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Family Turmoil Ch. 01

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“Dad she is half your age!” I yelled.

“It’s great isn’t it,” my dad replied with a smirk tying his tie.

“That isn’t the point. She is young enough to be my sister,” I continued.

“Still don’t see a problem,” my dad said while grabbing his briefcase.

A blonde woman in her late twenties came out into the living room, where I was talking to dad. Her 32dd breast were near to burst through her sports bra. Her bubble butt was perfectly framed by black yoga pants. She was thin with a faint six pack and lightly tanned skin. She was carrying a hot pink yoga mat when she saw me and my dad.

“Oh, hello,” she said nervously.

“Brittney this is my son, Kai,” my dad said.

“Hello, I’m Brittney. Your dad’s fiance,” she said with a large bubbly smile.

“Believe me I know,” I replied with anger.

“Sweet heart I have to go to work. Kai is staying with me for a few days.”

“Bye, baby,” Brittney said slightly bouncing.

I can’t lie, I was actually a little jealous of dad. This was probably one of the hottest women I’ve seen. She was your average American woman, large breast, bubble butt and blonde hair, that didn’t matter to me. I had been traveling for most of the past few years only taking a week or two off during the year to see family. I just left for Singapore, when I got a text from one of my sisters telling me that mom and dad were getting a divorce. I came right back home to try to save what I knew couldn’t be saved, my parent had been fighting for years. That was one of the reasons I decided to use my college years and funds to travel.

I walked into the kitchen and started my eggs for my breakfast. Brittney was staring at me, looking up she quickly stopped staring and rolled out her yoga mat. She came into the kitchen with me and opened the refrigerator. She turned back around and stared at me again, tilting her head like a puppy.

“Can I help you with something?” I asked.

“You look a lot like your dad,” Brittney said with a smile.

I was 6′ 2′ with an athletic build. I had straight black hair that I kept pretty short, a short beard, and grey eyes. I was told my entire life, I looked just like my dad at my age, only I was more muscular compared to my dad, who was very scrawny.

“I get that a lot,” I said trying not to smile.

Although I wasn’t happy my dad was cheating on my mom for nearly six years, I was still embarrassed when people said I looked like my dad. I’ve heard people say he was a silver fox, especially when I got him to go to the gym, about six years ago. Now I know why he was so interested into working out. I just thought he wanted some more bonding time.

“You really do though, it’s like I’m looking at a younger Andy,” Brittney said smiling.

“Andy?” I asked.

“Your dad,” Brittney said as though I was stupid.

“You mean, Andrew. He hates being called Andy.”

“Doesn’t mind when I calm him that.”

Turning around I looked at her, “Not surprised.”

Brittney blushed and started looking through the fridge for something. She bent over, giving me an amazing view of her perfect apple butt. I could feel my dick starting to get hard, I had to quickly readjust before she stood back and turned around. She walked over to me and grabbed a spoon from the drawer next to me. She walked to the table and sat down, opening the lid to her yogurt and sprinkled some blueberries into it. I pulled my eggs off the stove and put them onto a plate and grabbed a fork. I sat down at the table with Brittney. I was supposed to hate her but it was so hard to, she was really fun and told me about some of her stories from college, while I told her stories from my travels. She had the last but of yogurt on her spoon and raised it to her mouth. Just before entering her mouth, the yogurt fell off and hit the top anime porno of her breast.

“Oops,” she said using a finger to wipe the yogurt of her breast.

She put her finger in her mouth and sucked the yogurt off. This caused by dick to get hard again. Brittney got up and grabbed my empty plate and put everything in the sink. She walked out to the living and room and sat on her yoga mat. I joined her in the living and sat on the apartment’s couch.

“You can turn the TV on if you want,” Brittney said.

“You sure, I did yoga once in India. And let me tell you, those instructors got pissed if anybody made a noise,” I said.

“I’m sure,” Brittney said with a smile, pushing her hair behind her ear.

I turned the TV on and went straight to the travel channel. I could see Brittney roll her eyes.

“What?” I asked with a slight chuckle.

“I should have known.” she replied giggling, “So you did some yoga?”

Brittney was starting to get into a starting position facing away from me.

“Yeah, I stayed in India for a few weeks and I ended going to a yoga class. Old school yoga, not mats.”

“Could you teach me anything?”

“Probably not, I don’t even know the names of the poses,” I said.

Lying on her stomach, Brittney pushed her butt into the air. I couldn’t help but look and readjust my dick.

“This is, puppy dog stretch,” she said.

“Really?” I asked nervously.

“And this,” she said while getting on all fours and pushing her butt into the air again. “Is, downward facing dog.”

I could see the bottom of her face, and could see a wide smile. I knew what was Brittney was doing, but I didn’t care. I was enjoying the show. Repositioning, Brittney stood on one leg and put her nose to her knee, and put her other leg high into the air.

“This is, standing split. This is my favorite,” she said, while looking at me.

I just silently nodded and tried to readjust without her noticing but she was looking directly at me. I just had to pray she didn’t see the large bulge in my black mesh shorts. Brittney lied on her back and pushed her hips into the air. Looking directly at me, she pushed the inside of her cheek with her tongue, licked her lips and winked.

“I got a pretty early flight, I’m gonna get some sleep,” I said with urgency.

“Okay,” Brittney replied.

I stood up and went straight to the guest bedroom. I lied back and started jerking off but stopped myself. This was the woman that destroyed my parents marriage, and now I was stroking my cock to her. I quickly stopped myself and just turned over. I was pretty tired, since my flight landed at three in morning. I quickly fell asleep, trying to get my mind off Brittney.

I started to wake up when I could feel something warm and wet on my cock. It felt amazing, suddenly it felt like something was swirling the tip of my penis. Looking down I saw something bobbing up and down at my waist. I gasped realising what was happening. I pulled the blanket off me and saw blonde hair blocking the person’s face.

“You don’t look exactly like your dad, apparently,” Brittney said popping my cock out of her mouth.

“You need to stop,” I said trying not to cum right then.

“Your cock is so big.” Brittney put my cock next to her forearm, “It has to be at least ten inches and it’s so thick. I can barely get my hand around it.”

Brittney continued to stroke my cock and it felt amazing. I hadn’t had sex in nearly two years, with all the traveling I wasn’t able to.

“You need to stop,” I said trying to hide a moan.

“Why, you like it. And I need to get a young cock in me. Your dad is nice but he just can’t please me,” Brittney said kissing the tip of my cock and licking it from balls to the tip.

I was in heaven and decided anne porno to put my morals aside for a day. I grabbed the back of her head and forced my cock into her mouth. She couldn’t fit my whole dick in her mouth but she tried. I let go of her head and grabbed her, letting me watch her work. She raised her head, swirling her tongue on my cock the entire time and lowered her head, getting more of me in her.

“Say when are gonna cum,” she said coming up for air.

“Don’t want to taste it?” I asked with a smile.

“I want you to glaze my tits with your cum,” she said taking her sports bra off.

He large breast were free and I was able to enjoy them. Brittney went backo sucking me off and put my head back on my pillow, savoring the moment. Hoping it would never end. Suddenly Brittney stopped sucking me off. I picked my head up and looked at her, with a large smile Brittney slid up my body a few inches and wrapped her tits around my cock and moved up and down.

“Holy shit,” I groaned.

Taking this as a compliment, Brittney licked the tip of my cock while tit fucking me. I was using everything I had to keep myself from cumming. Brittney could tell I was close and quickened her pace.

“Give it to me. I want your cum. Please I need your cum, cover me with it,” Brittney said.

I could feel the tightening in my balls and my cock was starting to pulse.

“I’m cumming,” I said bucking my hips into Brittney’s tits.

Brittney got off me and placed my cock on her tits, rope after rope shot out and covered her after nearly seven ropes I was out. Not wanting to waste a drop, Brittney licked the few drips off my cock and used her hand to take the cum from her breast and licked it off. Brittney grabbed a box of tissues from the nightstand and grabbed a few tissues using them to wipe the remaining cum off herself. Brittney moved up next to me and put her head on my chest.

“You’re breathing hard,” she giggled.

“It has been awhile,” I replied.

“How long?” Brittney asked picking her head up.

“Year and half or so.”

“That long.”

“Traveling can make it difficult sometimes.”

“In that case,” Brittney said smiling and sliding back down my body.

She quickly took my deflated manhood back into her mouth.

“I want to make sure you get your fill,” she said pulling her yoga pants off.

She was wearing nothing but lacey white panties now, and it wouldn’t be long before she didn’t have anything. She sucked me for a few minutes before I was hard again. Pulling myself out of my bed against, Brittney’s wishes I got on my knees.

“My turn,” I said with a smile and pulling Brittney to the edge of the bed.

Brittney let out a squeal while being dragged to the edge. I moved up on top of her and started kissing her soft lips. I moved down to her neck and could tell she enjoyed it, holding my head not wanting me to move. Eagerly I moved to her tits and grabbed each with a hand. Putting my mouth over one I swirled my tongue on her nipple, driving her wild. My other hand was busy squeezing her other breast. I went back and forth between her two nipples. I used my free hand to rub her clit through her panties. Brittney was starting to squirm, I had to use the hand that was holding her tit to keep her still. Slowly I kissed my way down to the waistline of her panties.

I looked up and saw Brittney looking at me with excitement and biting her lip. I kissed her pussy through her panties and pushed my tongue inside of her. Her panties kept me from entering her.

“Please give it to me,” Brittney begged.

I loved it when girls begged for me, it always drove me wild. Slowly I kissed the inside of her thighs and removed her panties. There was nothing separating my tongue from her womanhood. arap porno I gently kissed her and watched as she giggled and squirmed. I smiled while I used my tongue on her clit and pushed my fingers into her. Brittney bucked wildly, using my free arm I held her down not wanting her to move. I switched my fingers and tongue and plunged my tongue into her. I fell in love with her taste, sweet and a little musky. She continued to buck and scream when a juices came rushing out. I tried to lap up some of it but there was too much. She was right, a man hadn’t gotten her off in years.

“I want you now, please,” Brittney begged again.

Standing up I put my cock at her entrance. Rubbing my tip in her juices she started to moan.

“Please I can’t take it anymore.”

Slowly I entered her. She was tight, I had to thrust a few times before I was able to completely inside of her. I started to thrust slowly, while Brittney moved her hips in a circle. I quickened my pace wanting her to cum again and again on my cock.

“More, more, more,” Brittney said under her breathe.

I continued to speed up, until it was too much for her. She was starting to pulse around my cock, she was already cumming again. I looked at her with a little surprise.

“It’s the biggest thing, I’ve ever had,” Brittney screamed.

Brittney got of my cock and got on all fours. I didn’t need her to tell me what to do. I quickly entered her again. Taking her from behind.

“Yes, yes, yes, god, fuck me.” Brittney said, “Please don’t stop, don’t stop, donaaaaaa.”

Brittney was cumming again, after only a few seconds. I was starting to feel amazing, knowing I got a woman to cum three times in just a few minutes. I reached down and took hold of her tits and started squeezing. If she kept cumming I wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer. I kept fucking her from behind, an audible slap happening every time I hit her ass. Staring down I watched as her ass shook every time I thrust. I looked up and saw she had her head looking up and her mouth was opening, her tongue sticking out.

“Kai, I need you cum in me. I want to feel it inside of me,” Brittney said trying to hold back a moan.

She got off me again.

“Lie down.”

I did as she said and she quickly got on top me. She grinded her pussy lips on my cock. She bent down and we kissed.

“Don’t hold back,” she whispered.

“Don’t worry, I won’t,” I whispered back biting her ear.

Leaning back up, Brittney raised her hips and lowered herself on my manhood. I looked at her face while she slowly lowered herself. She had a look of shock and excitement and her mouth was in an “O”.

“It feels so good,” she said grinding her hips.

I was in the same state of mind as her. She knew how to ride a dick, grinding not going up and down. I didn’t want to cum, I wanted her to keep going.

“I’m gonna have your cum,” Brittney said.

She started bouncing her ass on my cock, I grabbed her and bent her down to me. Taking one of her nipples into my mouth. I wanted to make her cum one more time. Swirling my tongue on her nipple, Brittney started to quicken her bouncing. I reached down and rubbed her clit using my thumb and started to thrust into her.

“Holy fuck, holy fuck, holy fuck, shit, shit, shit,” Brittney screamed.

She was close, unfortunately I was close too. I could feel my balls tighten again and my dick was starting to convulse.

“I can feel you about to cum,” Brittney said with a smile.

“Same here,” I said forcing Brittney under me.

With me on top I continued to rub her clit and thrust in and out. In just a few seconds her pussy walls were pulsing on my cock. This was too much for me and I felt myself cum over and over. Both of us were moaning. I pulled my deflating cock out of Brittney and lied down. Brittney joined me and put her head back on my chest.

“That was fun,” Brittney said.

“It was,” I replied playing with her ass.

“Good thing your dad isn’t home a lot. Cause I’m gonna fuck your brains out,” she said grabbing my dick again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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