28 Eylül 2023

Cunt Addiction: A Black Euphoria

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Summary: Lonely wife uses Craigslist to rekindle her lust for cunt.

Note: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, Robert, Dave, and Wayne for editing this story.


Was it wrong for me to return to my sordid, taboo, submissive past?


Was it wrong for me to cheat on my husband by serving a plethora of cunts?


Do I regret it?


Here is the story of how it all began… one cunt at a time.

Back in college, for all four years I was a submissive pussy pleaser to my roommate Amber.

I mean she snapped her fingers and I immediately stopped whatever I was doing (working out, studying, watching television or even talking to my mom on the phone), dropped onto all fours and crawled to her. She would spread her legs and I would spend the next thirty minutes to two hours between them, licking her (sometimes it was to multiple orgasms… the record being twelve; other times I would just slowly lap her for an eternity, maintaining her on a plateau of pleasure until she finally allowed herself to come).

Truthfully, the long teasing orgasms I gave her drove me nuts and made me utterly dependent on her cum… I became addicted to it. I craved it. I was like a heroin addict, willing to do anything to taste her pussy, her cum.

I licked her under a table at a restaurant, in countless bathroom stalls, in taxis, in a movie theatre, in her parents’ kitchen while they were in the other room waiting for us to serve dessert, just to name a few… but, even though she loved to push me to my limits (I was incredibly shy and hated the risk of public sex), she never let anyone know about me nor did she share me with friends. I was her pussy pleaser and hers alone… in retrospect I figured out she was rather possessive that way.

When we graduated from college though, she moved to Europe to pursue a career in fashion, and I returned home completely lost and disoriented… my last four years being a daze of school and pussy.

Eventually I got my bearings, eventually I met and married my husband, eventually I let my lesbian past fade into oblivion as I became a domesticated housewife.

I never did use the degree I had found time to earn between all the pussy licking… instead I became a housewife. In many ways I got it together.

I had two kids.

I became a soccer mom.

I became a PTA president.

I became the stereotypical suburban housewife.

It wasn’t until some nineteen years later… that the cravings returned.

I blame so many things…

I blame empty nest syndrome.

My eighteen-year-old daughter was in college several states away. She was so busy with studies… and I suspected with parties… that she rarely returned my phone calls. When she did, her descriptions of her college life were unbelievably vague.

My twenty-one year-old son was backpacking through Europe and had been gone for almost a year. Occasionally he wrote, but by the time my response was delivered he had moved on. I had a shoe box under my bed gradually filling up with envelopes stamped in various languages, ‘Moved. No Forwarding Address.’ (Somehow our son always managed to show up at the proper American Express office to pick up the generous amounts of money his dad wired him before disappearing for unstated destinations again.)

Thus for the past three months I had been home alone… bored… feeling inadequate… with no purpose in life anymore since the last twenty-one years had been all about the kids. I’d vicariously lived through them… my own ambitions and dreams muted as I strived to be the best mother ever. Now, with them both so distant, I didn’t even have a vicarious life.

I blame my mid-life crisis.

They say men have mid-life crises in their forties… I’m not sure if what I was experiencing was a mid-life crisis… but suddenly I needed more. Being a wife and mother had been my job for over twenty years and now it was time to concentrate on me. The problem was I didn’t know who I was anymore. I felt now very much like I had just after finishing college: purposeless, aimless, with no idea of what I wanted to do. I did, though, know I didn’t want to sit in my big, empty house all day waiting for my husband to come home; and then only on the rare evenings he was actually planning on being home in time for dinner. He worked late, burning the midnight oil night after night; or at least he said he was. I wondered.

I blame my hard working but neglectful husband.

My husband is a good man. He’s a hard worker and earned enough for our nice home, our kids to have enough money to pay for schooling or travelling Europe. That said, even when he was home, our sex life was bland, almost non-existent, and he had never, not even once in two decades, actually gotten me off. I had been faking orgasms for over twenty years. Luckily, bursa eve gelen escort the advancement of sex toys from vibrators, to we-vibe, to the rabbit to massagers had kept me satisfied… at least physically… John was usually asleep in minutes once he had shot his wad, leaving me in private for all practical purposes, to finish by myself. Not that he knew, of course.

I blame the internet.

Being alone led me online a lot, which led to my reading online erotica to pass the many hours home alone.

I blame online erotica.

The reality was that I had read online erotica for years… although sporadically over the past few years. But once I had all this extra time on my hands I found something to do with them. I read erotica and pleasured myself… often more than once a day.

The more I read the more I identified myself with the characters… especially the submissive women who reminded me of my college self. Before long I was reading almost nothing but lesbian stories. The stories rekindled my desire to be submissive to a woman… my desire to taste pussy again… as I recalled with longing the sensuality and security of my college days…

I blame online lesbian porn.

Eventually reading wasn’t enough, I needed the visual to go along with the stories. Before long I had dozens of favourite lesbian scenes I watched over and over. From my favourite porn actress Kendra James in ‘Don’t Cross the Ex’, where she puts her ex-husband’s new bimbo bitch in her place, to the interracial threesome ‘Major Trust Issues’ where the super cute masseuse Madison Scott ends up in the middle of a black goddess sandwich (this one combining two of my best fantasies: being seduced during a massage and being with a black girl), to ‘Massage it Bitch’ where a cute Jazy Berlin is surprised and fucked while attempting to give a massage (like I said, I like the massage fantasy, although in mine the masseuse uses me, being in control from start to happy ending), to the entire movie ‘My Evil Stepmom Fucked my Ass’, to the quirky fetish ‘Underground Pantyhose Wresting Alliance: Kendra vs Nikki’. But my favourite was anything starring Phoenix Marie where she dominates someone, from ‘Our Babysitter’s Butt’, to ‘Boss Dominates Horny Employee’, to ‘Juicy Ass Story’. Yet, my ultimate go to flick was the rare one where Phoenix was dominated like in ‘You’re No Friend of Mine’ where Tanya Tate dominates her after a fight at a wedding.

Of course, during each video I watched I envisioned myself as the submissive.

This led to me imagining every woman I knew as a sexual partner with a dominant side.

My neighbor Mrs. Hamilton, who although she was in her late fifties, had a great body and even the strong willed personality of a dominant. She occasionally invited me over for coffee and talked about nothing but herself.

The woman who delivered my mail, who although she was plain looking just seemed like someone who could be a dominant butch. She had very short hair in spikes, and my imagination took that single detail and ran with it.

The slender, fit teenager Amelia from down the street who jogged past my house every morning in those tight butt-hugging shorts. I was sure she slowed down a bit every time she passed my window so I could watch her longer.

The big-busted cashier at the grocery store who never smiled at anyone even though she was courteous in a distant, over-professional manner.

My hairdresser, who frequently brushed against my arms and shoulders, but never to the extent where I could accuse her of acting inappropriately.

My husband’s sister, who frequently asked about my sex life with her brother, and who was disappointed when I had nothing in particular to say, which was always.

The woman walking past my house with a stroller, obviously proud of her larger-than-normal breasts from nursing her daughter.

Every female.

I blame my own weakness.

Of course, I can blame everything and everyone for what I ended up doing… but the reality was it was my own weakness that led to my fall from grace… my returning to my past… my rekindling of my addiction to pussy juice.

They say that if you were once a smoker you will eventually crave smoking again and I assume the same principle is true for sexual submission. I had used all my will power to resist returning to the habit… but now every day I was struggling harder and harder to resist my growing hunger.

The loneliness led to reading… reading led to porn… porn led to fantasy… and fantasy led me to Craigslist.

And I wholeheartedly blame Craigslist.

Seriously, a website that promotes cheating by facilitating the finding of quick, easy, sexual encounters.

Of course, I could also thank Craigslist as it helped me find women who could give me what I craved… sexual submission… homegrown pussy juice. bursa escort

As I scrolled down the shockingly lengthy list of ads over a few days, I found a few that had potential, but none that were perfect for me.

Older Mistress for Younger Slut w4w (east side)

I’m looking for a girl who wants to be dominated, bound and teased for hours.

I’ll teach you discipline, orgasm control and the euphoria that comes from giving yourself mind, body and soul to a masterful woman.

This one intrigued me briefly, but the idea of being bound scared me; I hadn’t liked that the one time I’d experienced it many years ago.

Looking for online submissive exhibitionists (everywhere)

Seeking sexy sluts who are exhibitionists.

You will pleasure yourself on live feed for me.

You will send pics of yourself doing everything I order you to do.

I will call you names and treat you like the Slut you are while you fuck yourself for me.

I get off on obedient bimbo sluts who fantasize being treated like whores (but likely are too shy or too scared to do it in real life).

You will fuck yourself with things you never imagined as potential fuck toys and in very creative and wicked ways that will change your life forever.

Respond now, my future porn star!!

Part of this one was exciting… being a slut and being told what to do. That is what I wanted.

But the idea of videos or pictures of me potentially posted online was too scary.

Seeks subgirl to take my strap – w4w (college)

I’m new to town and am a Domme who enjoys being in control. I love wearing my big, vibrating strap-on and fucking my subgirl to multiple orgasms.

You need to be submissive, eager and want to be penetrated. I will usually fuck you for a while, have you go down on me and repeat the cycle; I like to recreate the scenes from my favourite lesbian movie The Business of Women. In fact, I highly recommend you watch that movie before coming to see me.

When responding include: a recent photo (no nudity please… save that for when you get here), and a cell number so we can text first.

If you fit the bill I’ll call you, as I must have voice verification before I invite you into my dorm room.

This one also intrigued me. I liked the idea of submitting to a sorority girl; I loved the idea of going into a dorm room and revisiting my own college past.

Yet, sending a picture and my cell number to a stranger kept me from responding to this intriguing option.

Domme for submissive girls w4w (suburbia)

I’m a married voluptuous older woman (if forty is considered old) looking for a submissive to play with during the day while my husband is at work.

I love fresh curious bored housewives who are questioning their sexuality.

Although I also enjoy college or high school girls (18+ only of course) who want to miss a class to learn a much more important lesson: how to please a woman.

Be prepared to have your life changed as you become a sexual being again… a role you likely have lost in your marriage.

Be prepared to be trained in the art of cunnilingus (munching cunt), taking a strap-on and orgasm denial.

Tell me why you want to serve me and include a picture. I’m not fussy on looks, but want to know you are real. Once you’re between my legs or on all fours getting fucked I won’t be looking at your face anyway.

This was the best one yet and I even bookmarked it on my computer. She was perfect… except she wanted a picture. I pondered if we could talk on the phone as I considered buying a pay as you go phone to perhaps text and chat with these strangers without the danger of being outed.

Looking to role play Mommy and Cheerleader w4w (my place)

I’m a MILF, although I prefer to get my attention from younger girls, not boys. I desperately want to make my daughter my rug muncher, but she is away at college now. So I want you simply to come over in a cheerleader outfit or a school uniform and pretend to be my daughter. The rest I will take care of. Wear pigtails. Be obedient. Be willing to eat cunt and take a strap-on.

This one made my cunt wet. I had never considered incest, especially with my own children… but did get turned on reading mom and daughter stories and even mom and son. And this ad was super-hot… alas she was clearly not looking for a mid-forties woman to role play with her,

Pregnant domme looking for sub slut – w4w

I’m four days overdue.

I’m görükle escort constantly horny.

My husband won’t fuck me.

Thus, I am looking for a submissive slut to come over for a few hours (yes hours) right now and munch on my snatch.

You will also give me a massage, eat my asshole, fuck me with a strap-on and suck on my fat tits.

I may even fuck you back.

If you push me into labour, I will pay you two hundred bucks.

I’m serious… I need to be fucked and I need to trigger labour. If you can do both I will pay you generously.

PS: I live in a gated community and am very well off.

Having been pregnant twice and recalling how horny I was and how my husband wouldn’t fuck me the last two months of each pregnancy, I felt for her. I was about to reply to this one but saw the date was two weeks ago. I sighed. I imagine she definitely would have given birth by now.

Submissive? Curious? A secret slut? w4w (downtown)

Then you need me.

I love: breast play, using my strap-on, lonely older women.

I am 22, 420 friendly, in college and have tits that you will want to play with all day.

I am a bit aggressive: I fuck hard, I pull hair, I call you names, I smother you with my tits and cunt (although not at the same time…lol).

I guarantee you will come back begging for more.

Now tell me about yourself, slut! And send me at least three pictures… that is an order.

PS: I can host or come to you (then on you…lol).

I was beginning to get disappointed, every ad that turned me on had an issue. Although I wasn’t really comfortable with drugs, I definitely wasn’t comfortable with sending pictures to someone I had no guarantee I could trust.

Come over and let me fuck you w4w (my place)

Pretty straight forward.

This isn’t about cunt licking… I have sorority sisters for that.

This is about fucking… good hard fucking.

You must be ready to get fucked by my strap-on right now.

You must be curvy, love BBW, good looking, shaved or trimmed and submissive.

You host.

No long chats.

Now invite me over and beg to be fucked.

Again so close, yet so far away. I wasn’t going to host, although the idea of getting fucked was getting more and more enticing.

Pillow Princess in need of a pet w4w (my bedroom)

I’m 18 and a pillow princess.

I’m in my bedroom right now.

You come over, tell the maid you are here to serve Mistress Penny.

The maid leads you to my room.

You thank her with a bow and offer to serve her too once you’re done with The Mistress.

You come into my room, wordlessly crawl between my spread legs and please me. Sometimes you will be between my legs for ten minutes, sometimes an hour… depending on my mood.


Also, you may be expected to serve the maid before you leave (this may involve pussy pleasing, foot massages or even fucking her with a strap-on… whatever she requires).

One last thing: if I have friends over you will be expected to serve them too… or if my mother is home you will definitely spend time in her bedroom, as she is the ultimate pillow princess.

This one seemed utterly insane.

She had a maid? I would serve the maid and her friends too? Even her mother?

Part of me was completely turned on by this, as my wet panties would prove, but this seemed a little too much even for getting myself back into lesbian submission.

Plus, I loved the idea of just coming and licking pussy… no fucking… just munching pussy and drinking up pussy juice.

That said, I bookmarked this one too… thinking maybe one day I would have the guts to do this.

That said, I had no idea what a pillow princess was. I googled it and learned it was a pretty girl who loved having her pussy licked, but didn’t return the favour.

I realized my old roommate all those years ago was a pillow princess.

This led me to search Craigslist with the term pillow princess out of curiosity.

Pretty femme cheerleader seeking pillow princess with huge tits w4w (east)

I’m obsessed by two things: pussy and tits.

Let me come to you and serve you in bed or while you watch television.

Just had a baby? Let me nurse on you.

I’m a pretty, blonde, blue eyed beauty who loves to please others.

Imagine having your own live Barbie Girl… that is me.

Hot, but I didn’t want to be the pillow princess… I wanted to serve a pillow princess.

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