk getting caught by security.”

They both giggled at the thought of how to explain that…

Present day…

“Too bad we never got to finish what we started that day,” mused Eliza. “Had it not been for work…but I suppose that I would have had just as much trouble getting you out of these then, too. By the way, you never did tell me how that date went; the one with the hottie.”

Jeanie sighed, with an impressive display of her chest. “He was a disappointment; he would rather nurse than anything else, and I was not in the mood to be anyone’s mother. I suppose I shouldn’t have worried about you or anyone else…” As she remembered, a small tear trickled down her cheek.

“What’s really wrong, dear?” said Eliza, a bit alarmed at her friend’s distress. “He was a long time ago.”

“It’s been a long time, period,” said Jeanie in a small voice. “The longest dry spell I can remember.”

“Oh, hon!” said Eliza, embracing her friend. “We need to do something about that right now!” Pulling her friend into a long, passionate kiss, Eliza slowly lowered herself onto the bed alongside Jeanie. As she slowly stroked her friend’s long chestnut hair, Eliza explored Jeanie’s mouth with her tongue, and was encouraged when Jeanie responded in kind. After a brief tongue-tussle, Eliza broke the torrid kiss and slowly moved down Jeannie’s still-lithe body, pausing every so often to kiss or lick her smooth skin. As she passed Jeanie’s pert breasts, she paused to kiss and suck gently on both nipples, delighting in their instant response, standing at perfect attention like two little soldiers. Encouraged by this, Eliza made her way down Jeanie’s torso until she reached the soft down of Jeanie’s pubic hair that had been neatly shaped into a heart. “This is cute,” she breathed, as she parted the downy hair with her tongue and touched the lips which were opening like an orchid, red and glistening.

“Oooooohhhhh!” moaned Jeanie, as Eliza’s tongue found her clitoris and tickled it gently before her lips closed upon it to suck gently. “My God, you did remember summer camp!” was all that Jeanie could say as the waves of the first orgasm in a long time burst over her. Eliza felt her friend start to quiver, and rode with her relentlessly until she felt Jeanie begin to come down off the high. Then, as Jeanie began to relax, Eliza inserted one, then two fingers in her friend’s pussy, gently stroking her to maintain the level of arousal, not wanting her to come too far down before resuming her climb again.

“Come here!” commanded porno izle Jeanie, wanting Eliza to kiss her again.

“Not yet,” said Eliza with a smile. “There’s more to come. Just lie still for a moment and close your eyes.” As Jeanie obeyed her friend, Eliza reached under the bed and withdrew a slim phallus with a curious crook at the end that came to a bulb. “All right, you can open your eyes now,” she said with a smile. “I think this will work nicely, don’t you?”

“What IS that?” wondered Jeanie aloud. “That’s the strangest looking dildo I’ve ever seen.”

“It’s called a Feeldoe,” answered Eliza. “It’s designed by women, for women, and is really neat! Let me show you.” With that, Eliza spread her labia and inserted the bulb end into her pussy, adjusting it until the main part of the phallus stuck out from her labia like it was attached. “See? This way we both reap the benefits.” Eliza reached under the base of the Feeldoe and switched it on. A low hum betrayed the vibrator that was built into the toy. “Oooh, you’re going to LOVE this!” said Eliza as she got to her knees on the bed and positioned herself between Jeanie’s open legs. “Just a second while I get some lube,” she said as Jeanie’s eyes were riveted to the sight of a 7 inch cock protruding from the crotch of her lifelong friend, Eliza applied a little lube to the Feeldoe, and then positioned the tip at the entrance to Jeanie’s now soaking wet pussy. “Here we go,” she said as she slowly but steadily pushed the dildo into her friend.

“WOW! That is smooth!” cried Jeanie as she felt the dildo penetrate deep into her canal. “This thing feels real, not plastic. How’d they do that?”

“It’s a special polymer that has an outer coating that feels like skin,” Eliza answered as she slowly began to rock in and out. “These things are expensive, but I think you’ll agree that they are worth every penny! The best thing is, I feel this as much as you do; the end inside me has the vibrator base, so I get the same buzz as well as a rocking motion in and out as I thrust into you. It’s the next best thing to having a real cock.”

“Well, you just keep that up,” said Jeanie as she began the climb back up to her peak of passion. “It’s as good as any cock I’ve ever had, but better, since it’s you and not some rutty man on the other end. OOOOHHHH!!”

With that last word, Jeanie began to come again, this time rocking back and forth on the Feeldoe and clutching her friend’s ass in both hands as she pulled Eliza into her in time with their rhythm. “I’m, I’M, I’M…AAAAHHH!” Jeanie began to come so hard that she couldn’t speak words; just the inarticulate sound of a massive and long-delayed orgasm. Her cries sent Eliza over the edge, as she had been riding the wave of passion as she pumped away at her friend, higher and higher. As both girls cried in delight and overwhelming release, they clutched each other with a need and fervor that took them both by surprise when they could form a conscious thought, much later. For now, however, all they could do was hold each other and shudder as the aftershocks of their gigantic shared orgasm ripped through them again and again. Too soon, though, they subsided into coos of pleasure and panting breath, as the two regained the ability to speak.

“Wow…that was awesome!” said Jeanie, as she looked over at the sweaty body of her best friend. “Why didn’t I know about this earlier?”

“Well, you have been keeping your personal life pretty much a secret lately,” answered Eliza. “It’s been like the world’s biggest secret.”

“Well, what now?” asked Jeanie.

“I suppose the first order of business is a shower for both of us. The shower is big enough for us to share…that’d be fun,” Eliza mused.

“Which one of us is gonna get up to turn on the water?” Jeanie giggled.

“I’ll do it,” answered Eliza. “It’s kind of tricky.” With that, she padded into the bathroom and turned on the shower. “Shit, no hot water, again!” she swore. “I’ll get that stu…wait a minute…this might be fun!” Eliza came out of the shower, still naked as a jaybird, picked up the phone, and said, “Kit, the damned water is screwed up again! Can you come up right now? And, ummm, bring your tool with you!”

She began to laugh as Jeanie looked at her with a puzzled expression. “Don’t worry, you’ll love this. Just stay on the bed for now, and see what comes up…” With that she began to laugh as if she had just told the biggest joke…

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