31 Ocak 2023

Females for Hire CAW7: Dark Leather Fire

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Her midnight black hair swung slowly against the back of her black leather suit as she walked down the corridor to the last oaken door. Her tongue flicked across her ruby red lips as her heels thudded softly upon the carpeted floor. The leather suit squeaked slightly as she walked her hand caressing a riding crop upon her belt. Her amber eyes danced with both malice and pleasure as she opened the door.

Bookshelves lined the walls of the room, filled to bursting with all the most well acclaimed books and books upon books about politics. A desk of the finest wood sat a few feet from a large window nearly floor to ceiling that looked out upon the mansion grounds. Two armchairs sat in front of a fireplace next to two love seats, all of which were plush and comfortable…. She knew that from experience.. Upon one of the arm chairs sat a handsome gentleman in his mid forties. At least he looked the gentleman. His face had lines of worry, age and squinting upon it. His deep blue eyes drew one in especially with the framing of brunet hair that seemed to compliment them so well. He had a strong square jaw and prominent pointed nose. He was clean shaven.

Looking at him brought a smile to the young woman’s face, a lustful intimidating smile. A smile that quickly turned into a scowl as her eyes grew hard. “Why aren’t you on your knees worshiping at my feet, slave? Well that will have to be punished. Stand up!” she commanded on hand on her hip the other resting on the ridding crop.

The man stood quickly after putting the glass of wine upon a coffee table. He stood there while she slowly walked around him. Her hand trailed over his chest over his arm and then along his back. She order him to undress and he was quick to slough off his shirt, pants, and boxers. With sudden but expected movements the woman grabbed his hands and using a pair of handcuffs from her belt bound his hands behind his back. Governor Picket relished in this and had even come to like Mistress Jane’s punishments. For some reason the submission to her was so şişli bayan escort much better then the love making he and his wife had. Of course he also liked to be a complete dominant at times but here now he was hers….. completely.

“Get on your knees and lick my boots.” She told him, her voice calm and cold. Without hesitating to make his punishment worse he dropped to his knees and used his tongue to create a wet line up her boot from toe to shin. He tasted small amounts of dirt and a liberal taste of leather boot polish. He grimaced unseen but quickly continued his ministrations.

After a few minutes of watching the naked man licking her clothed feet “Alright that is enough.” Mistress Jane said as she swung the duffle bag from her shoulder into the chair Pickett had been sitting in. She started pulling different sexual toys from her duffle bag. Leaning down she hooked two nipple clamps chained together onto Pickedt’s nipples. Then she hooked a 10” plastic phallus into a harness. Taking a step towards her intended victim she told him in a stern voice. “Suck my cock slave! And take it all.” She stated firmly the riding crop now in hand.

Taking a deep breath Pickett let it out as he bent over to lick the plastic cock. Aloud slap and stinging burn caused Pickett to jump involuntarily. His ass started to burn as a second slap of the riding crop landed on his cheeks. “Faster!” Jane called as the third smack landed just as hard on the same cheek as the first. By the fourth stroke of the crop Pickett took the head of the purple shaft into his mouth and sucked gently. His saliva dripped off the cock.

The fifth time the black clad woman brought the crop down started Pickett into babbing up and down the fake shaft. After the seventh blistering smack the man had taken half the large manhood into his mouth. Both Jane and Pickett were squirming in anticipation and lust. A few minutes later Pickett choked as he stuffed the last inch of the spit covered rod into his throat.

Another minute of face fucking the man and spanking şişli escort him with the riding crop Mistress Jane pulled away from her slave. Grabbing the chain that hung between his nipples she used it to pull him over to the couch. She pushed him down to so that his ass hung over the edge and his face was pushed into the back of the loveseat. She knelt behind him and placed the thick head of the cock against his anal ring.she took hold of the chain again and pulled gaining a moan from Pickett’s mouth. She pushed in hard gaining a gasp from him and then a second groan of pleasure. Her other hand quickly found his lare throbbing man hood. Her gloved hand started to slowly move up and down its length.

Pickett shuddered with pleasure from the pain of the nipple clamps, the filling slightly painful but pleasurable cock in his ass, and ecstacy that was starting to build in his crotch. Her hand let go of the chain and with a bit of leaning over she grabbed the duffle bag and pulled it over to them. The slapping of her hips against his ass drowned out the sound of what she was drawing from her pack.

Then as the governor seized up his body convulsing as he thrust back onto the orgasm inducing shaft and his cum shot from his cock under the loveseat he felt a coolness against the back of his head, a shiver ran up his burningly hot skin at the sudden chill. And then a new blossom of heat consumed him and dragged him into darkness as a loiud pop came from the metal thing against his skull.

Blood flew from the wound and splattered the dark leather of the woman he had know as Mistress Jane, only lightly staining the clothes. Sneering the amber eyed vixen drew the gun from his skin as she pulled the strap on cock from her clients ass. The man had been a fool. It hadn’t taken her long at all to gain his trust enough to be in this wing of his house alone.

Standing up Jane unbuckled the straps of the strap on harness and stepped from its confines after it hit the floor. Placing it back in the duffle bag she started unscrewing the silencer mecidiyeköy escort which she placed in the duffle bag followed by the twenty two caliber gun that she had used. She then took out the dress skirt, blouse, business jacket and black pantyhose that she had brought as a change of clothes. She slowly started to undress herself, her black laced 34C breasts breathing finally released from the leather confines. Her Silky white skin felt hot to the touch and a small squelch was heard by her from her crotch as her wet panties separated from the leather dominatrix suit.

She hadn’t brought a change of clothes but it wouldn’t be surprising for the maid and butler to see or smell that sign of sex. Soi she merely dressed in the crumpled business suit and started to zip up the duffle bag after taking a pair of glasses from them. She stopped halfway through closing it and started looking about the office.

Within one of the desk drawers she found a manila envelope that contained what she sought…. A wad of bills. She counted out the money before nodding at the one thousand and five hundred dollars and stuffing them back in the envelope. She quickly stuffed it into the duffle bag and finished closing the bag. Licking her lips she walked to the doors before turning to look back at the room. Giving the slumped man a sneering smile she pushed the door open again with her still gloved hands and started walking down the hall. She removed the gloves along the way, before she could be seen with them still on.

When she reached the door she smiled at the butler half way down one of the hallways and opened the door outside. She walked down the steps to her car and got in the drivers side door. After closing the door she removed the wig to reveal really short cut red hair. Her true clients would be happy with her work and the polic would never find the woman known as Mistress Jane. Despite the extensive background she had made for Jane Cooper , she had made sure that her true identity could never be linked to the alias.

Starting the car she disappeared into the night, heading to meet up with the others. Each of who would have a story of their own when it came to killing corrupt governors or bureaucrats….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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