12 Ağustos 2022

First Time Swinging

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Tonight’s the night!!… This night we have debated over and over again?!?!… Shall we, sharnt we?!?!… What we can do, what we can’t… We have our SAFE word. It’s now or never.

Richie will be here any minute and I still haven’t finished my make up. Although I have to admit, seeing myself in the full length mirror wearing my tight short sexy fishnet dress with my black thong and topless. I am looking super hot. My breasts look perfect!! And my thigh high boots make me look slimmer and taller. OMG… I feel the sexiest I have felt in such a long time.

Rich walks into my bedroom, his face says it all. His jaw wide open and his eyes transfixed on my body. I wait for him to speak but he’s speechless. He takes two steps towards me looking directly in my eyes as he wraps his strong arms around me so gently and whispers in my ear “you look stunningly beautiful baby” as he kisses the side of my neck and I get nosefull of his gorgeous aftershave. Mmmmmm. I’m getting tingles in my body. Is this wrong?!?! Should I be feeling this way?!?! I love and fancy Rich with all my heart and no one will ever come close to him, but the thought of all those guys looking at me, wanting me, fantasising over me… Is making my pussy tingling.

We get in the car, Rich is driving. Just before we are about to pull off, he puts his hand on my leg, whilst turning my face with his finger gently, looks at me and says “we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. You ok with this?”

I simply nod and smile. Ok with this??, I’ve been having wet dreams about this night for weeks.

We pull outside the club, Rich takes my hand and leads me through the entrance doors where we are greeted by the receptionist. He signs us in and leads us thru the main doors.

I can feel myself shaking inside, butterflies in my belly. OMG, I can’t remember the last time I was this nervous.

The disco lights are blinding me, silhouettes of people flashing in front of me as Rich leads me towards the bar area and orders us both a drink.

I look up to him. He just gives me his cheeky smile and gives my hand a gentle squeeze. As long as Rich is next to me I know I’m safe!!

We decide to have a walk around the club. Why is it so dark?!?! I can see peoples outlines but that’s it?!?!… Table and chairs everywhere, it’s like an assault course more so than a club, so I just follow Rich. He seems to know where he is going and with him wearing his tight white tshirt showing off his big arms and tattoos and tight jeans with his sexy little bum winking at me with every step he makes. He’s one sexy guy.

I follow Rich into a little room with a table in the middle. He leads me towards the table, picking me up with arm one and lifts me on top of the table as he stands between my legs looking into my eyes. Even in the dark I get hypnotised with his eyes. It’s as if I can see his soul in his eyes when he looks at me. He brushes my hair off the side of my face giving me a soft kiss on my forehead then… Pulls out a black silky blindfold and smiles at me… I freeze!! Still staring into his eyes. He never mentioned anything to me about a blindfold and to be honest I’d agree to anything he wants to do to me right now. I just need his cock inside. I need to hold his body close to mine.

As he leans forward to kiss me I get a whiff of his gorgeous aftershave again. What on earth is happening to me?!?! I feel like I’m floating. Weightless, hypnotised… Butterflies, nerves, pussy tingling… Even feeling the soft silk blindfold slide onto my face gives me little orgasmic shudders.

Rich lays me gently on my back. My head is resting on a soft pad, my arms are dangling off the sides of the table kocaeli escort and my feet have just found little stools for me to rest my feet.

Right then Richie baby. Let me have it, let me smell you, touch you, taste you, hold you… What’s he going to do to me first?!?! Kiss me?? Lick my pussy?? Slide his cock in my mouth?? Come on Rich I’m waiting patiently and silently. This is the longest 10 seconds of my life. Then… I hear footsteps getting closer. All I’m thinking right now is the second he sucks my clit thru my pants I am going to explode in his mouth!!…

Then… A hand!!… On my foot slowly starts stroking up my leg, OMG OMG. The second that hand touches my pussy I’m going to cum!!… As it gets closer stroking my inner thigh slowly as I desperately try to nudge my pussy towards his hand. Just touch me Please!!… Then inches away from my pussy and then… Vanishes?!?!… Wtf?!?! Where’s the hand gone?!?! I know I like being teased but this is torture?!?!… Just touch me!! Anywhere. I don’t care. I need that hand back!! I’m gonna have to tell him but we agreed that we wouldn’t speak. Another bloody stupid ideas of hi… Ohhhhhh… Shudders shooting thru my body as I feel the soft warm touch of his hand again stroking my other leg. I think I’m going to orgasm any second?!?! As it gets closer and closer, sliding up the inside of my thigh. Creeping slowly inch by inch towards my throbbing clit. The second that hand touches my pussy I’m gonna cum… Here it is, inches aways… OMG… Any second now that hand is going to be caressing my pussy!!… My whole body shakes!!… VANISHES AGAIN!!

I can’t believe he is doing this to me!!… Just slide your fingers, cock, tongue… Anything!! Inside my pussy right now!!… I can even smell my sweet perfume scented pussy juices filling the air and he hasn’t even started!! I swear to god if he does this vanishing act one more time I’m gonna rip his fuckin hea…

As a soft cock just falls onto my lips mmmmmm. I open my mouth letting his cock drop into my mouth, sucking it slowly as I wrap my lips and tongue around it. I can feel it growing in my mouth as it gets bigger… And bigger… And bigger!!… I want to reach out and grab it with my hands but my arms are strapped down just above the elbows. I want all this cock in my mouth and down my throat as I start rocking my head back and forth sucking his throbbing cock with every ounce of suction I have in my body. I want this cock in my pussy!! I try to push the cock out my mouth hoping that Rich will take the hint but instead I feel it being thrust deeper in my mouth AAARRRGGGHHH!! GAAAAAAGGGG!!… Fuck sake Rich. Slam my pussy not my mouth… Then… What the fuck?!?! The hand is back on my leg??? I know I’m only short but how the fuck is Rich standing by my head and stroking my legs?!??

Then… AARRGHH!! What the fuck has just brushed my right hand?!?! Am I hallucinating?!?!

I reach out with my right hand slowly… I can feel something dangling… I reach out fully for it wrapping my hands around it… Trying my hardest to fight my gagging reflexes as Rich is slowly sliding his cock in my mouth…

The hand is sliding up my inner thigh towards my dripping wet pussy…

Then I feel a twitch in my hand?!?! I pull it down with a gentle tug… It twitches again as I feel my spit dripping down the side of my cheek.

NO FUCKING WAY!!… I’ve just felt something brush my left hand?!?!… I reach out for that one too. I’m no qualified doctor but these do feel like penis’s…?!??

As I slowly start tugging them downwards as best as I can with my restricted arm movements. They both start to grow in my hands. The one in my right hand is proper kocaeli escort bayan throbbing now…

OMG!!… There is another hand on my other leg sliding up my leg to meet the other one!!… They slide over the outside of my legs, over my hips as they grab my thong together and slide my thong down my legs and over my legsl!!

Is this a dream?!?! It must be a dream?!?! I will be waking up any second noooooooooo…

A flick of a tongue on my clit has just shoot electricity thru my body!!… I think I’ve just bitten the cock in my mouth. He’s stopped moving?!?! OMG?!?! I’ve broke his cock?!?! Shit shit shit?!?! As I start frantically rocking my head back and forth to try and revive it. Yanking on the cocks in my hand which are both now rock hard pointing directly at each other…

I’m having to hold on tight to these rock hard cocks. Every flick of that tongue on my pussy is lifting me in the air!! I’m gonna crash through the ceiling any second!!

YYYYIIIIKKKKEEEE!! He’s only biting and sucking my clit, bite and suck it as hard as you like!! I’m gonna fucking explode and drown ya!!

I feel the broken cock slowly sliding out of my mouth. I have definitely broke it. Shit!!… My whole body shakes…


With the most intense body shuddering orgasm!! As my body goes into spasms. Holding on to the two cocks for dear life!!

As the cock starts bouncing on my lips softly. Yippee!!… He’s back and it’s all fixed!!… I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry sorry!! As I open my mouth as wide as possible wrapping my lips around his shaft licking and kissing every inch of him better…

My head is pushed to the side towards the cock. Another hand stroking the side of my face so softly I can just about feel his touch, as a finger strokes around my lips then slides his finger inside my mouth. Whatever!! Im doing an emergency operation of this cock. I’m fixing it. Leave me alone…

Then all of a sudden. The cock slides out?!?! What have I done?!? It felt fine and back to life a second ago as I’m reaching out with my head trying. Desperately trying to find it like I’m apple bobbing in the dark…

BUMP!!… Ah haa. There you are my cheeky patient. Step into my ward… As I open my mouth as wide as I can. God I soooo love sucking his cock feeling every vein, every blood vessel, circling my tongue around his helmet!!… Come to mommy. I promise I won’t bit…



I can feel my mouth being stretched wide open!?!! What’s this?!?! Payback for me biting your cock?!?? I desperately try pushing it out of my mouth with my tongue as I circle round the helmet,… Then find another helmet right next to it?!?!

SIAMESE COCKS?!?! As I start feeling them slowly sliding in and out my mouth alternatively.

OMFG!! I’ve got TWO cocks in my mouth right now?!?!? Am I the luckiest girls in the world?!?!

Why do these cocks taste soooo gorgeous?!?! As I try suckin and licking them but end up making raspberry slurping noises with my mouth. I don’t give a fuck. Just let me wrap my lips around both of you bad boys.

As I rock back and forth with my head. I frantically wank off the cocks in my hand. Faster and harder.

My clit feels the size of my head ready to pop any second feeling him sucking and nuZzling on it,

I can’t take this anymore!!

I NEED a cock in my pussy!!

Any cock!! I don’t give a fuck which one it is!! Just stick your cock in my pussy and fuck me deep and hard!!…

The cock in my right hand pulls away?!?!

YES!! He’s read my mind!! Come on!! Give it to me baby!!

As kocaeli escort I’m waiting to feel the tip of his cock ease into my pussy. I feel something flick on me?!?!

Again and again and again?!?! Hearing the guy moan as he shoots his load all over my tits!! Red hot jets of spunk splattering all over my tits again and again again!! Feeling it dripping all over me. The cock in my other hand slips away.

Oh god oh god?!?! He’s gonna cum all over me too?!?!

Quick quick I’m thinking , quick!! If you shoot your load over me right now I will explode with another orgas…


Fuckin hell!!

As I gasp for air… As I feel him slam his hard cock deep inside my pussy. I thought it was gonna come out my mouth and join the other two!!

He starts pounding at my pussy!! Every thrust gets deeper and deeper?!!

I can feel the cum all over my tits shaking with every hard slammin thrust he gives me!!

My whole body goes numb. I get that floating feeling again!!

As I feel the two cocks slide out of my mouth and rest on my face?!?!…

SHIT?!?! Have I bitten them again?!?!? OH NO OH NO OH NO. IM SORRRRRRRYY!!

As I frantically start kissing them better as best as I can whilst my head rocks back and forth with the slamming I’m having!!

I feel the knuckles wrap round one of the cocks brushing against my face. Back and forth!!

He’s wanking himself off!!… Now I’m really going to explode?!?? Being fucked hard and deep. Cum all over me!!

I try to reach his cock with my tongue but it’s just out of reach!! Then!! He explodes all over my neck, under my chin and on the side of my face. Nearly knockin my head sidewards with the force of his cum!!

I try reaching out again with my tongue and manage to find the other cock as I try and time it perfectly with every slammin I’m getting to lick the end of his cock with every thrust!!

Then… He pulls out of my battered and throbbing pussy as I hear him moaning as he shoots his load all over my pussy and clit!! Fuckin hell!! His cum is like red hot pellets!!… Sending my clit into a frenzy!! Over and and over and over again. A massive roller coaster of an orgasm going round and round my whole body faster the speed of light!!

Then I feel a splat on the other side of my face shootin his cum all over my other cheek, down my neck and all over my tits.

I’m physically paralyzed!!… I can’t even move my eyes. They are locked staring into the abyss of pitch black darkness.

Lying there in total silence I can actually hear the cum rolling down my sides as I feel it dripping down my pussy, cheek, breasts, neck… Gathering into a pool of cum in the middle of my neck!!

I’m gonna lie here forever and never move!!… I couldn’t move even if I tried!!…

“Hi baby”… It’s Rich. OMG I can’t even speak!!… I can’t even move my over stretched mouth!!…

I feel the silky blindfold slide away from my face as I look up and see Rich looking down smiling at me losing myself in the depths of his hypnotic eyes.

He walks towards the straps over my arms untying me yet my eyes are still locked at where his eyes were a few seconds ago.

I feel my other arm being unstrapped, not that I can move my arms. I can’t move anything!!

As I feel Rich wipe clean my cum covered forehead as he kisses me and I get a whiff of his gorgeous aftershave again mixed with the manly smell of sex!!

I want to bottle that smell and keep it forever!!

I finally manage to find the energy to turn my head towards Rich looking at him trying to make work my face muscles so I can smile at him and whisper “I love you” to him.

He looks back at me, nods and give me that cheeky smile!!

Sending butterflies in my belly as my heart pounding full of my love for him!!


I’m very new to this and would appreciate all feedback and comments. Thank you and hope you enjoy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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