13 Ağustos 2022

Flights of Fancy Ch. 03

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The examination room incident the day before had had a profound effect on Brenda. She had never behaved in such a way before, and still wasn’t sure how it had happened. As she had led the young woman into the examination room she had no thoughts other than doing her job professionally and conducting a standard body search.

Obviously the fact that the woman had been wearing a sex toy inside her had been a factor, but it was something unique about the situation. A combination of the woman moaning as Brenda’s fingers explored her, how desperate and confused and turned on Karl looked throughout it all. The turning point had been when Brenda rubbed the ben wa balls up against the woman’s wet slit. From that point she had felt in control. She had taken the initiative. And it was as sexy as he’ll. She wanted more.

Two things in particular she had thought about since it happened. First, taking Karl in hand, quite literally. That thick cock of his could be a very dangerous weapon if he knew how to use it. He clearly didn’t, and Brenda was sure she should be the older woman who could show him the ropes. Then she could reap the benefits, having that big dock at her beck and call.

The second, and for Brenda, more intriguing development had been how much she had enjoyed watching her young colleague fucking the sex toy wearing traveller. She had always liked the idea of watching others having sex, but that was her first time proper and it had been mind blowing.

But whilst engineering an opportunity with Karl was going to be relatively straightforward, she had absolutely no idea how she should go about trying to do that again. She would just have to be satisfied with training an inexperienced twenty year old cock and making it hers.

Her thoughts were disturbed by her manager calling her.

“Hi Brenda, I was wondering if you could do me a huge favour,” he said.

“Yes of course Mike, just name it,” she replied.

“Well you see I’ve just realised we’ve cocked up a bit on the appraisals front. Young Karl needs to have his three month probation review. He’s actually been here almost four months now, you see. Time flies by doesn’t it? Anyway, Jonathan is his line manager and was meant to do it but he forgot and he’s off on holiday now. It really needs to get done this week, today if at all possible. Could you do it? We have all the feedback forms.”

Brenda smiled to herself. This was her lucky day. An hour alone in an office with Karl. She could get the forms filled out in minutes, the rest of the time she could devote to that cock of his.

“Absolutely no problem Mike. Leave it with me. I can do it now,” she said breezily.

“Fantastic. Really appreciate it Brenda. I’ll get Karl and the forms sent down to meeting room 7 right away.” And with that he hung up.

Brenda made her way over to the meeting room. Mike’s PA popped in with the feedback forms that Karl’s colleagues had completed, and Brenda waited for Karl to arrive. She undid a couple of buttons on her work shirt, giving a glimpse of cleavage. Moments later there was a knock on the door.

“Come kadıköy escort on in,” shouted Brenda.

Karl opened the door and stopped abruptly.

“Oh…um…I wasn’t….I wasn’t expecting it to be you Brenda,” he said nervously.

“No me neither. Last minute change of plans apparently. Not a problem I hope?”

“No, not at all. Just took me by surprise, that’s all.”

Of course straight after he had finished fucking the woman yesterday, he had taken her on the buggy to her departure gate. He and Brenda hadn’t seen each other since then. As he looked at her now all he could think about was her sitting watching him fucking, one hand down the front of her black lace panties, the other pulling on the nipple of one of her gorgeous full breasts.

“Well sit down, let’s get cracking,” she instructed.

He had loved the way she had ordered him around yesterday. There was no way he would have had the guts to do what he did if she hadn’t taken charge the way she had.

Brenda was looking down, flicking through the feedback forms, scanning their contents.

“Okay, well generally this is really good feedback….’enthusiastic’….’sensible’… ‘uses his initiative’…’conscientious’….these are all great comments,” she said as she worked through the pile.

Karl was only half listening to Brenda’s assessment. He was staring at her cleavage, he could see her full breasts and thought he could see a little bit of her black bra. He couldn’t help thinking about seeing those boobs yesterday. He’d only had a glimpse as he looked over from where he was fucking away, but he had loved what he had seen. Her skin had a lovely olive tan, and the nipple she was pinching and pulling at was thick and dark. He was fantasizing sucking on it when he realised she was talking to him.


“Sorry? I missed that.”

“Improvements. I was asking you where you think you could improve your performance.”

“Um…I don’t really know. I think I could be more decisive. People have told me that.”

Brenda wrote something down and closed the file.

“Yes. Your confidence overall could be better. Definitely something to work on.”

With that she put her hands on the desk and pushed herself up. As she did so, Karl got a really good view of her cleavage. He could feel his cock growing hard.

Brenda walked behind him to the door. He thought he heard her locking it.

“And you came far too quickly yesterday. You will have left that poor woman terribly frustrated.”

He couldn’t believe his ears.

Brenda continued, “I think that’s something you need to work on. Making sure your lover is fully satisfied before you shoot your load inside her.”

His cock was fully erect now. But he was staring at the desk and speechless.

Brenda appeared at his side. She lent down and squeezed his erection through his trousers.

“I think that’s something I could give you a quick training session on now.”

Her hand hand found his knob and üsküdar escort her fingers teased it. As she stroked him with her fingernails she said, “Put your hands behind you, Karl.”

He did as he was told, and before he knew what was happening, Brenda had unclipped her work-issue handcuffs and, linking the cuffs through the back of the chair, cuffed his hands together.

“So….Lesson One. I want to see how long you can hold it back for me.” Brenda trailed a finger from Karl’s shoulder, down across his chest, his flat, hard stomach and back to his dick.

She undid his belt, unzipped his trousers and pulled them down and off. His boxers swiftly followed. She hadn’t expected that she would have this impressive cock back in her hands quite so soon. It was jutting out from his groin at an upward angle. She grasped hold of it and wanked it slowly, watching as pre-cum oozed out of the end.She bent down and licked at the pre-cum, making Karl throw his head back and groan.

Brenda glanced at her watch. “We have another forty two minutes of your appraisal left, young man. I intend to use that time well to give you some invaluable experience.”

“I…. I’ve never lasted anywhere near that long,” Karl blurted out.

“By the time I’m finished with you, you’ll be able to fuck without hours,” said Brenda, smiling reassuringly.

She bent down and kissed him softly on the lips, her tongue snaking into his mouth. Then she stood back and took off her trousers and unbuttoned her shirt. She sat on the table in front of Karl and, spreading her legs, slipped her hand down the front of her panties.

“I saw you watching me yesterday. Did you like what you saw?”

“Oh God yeah.”

She knew her body couldn’t compete with the young woman he had fucked, but she was proud of her figure all the same. And she knew men, especially younger men like Karl here, loved her plump breasts.

At the moment though, his eyes were fixed between her legs. He was much closer than he had been yesterday. He could see through her lacy panties, see her fingers spreading herself and rubbing at her clit. His eyes widened as he saw one of her fingers disappear inside her wet pussy.

“Mmmm. I think I’m ready for you now sweetie,” Brenda purred.

Hopping off the desk, she straddled Karl and, reaching down between her legs, grabbed hold of his throbbing cock, pulled her panties to one side and pushed his knob against her slit.

She whispered in his ear, “Now remember, don’t even think of cumming until I say so.” And with that she slipped down on that huge dick.

She was soaking wet and yet still it felt like a tight fit. Fully impaled, she put her hands on his shoulders and started to ride him slowly.

“You see, baby, keeping it at this sort of pace for a while let’s me get nice and worked up, without you exploding inside me,” she murmured, her face close to his.

“Now I’m much more likely to cum if I have my nipples played with. Given you’re a bit tied up, that means you’re going to have to suck them for me. Is that tuzla escort okay?” she asked smiling broadly.

Karl was trying to reply but his mouth was so dry that he couldn’t speak. But Brenda could see the answer in his eyes as she pulled her bra cups down and eased her full breasts out over the top of them.

Karl thought he was going to spurt his seed inside her there and then at the sight of those gorgeous tits just inches from his face. Brenda pulled his head down towards them and he opened his mouth to take a hard, swollen nipple in his mouth. He sucked hard on it, kissed it.

“Mmmm. You can bite it too babe. Chew on it a little.”

She was grinding herself on his cock. She desperately wanted to ride him properly, raising herself up then pushing back down on that gorgeous thick shaft. But she was sure if she did that he would cum quickly. He was panting and moaning into her boobs and sounded like he was on the brink as it was.

She jumped off him. Holding his cock gently, she said, “Try and think of something to keep your mind off cumming. Something nice but unsexy. Like driving your dream car, or laying on a tropical beach. Just until it dies down.” Karl nodded, but he looked exasperated.

“Ready for some more?”

He nodded again and, turning her back to him she lowered herself down into him. It was a gamble, as she couldn’t see his face to gauge how close he was to coming, but she liked it so much in this position. She steadied herself with her hands on the desk in front of her and ground her pussy all over his cock. She would have loved to feel his hands on her breasts, pulling at her aching nipples, but his hands were tied and she was enjoying this too much to stop.

“Tell me if you’re getting close and we’ll stop again,” she said

She was starting to feel her orgasm building. She was riding him harder than before. One hand in the desk, the other pulling and pinching at her own nipples.

“Nnggrrhh,” she heard him grunting behind her. She was so close. So fucking close.

“Try and hold on!! Just another minute!!” she screamed at him.


She jumped off again, “C’mon, cars, beaches, try and think of something else.”

His head was hanging over the back of the chair, his mouth wide open in a silent scream.

“T…t…trying to!!”

She took hold of his cock again. The moment she did she knew it was a mistake. His head jolted forward, his eyes looking at her imploringly. She felt the shaft of his cock throbbing violently, and almost immediately she felt hot splashes on the back of her hand. She looked down to watch string after string of white sticky fluid shoot out of his engorged knob. As she watched, it just kept on pumping, covering her hand in his gooey cum. She had never seen so much cum before.

She gently placed his softening cock on his thigh and licked some of the cum from her hand. As she did so she noticed the time.

“Eighteen minutes left,” she said approvingly, “You lasted twenty four minutes baby.”

He was looking at her through glazed eyes, a weak smile on his face.

“Another couple of minutes and I would definitely have come, too.”

“Next time?” he asked in a creaky voice.

“Next time,” she smiled, knowing that this huge cock with its copious amounts of cum was all hers. She was going to have so much fun training it. So much enjoyment from knowing she was in total control of.

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