31 Ocak 2023

First time out swinging

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Hi guys, this is my first post and my first story. This is a true story. I hope you guys enjoy it!

First, a little about me. My name is lindsay, I am 27 years old. I am 5’2, tan, fit body, 32DDD (fake), brown hair, brown eyes, nice ass and shaved.

A few months ago, my husband convinced me to become a swinger. He said he would be extremely turned on to see me or hear stories about me having sex with another man. Well after thinking about it and joining some sex chatrooms, I decided to give it a hot.

I met a guy online about 4 months ago. I talked to him pretty frequently, exchanging pictures, giving him some live videos of me dancing, etc. About a month into talking to him, we finally agreed to meet up and have a good time. He agreed to pay for a hotel room in exchange for me driving 3 hours to meet him.

I arrived at the hotel around 3pm, got the room and got cleaned up. We texted back and forth and he told me he would be there around 5pm as soon as he got off work. During those 2 hours, I was extremely nervous. I put on a skirt and a tank top as he requested.

It was almost 5, and there was a knock at the door. I got up, and went to the door. Before I opened the door, I took a deep breath then opened the door and there he was. He was about 6’5, muscular build, mexican, some tattoos, buzzed head, and wearing a t-shirt and jeans. He stepped in, and right away, grabbed my hip with one hand and shut the door with the other. He immediately locked lips with me giving me a long deep kiss, moving his tongue into my mouth.

He spun me around facing the wall, and squished me up against the wall, squeezing my ass with one hand and holding my face/neck with the other as he kissed and sucked all over my neck. He moved both hands to my tits and rubbed and squeezed all over them as he rubbed his hardening cock over my ass.

As I reached around behind me in an attempt to grab his cock, he turned me back around putting both hands onto my shoulders pushing me down to my knees. He pulled out his cock, and it was about 6 inches long, but extremely big around. I have never had anything this big around before. When I grabbed it, I couldn’t reach my hand all the way around it. Now, on top of excited, I was very nervous.

I started to slowly lick all over it, moving my hand over over it, slowly stroking him. As I fit him into my mouth, he grabbed the back of my head with a hand full of hair in each and pushed my mouth onto his cock forcing me to taking him as far as I could. He controlled my head going at şişli bayan escort the pace that he wanted me too, giving me little control. After a few minutes, he had me lean back slightly so that the back of my head was against the wall then he moved his cock in and out of my mouth even faster and harder, but this time I had no where to go. I kept gagging, my eyes watered, but I kept at it, looking up at him as he fucked my throat keeping my hands on the back of his thighs.

He stood me up and pulled me to the bed, lightly pushing me on my back to lay down (half my upper body was on the pillow on the head of the bed with my head already hitting the headboard). As soon as I was on the bed, he quickly pulled off my skirt and thong off at the same time, and jumped on top without hesitation. He grabbed his cock with his right hand, and lined it up with my pussy. He rubbed the head of his cock on my clit for a second and as he got ready to push it in, I told him “I bought condoms, they are on the night stand”. Without even looking at me, he said “nah, we are fine” and pushed his cock fully inside of me with one thrust. It took my breath away, my face lit up and I loved every bit of it as my pussy tightly wrapped around his cock. His eyes widened and he looked down at me saying “shit girl, your shits fucking tight!”

He began thrusting into me, pulling almost all the way about before he pushed all the way in, starting at a moderate pace at first, quickly increasing his speed and power with each thrust. My legs were in the air moving around with each thrust, I was biting my lip moaning as he grunted with each thrust. He grabbed my leg one at a time and moved with up in between us to our shoulders. He sat up a little and began thrusting extremely deep. At this point, I was squished in between him and the headboard making my body kind of curve.

He looked down at me after he thrusted into this new position and my face was in the “O” position. “Yeah, keep that O face” he said to me. He began fucking me hard and furious, making a slapping sound with our bodies each time he thrusted. His hands were grabbing my neck, shoulder line using my own body for leverage. After a few minutes, and came on his cock, hard. I am pretty sure I blacked out.

After I finished, he pulled out and rolled me over to the center of the bed on all fours. He lined is cock up with my pussy and pushed in, grabbing my hips pulling himself deeper into me. I looked back at him making eye contact and told him “come on, fuck me already”. He went furious and şişli escort started fucking me like a mad man. He slapped my ass several times to the point where it started to sting.

Once again I told him to fuck me harder. He grabbed a hand full of my hair, hard enough to force me to look up at the ceiling. He continued to fuck me even harder, my ass slapping and bouncing off of his hips with each thrust. He pressed down on my lower back forcing me to lay down and with one extra thrust, he shot all of his hot cum into my pussy, he grunted and squeezed my ass hard as fuck as he laid on top of me breathing on to my neck.

I laid there, slowly realizing what happened after the awesome fuck and yelled at him “what the fuck!? I told you we needed to use a damn condom. Get off me so I can get this shit out of me”

He didn’t move or speak. Instead he began thrusting, slowly. “Seriously, get up!” I demanded. He sat up and pulled himself up. “Damn your a bitch” he spat back at me. I went to the restroom and rinsed out and as I came back in the room, he was sitting in one of the hotel chairs, fully hard still. “I want a blow job” as he smiled at me.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah, I took a viagra about an hour before I got here.” He shrugged and smiled, “I wanted it to be a good night”

I walked over to where he was sitting at got on my knees. I grabbed his hard cock with both hands, began licking all over the head, then slowly taking his head into my mouth working my way down his shaft. I sucked and licked all over his hard cock, moving my head up and down at different paces. I would take a break and start teasing him so I could catch a breath and shortly after he would pull my head back onto his cock.

He laid back in his chair and just enjoyed it. He was in no hurry.

About 45 minutes passed (no exaggeration) and I was starting to get tired. At this point, he started to get more into it. He began controlling my head and lifting his hips to meet the back of my throat. He finally gave me a break and I sat up “come one, why don’t you fuck me again” and walked to the bed. He stood up stroking his cock and bent me over the edge of the bed.

He pushed his cock into me and moved slowly in and out of me enjoying the wetness and tightness of my pussy wrapped around his cock. He did this for about 20-30 minutes, going the same pace, taking it all in. He rubbed his hands all over my back, squeezing my shoulders, down to my ass, then he would reach under me and squeeze my DDD tits. It was a quiet 20-30 minutes.

“Let mecidiyeköy escort me stick it in your ass”

“No!” I’m not into anal, I have only done it once and I am not into it at all

He quit thrusting. “Come on. Let me just stick it in your ass and feel how tight it is, and I’ll be done, then I’ll cum again and call it a night”. He stayed persistent and kept begging.

Finally I gave in out of pure exhaustion. “Fine, put you put it in and thats it. No thrusting”

“Deal!” I could tell he got pretty excited.

He spat into his hand and rubbed it over his cock. He lined his cock up with my asshole and I clinched, squeezing the covers in my fists. Pe pushed his cock in slowly. It was extremely tight and I wasn’t adjusting to his size at all. After he got the head of his cock in, he pressed forward pushing all the way in. I clinched hard, squeezing the covers even tighter squeezing my eyes shut.

He left his cock there for a minute or two then yelled “Fuck girl, that is fucking tight!” He placed the palm of his hand on my back and put all of his wait on it. He began pulling his cock out extremely slow, looking down at himself as he did it. Then just the head of it was left in, he quickly pushed all the way back in with one thrust. I moaned and he grunted and cussed at how good it felt. I knew he would take advantage of it and get a thrust or two in, so I wasn’t to upset, but damn, it hurt.

He pulled out quickly and slapped my ass hard as he repositioned himself at my pussy. (I was still bent over the edge of the bed) He pushed himself in and went crazy. He began fucking me hard like he was before. He grabbed both my arms and used them as leverage like a reigns on a horse, fucking me harder and harder bouncing himself off my ass.

He let go of my arms and grabbed my hair holding my head side ways down on the bed, thrusting into me even deeper. I felt sweat drip off his body onto my back as he fucked me.

He quickly pulled out and demanded me to get on my knees. I turned around and dropped to my knees as he stroked his cock. I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue and closed my eyes waiting for his load. He grabbed the back of my head with a handful of hair to stabilize himself and came all over my face. I had cum in my mouth, up the side of my face, over my right eye, and into my hair. Some dripped off my chin onto my tits.

He started getting dressed right away as I sat there on my knees. “Can you get me a towel please?”

“Sure he said”

He walked over to me with a towel and before he gave it to me, he took a picture of me with his phone and threw the towel on my face. “Thanks for the fuck!” he said as he was walking out the door.

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