28 Eylül 2023

Courtney Texts a Stranger Ch. 04

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Many apologies to the readers who asked for the fourth chapter of this story. It has been delayed for far too long. Much effort was put into making this an exciting addition to the series, and I hope that you will enjoy it. As I have said many times, your ratings and comments serve as encouragement, and I hope you will take the time to leave some feedback. Suggestions for future stories or chapters are also welcome. Thank you for reading!


The sun had already breached the horizon more than an hour ago. Michelle slowly began to toss and turn in bed as the sun brightened the large bedroom. She had woken up earlier in the night, the unmistakable sounds of lovemaking coming from the shower in the adjacent bathroom. When she had investigated the noise, she found that Courtney had been alone, her fingers performing the magic on her own body. After the night of passion between Courtney, Lauren, and herself, she was shocked that Courtney had any energy left whatsoever. Feeling that she had already intruded enough on the blossoming relationship between Courtney and Lauren, she reluctantly went back to bed after watching Courtney for a brief moment.

Now, as she picked herself up from the bed, the delightful smell of breakfast was wafting from downstairs. Lauren and Courtney were no longer in the room, and someone had been kind enough to fold her clothes and set them on the oak dresser across from the bed. After taking a quick shower, Michelle slid back into her clothes from last night and headed to the kitchen.

“Hi ladies!”

As Michelle entered the kitchen, she noticed Lauren sitting at the table as Courtney was fixing some eggs. Lauren smiled, rose from the table, and walked over to Michelle, her curves covered only in a long t-shirt. “Nice of you to get up today.” Lauren grinned and pulled Michelle close for a passionate kiss. Michelle gasped at the unexpected embrace and wasn’t sure if Courtney might be offended by the display of affection. All uncertainty was cast aside as Courtney joked, “I guess she was tired from watching me in the shower last night!”

Michelle’s cheeks turned bright red as Lauren stepped back and smiled again. “Well, I, uh, heard some noise and…” was the only explanation that Michelle could muster.

“Relax Michelle. I’m only teasing.” Courtney glanced at Michelle and smiled as she went to the refrigerator to get out the orange juice. “Care for some breakfast?”

Michelle felt famished. She hardly ate much at dinner last evening. Her feelings about what happened with her soon-to-be former husband had naturally consumed her. But, after her evening with Courtney and Lauren, she felt more positive about the future.

“I’d love breakfast. I’m starved!” She sat down at the table and Lauren plopped herself next to the blonde.

Courtney was always a polite host and having both Lauren and Michelle around this morning only added to her delight. While her mind kept wandering to the previous night, she didn’t want to ruin breakfast. She tended carefully to the eggs as Michelle sat down. She moved her eyes to the table once again to see Michelle leaning in to kiss Lauren. Though she thought that she would feel jealous, no trace of the feeling crossed her mind. She watched closely for a minute as she saw Michelle’s tongue slide along Lauren’s lips. She felt a sudden chill but then quickly remembered the eggs.

Lauren had nearly pulled Michelle out of her chair as they kissed. “Sorry to interrupt ladies, but you need to devour something other than each other’s lips!” Courtney laughed and set a plate of eggs and toast next to both of her guests. She sat facing Michelle and next to Lauren. The next several minutes were relatively quiet as the three finished up their meal. Near the end, she could feel a set of toes interlocking with hers, and she looked over to see Lauren grinning at her. She returned the smile but couldn’t help but feel slightly turned on at the feel of her girlfriend’s skin on her own.

“So what do you ladies have planned for today?” Michelle wasn’t very comfortable with the quiet and wanted to break the ice. “I suppose I need to go home and start figuring out what I need to do with the asshole’s stuff.”

“Since I’m your ride, why don’t I come over and help?” Lauren wanted to spend more time with Courtney, but she knew that her friend desperately needed someone by her side right now.

“That’s too much to ask,” Michelle replied.

“Not at all. We’ll start a bonfire in the backyard!” Lauren started laughing, and Michelle could not help but join in the frivolity.

“Alright! It’s a deal. Courtney, any interest in consuming well-aged wine and burning some shit?”

Courtney laughed. Michelle had a good sense of humor despite being abandoned by her husband only yesterday. Maybe they were having issues for awhile. In either case, she didn’t consider it any of her business.

“It does sound fun, but I need to take care of some chores and do some grocery shopping. This huge breakfast consisted of the last of the food in this house.” Courtney didn’t want to miss the party, but she needed to get görükle escort bayan some things done before the start of another work week.

“Awww. Well, it’s okay. I’ll have your beautiful girlfriend to help me out!” Michelle smiled.

Courtney couldn’t help but feel a bit protective at the moment. She knew of Lauren and Michelle’s history, and she knew that they would be alone at Michelle’s home. It wasn’t so much about trust as she didn’t want to be left out. She leaned over, sliding her hand around the back of Lauren’s head and locked lips with the brunette. Lauren quickly returned the kiss, her one hand on Courtney’s face and the other holding Michelle’s hand.

“You two better get some work done at that house. Don’t play around too much without me!” Courtney grinned.

“I’ll be on my best behavior,” Lauren quickly said. “But with this wild one next to me, I can’t say the same. I’m going to get changed so we can go Michelle.”

As Lauren walked upstairs, Michelle leaned over. Instinctively, Courtney did the same and the two embraced in a deep kiss. Michelle let go of Courtney’s lips and smiled. “Thanks for letting me crash your evening.”

Courtney grinned. She felt happy, and she was even more satisfied that Michelle seemed better after her bad day yesterday. “I wouldn’t call it ‘crashed’. But you’re welcome anytime.” Courtney kissed Michelle again as Lauren headed down the stairs.

“Uh huh. You two wasting no time huh?” Lauren was all smiles. She loved to tease.

Michelle headed to the door. “I’ll give you two a moment and wait in the car. Thanks again for everything Courtney!”

As Michelle closed the door behind her, Courtney pushed Lauren slightly against it and started kissing her deeply. She let her tongue dive into the brunette’s mouth and moaned softly. Lauren gasped, shocked by Courtney’s quick aggressiveness, but quickly matched the kiss.

Courtney pulled away and smiled. “That’s just so you don’t forget about me when you and Michelle are messing around later.”

“Aw honey! I don’t plan on doing that at all. We should get together later after I help her.”

“But she needs you right now. She’s obviously in a rough spot. And I’ve seen how both of you look at each other. That’s not just friendship but also love. I am falling for you also and don’t want to be forgotten.”

Lauren was surprised. Courtney was amazing, and while she definitely had some deep feelings for Michelle, she was also falling hard for Courtney.

“You’re the best sweetie. When can we get together again?”

Courtney smiled lovingly. “What about tomorrow after work? You can come over for dinner if I actually get to the store soon!”

Lauren grinned. “Sounds great. You make delicious meals honey.” Lauren pulled Courtney close and kissed her again. “I better run before Michelle thinks I ditched her.”

“Bye Lauren! I’ll miss you.”

Lauren blew a kiss to Courtney as she hopped in the car. As Courtney watched the car speed away, she smiled and felt content. She was surprised how hard she had fallen for Lauren and was excited to see her again tomorrow night.


The remainder of Courtney’s afternoon was much less exciting compared to the previous evening. After returning from grocery shopping, she slid into a pair of tight black yoga pants and a plain white tee and started the work of doing laundry and cleaning the house. It was difficult to upkeep the home when she was all alone, but she loved the house and refused to move.

As she finished folding a clean load of laundry and descended the stairs, she headed toward the kitchen for a drink of water. She was startled when the doorbell rang. She wasn’t sure who would turn up on a late Sunday afternoon, unless Lauren and Michelle had already given up on their task of ridding Michelle’s house of her husband’s belongings.

She walked quickly to the door as the bell sounded again and turned the handle. “Oh my God! I haven’t seen you in ages!” Courtney exclaimed. She was very surprised to see her best friend Lisa at the door.

“I know, right!? I’m so sorry Courtney. I’ve been a bad friend lately.”

“No way. Come on in. I was just cleaning up a bit. Want some coffee?”

“Sure. I’ve been up since 6 or so, and I’m tired.” Lisa closed the door behind her.

“Why so early on a Sunday?”

Lisa turned a bit red. She and Courtney had met several years ago when both worked at the same company in the city. They were colleagues in the same department and had started on the same day. Lisa was slightly taller than Courtney with straight, dark hair to her shoulders, dark blue eyes, and an average figure. She married her husband, an accountant named Justin, only a year before meeting Courtney. They had started a family not long after that.

“Well, the kids had soccer practice early. And, well, if I wanted any alone time with Justin, I had to get up early.” She smiled but with a tinge of embarrassment.

Courtney walked over and handed the cup of coffee to Lisa. “Glad to hear you and Justin are getting along well.”

“Thanks bursa otele gelen escort for the coffee. We are! How are things with you?”

Courtney thought about the question and her mind quickly returned to the previous night. She knew that it would be too much to share. Her and Lisa were close, but she did not want to overwhelm her with the lurid tale of meeting Lauren and then getting together with Michelle.

“Things are going well. Working quite a bit and getting out here and there. I feel as though we haven’t spent any time together in months!”

Lisa frowned just a bit. “I know. I’m so sorry. Justin took the kids to a movie and then to visit his parents, and he told me to get out to spend some time for myself. So I thought of you, and here I am! You look wonderful and happy.”

Courtney smiled. “Well, I’m glad that you thought of me. We should go do something fun! It’s been too long.”

“Oh I agree. It’s nice to have an afternoon and evening to myself for a change. Have any ideas of what we could do?”

“Well, I need to toss this last load of laundry in the dryer first and fold a few clothes. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“I’ll be here!” Lisa smiled.

Courtney stood up and walked downstairs. She thought about what her and Lisa could do for fun. Perhaps they could go to dinner or do a bit of shopping. Lisa, despite having to take care of two kids, was always immaculately dressed in designer clothes. Her hair had always been styled perfectly and her makeup perfectly applied. It was no different today. “Maybe she could help me pick out an outfit or two,” Courtney thought to herself.

Lisa calmly crossed her leg over the other and took a sip of coffee as it had finally cooled a bit. It had been eerily quiet in Courtney’s home with the exception of the laundry machines running in the cellar. She was startled when she heard a ringtone. She thought it was her phone at first but then quickly noticed Courtney’s phone sitting next to her on the couch. The screen had lit up with notification of the message. Though not one to invade one’s privacy, she was startled when she glanced over at the screen.

At first, Lisa didn’t think much of it. It had to be a text message sent to the wrong person. The small preview of the picture attached to the message showed a picture of large breasts with the accompanying message “Wish you were here! ;)” She knew Courtney for many years, and not once did she ever mention even a passing interest in women. As Lisa sat looking at the message, it dawned on her that it wasn’t sent by a stranger. Instead of showing a phone number, the name of the sender – Lauren – appeared on the message.

It slowly registered in Lisa’s mind. The explicit picture was sent to Courtney on purpose. She wondered to herself who Lauren was and why her best friend had failed to mention her. Maybe it was just some sort of running joke between the two women. She didn’t want to jump to conclusions, but she was curious what was going on with her best friend. She looked at the picture again and took a deep breath. She knew her friend would be downstairs for just a bit longer. She gently picked up Courtney’s phone and swiped to unlock the screen. Lisa quickly brought one hand against her mouth as it dropped open.

All of Courtney’s recent photos were displayed. She had been looking at them before setting the phone down. Taking a deep breath, Lisa moved her finger across the screen to scroll through the thumbnail view of the most recent photos. As she did so, her finger tapped on one ever so slightly. As it enlarged, Lisa realized that it was a video, and it started playing. Her hands nearly shaking, she could not believe what she was seeing. It was a video of a woman, her ass moving up and down on what appeared to be a toy. “Who is it,” Lisa wondered to herself. At first, she had no idea. But she briefly caught a glance of red hair as the video continued rolling. She quietly blurted out “Oh god!” as she realized that the woman in the video was Courtney.

As she heard the distant noise of footsteps, Lisa quickly put the phone back next to her on the couch and uncrossed her legs. She was still trembling from what she had seen, but she knew she needed to regain her composure before Courtney returned. Her mind began to wander and think about what she had just viewed. Was her best friend truly interested in women now? Why did she not tell me? Lisa felt a bit hurt that Courtney had not confided in her. But she didn’t want to jump to any conclusions without knowing all of the details. As she crossed her legs once again, she couldn’t help but feel a small tingling sensation throughout her body. She tried to quickly dismiss the notion that she liked what she had just viewed on the phone.

As Courtney rounded the corner from the kitchen, Lisa swallowed hard. She couldn’t separate the sight of her best friend from what she had saw on her phone.

Courtney suddenly spoke. “So how about dinner and shopping? My treat for dinner. I couldn’t come up with anything exciting!”

Lisa, her bursa escort bayan mind still engulfed in her thoughts, quickly caught herself. “Oh, sure, that sounds good to me. Do you mind if I use the restroom before we go?”

“Not at all. You know where it is.”

Lisa slowly got up from the couch and headed upstairs to the main bathroom. Courtney set the laundry basket containing her folded clothes on the ground near the couch and picked up her phone. As she unlocked it to check her e-mail, she was surprised that the naughty video that she had sent to Lauren a few nights ago was displayed full screen. She didn’t remember looking at it since that night. Thinking nothing of it, she went back to the home screen on her phone and noticed that she had a new text message. But, she thought to herself, those usually show up on the lock screen. As she looked at the message, she smiled when she took in the sight of the text and picture from Lauren. She quickly replied with a heart in her message, typing “Me too!”, in reference to Lauren wanting her to be there with her. She briefly wondered what Lauren and Michelle were up to, but the thoughts about the message notification not showing up and the opened video were overtaking her. As the gears in her mind turned, she realized that the phone had been on the couch next to Lisa. She was stunned. Had Lisa seen the text message and then found the video? She didn’t want to blame her friend for that. It wouldn’t be fair of her to make the accusation.

Courtney brushed the matter aside. It wasn’t that important anyhow. She slid her phone into her pocket and picked up the basket of laundry. She climbed the stairs and headed to her bedroom to fold the clothes and get changed. As she walked down the hallway, she swore that she heard a very faint noise coming from behind the bathroom door. She figured that Lisa must be getting ready, so she headed to the bedroom and started hanging up her clothes. She heard another sound coming from down the hallway, so she put down the shirt that she was about to hang up and quietly walked down the hallway again. As she neared the bathroom door, she heard a very slight noise as though Lisa might be using an electric toothbrush. It didn’t make sense to Courtney why she would bring one in her purse. She stood by the door for another few seconds.

The sound was no longer unmistakable.

Ever so faintly from behind the door, Courtney heard a faint moan escape. Then another. And another. It was not a toothbrush that Lisa was using in there. It must have been a vibrator, Courtney thought to herself. Courtney wondered why her friend would be doing that now before it all came together in her head. She gulped and realized that Lisa did see the text message from Lauren and must have been looking at her video.

Though surprised, she wasn’t upset at Lisa’s behavior. After all, she hadn’t shared any details of her relationship with Lauren. It was only natural that her friend might be curious if she had seen the text message. “But why is she in my bathroom playing,” Courtney wondered. Lisa was happily married, and judging from her earlier comments about her time with Justin this morning, she obviously had a good sex life. Courtney didn’t want to be too rude, but as she thought to walk away, she couldn’t help but listen again. It was erotic to hear the passionate moans of another woman, even if she did happen to be her best friend. And, given the events of the past few days, it excited her. Her own sex drive had been completely reignited.

“Oh god, oh yes,” were the quiet moans that Courtney continued to hear through the door. She couldn’t help but notice that her nipples were protruding through her white tee. They were erect in no small part due to hearing the passionate sounds of her best friend. The buzzing of the vibrator continued, and she heard Lisa’s whimpers now. She knew the brunette was working toward a climax. Her own hand subconsciously slid along her chest to feel and pinch her nipples. She knew that this wouldn’t last long because Lisa wouldn’t want to hold up their plans for this evening. As she tweaked her nipples a bit, she heard something that nearly soaked her yoga pants.

“Oh god Courtney.” Whether she meant to or not, Lisa had just moaned her best friend’s name while masturbating.

Courtney gasped in shock. “Why did she moan my name,” she thought to herself. There had never once been any indication that Lisa could be interested in her. They had known each other for years and spent so much time together. They were typically very open with each other. As Courtney thought more about it, she wrote the situation off due to the likelihood that Lisa had seen the text message and video. “She is just excited,” Courtney told herself. As she turned to walk back to the bedroom, she heard it again.

“Oh yes. Ohh Courtney.”

Courtney froze. Her nipples swelled more. She admitted to herself that she loved hearing her best friend moan her name. But she knew that she didn’t have much time before Lisa would finish and be ready to go. She didn’t want Lisa to know she had been listening at the door either. She walked back to her bedroom and finished hanging up the last of her clothes in her closet. She was trembling just a bit as she thought about what she had just heard. It almost didn’t seem real to her. She slid the tee up over her chest and tossed it to the floor. She ran her hands over her chest again, gently pulling on her nipples.

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