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First time with a 19 year virgin boy

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First time with a 19 year virgin boy
“Slowly, Mahesh,” I murmured. “Don’t be in such a rush!”

“I can’t help it!”

“You must try! How else will you learn? I can’t teach you if you don’t try! Okay, are you ready now?”


“Good. Now… easy does it… put it in slowly… mm, yes… ohhh yes… that’s it… oh that feels so good, Mahesh! Yes! That’s wonderful! Now… push it in deeper… yes! Oh ma yes! That’s it! C’mon… deeper… shove it in, Mahesh… as deep as you can… Ohhhhhh uhhh yes! That’s it! Put it all in, lover! Oh god yes! Oh Mahesh… uhhhh yes!”

Above me, the 19 year old schoolboy groaned thickly and flexed his buttocks taut. His lean hips dipped and his good six-inch erection squelched into my convulsing slit. I gasped and arched steeply under him, clenching his powerful biceps, lifting my hips to meet his in descent. My cunt spasmed and contracted on his throbbing penis and the boy gasped. His face was flushed and he was panting heavily, his nostrils flared, and his mouth open. The pressure in his groin was unbearable, and my cunt was unrelenting on his distended penis. His body was tense and taut, veins popping in his neck and forehead, his muscles cording powerfully. His hard, tall body glistened with a light sweat. A thin rivulet of perspiration coursed down his face, over his neck and deep chest and splashed on my breast. I murmured in pleasure and, gripping his buttocks, keeping him pinned inside me, began moving my hips deftly in gentle undulating circular motions. The boy groaned. My cunt churned around his cock, alternately squeezing and releasing his penis. I smiled gently.

“There,” I asked softly. “Doesn’t that feel good, Mahesh? Do you like that?”

“Yes!” he gasped. “Oh god yes!”

“This is how you must fuck a woman, Mahesh… slowly and deeply and thoroughly. Do you understand?”

“Yes… no… I don’t know! Oh god… c’mon!”

“No! Not yet! Not so fast!”

“Oh god oh god oh god,” the boy moaned.

“Slowly now,” I murmured, guiding him. “Gently… now… start moving… move your cock out… ahhhhhh… yes… that’s it… good… now… hold it… yes… now shove it in again… now! Yes! OHHHHHHH that’s it! Shove it all in Mahesh! Shove it right in! OHHHHH baby yes! Now again… out… mm… ohh uhhh yes… now… in… oh ma uhhhhhhh yes! Oh fuck yes! Again! C’mon Mahesh… do it… in a rhythm… move with me… Out… yes! And in… ohhh uhhh yes… out… uhhh… in… ohh… out… That’s it… that’s it… yes… keep moving… just like that… oh god Mahesh… that feels so good!”

I hissed in pleasure and dragged my slender fingers up his hard, V-shaped torso to his deeply cleaved chest and trail them over his nipples, my fingernails digging into his smooth skin. My pointed tongue arched sexily over my deliciously curved upper lip. I moved my hips easily and rhythmically in a steady up and down motion. My cunt was a hot vortex that engulfed the throbbing mass of his virgin cock-flesh, squeezing and contracting greedily on its mass. My succulent breasts jiggled with their motions, my nipples rigid and stiff. The long gold “mangalsutra” danced on my smooth, creamy flesh. Mahesh gasped in pleasure as he fucked me, thrusting his cock in and out of my moist, tight, convulsing cunt.

“Mahesh,” I gasped. “Slow down… breathe out… again… yes…several breaths… in and out… that’s it… get a grip on yourself… focus, Mahesh… c’mon… concentrate… yes… now calm down… empty your mind… don’t try and think… don’t think of me… close your eyes… it’s you… just you… and your cock… in my pussy… my pussy’s nice and hot and tight, isn’t it? Yes…it feels good on your cock, doesn’t it? See? See how it squeezes your penis? It’s just you and your penis and my pussy now… and all you want to do… all you have to do is pull it out… slowly… yes… that’s good… more… take it all the way out… that’s it… that’s it! Stop… not all the way out… just till there…yes… leave your cock-head in my pussy… now stop… don’t move… don’t move at all… mm… wait for me to beg for it… now…please… shove it in… shove it right in Mahesh… slowly…ahhhhhhhhhh uhhh yes! Oh! god that’s so good… now again… out… wait… now in uhhhhhhhh Oh ma uhhhh yes! Again! Oh god yes…now! Quickly! Push it in hard! All the way! Just push it in, Mahesh!OHHHHHHHHHHHH uhhh yes! Oh god yes! That’s it! Do it again! Ahhhhhh uhhh oh ma uhhh yes! Oh uhh oh uhh oh uhh god yes… now slow again… yes… mm… that’s lovely… slow again… and again… once more… again… now hard… yes oh yes oh god yes that’s it oh fuck yes do it uhh yes again! Oh lord yes, Mahesh, yes!”

The teenager followed my guidance, feeling giddy and oddly light-headed. He could hardly believe this was happening at last, at long last, after so long, so much waiting, so much dreaming, so much longing, those lonely nights of endless masturbation, fantasizing about me.

I met Mahesh at the local library. He is very cute, very sexy and has the face of a film-star and the body of a demi-god. He knows this and he takes good care of himself. He is clean-shaven with the square-jawed and his nose is strong and straight, his cheeks sexily hollowed, his lips full and wide and sensual and his teeth are white and strong. His eyes are dark and deep-set under thick eyebrows. His hair is thick and dark. His body is stunning; I think he lifts weights and works out for hours on end to keep in shape. A bullish neck spans out to broad, powerful shoulders. His torso is a breathtakingly slashed V that tapers to a narrow waist and high hips. His chest is broad and deeply cleaved and his belly is hard and flat. His arms and legs are thick and long and bunched with muscle. His torso is hairless; even his armpits are depilated – I had seen it under his open shirt. I had also noticed the prominent bulge in his crotch and frequently fantasizes about his cock. I think it must be enormously long for a boy of 19 yrs.

He cannot stop looking at me. I am so lovely, so pretty, so sexy, and curved. I have a lovely oval face with a pointed chin, a slim, straight nose and slightly flared nostrils, small, cutely stuck-out ears. My eyes are lovely, large, dark, and full of magic. My lips are light and full and my teeth are white and strong and even. My skin is like gold, smooth and clear, firm as a g****, without canlı bahis siteleri a trace of body hair. My hair is dark and tumbles about me shoulders or flounces in a sexy ponytail or is coiled up neatly on the back of my head. My neck is superb, a long, slender, graceful column that holds my head. My arms and legs are nicely turned and slim, with attractive ankles and wrists and slim fingers and toes, beautifully shaped and arched. Mahesh can’t stop looking at my breasts, the way they jut out, full and ripe and high, like succulent fruit. My belly is firm and flat. He has seen it when I wear a *sari*.

Whenever I go to library dressed in a sari, I wear a low cut blouse so that Mahesh can have a peep on my lovely breasts. When he stand near me and really close, he can see the beginning of my cleavage, and will look down where the sexy gold ‘mangalsutra” chain around my neck disappears. The neck of my blouse is cut in a dangerously deep U that shows a good deal of my chest, the swell of my breasts squeezed together under it. The blouse is short and tight and my breasts jut out provocatively over my bare midriff. What I always felt when he was near me was that he wants to pull the clothes off me, to squeeze my breasts, and make hard luv to me. I also want to fuck him, and I really enjoyed the sport of seducing him, hunting him, taking my time and drawing it out, savoring the exquisite torture of denial. I know I want to make luv to this virgin boy, but I haven’t yet quite decided how I want to do it. So after teasing him for almost 3 months, I decided to go for it if Mahesh was interested. After taking the books from the library I just stood outside the library waiting for Mahesh to approach me. He was following me closely and came near me. After the usual flirting and chatting I asked him if he could give me a lift on his bike. I had dressed especially for the occasion in a fitting salwar kameez. We sat in his bike and Mahesh rode at very high speed to impress me. And whenever he put the break my breasts will brush against his backside. ( And he did this purposefully). On the drive home, I remembered that my hubby wanted me to stop at a shop and select a gift for a friend’s birthday party. People were crowded very thickly at the entrance, as a popular cine actress has also in the shop. I thought of going back but the crowd grew bigger and we were in the middle of it. As I couldn’t move back very far, I settled in to wait it out with Mahesh behind me. Suddenly the crowd surged forward as the actress came into the view and waved at the crowd. People were moving forward to have a glimpse of her and get her autograph. Unexpectedly Mahesh’s hands went to my shoulders as my buttocks were caught in his pelvis. I moaned as I pushed it further back into him instinctively, slightly rotating it. Godd, I thought, as a sweet shiver went through my pussy, this young boy is exciting me.

The crowd was pushing on. Just the thought of my ass in his pelvis and his young cock, let alone the feel of it, was making me dizzy. I was hot and I needed more. Suddenly, Mahesh inched closer as if he read my thoughts. He reached for my breasts and rotated his cock on my ass as he felt me up. He sighed as he ran her tongue lightly over my ears. The crowd was so thickly packed, I was sure no one noticed him taking me. Not a word was spoken as he touched me.

Suddenly the crowd began to break up. And reluctantly Mahesh let go of me. But I was horny and hot. So I decided to take him to my flat rather than wasting time shopping. We stepped into the house, kicked off my slippers, dumped my bag and, before he realised what was happening, was standing before him, slipping my arms around his neck, lifting my face to his. Mahesh’s cock throbbed erect and he gripped my hips and pulled my body to his, his pulse racing, his flesh hot and feverish with lust.

“You want me, don’t you?” I murmured, and my breath was warm on his face.

He nodded, sinking into the deep brown pools of my *kajal*-rimmed eyes that glittered with a strange flame.

“Then take me, Mahesh,” I whispered. “Fuck me. Show me what you know.”

I pulled his head down to me and my lips flowered under his lips and my tongue snaked out to his mouth. He stilled himself and when he let his lips part, my tongue darted into his mouth, quick as an eel, flicking sexily against his. I held the kiss, sucking his lower lip, drawing his tongue into my mouth and my hands slid slowly down his body, undoing his shirt, pulling it out of his jeans, pulling it wide and my fingers touched his naked flesh and caressed the hard, clean contours of his torso.

“Take off my dress,” I murmured, my tongue swirling through his ear. “I’m naked under it.”

Fumbling, Mahesh undressed me and I stepped into his arms naked and slender and sensuous, my golden skin glowing, and my face soft and radiant with pleasure. Taking his hands, I put them on my breasts.

“Squeeze them,” I murmured. “Yes… that’s it… see how my tits get hard and bigger… yes… now pinch my nipples… oh that’s good…”

I took his hand and put it in my pussy and he groaned at the touch of my soft, velvety pubic hair against his fingers and he felt the first sticky wetness seeping from the tender lips of my pussy.

“I’m hot,” I moaned. “I’m hot and wet for you, Mahesh… I want your cock in my pussy… and your tongue… you will fuck me, won’t you?”

He nodded dumbly. My fingers slid down his body and I undid his jeans, pulled down the fly and he gasped as my fingers curled around his cock. I jerked his penis tenderly.

“You’re beautiful,” I murmured. “You’ve got a beautiful body and a beautiful cock. I want it.” He groaned, and his penis throbbed and quivered as I pumped it gently, raking my fingernails up and down the long shaft.

I kissed him again and when I broke the kiss, drowning him in my warm black eyes, he gasped, and then I kissed him again, sliding my tongue along his lips, and rubbing my breasts against his chest

Quick as a snake, then, I went down on my knees before him. Mahesh looked down, astonished! My lips parted and my tongue swirled out over his thick cock-head.

“OHHHHH uhh yes!” he gasped sharply, his belly snapping inward in shock.

Instantly, my lips slipped around his cock-head and I took his cock deep in my mouth and began sucking it with a steadily intensifying pressure, using my tongue cunningly perabet on his bulging, swollen cock-head. Mahesh gasped and moaned and instinct took over and he began fucking my mouth, jerking his hips back and forth, pushing his cock in and out of my mouth. I moaned deep in my cock-filled throat and sucked his penis hungrily, my fingers and thumbs encircling his shaft.

“Ohhhh uhhh yes! Oh god yes!” he gasped.

Mahesh moaned, and his body was burning with lust and exhilaration and his balls and cock throbbed with an excitement he may never have known. He moaned and panted, his chest heaving and his virgin cock spurted pre-cum cream and I groaned, opening my mouth wide and jerking his cock over my lips so he could see his juice spurting into my mouth. I took his cock in my mouth again. He was about to come when I stopped and leaned back. I got to my feet and kissed him again, writhing my pussy against his cock. My cunt was wet and juicy now.

“Fuck me,” I said softly. “Shove your cock into my slit, Mahesh. Come on.”

We went to the bedroom and stumbled into bed. I went down on my back, kissing him hungrily and drew his body over mine, spreading my legs wide, bending my knees. The adolescent youth fumbled in my pussy.

“Gently,” I murmured and, taking his cock in my hand, guided it to my pussy. “There,” I said. “Can you feel my pussy’s heat now on your penis? Can you feel how wet it is? Come on, Mahesh… push your cock into my pussy!”

The youth gasped and lowered him into me. I moaned, arching my body under his. My pussy rose to meet his and he gasped at its heat and tightness, at its fierce convulsions on his cock. His penis bubbled, the heat was unbearable.

“Don’t!” I hissed sharply. “Don’t come! Not yet! Not so soon! You must fuck me slowly… for a long time He gasped, panting like an a****l and forced his body to stillness.

“That’s it,” I murmured, smiling wantonly, my eyes dancing. “That’s it. You can control your body, Mahesh, but only with your mind. Never forget that. Control is everything and to have control you must concentrate, you must focus. If your mind loses control, your body will lose control. Understand?”

He gasped, biting his lower lip, and nodded. I smiled and drew his head down to me, kissed him. My breasts were hot and heavy under his chest and my rigid nipples sc****d his hard chest. The gold mangalsutra glittered on my golden skin. He stared at me, drowning in the warmth of my eyes. I arched lazily and my hips began to writhe under his, churning my pussy with his cock. It felt wonderful. I whimpered softly, caressing his body, stroking his powerful back and shoulders, clenching his buttocks, pulling him deep inside me.

“Mm… that’s so good, Mahesh… your cock is pressing on my clitoris… that feels lovely… c’mon… suck my breasts!” I arched and squeezed my breasts in my hands, lifting them to his face.

“Yes… suck harder… oh ma yes… that’s it! Bite my nipples uhhh ahhh yes oh god you’re good, Mahesh, you’re so good!”

I guided the teenager, murmuring my instructions and gasping in pleasure as he obeyed. He was very good. His cock was sweet and hard and his will was strong and his mind was firm. Now, bent over me, his rhythm steadied gradually, evened out. It was like learning to ride a bicycle, I thought, once you got the hang of it you could ride away on your own.

Mahesh arched his head and moved rhythmically over me, flexing and unflexing his buttocks alternately, swinging his hips up and down, up and down in a ceaseless, effortless stroke. He felt powerful and strong. He was fit and healthy and his body obeyed his mind. He focused on what he was doing, as I told him to do, concentrated on fucking me. It worked. I wasn’t faking anything, and he knew that with certainty. I really liked what he was doing to me.

“Yes… oh god yes! Ohhh uhhh yes, Mahesh, yes! C’mon… faster… uhhh yes… harder… oh ma uhhh yes… keep going… oh fuck yes… c’mon Mahesh… yes… do it… fuck me uhhh oh ma uhhhh yes… c’mon baby… push it in… yes! That’s it! Push it right in, lover! Oh god oh god oh god yes!”

He moved faster and faster and my body rocked and jerked under his thrusts, my breasts jiggling as he rammed his cock in and out of my pussy.

“Mahesh… c’mon… say something! Talk! Use those lovely sexy words you know! Let me hear you, Mahesh!”

He gasped. “Yes… oh uhhh yes… oh fuck yes… c’mon… Aunty!”

“Yes!” I cried. “Say it again!”

“Aunty! Pussy! Take it! Take it, Aunty! Take my cock you sexy Aunty!”

“OHHHHHHHHH uhhh yes Oh ma uhhhh yes! Oh god yes!” I cried.

The bed rocked and bounced as he fucked me, pounding furiously in and out of my pussy now, his hips bobbing and bouncing in frenzy over my thighs. I gasped and cried out, my head jerking from side to side, my body whipping and tossing frantically on the bed, my hips bucking and heaving under his, my pussy spasming and contracting feverishly on his pistoning penis.

Suddenly, I stopped him, gasping and panting, my chest heaving. “Not so fast!” I hissed. “Not so fast, not yet! C’mon… lick my pussy! Tongue-fuck me!”

Mahesh moaned and thrust his cock into me feverishly a few times before he obeyed. He slid out of me and began to slide down my body.

“Not like that,” I snapped. “Slowly… lick my tits… suck them…then go down slowly… then tongue-fuck me.”

Mahesh squeezed one breast and took it in his mouth. I groaned, arching. My nipple quivered under his tongue. He whipped it rapidly.

“Ohhh uhh yes! That’s it!” I gasped, squeezing my other breast in a frenzy as flames of lust leaped through my body. “Oh yes!”

He moved to the other breast, sucked it sharply, nibbled my nipple. Instinct guided him and he slid his hand into my pussy and arched a finger into my slit. I gasped in surprised delight. My hips bucked under his hand. He began masturbating me slowly, twisting his finger in my pussy, pressing his knuckle to my gorged clitoris. Slowly, he rocked his hand back and forth, running his finger in and out of my pussy, which convulsed in a hot, wet frenzy on his finger. Squeezing my breasts together, he sucked and nibbled both nipples simultaneously. My body writhed and twisted on the bed, my head jerked to one side, my chest heaving, my hips bucking, my face twisted in lust, my eyes screwed shut, my mouth torn open. My cries rang in his ears, arousing him further. perabet giriş Slowly, he released my breasts and slid downward, dragging his tongue over my slender, gorgeous body, lapping at the dewdrops of sweat that beaded my belly, going lower, swirling his tongue through my navel, descending further. My legs forked apart and I clawed my pussy-lips open for him. Mahesh stared in fascination at my lovely, wet, soft pussy. The long stem of my stiff clitoris quivered. He pulled my pussy-lips open and, opening his mouth, thrust his tongue into the moist cavern. The effect was astonishing.

“Oh mauh ahuh OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I gasped, my body arching steeply, my hands flying to my breasts, squeezing and crushing them erotically, my head arched back, my long neck craned. “OHHHHHH uhh yes oh god yes!”

He told me that my juices were tangy to the taste and he lapped them gently, and then flipped his tongue at my clitoris. I gasped again, hissing in delight and my hands twined in his hair and I moved his head round and round in my pussy to suit my pleasure. Mahesh pushed his face deeper into my pussy and probed my crevice with his tongue.

“Ohh uhh oh fuck yes!” I called. “Oh ma uhh ahhh yes oh god yes, Mahesh, yes oh yes there! That’s it oh yes! That’s it baby… yes… tongue-fuck me darling… ahhhhhh uhh oh god oh god oh god yes! Do it… ohhh uhhh yes!”

His tongue felt wonderful, tentative at first and then greedy and demanding as he probed and pried in my slit, exploring its recesses, lapping at my streaming juices. I whimpered ecstatically, my pussy blazing with unfaked lust, my head flipping from side to side, my body twitching and jerking as if I was being fucked, my breasts jiggling between my arms. I arched my tongue over my slender, bowed upper lip in a curiously wanton gesture and, hissing in joy, slid my hands up my body, over my snapped-in belly to my breasts, lifting and squeezing them eagerly, sensuously rolling the nipples under my palms, pinching my erect, quivering nipples.

“Mm… oh darling yes!” I breathed, my voice sexily sibilant with lust. “Oh god that’s so good… now… stick your finger back in… yes! That’s it!”

Mahesh began to finger- and tongue-fuck me simultaneously. Again, instinct guided him and, without instruction, he swung around so that his penis was over my face. I opened my mouth immediately and drew his cock into it and began to suck it hungrily, exulting at the knowledge that he had done this on his own, without me teaching him. We sixty-nined eagerly, our heads buried in each other’s, his hips bucking over my face as he fucked my mouth, his head rolling and twisting as he tongue-fucked my pussy while he tormented my gorged clitoris with his fingertips.

“C’mon Mahesh,” I panted. “Fuck me again now… fuck me…………. fuck me like a bitch… do it!”

Mahesh scrambled to his knees, panting and gasping, his muscular body shining with sweat, his chest heaving. He pressed his cock-head between my pussy lips. He with a shuddering moan, thrust powerfully into me. I cried out, my head snapping up, my face contorting and twisting in a cry of lust as the virgin cock surged into my pussy-flesh driving a tidal wave of pleasure before it. My body lurched forward and my long neck arched upward.

“OHHHHHHHHHHH uhh Oh ma uh Mahesh uhhh oh Muhhhhniiish uhh OHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I cried.

My cry thrilled him. He gasped loudly. “C’mon! Take it, Aunty! C’mon! Take my cock, Aunty! Take my cock in your pussy cunt!”

“Yes!” I cried. “Oh fuck yes, Mahesh, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

He began fucking me rapidly, jerking his hips back and forth, gripping my waist and rocking my body to and fro beneath his. I gasped and cried out, my gold chain tossing and swinging, my pendulous breasts jiggling. He slid his hands up my body and squeezed them eagerly. There was thunder in his groin. His pulse raced. He moved faster, slapping his flesh loudly with mine, his balls swinging up against my pussy-lips as he plowed into my hot pussy. I jerked and rocked under him, dragging my pussy up and down the length of his penis, my breasts jiggling, my face arched, my mangalsutra swinging. Mahesh said he had never seen anyone so lovely as me.

“God,” I panted. “You’re so fucking good, Mahesh! Keep doing it, lover! Just… don’t… stop… fucking… me… ahhhhh uhhh yes… oh ma yes!”

I arched my tongue sensuously over my upper lip. He leaned forward and kissed me hard, jamming his tongue into my mouth, squeezing my breasts and pinching my rigid nipples.

Mahesh flexed his buttocks and his cock-head popped into my hot wet juicy pussy. I cried out, my head snapping up, my long neck craning, my face twisting in an agony of lust, my mouth jerking open, my eyes screwed shut, my lips jerked back over my teeth.


“Like it, Mahesh? Like my pussy squeezing your cock, don’t you?”

“Yes! Oh god yes, oh uh yes!” he gasped.

My pussy savaged his penis, biting down furiously and convulsively on his cock and he couldn’t hold back too long. With a shuddering moan, he exploded and she groaned as I felt the sharp sting of his jizz spurting endlessly into my pussyhole. He held it there and then drew it out slowly and squeezed it into my pussy again and fucked me slowly for a few minutes.

Our bodies lay on the bed, streaming with sweat. Mahesh slid off me and I snuggled against him, caressing him gently, licking his nipple. He fondled my breasts. We dozed

When I woke up my fingers crawled down to his cock.

“Ready for more?” I murmured. “I am.”

“Horny Aunty.”

“Mm. Yes. Anything for a good fuck. I need to shower. So do you.” I said. “That will feel sexy.”

I smiled prettily and kissed him lightly on the lips.

He cupped my naked breast and felt it swell in his hands. “Now, dear Sheela Aunty, time for a little sex-ed. Come on, let’s fuck in the bath.”

WE showered together and he fucked me standing up, holding me in his hands with my arms about his shoulders, my legs wrapped around his lean hips, my cunt impaled on his cock. He savaged my cunt, taking me brutally, ramming his cock in and out of my cunt till I came. He held back and made me go down on my knees and suck his cock, fucking my mouth till he came, shooting thick juice into my mouth and spattering my face and breasts with it. Two weeks later and Mahesh became a demanding and exciting lover. He could fuck me at length without coming. We hit a routine. Every Saturday noon after his tution, he will come to my flat, and we went straight to bed and he fucked me unhurriedly for an hour. Then he worked on his books and then we fucked again. And the sex was terrific.

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