30 Kasım 2023

Fatima’s escapades (Part 2)

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Fatima’s escapades (Part 2)
Fatima looked in the mirror to check her appearance once last time and smiled satisfactorily. She wore a three quarter sleeve blue and pink chiffon dress which had a slightly fitted bodice, with buttons that stopped at her waist. A blue and pink sash tied like a belt around her waist and the fitted bodice gave way to an ankle length flowing skirt. The dress was light and summery, yet it wasn’t in anyway see through. Fatima wore a matching pink and blue push up bra which allowed her breasts to nicely define the front of the blouse but it still remained modest and decent for a Muslim woman her age. To feel a little bit naughty and somewhat sexy, she had donned a G-string that was the same color as her bra. Even if she was the only one who knew it existed, it didn’t matter, because to her, it felt like a tiny sort of rebellion to the strict rules of her religion and culture. And for now, for Fatima, this was enough. She finished off her outfit with a full blue headscarf and had minimal makeup on. Some black eye pencil, a dash of bronze blush and some lip gloss. She looked pretty, but decent, pretty, but modest.

She had charmed her dad’s business partner two evenings ago at dinner and he had liked Fatima so much, he’d called yesterday and asked if he could bring over his divorced son to meet her. Ofcourse her parents had readily agreed and had gone to great lengths to prepare the best for tonight’s dinner. Fatima sighed, wondering how bad this guy was going to be. If he looked anything like his father, it’d be a sad disappointment, because Ahmed Patel had just turned sixty and was short, with a huge pot belly, and was semi bald with round, red, puffy cheeks that glistened with constant perspiration.

Her mind wandered back to the events of two days ago where she had met that gorgeous stranger at the park and had scandalously gone down on him. She wished now she’d gotten his name because she couldn’t stop thinking about how he’d made her feel. She’d felt alive for the first time in her entire life, and the rush was amazing. She’d never given her ex husband a blow job, but somehow with this stranger it had felt so right, so natural. And when he exploded in her mouth, she completely shocked herself by allowing it all to go down her throat. She had loved the taste of his salty cum in her mouth and had realized that she loved being dominated by him in this way. Fatima was always an independent woman who firmly believed she was equal to men and always opted to be in control of every situation. This was her way of keeping her feminist side active and alive. Yet somehow, two days ago, she had to be fully dominated by this nameless man, to be at his total mercy. She had wanted him to control her in every way possible and this realization completely repulsed and exhilarated her. She was beginning to discover aspects of herself that were unimaginable, but somehow it was slowly liberating her. She wished she’d gotten that strangers name or atleast his phone number, because she really would like to feel him inside her, if only just once. The craving had increased tremendously over the last two days and the amount of times Fatima had played with herself to this notion was staggering.

She heard her mother calling her from the kitchen and quickly snapped back to reality, chastised herself for where her thoughts had gone and vowed to forget about the park incident and move on. Besides, she was possibly meeting her future husband in an hour, so she needed to be on her best behavior and forget about all the scandalous endeavors she’d embarked on recently. It was time to be real, to be Muslim and to be Fatima! She got up with a determined look and marched out of her bedroom to help her mother in the kitchen.

She was still helping her mother in the kitchen when their guests arrived. Fatima’s mother told her to finish up with the tea while she went out to welcome the guests, and to also have a look at Ahmed Patels son. Fatima rolled her eyes and groaned inwardly at the amount of excitedness her mother portrayed. Her mother took off her apron, and casino siteleri practically raced out of the kitchen to join her husband in welcoming their guests.

Fatima couldn’t help but overhear all the pleasantries and greetings between everyone. She heard her mother being introduced to a guy by the name of Irfaan. Aaahhhh, Irfaan Patel, nice name, she thought and then she heard a deep, rich male voice greeting his mother politely. That voice immediately made her think of the nameless stranger and the way he’d sounded. She felt a shiver rush through her at the memory of his husky voice as he’d taken her to the brink of ecstacy. She instantly became horny and her pussy became moist with desire. She shifted herself from one foot to the other in order to stop her pussy from tingling so much. She cursed under her breath. “Stop being foolish Fatima and get a grip!”

Her mother came prancing into the kitchen with an enormous smile on her face.
“Oh my c***d, his name is Irfaan and he is such a polite, well mannered dashing young man! I believe he’s perfect for you!”
Fatima rolled her eyes once again. Her mother’s version of handsome wasn’t exactly the same as hers. She’d have to judge for herself!

Her mother picked up the tray with all the tea cups and plates, while Fatima picked up the tray with the steaming hot pot of tea, and they both proceeded to the living room. Fatima’s mother opened the door before her, went into the living room, put the tray down on the table and sat down. Fatima took a deep breath, lowered her eyes out of modesty, and proceeded to the living room. She still kept her eyes to the floor when she heard her father say,
“Come Fatima my c***d, I want to introduce you to Irfaan.”

Fatima finally looked up into a pair of chocolate brown eyes, and gasped in shock, dropping the tray, spilling the contents of the brew onto the floor. She shrieked and without thinking said out loud,
“It’s you!”

Irfaan couldn’t believe his luck. He was staring at the woman from the park. What were the chances? He suddenly smiled broadly and realized in all of a split second that this situation could be manipulated to the extreme. Irfaan was holding the trump card and there was no way he was letting it go.
“Do you know one another?”
Fatima’s father asked curiously, and Fatima continued to stand there, still in obvious shock. Irfaan came to the rescue by replying,
“Well, we’ve seen one another at the gym, and two days ago, I approached her, and convinced her to try out a Yoga Class. Seems, it wasn’t to her liking, as she found herself on her back once and also ended up on her knees once!”

Fatima’s face became the color of beetroot as she realized the sarcasm behind Irfaan’s explanation. She was only vaguely aware of her mother scolding her, and realized the mess she’d just made. Her mother called for the domestic help, and within minutes, the floor was cleaned.
Her mother gave her an angry look and almost shouted,
“Fatima, go and make a new pot of tea immediately. I have no idea what’s gotten into you. You can be so clumsy sometimes!”

Irfaan’s father kept his tone light and dismissed the entire thing as mistakes happen and Fatima shouldn’t worry about it. Fatima apologized profusely as she headed back towards the kitchen to make another pot of tea. She didn’t hear Irfaan getting up and offering to help her in the kitchen with the second pot of tea. Fatima’s mother glowed with appreciation as she turned to Ahmed Patel and said totally impressed,
“You have certainly brought up a well mannered young man there Mr Patel, you must be so very proud of him!”
Ahmed Patel simply nodded with pride, and continued talking with Fatima’s father about business.

Fatima practically raced into the kitchen, grabbed the kettle and went to stand by the sink. She was shaking, and her heart pounded against her rib cage. She closed her eyes and shook her head. This couldn’t be happening to her! The stranger from the park was Irfaan Patel! She almost started to laugh hysterically! Aaahh, well, one thing was for sure, Irfaan wouldn’t want to see her again after today!

He canlı casino definitely wouldn’t consider a wanton slut who ‘sucked strangers cocks,’ any sort of marriage material! She switched on the tap and began to fill the kettle with water. Suddenly, a pair of hands snaked around her waist and she froze. She hadn’t even heard Irfaan enter the kitchen. He leaned in and whispered against her ear,
“So your name is Fatima? Nice to meet you, I’m Irfaan.”

Fatima wanted to be arrogant, but she was melting in his arms. What the hell was wrong with her? Why did this man have such an effect on her? She was convinced that everytime he was close, she became a blubbering mess! She managed to mumble,
“There’s no point in pretending, we both know you’re not serious about me now. Why not go in there and tell them you’re not interested and please save me some of my dignity by just leaving it at that!”

“Is that what you think?
He asked in surprise.
“Why on earth wouldn’t I be interested in you?”
“Oh come on!”
She retorted.
“We both know, I didn’t behave particularly appropriately the other day. Why on earth would you still be interested in someone who’s an obvious promiscuous slut?”

Irfaan chuckled softly against her ear and said,
“Nice choice of words Fatima my darling, but I’m thrilled to have found you, afraid that two days ago, I might never lay eyes on you again, and that deeply saddened me. Something about you told me that you didn’t do what you did in that park all the time. In fact, that had been the first and only time you’d decided to be so spontaneous? Am I right?”

She found herself simply nodding in response. His hand had snaked up to her breasts and he began massaging them through her blouse. Fatima leaned against him, closed her eyes and sighed with delight.
“I love the way your body responds to my touch. I want to explore every inch of you, I want to own you, I want you to belong to me and only to me!”

Irfaan wasn’t arrogant when he said that. He said it with such tenderness and such longing that Fatima didn’t mind. Normally, she would’ve protested, but something about Irfaan made her want to please him. she wanted to be whatever he wanted. She secretly wanted to be dominated by this man in more ways than one and this realization deeply excited her.

“I think that kettle is overflowing,”
Irfaan said with another chuckle, and Fatima’s eyes snapped open. She switched off the tap and left the kettle in the sink, not wanting to move, for fear of breaking the spell.
Irfaan continued to whisper against her ear,
“I’m going to do what I should have done two days ago, and that’s to make you mine right now!”
He bent her slightly forward against the sink and began to lift her dress up. She gasped as she realized his intention.
“Irfaan, what if someone comes into the kitchen, it’s too risky!”

“I suggest we be quick then, and be extremely quiet!”
He whispered with a laugh.
He lifted her dress up over her ass and smiled. She was wearing a G-string and this excited Irfaan even more. She never failed to surprise him. This G-string was another indication of the kind of woman that was screaming to be let out! And Irfaan had every intention of being the one to unleash the vixen hiding underneath.

“I love the choice of underwear my sweet,”
Irfaan whispered huskily.
“It seems you were expecting me!”

Fatima gasped with complete humiliation and shook her head vehemently, not knowing how to respond. He reached around to touch her clit through the material and realized her panties were already soaked. He sucked in his breath at this realization and tried to free his bulging, rock hard cock from the confines of his pants. He needed her now! He needed her more than he ever needed anything in his life. She was begging to be owned and she was so beautiful, so innocent, so yielding!

Irfaan seemed to suddenly regain his senses for a second because he asked her if she was on any form of contraception. Fatima was completely lost and seemed to take forever to comprehend the question, before nodding and saying yes, she’d been on the pill since her previous marriage, kaçak casino even though her parents had no idea. She religiously visited the doctor and took the pill because she hadn’t wanted to fall pregnant with her previous husband. Irfaan sighed in relief, almost afraid he’d have to stop. He trusted her when she said this, he had no reason to believe otherwise. He moved her G-string to the side and positioned his throbbing cock at her already wet entrance. He slowly coated his cock with her juices and she moaned.

He warned her.
“Be Quiet, or else we’ll get caught!”
He slowly pushed his cock deep inside and lifted her against him slightly. She began to whimper. He took his hand and covered her mouth to stop her from making anymore noise. Fatima was so horny by now, she could hardly contain herself. The fact he had even covered her mouth with his hand, drove her over the edge and she knew she was going to cum really quick. Irfaan began to thrust hard and deep inside of her, his cock completely filling every inch of her pussy.

He felt absolutely wonderful, and she could feel her pussy lips contracting tightly around his hard cock, trying to keep him prisoner deep inside of her. Irfaan couldn’t believe how tight, hot and gorgeous Fatima’s pussy felt. He had to do everything in his power not to let out a groan, but his breathing was hard, and ragged, and Fatima could hear him trying to keep control!

By now, she was sobbing uncontrollably in his hand, his palm drowning out her sounds. She was completely at his mercy and she didn’t care. Suddenly she jerked hard against him as she began to orgasm, her juices leaking out and covering his cock. She went limp against him, and this became too much for Irfaan.

He thrust hard, and deep one final time, bit into her shoulder to prevent himself from groaning aloud, and came hard! His cock vibrated hot cum deep into her, and Fatima felt every bit of his cum inside. It felt so good, she came again, her lips contracting violently, keeping him deep inside of her!

Fuck, she cums so hard! Irfaan thought. He’d never experienced such an amazing mutual orgasm with anyone before, and him cumming had been her undoing a second time! She’d gone so tight, keeping him so deep inside of her and Irfaan had been in total ecstasy, filling her with everything he had!

That was the most intense orgasm of her life and Fatima couldn’t believe such pleasure was even possible! Slowly, she floated back to earth and realized that Irfaan was still deep inside of her. He’d bitten her shoulder and she hadn’t even noticed! He finally slipped out of her and quickly did up his pants. Her dress fell back down to her ankles and she could feel both of their cum seeping out of her pussy, and running down her thighs. She quickly moved her G-string back into place and managed to stop the cum from running down her legs. She needed a bathroom now!

Irfaan spun her to face him, looked deep into her eyes and kissed her. Deeply, passionately! She moaned against his mouth as he released her and said,
“Now, you’re mine! And from now on, whatever I tell you, you will simply obey. Is that understood?”
Fatima nodded, not yet trusting herself to speak.
“Now go and wash up, but only a little, I want you to have my cum inside of you this entire evening.”

Irfaan sounded mischievous, and gave her a sexy wink. Before leaving the kitchen, he told her that he’d tell everyone his plans to court her. He’d like to take Fatima to the gym everyday, because that way, they could get to know each other better. Then he blew her kiss and left the kitchen.

Fatima stood there dumbfounded. He still wanted to see her! He’d clearly said that. She couldn’t believe that she’d just gotten fucked in her mother’s kitchen and had loved every second of it. She’d allowed him to take complete control of her, and she’d loved being at his mercy! What was wrong with her? Why was she so submissive when it came to Irfaan?

She quickly rushed to the bathroom. What was the rest of the evening going to bring? One thing was certain, her stranger was no longer a stranger. And he’d wanted her as much as she’d wanted him. She hoped she wasn’t getting in over her head, and she really hoped she wasn’t falling in love with this gorgeous man who took her breath away. She feared that she’d get her heart deeply broken if she did!

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