1 Aralık 2022

Couple Sex In My Studio

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Couple Sex In My Studio

Hi, Everyone, this is Midgul -Erotic Photographer. Today’s incident which I going to write is about a random couple. I woke up around 7 am as usual and checked my phone. There were so many notifications because last night I slept early.

I was reading them one by one, some of them just crap, few emails and some friends jokes. Only 2 messages were in my WhatsApp business account. One from a model for some photos and other was unknown number just saying ‘Hi’.
I replied with another ‘Hi’ and went to the bathroom.

I received another message from the same number when I was on the breakfast table.
An unknown number – “Hi this Vishal Salwani. I got your contact through the internet. Looking for a photographer for some photos.”

Me- ” Yes sure tell me when we can do a photo shoot and what type of photos you are looking for.”
Vishal- “A few photos with my wife in some private studio and considering few intimate type photos also.”

Me- ” Ok no problem tell me the date.”
Vishal- ” Last week of April”
Me- ” Ok here is the link for booking please go through it and finalize it ”

After 20-30 minutes I received an email that I got a booking for a couple of photo shoots. I checked my calendar it was for Monday 29 April, which is 2 weeks away. I didn’t have much work that week. I went for 10 days trip to Uttrakhand. After coming from there I started work for that couple photoshoot.

They came to my studio at 8 PM as we planned. I discussed and planned with them. In the studio, I was with my assistant, make-up artist and that couple only. Vishal was a good looking man with some fat and her wife Shalini was fair and a little chubby lady. Vishal told me that their main canlı bahis şirketleri purpose is intimate photos.

I asked how far they can go for photos. Shalini showed me some photos on her phone as the answer. Those photos were on the level of full nudity and level of porn. I nodded my head in agreed and said to them let’s start. In starting I suggested some photos with clothes but in a sensual way.

I asked them to be natural and not to look in the camera. My assistant set up lights and other things. I told to make up artist to give Shalini a Bengali lady look and told to Vishal wear a South Indian style lungi. But he didn’t know how to wear a lungi.

So my makeup artist helped him as I told him to wear the only lungi. So when Pooja (Makeup artist) was helping him to wear it he got a boner which made us laugh. Now both were ready with makeup and dress. Shalini was in white and red saree with red bikini type bra.

I described the pose to them. Vishal needed to hold Shalini’s saree from the stomach and pull towards himself. While Shalini was acting to falling behind. Shalini was a chubby lady but her skin was very tight and curves were very smooth. She had a fair skin tone and had great charm.

While Vishal was a muscular man having a fit body but a little healthy stomach. The first pose was done great after a few takes. We did a few more poses in a general manner before moving to sexual poses. After lunch, we started for sexual poses.

In the first round, I asked the couple to get topless. Shalini wore a black saree only and Vishal wear formal jeans. Shalini had a great pair of breasts and believe me her nipples were darker than a black hole. I was thinking for a pose while the makeup canlı kaçak iddaa artist gave them the final touch up.

So in the next pose, Vishal needed to hold Shalini’s breasts and cover them with his palm from behind her. Shalini needed to bend her knees a bit and go low so Vishal can move his head over Shalini’s shoulder to kiss her. She will lift her neck upward to kiss back. They took 3 takes to complete this pose.

I called them to me and showed them their photos on the screen. They both came to me and sat nearby. Shalini was still topless and sitting just side of me. It was not the first time I was sitting with a strange topless random girl. But it was excited like always.

I showed them and they both became more excited for more photos. Ok, so we went I more step further and planned some fully nude shots. The next pose was over an old style chair. Vishal needed to sit on chair nude and Shalini would sit over his penis like they are fucking on the chair.

First Vishal was on the chair. My make up assistant removed his lungi so he was fully naked there. But his penis was not so erected. Shalini noticed it and went near him and start touching his penis to make it erect. Soon Vishal was erect enough for the pose.

I took first shot when Shalini was standing away from the chair and looking towards Vishal’s erect penis. In the next pose, I asked Shalini to become nude and sit on knees. She needed to pose like she would give a blowjob to Vishal. She put her hands on Vishal’s thighs and touched her lips to his penis.

I clicked photos. After I clicked that photo I was looking at it and called my make up artist because I wanted more lipstick on Shalini’s lips. I was showing the photo to make canlı kaçak bahis up artist. When she and I look towards the couple it was a totally different scene.

Shalini started sucking Vishal’s penis and Vishal was moaning in pleasure. We didn’t expect this yet. But it was not so strange because the atmosphere was so seductive at that moment. They both were in themselves and Shalini gave a look to me a smile. I understood and started taking photos.

She was bending front towards Vishal and her ass was on my side. I can see her ass and vagina rear look. She has very fair skin under her panties. They were making very seductive sound and my makeup artist (Pooja) was feeling uncomfortable.

Pooja started working with me recently and this was her second chance to see live sex in the studio. I switched off videos because we were not permitted for that and only clicked a few photos. Now Shalini and Vishal were on the floor and kissing each other very passionately.

They almost forgot where they are. Vishal came over Shalini and started sucking her boobs. I took a zoom shot of her nipples when Vishal was biting them and it was a great shot. Shalini was moaning like a pornstar. I was starting feeling excited. My makeup artist Pooja was feeling the same.

She was sitting just right to me and I can hear her heavy breathe. We both looked to each other many times. Shalini was rubbing Vishal’s penis near her vagina and suddenly Vishal push it in her vagina, she made a loud cry and became normal soon. Now they were official fucking there in my studio.

I was watching them, sitting next to my staff girl. I took a few photos of their sex and they finished in about 15 minutes. Both were exhausted and sweating on the floor. I said to Pooja to gave them towels and leave the studio and went to the office room.

Both came there in 30 minutes. Shalini was still topless only wrapping the towel around her waist and Vishal was also in same. We talked about further photos for the next day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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