27 Kasım 2022

Coward Little Housewife – 9 (Pumped @ Petrol Pump)

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Coward Little Housewife – 9 (Pumped @ Petrol Pump)


About 10 days later, my mother-in-law got sick again, including my sister in law and father-in-law altogether due to contaminated water. It wasn’t home water of college or office water or somewhere else. All were admitted in hospital but different hospitals.

Now a few family members were out of town and rest were required to stay with the patients. So nearly everyone was in the hospital except me. Komal was having a peculiar problem. So she was staying with her mom at the hospital. Only I was left behind at home as I wasn’t comfortable staying at the hospital.

My husband said to stay back and can visit at day time. Beside this, there was someone required to cook food for patients and family members and drop tiffins to them in the morning. At around 11:30 pm my husband called. He said that whether I have checked my Activa for petrol.

I was confused. It was already in reserve for a few days and maybe was near to the state of empty. I told him my doubt. He said that a petrol pump remains open till 11:45 pm, go and get the tank full. What if an emergency comes in the night. I also agreed with his suggestion.

I already had changed my clothes and was going to sleep. I was wearing a t-shirt, without a bra and a lower without underwear. It was hardly 15 minutes left for the petrol pump to get closed. So I decided to hurry up and didn’t want to waste time changing clothes.

I took the cash and locked home. In a hurry, I accidentally dropped the phone and it got opened up. Now the battery went below the bed. I didn’t waste time on that mobile. I left it at home and moved to the petrol pump. I reached the petrol pump at around 11:42 pm.

They had already closed the office and were about to leave. Most of the staff had already left and only three petrol pump assistants were there. They were in uniform and strictly denied to fill petrol. I requested and begged them. After 5-7 minutes they agreed on it.

They opened the lock of the pump and asked about how much to be filled. Now it’s about 5.5 liters tank so I asked for 5 liters. They said they don’t güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri have change and asked me to fill in the round figure. I agreed to it. He was around to fill the tank when his mobile rang. He pulled his mobile out and got busy in filling the tank and was talking side by.

After about 3.5 liters, I don’t know where his concentration was. He pulled the nozzle out and turned around. Due to his foolishness, I had a petrol bath. All my clothes soaked in petrol. I was shocked and so were the other two. But he was still busy on the phone.

As the entire petrol soaked my whole clothes, he turned towards me and immediately disconnected his call. He looked at me in an apologetic manner but it was already too late. Rest two also panicked and were shouting at him. To my fate, bad fate, few bulbs fused overhead and few sparks fell down near me.

One of them panicked immediately, and said me to remove clothes else it will catch fire. One of them grabbed my t-shirt and the other one grabbed my lower. Both pulled them on the opposite direction. Within a few seconds, it was out of my body, leaving me all naked inside.

They were facing the opposite side to me. They threw the clothes far away for safety. When they turned back they were even more shocked than me. Actually, they were expecting me in inners. But they weren’t expecting me to be fully naked. I was already shocked.

I didn’t even try to cover myself with my hands. They were also confused and weren’t reacting at all. These two were the ones who were criticizing the third one. Now I peeped towards the third one, who was examining me from top to bottom with a smile on his face.

He pulled the nozzle once again, didn’t mention the amount and started to fill the tank once again. He filled the tank to full and then closed the nozzle and fixed it back to its place. He said, “Madam, your Activa tank is full now, but seems that your body tanks need to be filled too.”

He was pointing at my pussy this time. Before anyone could respond, he grabbed me by my arm and started to move to the opposite side of the pump. As he reached there, he pushed me to settle my back on the petrol pump machine. As makrobet güvenilir mi soon as I was on the machine, he attacked me, kissing me and playing with my boobs.

He even forwarded his hand and fingered a few time in my pussy. This was the time when the other two recovered from the shock and came backward. They saw us and both exchanged hi-fi with each other. After a few minutes, he was satisfied playing with my body. He spread thighs, dropped his pants till his knees and entered my pussy.

He immediately started to bang me with full force and desperation. He banged me for 15 minutes or so and filled my pussy with a grunt. He withdrew his dick out, pulled his pant up, and said to others, “Your turn.” The other guy dropped his pant, wasn’t in the mood for foreplay. He immediately got inside my pussy.

He was fucking me with full speed. I was trying to suppress my moans. Just then a police jeep entered the petrol pump. The third person went forward to attend them so that they don’t feel suspicious. The jeep stopped beside the pump machine and it consisted of maybe 4-5 policemen.

So they asked what they were doing this late. So they told them that the lock of this petrol machine was been taken by one staff. So they were waiting for him to return, and cannot leave without locking this machine. They seemed convinced but one of them asked whose Activa was this.

One of them said that it was of their manager, who went to take keys with another staff. He didn’t seem suspicious and said to move on. They’ll return in 1 hour and the pump should be closed by then. They accepted and the jeep moved away.

The biggest disaster was the guy who was fucking me at that time. He was either too brave or was doing it purposely. He was hitting me with more pressure. I had to cup my mouth to suppress the moans. As soon as the jeep left, the guy fucking me deposited his load inside my pussy.

As soon as he was over, the last guy was already ready after dropping his pant. His dick went straight inside my pussy, fucking me with full pressure and full speed. In the next 15-20 minutes, he flooded me inside and stepped aside. He pulled his pant up, went to bring my clothes.

He tipobet dusted my clothes and gave me to wear. After wearing my clothes, I came back to the Activa, started it and moved till the road. It was around 1:00 am by then. I looked at the isolated road and shivers ran through my spins. I stopped my Activa and was thinking about what to do next.

About 2-3 minutes later the guy who soaked me in petrol arrived there by bicycle. The other two guys arrived by Activa. The guy in the bicycle understood my issue and asked the other two guys to drop me till my home. So the guys asked me to move and they’ll be just behind me.

I moved my Activa and reached home in 10-12 minutes. On the way, I looked in the rear mirror several times to make sure they were behind. When I reached home, I turned my head and shook my head, stating that they can go now. Then I got down from Activa and did a blunder mistake for the night.

I did a few mistakes earlier already but this was another mistake that I did for the night. I pulled the keys and opened the front gate first. Then I parked the Activa inside the boundary and opened the gate with my keys. I entered the house without even looking around.

I went to the bedroom to change my clothes. I removed my stained clothes and dumped them in the washing machine. Then wrapped the towel around me and came out to close the front door. To my shock, both of them had parked their bike inside the boundary and were entering the drawing hall.

I looked at them confused so one of them said, “Seems that tonight you’re all alone. We thought we can give you company by morning. We finished very swiftly at the pump and that too in a very uncomfortable position. You with us, on the bed, will be much relaxing and enjoyable. Don’t worry, we’ll leave before dawn.”

While saying this they were closing the main door and reached just in front of me. I was dumbstruck looking at them. They pulled the towel out of my body. The other one said, “Allow us to look at you in the broad tube light.” They looked at me from all sides.

Then caught me by my waists from both sides and asked me to direct them to the bedroom. Finding no way out I took them to my bedroom. They left early in the morning around 5:30 am, staying at my house for 4½ hours. I think it’s not needed to be mentioned that they both fucked me in both pussy and ass, one time each before leaving.

The story will be continued in the next part after a few days. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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