10 Ağustos 2022

For Cindy

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Apple Head

She was right on time for her 5:30pm appointment, and as expected, the receptionist was long gone. Cindy had been seeing her counselor, Bill, for 6 months now, but tonight she was nervous and unsure of herself as she walked back to the office. She had made a decision, but at the moment fear of failure and rejection filled her mind. Negative projection, that’s what Bill had labeled her feelings of foreboding. She took a deep breath and pushed the thoughts out of her head. No thinking tonight – just action!

Bill rose to greet her at the door. “You look great. Come in. How was your week?”

“Oh fine, just fine.” she lied. In truth it had been a shitty week. No progress with her husband. It had been over a year since he had made love to her, and she couldn’t push aside the feelings of hopelessness.

But tonight she was not going to feel helpless. Tonight she was a woman on a mission.

After a few minutes of small talk, Cindy asked, “Bill, do you mind if I use the restroom?”

“Of course not. Right through the door over there.”

She closed the door and looked at her reflection in the mirror. “It’s now or never. ” she said to herself. Removing her dress, Cindy gazed at her body in the mirror. “Not bad for 41.” she thought. The black teddy she wore pushed her bare breasts pendik escort up seductively and the black stockings and heels completed the look. “Well, if this doesn’t say ‘I want to fuck’, nothing does.” she mused.

Cindy opened the door and saw Bill with his back to her, scribbling notes at his desk. She waited for him to turn around. When he did, she saw a look of confusion, and by the way his eyes were fixed on her tits-lust. As he was about to speak, she raised her finger to her lips. “Please, no words. I don’t need words tonight.”

She walked toward him, her mind repeating,” Easy…Take your time…. Don’t scare him for God’s sake!” She gently placed her fingers in his hair and pulled his lips to her tit. Bill began to slowly lick around her stiff nipple. He then took her nipple gently between his teeth and pulled while his tongue flicked back and forth over the tip.

Cindy moaned softly in his ear, ” I need this. You know how I need this.” He moved back and forth between each breast in a rhythm that had her swaying in his arms. She was in no hurry now as the warmth began to spread throughout her body. Her clit was throbbing; months of desire building within her. Cindy slowly pulled her tit from his mouth and knelt in front of him. Her fingers kartal escort fumbled from excitement as she loosened his belt and pulled down his zipper.

“You know…” he began.

“Shhhh…” she whispered, cutting off any protests. She took his already hard cock into her mouth and began to playfully swirl her tongue around the swelling head. As he moaned, Cindy lowered her head and took him deep into her throat. She knew there would be no protests to silence now. Her friend, Sue, always joked, ‘once you get a man’s cock in your mouth, he your toy.’

She wrapped her lips firmly around his shaft and sucked slowly up and down until he pushed her back and lifted her onto the desk. He quickly unsnapped the crotch of her teddy and spread her thighs apart. Cindy jumped as his tongue touched her swollen clit. He gently stroked her, but she was so sensitive, it was almost painful. Her orgasm came quickly and sharply. She squeezed her thighs against his head as she gasped and shuddered.

Tears filled her eyes. “Damn! Damn! Damn!” she swore to herself. “I wanted it to last. I wanted it to last forever.”

As Cindy sighed, Bill’s tongue began anew with purpose. He pulled back the hood of her clit and sucked it into his mouth where his tongue maltepe escort lashed her clit side to side. She lay back and moaned as he forced his tongue deep into her wet pussy. She felt she was being devoured. “Oh yea…Oh yea…” she cried as she pulled Bill’s head into her cunt. An orgasm began building within her like she never felt before. It felt like a wave that was rising from her toes and rushing toward her clit. It broke in an explosion of heat that spread through her entire body.

“My God! Please stop.” she cried. As Bill lifted his head from her dripping pussy, she hugged him tight to her breasts as she began to kiss him. She had never tasted her own juices before, but she found it strangely exciting. Licking his face seemed to excite Bill too. He flipped her over the desk and slid his hard cock along the swollen lips of her pussy. Cindy reached back and spread her ass cheeks. She was so wet he entered her with little effort.

“Fuck me, Fuck me like a whore!” she shouted. His excitement grew and he began to pound hard into her cunt. Cindy thrust back hard against him. “Fuck me…Fuck me. …Fuck me ” she repeated over and over. As she did, Bill pounded harder and harder.

“Aahh shittt…” he groaned as he shot everything he had into her.

He collapsed against her and she reached back and held him tight within her. Cindy didn’t want this to end. She wanted the warmth and closeness she felt to continue forever.

At last she turned to kiss him.

“I a… a… would” he began.

“Sshhh.” she whispered as she turned toward the bathroom.

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