15 Ağustos 2022

Doing My Duty

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I recognise now that I always had a thing about authority and deference to those who I saw as being my ‘betters’. I didn’t know it at the time but I guess it was the attitude that I was raised on and my folks had always taught me to be respectful and be mindful of my place. My Daddy, a wise and thoughtful man, was always very clear; he said it was a ‘duty’ to do as you were told by your superiors, like it or not, and that’s the way things should be.

So, it never occurred to me to be anything different and I’m thinking that is where my submissive nature stems from. Nowhere was that more true when growing up through my teen years and starting to take more interest in girls that due to my respect for others I hardly ever made it past second base before the girl I had met would blow me away (not in a good way!) in favour of someone more dominant leaving me to my fantasies and the attentions of my right hand. All the way through High School I used to get into fights with black kids and a lot of the time the fights would stem from the fact that they seemed to have more success with girls, white girls, than I did which filled me with a sense of resentment toward them.

That’s not to say that I never had a mind of my own, no Sir, I like to think I have always had my own ways of dealing with things and ‘at the end of the day’, my life, despite a few obstacles along the way, has turned out pretty good.

We lived in the city of Detroit and my parents kept a tight rein on me but both had health issues and, sadly, passed within a short period and I was forced into moving out of our rented apartment. I remembered that my Dad used to say, “Kevin, see any problem? Take it as an opportunity to do something different!”

Well, thanks Dad, but being evicted from the family home was a little more than just a problem to me but I could hear him saying the words and the fact that he was a veteran from the war and had always told great tales of his time it put my mind toward enlisting in the Army. I had no ties to the area in Michigan where we lived; I had no other relatives to bond with; I’d never made great friends with anyone from school or around my district so, in short, joining the Army would tick a lot of boxes and get me away from the unexciting and sheltered upbringing that I had bought up with.

The 6 months I spent at Fort Benning was a revelation. It was tough going and I learned a lot about myself. Even though I was above average height, that didn’t protect me much when it came to being singled out by the Drill Sergeants for doing things not quite right; in fact, being a big guy seemed to encourage criticism and after a while I came to expect it. The other thing that I discovered was that I kinda enjoyed being humiliated!

My posting out of Benning was another revelation, I was assigned to an overseas unit, in Korea, which was a thrill for up until that point in my life I had never been out of State let alone the country. I didn’t have any great expectations of being in a foreign country, especially one that was so culturally different from home but it was kinda cool! What wasn’t so good was the unit I was assigned to which had the meanest Platoon Sergeant who seemed to delight in making everyone under his command feel like shit.

He was an older black guy and it was the first time I experienced ‘reverse-racism’ for he really didn’t like white guys and he was especially mean to anyone in the platoon who didn’t share his skin colour. I don’t know if it was my height that singled me out for special attention but, for sure, he didn’t give me any peace and was always finding something to criticize and an excuse for me to pull extra duties. It became it a bit of a joke in the company that I, the new guy, seemed to have found a special friend in the Sergeant because I seemed to be spending so much of my so-called off-duty time doing chores and cleaning out his office.

If it wasn’t bad enough my sense of being subservient to blacks was emphasised when the local whorehouse in town which was staffed by Filipino girls charged black guys less than they did whites because ‘sex with blacks was better’! That was made very clear to me when one night I visited and I watched three black soldiers gangbang a Filipino girl. I remember watching being her bent over a table or something and one of them raised up her skirt, pulled her panties down and then each of them took a turn. I will never forget hearing her soft moaning while she took it like a champ. When they were done the semen was dripping out of her pussy and down her legs and inner thighs and she stayed like that for a minute eyes closed, soft whimpering even after they had left!

Despite everything I had enjoyed my first time of being in a foreign country and that brief time in the far East although the combination of the local culture and my shyness had denied me meeting up with women (unless you were prepared to pay!) but, unfortunately, it was not to last for the tour of istanbul escort duty in Korea came to an early end and our unit was reassigned back to the States. There was no reason given to us lesser mortals but on the plus side, I didn’t have a lot of time to get used to being back in the US as the unit was posted in the opposite direction, this time to Europe.

Germany was a complete contrast. The way of life there was more recognisable to my own way of thinking and I felt a lot more comfortable when going off-duty and off-base, visiting the local towns and doing stuff. The base was like all US units overseas, a ‘little America’ and us cold-war warriors, the soldiers and personnel serving there, wanted for nothing to make feel like we were at home. The structure and the facilities were all very familiar and I guess if you stayed on base you would find it hard to know you were anywhere other than being back home.

However, there was something else that turned out to be the same for when the unit was reassigned I had a brief spell of relief that the sadistic Platoon Sergeant wasn’t coming with us (I think he was retiring from the Army) and a new Sergeant posted in. As with his predecessor, he was big; he was black and, in a different way, he was mean.

He soon learned that amongst all the other guys in the platoon that I was the only one to hail from his home state of Michigan, although in temperament we couldn’t have been more different as he seemed to be more like a street-wise thug and although he knew I was also from Detroit, for whatever reason, he regarded me as if I was a simple country-boy from the upper peninsula and used to call me ‘Yooper’!. However, he took the fact that we were both from the same state and city as being some kind of bond and I was soon being singled out for his attention. I soon learned it didn’t pay to cross the guy.

Despite having to deal with yet another mean bastard as my superior, the tour in Germany started out really well. Once I had got used to the quaint kind of way of life of the Germans followed I began to appreciate that maybe the American way wasn’t the only way to enjoy yourself and that as my Daddy used to say, “Kevin, it is good to expand your horizons”.

The other good thing was that I met a girl and for the first time in my life I had a steady date.

Her name was Renate and she, like me, was a little bit shy which I guess stemmed from her being a country girl who didn’t know too much about city ways. She waited on tables at a Schnell Imbiss, a kind of fast food restaurant at a local village and she took a shine to me one time when I stopped by to sample German hamburger. (My high school education had told me that Hamburg was an actual place!)

I reckon it must have been the either the uniform that dazzled her or maybe my chatty down-home charm that impressed her but, whatever the reason, before long we were making dates, I was learning to speak some German and, for the first time in my life I felt like a ‘normal’ person having a proper relationship with the opposite sex.

She was a sweet girl and had a head of auburn hair which I was soon to discover was the colour of the fuzz around her pussy. She lived with her parents on a farm and having been bought up around animals was quite open about sex and seemed to have few inhibitions when it came to ‘human fucking’. Indeed, once we progressed beyond the handshaking stage of our relationship she didn’t need much encouragement and I could always count on our evenings ending with my dick being pleasured by her beautiful warm and willing pussy. Yeah, it was a great time.

It was not to last.

I figure it was my mistake when I started to take Renate onto the base to the Saturday night dances in the clubs and some of the social events that were frequently held. As I said, she was a fine looking woman with her red-hair and all and it didn’t take long before the other guys, including my sergeant, were hitting on her and making disparaging comments about me in their attempts at turning her head. At first it was all done in fun and she soon got used to having to bat away some of the stupid comments, dismissing the remarks as just, ‘the American Way’ but it had its downside for she also learned that, if she hadn’t already known it already, that she had grown into an attractive woman who could use those assets to her advantage.

The base had everything to make the less adventurous ex-pats feel right at-home but for a fitness freak like myself the local sports centre in the local town was a better option with more modern gym equipment and an indoor pool to relax in after a work-out session. It also had a Sauna which, up to that time, was something I had only read about but had never experienced. The idea of legally sharing space with strangers without your clothes on was for me a fantasy come true and pretty soon I was taking every opportunity when off-duty to avcılar escort go and work-out at this German Gym knowing the evening would end up being half-naked in the Sauna. Sometimes Renate would come with me but she wasn’t really interested in the gym but more to have a swim and to take the Sauna.

Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut about it for it was the gym that was the beginning of the end as far as my romance with Renate was concerned.

The Sergeant, like myself, kept himself in shape with a regular exercise regime and when he heard me boasting about what the German fitness centre had on offer he decided that, like it or not, that he would accompany me. I was in no position to refuse and so it became a regular thing that despite the fact that I didn’t like the guy we would go together, work-out and then end up in the Sauna before going home. It was also a time when I saw for myself just how large a black man’s cock could be in comparison to a white boy’s. I thought that I was no slouch in the size department but I was kinda shocked the first time we were in the changing room and he without any inhibition dropped his pants and let this monster black snake flop down before he changed into his sweat pants. He saw me looking and laughed.

I’m thinking that this was the first time I started to have thoughts about how it would be to playing with such a magnificent looking thing but there was no way that I was going to chance my luck with this mean bastard and ask for permission to touch it!

I soon learned that his interest in the fitness centre wasn’t so much about the exercising, it was more that he saw it as a place to pick up girls and he made no attempt to hide it when we used to go into the dark cabin with our towels wrapped around our waists and he would flirt with any female who happened to be there. I used to smile to myself at some of the storylines he would spout but it was clear from their reaction that some of the ladies present found his chat amusing and they would in halting English give as good as he gave. Especially Renate who by now had come to know him a little better from the times she had been on base.

I was quite content to sit back and listen to the idle chatter and to take in the sight of bare-titted woman who were also careless about how well their towels were placed over their laps and I’m guessing that they reciprocated the interest because they couldn’t take their eyes off the semi-hard dick that was tenting the Sergeant’s own towel. I know that because Renate mentioned it to me some time later.

My good times at the fitness centre came to an end when one evening we were stopped as we were leaving and told that complaints had been made about ‘the Americans exposing themselves in a crude manner’ and that we were banned from attending in future. Renate was with us acting as interpreter with this official and I was pissed as I knew it wasn’t me that was being accused but rather that it was the Sergeant who had obviously upset someone after I had left him in the Sauna. It was even more ironic when I learned that it wasn’t the women who had complained but rather their wimpy husbands who had been outraged at the black man’s success in getting their attention; leastways that’s how Renate, who had stayed in the Sauna with him, told it.

It was after the Sauna incident that things started to sour between me and the Sergeant. There was no way he could have blamed me for what happened but obviously he held me responsible for the humiliation of being thrown out and had decided to take out his anger on me. Soon I was finding that I had been scheduled for guard duties at night or being told I was weekend working. I was often detached for a two week spell to another unit that was on security detail on the border between East and West Germany. It seemed to me that the mean black bastard was doing all he could to keep me away from pursuing my romance with Renate…

… And the reason I came to this conclusion was that after I returned from one border detachment I discovered that he had been regularly fucking her!

She didn’t deny it when I confronted her, which hurt me a lot, but it became even more humiliating when she said that if she was asked for a preference then she preferred to be fucked by his black dick rather than mine. She didn’t go into great detail as to why but said that he could keep going all night (implying, unlike me, he wasn’t a one-shot kind of guy) and that he was so much bigger. Then she really rubbed it in by saying that he often took her to places where I wasn’t allowed entry such as the Senior NCO’s clubs which had great entertainment. No surprises then that our relationship fizzled out and she left me so that once more I was reduced to making love to my right hand!

The remainder of my Germany tour passed by without any other intimate relationship with the local women which was also a sort of humiliation because it was clear that şirinevler escort many of my predecessors had scored given there were quite a few German single-women around who were pushing strollers with mixed-race babies or toddlers in tow. Given that the only coloured men around the area were US soldiers it didn’t take a great imagination to know that my coloured compatriots had been responsible.

Still, remembering the words of my old Dad who had told me ‘in times of conflict’ to look for opportunity, I used this situation to confront what I had been denying for so long, that I preferred the company of men to women; that my feelings had been fired by seeing the sergeant’s black cock. Despite my animosity toward the mean bastard, I had to admit to myself that it had been a good time and that I had learned a lot about myself. Now, having been so firmly rejected by Renate I took this as a signal that maybe I should be turning my attentions in a different direction.

The US military at that time didn’t take too kindly to any homosexual tendencies between their troops but I had became a buddy to, funnily enough, a black soldier. Shawn was the same age as me but he was unlike the others of his kind in the platoon and we had the same kind of attitudes and, let’s admit it, sensitivities. My friendship with him became a game-changer.

It became our habit if knew we had a free weekend coming up we would plan to hit a big city where we could tour the bars and do what off-duty soldiers do even though I wasn’t really a fan of alcohol. One time we got too drunk to make the drive back to base so we got a hotel room together. We turned on the TV in the room and next thing I knew we were lying on our beds masturbating to interracial porn. I soon noticed his black dick, although it wasn’t yet stiff, was just as big as our sergeant’s and one thing led to another and, with his encouragement I ended up going down on him. He quickly achieved an erection and maintained it while I struggled to release my somewhat more little one from my pants. I lowered my head, went down and sucked him off and I was pleased with my efforts when with a grunt he spurted his cum down my throat. I really enjoyed it and remembered Daddy’s advice, conflict should be seen as an opportunity to do something better!

My time in Germany and my military career came to an early end when I was posted back home to be discharged from the service. The reason for my premature departure was never clearly stated but I discovered later that there was something that had been placed on my record about ‘conduct prejudicial to ….’ Given that the military was in the process of down-sizing it seemed to me that any excuse was good enough for selecting personnel for discharge. The only person who could have made that entry on my record was the mean bastard who had had taken Renate away from me (or ‘Reina’ as he kept referring to her as) and although I could do nothing about the decision it just made me hate the guy even more. My bad feelings toward him went up to another level when I discovered that not only had he taken my girl away from me but that after I had departed for home that he actually married her.

My thoughts at the time were along the lines of ‘Good Riddance’ but I also remembered another thing that Daddy had impressed upon me which was that I should just regard this as another chapter of my life to put behind me. Little did I think when I boarded the plane for home that it was not the last time I would see them.

* * * * *

I returned home and after a few months I got my discharge from the Army on ‘administrative grounds’ (official speak for downsizing the military) and made plans and set about looking for a job. I returned to Detroit figuring I had a better chance of finding work there. I had no great list of skills and it was a frustrating time due to the depression that the country was experiencing but I was a big, fit guy and my ‘job’ in the Army had been mainly to deal with ‘security’ so I was kind of relieved when I saw an ad calling for a ‘Hospitality Security Consultant’ with a fancy name company just out of town.

I called the number and was given an address of a hotel located North of the city and invited to attend the following day for an interview. I hadn’t twigged when given the address that this was in the area known as ‘8 mile’ but soon became very aware when I drove there that this was not the smartest part of town. I was also confused when I got there that the address wasn’t so much a hotel, more of a collection of lo-rise which made it look more like a motel, and at the back of the lot was a building with a neon sign which declared itself to be a Night Club.

I checked in at the main reception building and was directed through to the patio out back where a couple sat with their drinks and both looked up as I came through the door. They were both, I guessed, in their mid-to-late 40s and while the guy had a friendly way but condescending kind of manner about him, she seemed to be a bit stand-offish and looked me over as if she was inspecting a piece of meat. He shook my hand in greeting and introduced himself as Eric. He nodded toward the woman and said, “My wife, Desiree ….” She didn’t made no move, continued her stare and didn’t say a word.

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