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Drip drip.

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It was a cool, late summer night and I was looking for some excitement. I was already turned on from reading several stories about men enjoying other men and decided that I would give it a try. I decided to go to a bathhouse in an area that was a few miles away from a major local university. When I arrived it was dark outside and there wasn’t much foot or car traffic. I stepped out of my vehicle unsure of what might go down but I was open to a new experience.

I walked inside and saw two twinks working the front desk. Neither looked physically impressive at all and neither payed any significant attention to me other than to take my fee for entry and giving me a lock and key to place my belongings with a complimentary towel to cover my manly parts whilst walking around if I did so choose. I then went to the locker number that I was assigned and started to undress. I got fully naked and wrapped the towel around my lower body, covering my penis, hips. and butt. I knew it wouldn’t take long to attract some attention as I was a 30 year old athletic, caramel skinned African American male who works out at the gym frequently. I stand about 5’10” so I’m not too intimidating, and have a friendly demeanor.

As I was walking around and scoping out the place, I noticed that they had a glory hole area for sucking penises, a weight room (who the heck goes here to work out I wondered), a shower area, multiple sex rooms, a snack area, a hot tub, and a main lounge area.

I decided to start by warming up in the hot tub. I unwrapped my towel and placed it over the railing. I was now completely naked for everyone to see. I was approached by a short but very fit and muscular Latino man in his early 40s with tattoos. He introduced himself to me and we started chatting. He told me that my body is very hot. I told him that he looked very studly himself. Mind you I was still a little nervous as up until that point I had never been sexually intimate with another man before, but this was all about to change. He slid bursa escort in closer to me, and lightly placed his hands over my penis. Immediately I began to get hard. He continued to lightly fondle me as I grew harder and harder until I had a full erection. I noticed that he was now fully hard as well. I couldn’t resist, I reached down with my right hand and gently grabbed at his dick. He asked “Do you like it?” to which I said “Fuck yeah”. He then suggested a naughty idea, which was for us to get out of the sauna, dry off, and have sex on the common area couch in the main room where most everyone could see. I agreed.

We both left the hot tub, dried each other with loving sensuality, and headed over to the couch in the main room.

There I sat my naked ass on the couch and he immediately began to suck me. It felt sooo good. At this point I was back to having a semi, but after about a minute of this sensual sucking I had a full erection again. I noticed that he did as well. I also noticed that there were a few guys standing around gawking at this point which only added to my excitement.

I pointed out to my sex partner that we now have an audience, to which he smiled and said “Let’s give them a show”. He then got off of his knees, told me to lay back as far as I could, and spread my legs. I happily obliged. I enjoyed how slutty and dirty I felt in that moment. My penis was throbbing in anticipation. He then grabbed some lube and lubed up his penis and my awaiting boy pussy. Then he leaned towards me, and slowly started to enter me, head first. It felt a bit much for the first few seconds but I then relaxed and took a deep breathe. He got deeper inside and it was feeling more comfortable. He then started to pump slowly and rhythmically. I couldn’t believe it. I was actually being fucked, dominated in front of an audience, and I LOVED IT. He began to pick up the pace and it started to feel better and better inside my asspussy.

I could feel that he was now stimulating my prostate because bursa escort bayan it somewhat felt like I needed to pee but but felt better than the standard feeling of needing to use the restroom.

I noticed that there were now about 10 guys circling around us gawking and stroking their dicks. Some of them were in very good shape, muscular, healthy looking, nice dicks. etc. This was all getting to be too much and I felt myself getting incredibly horny and beginning to mildly tremble and moan.

My sex partner noticed that I was truly enjoying myself and smiled. He then reached down with his left hand and began to stroke my right nipple. This added more fuel to my fire. I felt a physical tension build inside of my pelvis and it felt like an orgasm beginning to come on. But I refused to touch my penis.

At this moment another guy stepped forward as he could no longer resist and started caressing my left nipple. oh, it felt soo good. This guy was even hotter as he was a 6 foot tall, muscular, big dicked light skinned African American guy with light, hazel eyes. I started stroking his penis as he played with my left nipple. By the look on his face he was enjoying every second of it. I LOVED this. Hot guys were enjoying themselves either playing with me or just watching me get pleasured. I looked on to see the other 9 guys continuing to stroke their dicks. It smelled kind of musty in the room which was an even bigger turn on for me. I loved the scent of hot, sweaty ass and penis.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. This situation was way too hot. Involuntarily and without even touching myself I felt a very powerful orgasm begin. I felt a deep feeling of orgasm start in my pelvis and radiate throughout my entire body. It must have lasted for about 60 seconds before I noticed a river of cum ooze out of my penis without my penis even being touched. It felt SO good I began moaning and breathing heavily while my body started to shake in an intense pleasure that I’ve never felt before. escort bursa My penis continued to ooze more cum until it was filling up my belly button and dripping off the side of my stomach and onto the couch where I was being pleasured. Seeing and feeling this was a heavenly feeling.

I then told the Latino guy fucking me to kiss me. At this point he bent down to kiss my lips, and we embraced in a long French kiss. The other guy who was playing with my left nipple then slowly backed away and jerked himself to orgasm while other random males watching began masturbating to orgasm and letting their semen hit the floor. This was hot. I loved the sight of this and the smell of hot sticky seed everywhere. I then told my partner I wanted to 69 with he on top and me on bottom. He obliged. Within seconds he had his muscular shaved ass in my face, and I immediately stuck my tongue straight into his hot, sweaty, musky asshole and began to fuck his ass with my tongue. He also licked my ass pussy like it was a lollipop. I knew by now that he needed a release so I started stroking his cock while I licked his ass. Within about 30 seconds I felt his hot, sticky seed all over my chest and stomach. This was so amazing. I then reached down and stroked my penis and within a minute I reached a second orgasm, but this one was a more forceful orgasm where cum shot all over the place in spurts as opposed to oozing out. My seed flew onto his chest, onto my stomach and on my pelvis. At this point we were both spent and decided to go hit the showers. The guys watching thanked us for giving them a good show and we thanked them for watching and adding to our excitement.

We then showered, making flirtatious remarks to each other and helping wash each other during the process. After the shower was over we went to our respective lockers and got dressed. We met up one last time by the exit door. He asked me if I wanted to exchange numbers. I said “sure” and asked for his number and wrote it down, having no intention of ever calling (but I don’t think he sensed that at the time). He then asked for a kiss goodnight which I gladly gave him a brief French kiss and hug goodnight. At that point we both excited the bathhouse and went our separate ways.

The end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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