4 Aralık 2022

Confessions of a Cunnilinguist

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Confessions of a Cunnilinguist
It was hard to take my eyes off of her as she sat on the couch, watching tv. We had just come back from a nice dinner date and she was still in her sexy dress that came just above her knees. She had taken off her shoes and sat on the couch with her legs folded under her. I was sitting in the recliner to the left, admiring her sexiness and getting horny. The dress fit tightly and did a great job showing off her curves but there was one thing I was really craving.

People enjoy different sexual acts and positions. I can respect a person who loves to have intercourse or even a person who enjoys receiving oral sex but since I met my girlfriend, I have really gotten into one thing and one thing only; giving orally. Some call it giving head, eating pussy or going down on a girl; whatever the way you prefer to say it, I love using my mouth to get her off.

I think what really made me appreciate it more with her was her reactions when I do it. There is nothing sexier than when a woman really lets loose vocally when she is really being pleased physically. It had been over a week since we last did anything and I was horny but especially pumped up to eat her pussy. I slipped to the floor and crawled over to her, when I touched her calf, she looked at me with an inviting smile. It was all I needed to proceed and I ran my hand up her leg while I came up to her to give her a long deep kiss.

My hand caressed her thigh as we kissed, I could tell she was in the mood as well. Her eyes always gave away her arousal with no question. I continued to build up her excitement as I kissed her neck and with my hands up to her breast, squeezing them. After a few more kisses on her lips, I began to kiss a trail of pecks down her body, hips and her legs. When I got to her knees, I slipped her skirt up slowly. I realized she bahis siteleri wasn’t wearing any panties when I slid the skirt up to her hips.

As I opened her legs, I began to kiss the inner part of her thighs. A secret turn-on of her that she confessed to me one of the first times we had sex. I kissed both lightly and deeply, alternating from her left leg to her right. She didn’t make a sound but when I looked up, her eyes were fixed on what I was doing and the blinks of her eyes make the sound of clicks as I continued to kiss her inner legs. I could tell I had her full attention.

As I got closer to her pussy I reached up and slid a finger between her lips and slipped it inside her. She cooed as it slid my finger inside her wet pussy. I continued to kiss and brought my mouth up to her pussy. With my other hand I opened her pussy lips with my thumb and index finger, parting her lips wide, exposing her clit. I gave her hardening clit a kiss and then a lick followed with a suction from my mouth.

This caused her first moan as I started to suck harder while my finger continued to explore inside her pussy. While my mouth had a grip around her clit, I licked it with my tongue. I added another finger into her pussy and then a third soon followed with a fourth, I cupped them as I slid them deep inside her going all the way to the knuckles. Her pussy only got wetter; I was always amazed how wet it got. I have been with a handful of women but hers got lubricated the most by far and I would often admire how wet it was out loud.

Not only did her juices flow heavily but her pussy tasted so good, a combination of sweetness with a slight saltiness of the flesh. I could feel how drenched my fingers were from sliding them in and out, it just made me crave eating her pussy more. I slid her down to the edge of the couch and spread her mobilbahis legs even wider. With my two thumbs on both sides of her lips, I opened her pussy wide and took the first lap of many with my tongue.

She let out a loud moan as I licked from the bottom of her pussy to her clit and then licked back down. She put her hand on the back of my head and cupped it as she pushed me deeper in her pussy. I obliged by licking deeper and deeper while my thumbs were still spreading her lips wide apart. I could feel my face getting drenched with the combination of her juices and my saliva. I alternated by licking on the outside of her lips as well but going back deep inside as well.

Our eyes met and I sensed she wanted more. One little trick I learned with her a couple of months ago was to slide my thumb deep in her pussy for lubrication and then when it was nice and slick to slide my thumb in her ass while I licked furiously on her pussy. My thumb slid easily inside her anus and the deeper it went the louder she moaned. I could tell she was again enjoying the combination of sensations.

I slid my thumb as deep as I could as I started to lick and suck on her clit again. It was swollen and protruded out enough to where I didn’t have to open her lips to expose it. I love how sensitive it was and when I would lick it hard, she would let out a moan. I didn’t even have to slide my thumb in and out of her asshole, I just held it deep in her but I could feel her anus gripping and tightening on it as she started to moan and scream. She was about to cum.

I learned that when she was cumming she loved to have her clit sucked on, hard. My mouth gripped around her clit and she grabbed a handful of hair as she let out a very loud “Oh shit! I’m cumming!!” I sucked hard trying to help intensify the sensation. After about thirty seconds mobilbahis giriş I let go and pulled out of her asshole. She laid there for a few minutes, basking in the sensation and getting her strength back.

I sat there on the floor, in front of the couch, happy with my performance and her response. Usually after I would get her off, we would do something to get me off but tonight it seemed we both were in a different mood with a different ideal. When she was back to full strength, she got up to her feet and slid out of her dress. I admired her body and how hot she was but was surprised when she stood right in front of me.

It wasn’t normal for her to want to get off two times in a row but she moved her pussy a few inches from my face and again cupped the back of my head. Bending her knees to meet my mouth as I was sitting on my butt her pussy met my mouth again and I again started to lick on her womanhood. This was the first time I ate her in this position and I have to admit I liked it. She felt dominate and sexy, it brought out a very aggressive side of her. As I lapped my tongue on her pussy, she started to gyrate her hips like she was fucking my mouth. It was sexy as hell.

With a firm grip of my hair and her fucking my mouth she started to make sounds I had never hear from her before. It was like a guttural, deep moan that sounded like she was letting out a deep breath. I looked up and she had her eyes closed and tilted her head upwards. She had a grip of one of her breasts and started to really push her hips back and forth faster and faster. I grabbed her ass cheeks as she continued to fuck my mouth.

Since she was acting so dominate, I decided to lick at a furious pace, my tongue was quickly tiring but I had to hang in there. I could tell she was working up a tremendous orgasm. It only took a few more minutes and when she came, she screamed in delight. She fell to the floor and sat next to me, completely satisfied. We kissed and knew we discovered yet another exciting position for me to satisfy her. We knew it would be long before we would try it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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