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For all the world you would have thought they were just two girlfriends out for a social meal…chat, laughter, a few glasses of a top quality wine…

The meal was fantastic, the company great, but eventually the restaurant wouldn’t contain where they wanted to go. Gillian turned to her date and said, “Shall we head back to my place for a… coffee?” with the implication of much more.

If you hadn’t been part of the conversation, the tiny pause would have meant nothing. To these ladies it meant crossing a line both of them were curious about, but not entirely sure of. “Sure, Gill, lets get a cab.”

The bill was paid, they walked to the curbside and hailed a cab…Gill gave her address; the cabbie pulled out into the traffic and they were on their way. From Theresa’s perspective, there was no turning back now — that’s just the way she was…

As they went up to the apartment in the lift, Theresa reached out cautiously and took Gill’s hand…Gill looked over to her and smiled…the leaned in to give her a swift, but tender kiss. “Coffee first honey,” she said, “you need to relax a little.” They both smiled widely, though Theresa’s complexion was tinged slightly red with her nervousness.

More chatter, more laughter — and one of the best homemade coffees Theresa had ever tasted. They were sitting on the couch facing the windows, though the shades were drawn. Gill got up, took Theresa’s cup back to her kitchenette and as she returned, she dimmed the lights. Drapes were drawn and Theresa let out a little sigh of appreciation — the view was görükle escort bayan truly magnificent — looking over the harbour which glistened with reflected light.

Without even registering how she got there, she realised that Gill was sitting next to her again, and that she’d taken her hand — Gill lifted it to her lips and softly kissed it…she moved a little closer to Theresa and began to lean in — Theresa closed her eyes.

When their lips touched a little shock went through her, and she hesitated, almost pulling back. Gill didn’t force, and as she relaxed, she let Gill’s arms embrace her and gave into the passion of the kiss.

Lips caressed, tongues touched — tips at first and then they explored more. Hands caressed her back, and touched her waist…then gently, and slowly, began to move around and up towards her breasts…

She felt Gill’s hand move up the side of her body…the begin to slide around to cup…then she stopped her…

Gill looked at her questioningly… “Let’s go to the bedroom, Gill,” she said. “I want to make love to you.”

Gill smiled at her and stood, taking Theresa’s hands and leading her through…

They stood facing each other in dimmed light and Gill reached for Theresa’s blouse…she began to unfasten the buttons one by one, her eyes never leaving Theresa’s face. When she reached the last one, she gently eased the garment off Theresa’s shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She moved in closer, hands finding the clasp on Theresa’s bra; that followed the bursa otele gelen escort blouse.

Gill began to undress herself — blouse, pants, bra and panties…she stood naked in front of Theresa, then stepped towards her. Closer, breasts touching, lips touching, a warm embrace…as they kissed with a passion Theresa hadn’t known before, Gillian’s hands crept around behind her and began to loosen her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. Theresa felt soft fingers slip under the elastic of her panties, easing them off her and letting them slide to the floor as well…she was naked…

Gill moved back slightly, took Theresa by the hand and led her to the bed. They lay down next to each other, their lips finding one another again…the kissing continued — slow, measured, passionate. Tentatively, Theresa started exploring Gill’s body as they kissed — her soft breasts, her waistline, and her tender inside thigh…not game to touch her yet…then Gill’s hand joined hers and gently eased her towards her pussy…

Soft, velvety skin, covered with a gentle down of hair…Gill was already slick with arousal. Theresa gently slipped her fingers up and down between the soft lips, then slowly, but surely slipped a finger inside her…Gill let out a soft moan of pleasure…

It was like a line had been crossed again — Theresa’s inhibitions evaporated in her excitement at what she was doing. As she thrust her finger in and out, Gill pulled her close…

Gill’s breath was coming in short, sharp gasps bursa escort bayan of arousal as Theresa moved fingers in and out of her. She tensed up, held her breath for a moment, dug her nails into Theresa’s shoulders…she let out a moan of pleasure…then relaxed onto the bed. Theresa lay next to her and began to kiss her again.

Gill gently pushed Theresa back to the bed, then moved to kneel over her, their lips enjoying passionate kisses. Gill slowly but surely began to change her target…kissing Theresa on the cheek, then the neck, then slowly she began to move down her body. She lingered at Theresa’s breasts, licking and sucking her nipples as Theresa held Gill’s head close to her chest. Gill began to move again, kissing her way down Theresa’s tummy, to her waistline and down her thigh to her right knee. “God, I’m so wet,” thinks Theresa, but the only speech she can manage is a satisfied moan.

Gill put her hands under Theresa’s knees, lifted them up and spread them apart, easing her legs towards the bed as she began to kiss her inside thigh towards…well, Theresa just didn’t know what to expect…she closed her eyes.

After what seemed an eternity of soft wet lips against her inside thigh, she felt Gill lift her mouth off her skin, then after a slight pause a tongue flicked her lips…OHHHHHH that felt good. Her hands found Gill’s hair and she ran her fingers through it, pulling her in close. Gill’s tongue flicked over her clitoris, her lips were sucked on and all too quickly she felt her orgasm on the rise…she wrapped her fingers in Gill’s hair tightly now, holding her in place….ohhhhhh….she was going to cummm….mmmmmmmm…..and then her orgasm exploded inside her…she had never had another like it — she let out a deep throated moan of pleasure as she climaxed, still holding Gill tightly to make sure she made the most of this indescribable pleasure…[to be continued]

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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