30 Kasım 2022


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Living in an apartment complex, I had noticed a new girl. She was short with a very athletic but curvy body. Her butt looked amazing, and her waist was tiny. She had really big boobs – I was guessing probably a size E or F – and her hair was long, straight and blonde, bleached until it looked almost white. Her face was pretty, and her eyes were friendly. I hadn’t really had a chance to talk to her, but I had admired her from afar.

As part of the apartment complex, there was a laundry room available for tenants. I was living alone and had strange schedules for house work, so sometimes washed my clothes at, say, 11 p.m. One evening, rather late at night, I went down to do some of my laundry. I opened one of the washing machines and was getting ready to put my clothes inside, when I noticed the machine was already full. Someone had already washed their clothes in it but had not yet unloaded it. My eye caught some red lace among the fabrics, and I picked it up. It was a lace g-string. The thin lace fabric felt good in my hand – I could see right through the lace. The person wearing these panties would not be hiding much from view. Strips of red lace fabric going across the hips, down the front, and disappearing between the butt cheeks in the back. A scrolled floral pattern embellished the lace with large, nude gaps in between. Unless the person wearing this g-string was clean shaved, you would be able to see their pubic hair through the lace. A tiny piece of red cotton fabric was desperately trying to cover the center of the panties, and even though they had just been washed, there were still stains of body fluids seeped into the fabric. The rightful owner must have been excited from time to time while wearing them. I put the g-string back in the washing machine. Then I found an empty machine and started doing my laundry. When I had started the wash, I went out of the laundry room, and as I was walking away, I saw someone else walking towards the laundry room door. It was the blonde girl with the big tits. The new girl. I kept an eye on her, and as she entered, I could still see her through the glass doors of the laundry. I watched in anticipation to see which machine she was going for. Bingo, you guessed it – it was her lace g-string.

I went straight up to my apartment and jerked off my huge, erected cock thinking about the girl and her sexy panties. I wanted to fuck her gorgeous ass more than anything in the world. I wanted to titty-fuck her huge melons and cum all over her face. But I didn’t even know her name.

After that I didn’t see her for about a week. Then one afternoon, I almost ran into her as we were both rounding the same corner at high speed. She was wearing a low blouse, so her big boobs were bouncing up and down showing a huge cleavage. As she stopped abruptly to avoid walking into me, the boobs almost jumped out of her blouse. “Wow!” I exclaimed in surprise and excitement. She smiled politely and excused herself. Before I could come up with anything to say, she was gone.

The next day, as I was standing in front of the door to my apartment, I felt a tap on my arm. I turned around and it was her. She introduced herself and starting a conversation with me. It felt very easy and friendly. My mind was racing a thousand miles an hour. She had approached me, so she really wanted to get to know me. What should I do? She was wearing a white collar shirt with the top three buttons opened, so there was plenty of cleavage to see. I wanted to get with her, but I didn’t know what her intentions were or how canlı bahis siteleri far she wanted to go. I invited her in, and she gladly accepted. I offered her a soft drink, which she accepted, and we flirted a little. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her big tits. My cock was rock hard and standing up against my belly, ready to go. We flirted some more. Then, some how, our hands found each other and we started touching, feeling. We kissed. I could feel her huge tits pressing against me. I grabbed her butt cheeks with both hands, and she let me grab it. That’s when I knew I had a chance. She was wearing slacks, and with one hand I found the button and zipper in the front and opened them. She didn’t object, so I pulled down her pants. She quickly opened my pants too and pulled them down, but she pulled down my underwear at the same time, so I was standing there naked from the waist down. She grabbed my big dick and started stroking it. That’s when I knew, she wanted me to fuck her.

She was wearing the tiniest g-string I had ever seen. It consisted of a small triangle of black lace or mesh in the front and a thin black mesh string disappearing between her gorgeous butt cheeks. This was held together by a pair of pink silk ribbons, which were tied over her beautiful hips. As I dropped her white shirt to the floor, I discovered that her bra matched the g-string. It was a push-up bra squeezing her huge boobs together like a ripe pair of melons. I opened the clasp in her bra as quickly as I could, but my fingers were trembling. Finally, I got it opened and her heavy boobs fell forward – I had never seen such a huge pair, yet perfectly shaped boobs. Her nipples were gorgeous and slightly erected standing out from her flesh like little rose bulbs waiting to bloom. She was stroking my erected cock with her little hand, pulling back its skin, so the gleaming cock head pointed right at her like a demon. I wanted to take her so badly. I found the pink ribbons on her g-string panties with my finger tips and pulled on the ribbons – her string fell to the floor, and now she was completely naked and ready for me. I pushed her towards the bed, and she sat down on it. I placed myself between her legs and grabbed her boobs with both hands. They were so big, I couldn’t possibly wrap my hands around them. I fondled them and rubbed her nipples. She was sitting on the edge of the bed with her feet still on the floor. With my right thumb, I rubbed her clit a little. She was completely shaved. I pushed her sweet pussy lips aside with my fingers and stuck my big, throbbing cock head between them. Her pussy was already wet, so I rubbed my cock head against her to moisten it. “Oh, yeah…” she moaned. I put my right hand behind her neck and grabbed her right hip with my left. Them I thrust myself forward and stuck my hard cock up inside her. “Uuuhhh…” she moaned. I stuck my big cock all the way inside her until I could feel her sweet, moist pussy lips around the root of my cock. She felt absolutely delicious! Like a fresh, young, unspoiled piece of ass – maybe slightly innocent, but curious and very willing. I held her firmly in place with my hand behind her neck, letting her know who was boss. I drove my huge cock deep inside her wet pussy with every stroke and pulled it out slowly to let her feel the length of my cock. I wondered how old she was, because she looked younger up close. I slammed my body hard up against hers and stuck my erected cock deep inside her. She moaned loudly with passion and threw her head back. I laid her bahis siteleri back down on the bed and held her legs up so I had free access to her butt. Now I fucked her masterfully, taking complete control of her body. She breathed heavily, her big chest rising and sinking, her big boobs looking like two stranded whales. I smacked my body hard against her soft butt cheeks with every stroke, and loud smacking noises filled the room accompanied by her heavy breathing. I leaned forward and grabbed her huge boobs with both hands. I squeezed them hard while I fucked her. I rubbed her nipples with my thumbs. Then I buried my face in her bottomless sea of boobs. It felt amazing. I licked her nipples and took them in my mouth and sucked on them. They became hard instantly. Her pussy was soaking wet now. My huge cock was fucking her like a piston in a race engine. She moaned loudly with passion.

I pulled my cock out of her. It was dripping with her juices. I sat on her belly and stuck my hard cock between her tits. I placed her hands around them to push them around my cock. I doubt if she had ever done that before. But wow, did those big tits feel amazing! I titty-fucked her juicy big melons like a pro. What an amazing ride. Then I leaned a little forward and stuck the tip of my cock inside her mouth. She was not prepared for this and looked a little startled, but I pushed my big pecker inside her little mouth and gave her a good taste of it. She started sucking on it and seemed to enjoy it. Then I pulled my cock out of her mouth and she turned around and sat on all four sticking her gorgeous ass up towards me. Her pussy was soaking wet now, and her sweet pussy lips were completely dilated like the petals of a delicate flower. “Oh, take me…” she moaned. “I want your cock inside me.” I licked her pussy lips and stuck my tongue inside her pussy to taste it. “Uuuuhh, yeah…” she moaned. The taste of her sweet pussy made my cock swell up. I pressed the swollen, gleaming cock head against her juicy little hole and stuck it in. My cock had grown into a huge monster with blood veins protruding under the skin. It was a tight fit for her little pussy, but I grabbed her fleshy thighs firmly with both hands and then I rammed my cock up inside her in one hard blow. She creamed loudly, but most of it was probably with surprise. I didn’t really take much notice. I was blind with lust for her. With my fingers digging deep into the soft flesh on her hips, I fucked her hard from behind, driving my huge monster cock up and down inside her. I grunted like a wild a****l, while I fucked her beautiful innocent body. She moaned loudly, and sometimes I wasn’t sure if she was crying with hurt or passion, but when she yelled “Oh yes, fuck me!” my mind was at ease. My cock felt huge inside her, and her moaning and yelling became louder and more erratic until she threw her head from side to side and screamed “Oh, yes, yes, I’m coming…” which climaxed in a wild scream. Her body shook with emotion and her gorgeous butt cheeks vibrated violently. I felt her orgasm around my cock, as her pussy flooded with her juices. It ran down my balls and left stains on the sheets. Her head sagged with exhaustion and she buried her face in the bed covers.

Now it was my turn. She was still on all four, even though her upper body laid almost flat on the bed. I leaned forward and took hold of her long, blonde hair. I wrapped her long hair around my right hand and pulled her up from the bed by the hair. She protested, but I pulled her back until she güvenilir bahis was sitting up on all four again. Then I kept hold of her by the hair and started fucking her again. But her pussy was soaking wet from the orgasm and there was not enough traction. Also, I wanted to expose her a little. The idea tickled me. So I got her up off the bed and led her over to the window. There was a large window in my apartment from floor to ceiling – and even though it was now late in the afternoon, there was still light enough outside that you could easily see the buildings across from my apartment. Meaning, anyone outside could easily see the exposed, nude girl with huge boobs standing in my window. Before she could have any chance of arguing, I made her lean over a little and stuck my cock in her from behind. She was standing up with her hands on the window frame, her huge boobs pressed up against the glass window (this must have looked absolutely amazing from the outside), getting fucked from behind. My apartment was only on the second floor, so it was very easy to see her through the glass. The thought of this excited me more than I had ever imagined and my cock grew enormous inside her. She felt it right away and moaned loudly. “Oohh… Oohh, you are so big!” – “I want your cum… I want your cum inside me!” This was almost a cry for help, begging me to finish it. But this was too good to end. I wanted to savor this moment.

I could see a few people outside looking up at my window. It was only a couple of men at first gawking at the nude young girl getting fucked. But then a young mother with a baby carriage stopped and looked. A middle aged lady carrying shopping bags also stopped dead in her tracks and stared. Two teenage girls also spotted us, as they were walking across the park chewing gum with their low cut jeans on their hips, and one of the girls pulled out a smartphone and started filming us. I could see in the window’s mirror reflection that my fuck buddy had her eyes closed and her mouth wide open in a hard grimace. I wasn’t even sure if she had noticed our audience below. She was leaning with both hands against the window frame, and her huge boobs were hanging underneath her body swinging dangerously back and forth under her as I was fucking her from behind. I really leaned in and gave it to her now, ramming my body as hard against her cute, soft butt cheeks as I possibly could. My huge cock was hard like a steel pole, and I was driving it mercilessly up and down inside her. She was breathing hard like a freight train and whimpering in high pitched little squeaks. Her legs started sagging a little. Stumbling, as if she was loosing her balance. She tried to brace herself against the window, and I held her up. I could see her boobs in the mirror image of the window swinging back and forth under her, huge flying tits everywhere. There were at least a dozen people staring up at her now. And then I could feel it coming like a long lost friend. Rolling along, like thunder through the hills. My cock exploded inside her pussy and sprayed my sperm up inside her in big loads. I roared like a bear, and she screamed. My orgasm was enormous. I filled her pussy up with my warm cum. She was completely exhausted and lost her balance, so I let her sink onto the floor, laying right in front of the window. Anyone standing in the street could still see her huge boobs pressed against the cold floor. She was laying on her belly, as I stood over her spraying the last drops of cum on her back and across her butt cheeks. I squeezed the last drops of cum from my cock, and they landed in her blonde hair. I stood away from the window and looked down at the people gathered in the street. They didn’t applaud, but it took a while before they left. Perhaps they were looking for an encore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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