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Consoling and Exploring Pt. 04

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Female Ejaculation

Monday morning, I wake up to the smell of bacon. After a quick stretch and a trip to the bathroom I wander down the hall to the kitchen. Don is plating his famous breakfast wraps, and has a coffee pod ready to go for me.

“Good morning,” he says as he moves closer for a kiss. I smile, I feel a delightful shiver as I admire him. I sigh softly and kiss my boyfriend deeply.

“Good morning, you are Up early,” I fondle his growing cock as I say up. Don pushes me away gently, he giggles as he shakes his head. Don points to my plate as I jokingly pout and comment on how I prefer sausage in the mornings. We chuckle as we begin to eat.

After breakfast we take a nice long bubble bath together. We relax and chat idly, kissing every so often, and taking turns with the sponge. We soak quietly for a while, each content just being together.

Don explains I have an appointment with Mom at noon, so she can measure me. Don smirks as I ask why she needs to measure me for stockings, but all he says is “just have fun, feel free to enjoy it as much as you like.” I try to tickle some information out of him to no avail, we dry off and cuddle for an hour before I have to leave.

Mandy greets me with a hug and a kiss, she looks amazing as usual. Mom is wearing cut off jean shorts, with a plaid button up shirt tied up in front. Her breasts look great in the tight shirt, her long hug confirms she is braless.

Mom shows me to Don’s room, she hands me a catalog before saying, “get undressed honey, down to your boxers, I will be right back.”

I look at the catalog, it is a brand I have never heard of, lingerie specifically for men. I undress to my boxers quickly, before scanning the pages. I feel myself grow as I look through the pages of stockings, panties, thongs, and bikinis.

All are designed for and modeled by males, I have never seen so many semi erect cocks before. I can’t help but wonder if this is the catalog Mandy caught Don with. Imagining my boyfriend masturbating while looking at all these nice cocks sends a sweet throb through my own cock.

Mandy enters, “Remember now honey, call me mom or mommy, okay?” I nod in reply, smiling. “Stand up honey,” Mom kneels as I rise, she carefully measures the length of my legs to the mid thigh level and also to the hip.

Mom stands and kisses my cheek softly, as I blush a bit, her eyes move to my obvious bulge as she measures my waist for a garter belt. “Looks like you are getting a nice little erection honey, that’s good.” I know Mom’s words were meant to soothe me but I feel myself redden more.

“Do you like my friend’s collection?” Mom asks, referring to the catalog. “Darius is an old friend and I love what he is doing for men,” Mom continues. Her easy going manner helps me relax quickly, even as I feel myself growing right in front of her eyes.

“Yeah I really do, I have never seen lingerie for guys before Mommy.” Mandy beams as I call her Mommy. She pauses with her hand resting lightly on my chest before explaining further.

“Well honey, Darius is different, he designs his line specifically for each customer, exactly to their proportions. Mom again glances down at my obvious tent. “So if you want me to order some panties, we will need to measure your erection honey.” Mom chuckles as I gulp at her words.

Mom continues explaining as I continue growing. He even sometimes offers discounts if the customer agrees to pose for an upcoming catalog. You and Don would look great in his designs dear, you should think about modelling. I know he needs a new transsexual model too, if you know anyone”

I am beet red, unsure how to proceed, “Did Don order panties, Mommy?” I manage to ask a moment later. Mandy just nods, she unties her shirt and undoes the last few buttons.

As she exposes her perfect breasts mommy says, “here these will help keep you nice and hard, now show me that nice erection honey.” Her tone is matter of fact, my mouth just hangs open as my eyes refuse to leave her breasts. They are juicy and firm, perfectly round with big soft pink areola. Her small rosy perfectly centered nipples point upwards atop her gravity defying boobs.

I stand staring as I unthinkingly lower my boxers, Mom’s beautiful 36c’s are still mesmerizing me. I moan as I feel her soft hand on my throbbingly hard little cock. “Five and a quarter, mmm nice and small like Don,” Mom muses as I try not to cum.

As her hand wraps the tape around me, checking my girth, she whispers, “you are being a really good boy honey.” I feel a surge through my cock as she chuckles. “Four and a quarter inches around, good boy,” Mom is still holding my cock as she leans even closer and kisses me softly.

Mommy pauses for a moment looking into my eyes while still holding my throbbing cock. I moan again as Mommy slowly slides her fingers down my shaft. Mom again kisses me softly. I am trembling as she lightly fondles my cock her supple breasts are pushed into my chest as she leans close for yet another soft kiss. I am nervous, almanbahis knowing I would be powerless to stop her if she seduced me.

Sensing my unease Mom lets go, giving me one more squeeze before she does. Mom turns away before grabbing and showing me her phone. A text from Don says, “Mommy please treat Roger as if he were me.”

My eyes widen as I hand back the phone. Mom giggles, “I get a bit handsy, but a good tease never hurt anyone Roger.” she adds in explanation.

As I relax again, Mommy hands me a bottle of coconut oil. “Would you like to take care of your lovely erection before mommy puts her boobies away honey?” She asks in a sultry voice. I just gulp and nod as she motions for me to sit on the bed. I apply the lube with shaky hands as Mom smiles encouragingly.

I start to stroke my aching cock, as slow as I can, Mandy moves beside me. “Stare at Mommy’s tits like a good boy and stroke that nice little cock honey.” Her words send a delightful shock wave through my cock as I reply, “Yes Mommy.”

Mandy beams, she gently toys with my hair, as I fight my orgasm. My eyes are glued to her perfect boobs as she whispers sweet encouragement. “Stroke that beautiful cock honey, good boy try to take your time for Mommy.” I stroke my aching cock as slowly as I can. A few minutes later, Mom sees I am struggling, she says, “Would you like to cum on Mommy’s boobs honey?”

I moan, replying when I am able, “Yes Please Mommy.”

She smiles, “You will clean Mommy up like a good boy?” Mom asks while lowering her boobs to my thrusting cock.

“Yes Mommy,” I whimper as I feel her soft breasts rest against my cock. I cum almost instantly, firing wad after wad into Mommy’s soft cleavage. As I recover Mom pulls my head to her breasts.

I eagerly lap up my load as Mommy calls me her good boy. Mommy allows me to suckle for a few minutes as I cool down. She ties up her shirt, as I make my lingerie selections. I get another long hug and a sweet kiss as we say goodbye.

I text Don to say I will be home soon, I drive home in a daze. I have to force myself to pay attention to the road as my rock hard dick tries to pull my mind back to what just happened. I somehow make it home, I take the stairs up to the third floor. I rush down the hall and open my apartment door. I see Don on the couch as I drop my keys on the kitchen counter.

Don is grinning, he is just in a towel, as I approach he opens his towel exposing his rock hard five inches. I drop to my knees, I engulf his dick in one motion, sliding my tongue up his delicious shaft as I do. I bob on his cock for a few minutes, making sure to get every inch in my mouth on every downward bob. Don holds my head gently.

I slide him out after a few minutes, I lay my face beside his gorgeous dick and lick his shaft like a Popsicle. I switch from one side to the other, licking every inch before swallowing his whole cock again and again.

I feel his fingers tighten their grasp on my hair, I hold still and allow Don to slowly thrust his perfect cock into my mouth. My own cock throbs as he moans, while filling my mouth over and over with his small beautiful cock.

I take over again, sucking his shaft tightly as I slide my mouth up and down his soaked twitching pole. I hear his now familiar grunts as he nears orgasm. I pop his cock out quickly before he can blow. Don moans in a mix of need and pleasure. I move to his balls sucking one into my mouth as his delicious cock twitches on my cheek. I spend a minute or so on each of his balls, allowing him to cool down a bit.

I take his cock back into my mouth, my tongue dancing along his swollen shaft. I begin at a slow pace, increasing steadily as I bob up and down on his dick. I take care to make sure my tongue finds every part of his oozing cock head. Don has his hands in my hair again thrusting into my mouth as I bob. I hear him grunting again and increase my pressure.

Just as I am sure he is about to blow, I try again to release his cock. Don holds my head firmly as I halfheartedly struggle. A few flicks across his cock head with my tongue end our struggle. Grunting loudly, Don fills my mouth with his sweet load. I lovingly suck every drop from him, allowing his cock to soften before releasing him. I swallow all his delicious cum before closing in for a kiss and cuddle.

A few minutes later, I look up from his chest. Our lips lock again and we kiss deeply. I say, “thank you,” as we break our kiss. Don just smiles knowingly.

“When do you want to move into my basement?” Don asks a moment later, I laugh in reply. A moment later, I say, “You’re the best boyfriend ever. I just wanted you to know, before I gush about how perfect Mommy’s boobs are.” We both laugh at my words, before making out some more.

Don explains that he has had Mommy’s permission to masturbate whenever and wherever he needed to ever since he turned eighteen. “I kept getting hard when we cuddled for movie night, so she just encouraged me of course, saying she was almanbahis yeni giriş flattered.” My hand is on my growing cock as he speaks.

Don imitates Mom’s voice as he continues, “just take your nice little erection out honey let Mommy see.” I chuckle at his perfect imitation.

“I got a bit anxious about the whole thing though, so I started missing movie nights. I was still thinking about Mommy a lot though, I mean you see how she dresses.” I nod, smiling as he explains. “So when she had to measure my nice erection I just gave in again, I cleaned Mommy’s boobs three times that day, Roger, and I have cleaned them pretty much every day since.”

I am rock hard with my mouth hanging open as he concludes. “Wow,” is all I can manage before I kiss him deeply. We pull on boxers before bathroom breaks. We cuddle and chat for a couple of hours, while we soak our boxers in pre cum.

Indulging our fantasies about what it will be like if I move in. Giggling as we discuss walking around in our lingerie as Mommy wears hers. Imagining the compliments we would hear regarding our nice little erections. I tease Don about Mom being handsy, he blushes before explaining she only ever teases.

We have lunch around three, as our discussion moves to our dinner date with Willow. We laugh as we discuss scenarios where we could seduce her into a threesome. Each idea seems lamer than the last, we tease each other about our lack of skills. Deciding finally that we better hope she seduces us.

We pop out for a bottle of wine before heading over to Willow’s. Willow greets us in a mid length pink skirt, she has long pride colored socks on. A lacy black bra peeks out of her low cut white top. The bra nicely pushes her perky boobs up and out displaying her lovely cleavage, much to our delight. We try not to stare too much, I hand over the bottle as we tell her how pretty she looks.

Willow serves delicious tacos alongside a healthy salad. We enjoy our dinner and wine, while she mostly asks about Mandy. After several promises to introduce her, Don says, “actually Roger spent the day with Mom.” I blush and nod at the same time as my boyfriend teases me.

Feeling competitive I say, “Yeah she had already measured Don for his lingerie so it was my turn.” It is Don’s turn to blush as Willow looks on, clearly intrigued.

“I would cum on the spot if Mandy measured me for lingerie,” Willow grins and blushes as she finishes speaking. Our mouths hang open until we both laugh hysterically. Willow looks awkwardly at Don but he reassures her with hand gestures as we laugh. Willow joins in our laughter now looking at us with a puzzled expression.

Willow suggests we wait in the living room while she quickly cleans up. A few minutes later she yells, “do you guys want dessert?”

We reply “yes please”

Willow chuckles softly as she walks to the living room. Willow stops a few feet in front of us, she slowly unclasps and drops her skirt, Willow smiles as she lowers her thong.

“Come and get it then,” she purrs as her beautiful fully hard uncut six inch girl cock springs free. We are on our knees a few seconds later, holding hands as we begin to kiss her delicious thick shaft.

We lick and kiss her swollen shaft, coating her nice cock in our saliva. Don wraps his hand around the base before offering me her thick cock. I lick Willow’s cock head as I try to engulf her.

Don puts his free hand on my head and begins guiding my pace as I slide my tongue along her shaft. Willow moans sweetly as she watches us. I sensually suck her for a minute before we switch.

I moan as Don engulfs Willow’s beautiful cock. I am holding her shaft, while guiding his head as he did with me. I speed his pace a little, having Don bob steadily while Willow moans in delight. I move my face closer and begin tonguing her small balls as Don sucks steadily.

Willow is moaning, thrusting into his mouth, her body rising up involuntarily as she feeds Don’s mouth. Don pops her cock out, Willow grunts at the noise. We each take a side of her cock again bathing her shaft as we lick up and down every inch. We moan as we admire her thickness, feeling the weight of it as we slap her against our tongues.

Alternating one of us sucking her balls while the other teases her swollen cock head. Willow is thrusting, her hips bucking, causing her lovely cock to slide all over our faces as she tries to find a wet hole.

We meet at her aching cock head, making out with her cock in between our mouths. Kissing her cock head sensually before sliding our tongues up and down her twitching girl cock.

Willow is again thrusting, her body raising in her need, thrusting her small thick beautiful cock upwards. Willow finds her way into Don’s willing mouth, holding him there with her hands in his hair, she begins to fire. I moan in lust and envy as she fills my boyfriend’s mouth with her sweet juice.

As her orgasm subsides, she slides free of Don’s mouth, she turns and offers me her still almanbahis giriş twitching cock to clean. I happily lick up all the remaining cum, as Don moans. A few minutes later Willow takes her top off, she offers us each a hand and we walk to her bedroom.

Willow reclines as we each attach to a breast. Her boobs are perky natural 34b’s. Small pink nipples harden as we suckle, her soft sweet moans signalling her pleasure. She pulls my head up for a long deep kiss, Don cups her free breast as soon as my mouth leaves it. A minute later Willow kisses Don as I again suck and fondle her lovely pert boobs.

Willow has us stand in front of her at the edge of her bed, she rolls onto her tummy and scoots towards us. “You guys have beautiful cocks,” she purrs as she closes in. Willow pulls us closer together as she takes our hard cocks into her hands. She smiles before peppering our cock heads with soft kisses. “I love small ones,” she says sweetly as she admires us.

I moan as she slides my aching little cock into her mouth, Willow forms a tight circle at the base of my cock, loosening her jaw as she works her tongue up my shaft.

Willow pulls Don closer, sliding his cock into her mouth as mine slides out. We moan as our shafts press together. Willow repeats this process over and over, making sure our shafts cross on every switch.

We are watching wide eyed, amazed at her skills, we both moan steadily as we ooze into her mouth. Our cocks are slick and shiny as she rubs our shafts together. Willow takes both our cocks into her mouth. Don’s throbbing cock against mine combined with Willow’s expert tongue has me trembling.

I see Don’s eyes are glazed as he thrusts into her eager hungry mouth. We both thrust into her, our young small cocks pressed tightly together as she increases her pressure. When I am sure we are about to blow Willow releases us both with a nice pop.

Willow rubs our oozing cock heads together, she leans closer and teases our twitching poles with her soft tongue. Willow begins sucking one then the other, just a few seconds each before releasing us with an audible pop. Our shafts or cock heads meet on every switch as we moan in delight at her skill.

Willow again takes us both into her mouth, she sucks both our cock heads, increasing her pressure as she brings us closer and closer. I feel my ass clench as my orgasm nears, but she again releases us just in the nick of time. Willow giggles as we thrust into the air for a moment in our need to cum.

“Who wants to fuck me first?” Willow asks as we moan in need. Willow shows us where her condoms are, she gets into doggy position on her bed. I go first, I quickly lube up and begin teasing Willow’s hole with my cock.

Don moves in front quickly, filling his hands with her perky breasts. Willow engulfs Don’s beautiful cock as I fill her with mine. I fuck her nice and slowly, working all five inches across her prostate on every slow thrust. Don teases her sensitive nipples.

I reach under and grasp her throbbing cock, I moan as I feel the weight of Willow’s girthy cock. Willow’s cock is much thicker than either Don’s or mine and a bit longer as well. Willow is easily six inches around when fully grown.

I encircle her cock as I thrust, causing my hand to slide up and down her wet shaft. Don moans in delight as Willow matches her pace to mine, slowly working his throbber in and out of her mouth. His hands now in her soft hair.

I pull her closer as I increase my pace, Willow easily handles my small cock. Pounding her ass back into me as she expertly sucks Don. Willow is moaning wildly around Don’s pole, her obvious lust is driving us crazy as we pleasure her with our small cocks.

A few minutes later Don motions for us to switch. I happily agree, knowing the condom is the only reason I have not yet cum. As Don wraps his dick I unwrap mine. I move in front of a contentedly sighing Willow. She smiles up at me as she engulfs my pole, immediately bobbing at a nice easy pace.

I watch as Don teases her hole, I am already fighting my orgasm as Willow edges me with her tongue. Willow loses focus on my cock for a moment as Don enters her. I hear a loud moan from them both, Don’s hand now around Willow’s nice cock he starts to fuck her.

Don is gentle at first but Willow’s repeated thrusts increase his pace quickly. I am moaning, whimpering in delight as her tongue bathes my shiny pole. My feet keep clenching as I fight not to fuck her mouth furiously, my balls ache with a huge load building up.

Don meets my eyes as we moan in delight and obvious lust. We smile brightly at each other as we fill Willow’s sweet holes. Our swollen balls aching to fill her with cum, our young small cocks threatening to fire on every thrust. We savor this as long as we can last.

Willow’s cock is hard as steel in Don’s hand as we fight our orgasms. We feed off each other’s desire, fueling us on to last one more thrust. Struggling with every throb, as we strive to prolong this extreme pleasure.

I make a mistake and allow myself to look at her perky bouncing boobs. I feel my orgasm rush through my cock as soon as I feast my eyes. I can’t hold back, I begin to moan as I shoot wad after wad into Willow’s soft mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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