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Rodrick Rushing stepped into the lane. He raised his right arm and successfully blocked the shot. The ball ended up with one of his opponent’s teammates. That dude took a dumb shot. Rodrick rebounded the ball. He passed it up to his brother, Maurice, who dribbled up the court and may a layup. The buzzer blared signifying the end of the game.

The Tribe had just clenched the league championship in the forty-plus division. The beat out the Shooting Stars. The score was 59 to 53.

The team accepted the trophy. Rodrick laughed it up with his brother and the other players. They decided to go out to the Mexican restaurant. Rodrick had a beer and then a couple of margaritas. Feeling tipsy, he decided to head on home.

In the parking lot, the golden-brown-skinned, six-foot-five, 240-pound man fumbled with his key fob. As he got the door of the gold 2012 Chevy Tahoe unlocked, a pretty, orange-reddish lady called out to him.

“You good, handsome,” the chick with the large chignon on top her head mused.
“Yeah! I’m fine.”
“What’s your name?”
“Rodrick. Yours?”
“Thalia. Where you going?”
“Can I get a ride?”

The busty lady gave Rodrick directions to her apartment. She invited him in. “I like you, daddy,” she looked up through her lashes.

“I’m married,” Rodrick admitted.
“I wasn’t trying to offend you,” Thalia said.
“Alright! I better get going.”
“Wanna have a drink with me?”
“What you got?”
“Yeah! I’ll have one.”

Rodrick ended up in bed with Thalia.

“Fuck me, nigga,” she screamed.
“Oh shit, girl! This pussy wet,” he howled.
“Give me that big dick, muthafucka!”
“Yeah, baby!”

Rodrick nutted hard.

Three months later, Rodrick set his phone down on the kitchen counter. He bowed his head and bit his bottom lip. His wife of 24 years, Tammy, was finishing the deviled eggs for a potluck at work tomorrow. “I gotta talk to you,” he put forward in a frail voice.

“What,” the wife and mother snapped.
“I made a mistake.”
“What did you do?”
“I got a girl pregnant,” his baritone voice cracked.
“I’m not surprised,” the five-foot-ten, caramel-skinned woman huffed.
“What you mean?”
“I knew you was too good to be true!”
“I don’t care, Rod! But I’m not gonna be having that bitch at my house or playing with her k**.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Yeah! You got that right!”

Rodrick felt like shit. He went into the study and opened the book he had been reading, ‘Code Girls’. It was about the women from small towns and elite colleges that decrypted messages for the Allies during World War Two. His great-aunt had actually been one of them.

Tammy wasted no time telling their son and daughter about the transgressions of their father. For some reason, she relished denigrating him to them.

Shanice, a high school girls’ basketball coach, listened to her mom. But, she rolled her eyes the whole time.

Tevin was a student-athlete at a junior college. He had prospects of going on to the Division güvenilir bahis One program. He tried to ignore his mom.

Shanice and Tevin were wrapping up a conversation one night.

“I’m tired of this shit, sis,” the younger brother confessed.
“I know! I am too,” Shanice admitted. “It’s like leave his ass or deal with it!”
“True, but she act like it’s her or him.”
“That’s cause momma got issues. Hell, we all do!”
“What you mean?”
“Tevin, don’t play dumb. Momma always acted like it was a competition for our love between her and daddy.”
“You think!”
“Yes, I do. Daddy isn’t perfect, but he was a good man. Anything he did that didn’t please her, she made sure to tell us.”
“You kinda right.”
“I know I am.”
“What do I do?”
“Just love them both, but don’t get caught up in their stuff.”
“Thanks, sis!”

Thalia gave birth to a girl. She named the baby Zoey Arlene Rushing. The middle name was in honor of Rodrick’s mother.

Around f******n months later, Tammy was slamming cabinet doors and making unnecessarily loud noises with dishes in the sink.

“You alright,” called out Rodrick from the living room.
“I’m fine,” hissed Tammy,
“I want a divorce!”
“You heard me! Get out of my house!”
“Your house? I been payin’ the mortgage.”
“I’m lookin’ like Booboo the fool while you take care of that li’l bastard c***d. I want you gone.”

Rodrick grabbed his keys and walked outside. He got in the Tahoe and called his brother.

Maurice answered. “What’s up?”
The younger brother shared, “She’s putting me out. Can I come to your place.”
“Uh…Yeah,” Maurice hesitated.
“If I can’t, it’s cool.”
“Naw. You good, man! I got a shawty comin’ through so you gotta chill in the back.”

Rodrick arrived at the shingle-exterior house. He went inside and his brother showed him to the back bedroom. Rodrick turned on the lamp and opened up ‘King Leopold’s Ghost’. He had been reading the book about Belgium’s ruler who stripped the Congo of riches for a couple of weeks. All of a sudden he heard a loud squeal.

“Ah fuck,” boo-hooed a girly voice.
“Shut the fuck up,” boomed what sounded like Rodrick’s brother.
“Oh my god,” blubbered the chick.
“Take dis dick, bitch,” the six-three, well-fed, copper-skinned man howled.
“Fuck me, daddy! Fuck my little white faggot ass!”

‘The fuck,’ Rodrick perked up.

“Yeah, faggit,” Maurice hollered.
“I love this big Black dick,” whined the submissive partner.
“I love banging your sissy ass!”
“Fuck me, Daddy,” the whiny Southern voice hollered.
“Yeah, white boi! Take this nigga dick!”
“Oh my god! Gimme that dick!”
“Got damn! This boipussy good!”

Rodrick kept listening. He never knew his younger brother got down in this manner. The banter between Maurice and the fag actually turned him on. He sneaked outside. He spotted a thin, long-haired white sissy switching away.

“Damn,” Rodrick opined going back in the house.
“What,” checked Maurice.
“You was fuckin’ that dude.”
“He perabet ain’t no dude. He a bitch,” Maurice rectified Rodrick’s understanding.
“I guess he was.”
“Ain’t no guessin’. He a pussy bitch! You oughta git you one!”
“You heard me, nigga! I’m goin’ to bed!”

Rodrick thought about the action between Maurice and the white punk for the rest of the night.

The next day, Rodrick messaged a former co-worker.

-Hey. Any good new books?
-Been reading ‘The Samurai Invasion of Korea 1592-98
-Is it good?
-Not bad. Never really knew about their conflict. How are things in Branchtown?
-Boring as ever. How about Charlotte?
-It’s cool. I’ll be home in a couple weeks.
-Oh cool.

Rodrick sent a dick pic to his friend. Immediately he wrote claiming it to be an accident.

Rodrick’s phone rang.

“Hey,” Rodrick answered.
“An accident,” the dark chocolate, short guy rolled his eyes.
“Yeah! My bad!”
“How you accidentally send a pic like that?”
“I meant to send one of a pork shoulder I grilled the other day.”
“Oh, and you just got a schlong pic next to it.”
“Actually yeah!”

“Whatever,” snickered the guy. “Any others you wanna send me on accident.”
“Nope. You?”
“I mean if you accidentally sent me another one like that, I might send you one of my booty.”
“That’d be kinda gay.”
“You said it. Not me.”
“Quit playin’.”
“Send me another pic, Rod!”
“Maybe I will.”

They hung up.

Rodrick fired off another image. This one was him standing in front of the mirror shirtless with his penis pulled through the slit of his boxers. A few minutes passed with no reply.

Rodrick had first gotten to know Tyrel Coats many years ago. Tyrel was working in the office as a part of the high school’s business and office education program. When Tyrel graduated and went off to college, Rodrick exchanged numbers with him. They stayed in touch mainly because of their love of history.

Rodrick had never done anything with a dude, but he often thought of the small, suggestive flamboyant guy. He always told himself if he ever decided to get down, it would be with someone like Tyrel.

Rodrick’s phone buzzed. Tryel had sent a few pictures of his arousing, egg-shaped fatty back. Rodrick replied with a multitude of drooling face emojis.

Tyrel and Rodrick exchanged more pics.

Rodrick spoke to Tammy the next day. He could tell she meant business. He made a couple of phone calls between jobs. He scheduled a time to look at a one-bedroom single-wide trailer during his lunch.

The mobile home was in a decaying trailer park, but the price was cheap and Rodrick needed a place to stay. He told the old, white man that he would take it. He wrote a check for first month’s rent and security deposit. Rodrick got the power changed to his name. Then, he ordered an inexpensive couch, a metal bed frame, an innerspring mattress, and a cheap drawer set.

Rodrick went to the house he and Tammy lived in and collected his clothes perabet giriş and shoes. His soon-to-be ex-wife was at work. He took a TV from one of the upstairs bedrooms.

Within a few days, he was settled into his new digs. After eating two tins of sardines and some saltine crackers, he started messaging with Tyrel. Soon, they were talking.

“What are you doing,” the flirtatious bottom asked.
“Not shit. Just lookin’ at TV,” revealed Rodrick.
“You gonna let me chill with you when I’m back in town?”
“I guess.”
“You guess?”
“Yeah! You can come through. I ain’t doing nothin’ else here.”
“I can’t wait.”
“Why is that?”
“I always used to dream about you fucking me.”
“Who said I was gonna fuck you,” chuckled Rodrick.

“So, you’re telling me when ain’t gonna smash when I’m there,” Tyrel challenged him.
“You’re right. We probably will.”

Two weeks passed and Tyrel was in Branchtown. Rodrick was inside chilling when the cayenne red Nissan Altima pulled up. He opened the door wearing a V-neck T-shirt and gray sweatpants. He towered over the five-six sissy. “Damn,” he remarked. “You dyed your hair pink.”

“Yeah,” giggled Tyrel. “Do you like it?”
“You good!”
“I brought some liquor. Can I use your bathroom.”

Rodrick poured the gin in two plastic cups. He added some ice and ginger ale. He waited until Tyrel rejoined him.

The short, girlish dude came out. He had on a pair of black thigh high stockings with red hearts, purple lace boyshort panties, and a red cami.

“Damn,” Rodrick exhaled. “I’m ready to fuck you now!”

Tyrel started sucking his dick. The 8-inch prick was fat and stuck straight up in the air.

“Oh fuck,”Rodrick groaned.

The larger man picked up the pocket-sized femboi and carried him to the bed.

Rodrick pushed his meat into the tight hole.

Tyrel winced.

“Got damn,” opined Rodrick.
“Oh, daddy!”
“Fuck! This ass tight!”
“You like it?”
“Hell yeah!”
“Fuck me, daddy!”

Rodrick nutted quick as hell. He gasped, “Shit! I ain’t never came that fast!”
“It’s cool,” Tyrel reassured him. “Most guys cum fast when they first fuck booty. Did you like it?”
“Yeah,” the man smacked Tyrel’s soft butt cheeks. “I want some more.”
“I got all night. Let’s have those drinks.”

They drank and talked.

An hour later, they were back in the bed. Rodrick was lying on his side. Tyrle faced him with his legs wrapped around his waist. Rodrick thrust in and out.

“Fuck me, Rod! Fuck my boipussy,” begged the dainty boi.
“You like this dick, baby,” huffed Rodrick!
“I love it, nigga!”
“Yeah, faggit! Take this big Black cock!”
“Oh my god! It’s so good!”
“I been wantin’ to fuck you for years!”
“Give it to me, daddy!”
“Yeah, bitch!”

Rodrick maneuvered Tyrel onto his stomach. He mounted the tart and perversely pounded him.

“Got damn, faggit,” Rodrick barked. “Take this dick, slut!”
“Yeah, daddy! Fuck my sissy ass,” whined Tyrel.
“Squeeze them cheeks on this dick!”
“Yeah, nigga! Plow my asspussy!”
“Shit, baby! This pussy is great!”

Rodrick hammered Tyrel late into the night. When he finally pulled out his cock, it was glistening and dripping with butt juice, cum, and sweat.

“I can’t believe I waited this long to fuck you,” Rodrick whispered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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