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Diana and Tegan, a story possibly inspired by real

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Diana and Tegan, a story possibly inspired by real
Diana was standing at the sink peeling apples, the water icy cold straight from the well. It was a nice warm summer day though and, as she was inclined to do, she was just wearing a long skirt. When she heard the front door open she called out, “Who is it?” “Just me,” came the familiar sound of her son’s girlfriend, Tegan. “Hi Di, whatcha doing?” she continued. Diana had long given up trying to tell the girl she didn’t like being called Di, made her sound like a dead princess she always said, to no avail. “Just making a head start on pudding for tea tonight,” came the reply. “If you’re looking for Fraz he’s gone riding with his sister.”
Teggy walked up behind her, looking over her shoulder as she put her arms around the older woman’s waist, much to Diana’s surprise. It wasn’t like the two of them had a close relationship, or even a particularly friendly one for that matter. “That’s okay Di,” Teggy replied, “I’m happy just hanging out, maybe we can get to know each other better?” “Perhaps we could at that,” Diana replied, trying not to be too distracted by the way the girls large breasts were pressing against her back.
Tegan idly trailed her fingers through the water. “Oh damn, that’s freezing!” she exclaimed. “Yes dear, it came from a cold place,” Diana replied absently. Suddenly Tegan scooped up handfuls of the cold water, spalshing them over Diana’s bare breasts, leaping backwards at the resulting screech of indignation. For a woman who rarely swore she had a particularly good repitore she thought, laughing.
Calming down, if only a little, Diana turned to her. “You little bitch! What in the hells was that for? Apologise. Apologise right now or Gods help me…” she stated, suggesting Tegan didn’t want to find out just where that threat was going.
Tegan tried to stop laughing, she really did, but the whole scenario was just too much. As a result she reacted too slowly when Diana suddenly stepped towards her and tackled her to the ground. Taken by surprise she found herself pinned as Diana sat astride her tummy, her muscular legs pinning Tegan’s arms to the ground. Momentarily sobered up she burst into fits of giggles again as Diana insisted for a second time that she apologise. She did manage to shake her head no, daring Diana to make her do so.
What she wasn’t expecting was for Diana to start unbuttoning her blouse, pushing it aside and unfastening her front güvenilir bahis opening bra. Teggy started to wriggle beneath her, not sure she liked where this was going but, despite herself, starting to get excited at the same time. Diana’s skirt had a split up the side and now left very little to the imagination. Her breasts were still wet, firm and topped by lovely, small, but very firm, nipples. Her long tussled auburn locks framed a pretty, round face and her brown eyes flashed angrily.
Diana’s initial rage was starting to sibside by now and she worried she had gone too far. But no, she decided, if this was ever going to work the girl needed to learn some respect. Taking Tegan’s stubby nipples between forefinger and thumb she gave her one last chance.
“No!” she replied stubbornly, “Di please, just let me up. OW! OW FUCK! Di, you’re hurting me!” This as her nipples were pinched and twisted visciously. “I’m sorry! Please, stop!” “Sorry for…?” “Please,” gasped Teggy, caught as she was between pain and pleasure, the tears in her eyes failing to mollify her tormentor. “Sorry for…?” came the implacable response. “I’m sorry I splashed water on your tits,” she sobbed. “And for being…?” “I’m sorry for being a bitch,” Tegan said meekly as Diana released her grip on Teggys poor abused nipples.
“See dear,” said Diana, “that wasn’t so hard now was it?” She looked down at her son’s girlfriend, those big blue eyes, moist with tears, her long wavey blonde hair spread around her like a halo. The girls pale skin contrasted with her own tanned legs and as she found her eyes drifting back toTegans curvacious breasts she felt a delightful tingle run through her clit.
Throwing caution to the wind she decided to make the most of the opportunity she had created. Climbing lithely to her feet she bent and grabbed a handful of Tegan’s hair, the girl scrambling to her feet as Diana pulled her up. Leading her into the bedroom, she released her grip as she turned to shut the door.
Tegan stood watching her, arms crossed protectively over her bare boobs, still unsure just what to expect. Her eyes flew wide as Diana opened a draw and retrieved a riding crop from within. “Strip,” came the imperious command. “Wh… what?” she stammered. Diana didn’t bother to reply, simply waving the riding crop at Teggy’s jeans and blouse. Feeling it would be less painful to obey than not, Tegan turned away only to have Diana state, “No!” perabet reinforced by a quick lick of the crop across her behind that made her jump and squeel in surprise. Turning slowly back she was again ordered to strip. Tegan didn’t dare disobey, that cruel black riding crop poised, waiting for an excuse. Her blouse and bra quickly slid to the ground, her jeans unzipped and peeled off her curvey butt and rounded hips before joining her other clothes on the ground. As she stepped out of them and stood up her hands went to cover her modesty, but again she was told, “No!”
Diana stood for a moment, devouring the delightful young body in front of her with her eyes. Reaching out with the crop she placed it softly under the girl’s chin and made her raise her eyes. A little scared, perhaps, she thought. But a little defiant too. Perhaps that was a good thing. She sat on the bed, adjusting her skirt to leave her thighs bare. “Come here, girl,” she demanded. “No, not on the bed, across my lap.” A moment’s hesitation was quickly overcome by the simple expedient of raised eyebrows.
Diana found Tegan’s warm silky skin against her thighs very distracting and she had to refocus her thoughts before she could continue. Reaching underneath her she allowed her hand to carress Tegans breast, the nipple stiff against her palm. Her own clit was throbbing delightfully as she squeezed her thighs together tightly. Again her fingers found Teggy’s nipple but kindly this time, gently teasing and pulling.
Then, THWAK. Teggy’s body jerked involuntarily, a yelp of pain escaping her lips as the crop left a thin red mark across her upturned buttocks. This was quickly followed by a second, then a third. “So,” enquired Diana nicely, “do you think you’ve learnt your lesson?” “Yes!” came the hurried reply, although in all honesty she would have agreed to just about anything just to keep that crop at bay. Just as she was starting to relax a fourth, a fifth and then the sixth stinging stripe. She bit her lip, trying not to cry out as the tears ran from her eyes. “And you wont do it again, will you?” “No, no I promise. I’m sorry Diana. I’m so sorry.”
Diana ran the riding crop lightly across the girls white buttocks, admiring her handywork as she did so. Her own breathing had gotten quite ragged by this time, and she could feel the moisture of her own excitement on her thighs. She turned the crop around, contemplating the woven leather perabet giriş grip for a moment, textured but not rough. Slowly she slid it down the crack of Tegan’s arse, between her thighs, and over the crease of her vulva, the girls body quivering in response. Retrieving it, Diana couldn’t resist passing it under her nose, the sweet smell of Tegan’s excitement exciting her more.
Again Tegan felt the hard leather slide between her spread legs, making her gasp as it rubbed against her clit, more insistantly this time. She gave up trying to hold back, a loud moan escaping her lips followed by, “Oh, god!” as it slipped inside her, penetrating her all the way to her cervix. Diana’s hand found her breast again, massaging it as she pulled and pinched at the nipple. No pain this time but, rather, just a slowly building pleasure. As that devine handle continued to slide back and forth inside her slippery slit her hips started to buck against it, almost as if they had a will of their own.
She wimpered as the movement inside her stopped, willing it to start again. Instead Diana’s hand slapped against her poor tormented flesh, stroking and slapping, stroking and slapping. Teggy cried out, a mixture of frustration and desire. “Please!” she begged, lost in her own desperate need to cum. Slowly that exquisite handle started to move inside her again slowly at first, deep and long. Then more quickly, Diana’s grip having moved so her clenched hand now smacked against Teggy’s clit with each thrust forward. Her other hand continued to work on Tegan’s breast, rougher now, mixing pain with the pleasure, hieghtening both their excitement.
“Oh god, oh god, oh god!” cried Teggy, “Don’t fucking stop I’m gonna cuummmm! Fuck!!” Her whole body tensed , lost in her orgasm as wave after wave of intense pleasure left her gasping for breath. “Oh my god,” she panted, slumped against Diana’s legs, her own still quivering even after her orgasm finally subsided.
Setting the riding crop aside Diana gently reached down and turned Teggy’s face toward her, tenderly kissing her on the lips. Tegan just knelt there, breath still ragged, her eyes closed, a little smile turning up the corners of her lips. Diana stood and pulled back the covers on the bed before lifting the girl into it and gently covering her. Bending to kiss her cheek she realised that Teggy had already drifted off to sleep.
Having tidied up, Diana returned to peeling her apples, the cool moistness between her thighs a pleasant distraction on a hot summers day. Perhaps tonight would be a good time to revisit an old fantasy, it’d been a while since they’d tried the riding crop and horsey tail butt-plug, she mused.

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