27 Eylül 2023

Circle Jerk With The Fellas

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Circle Jerk With The Fellas
I’ve been friends with Cody and Marc since third grade, so it was no surprise that the three of us went to the same college after high school. We lived in the same dorm on-campus for freshman year but the summer after, we got an apartment off-campus in this cool building with an indoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi. It was in the Jacuzzi one night that we discovered just how special our friendship with each other was. We were the only ones down there that night and it was late.

“Samuel,” Marc said to me, “call up Carmen and see if some of her girls can come through.”

“Nah bruh,” I told him. “She went back home this weekend. She’s not coming back until classes start back up.”

“Damn and she got that phat booty too.”

“Hey, chill out nigga. That’s my girl.”

“She does have ass though,” added Cody.

“I see I’m gonna have to kick both y’all asses tonight.” I laughed and splashed water on Marc.

“I’m horny as fuck,” he said.

“When are you not horny?” asked Cody with a laugh. “You’re too much of a horn dog, bruh.”

“I be telling’ him,” I said with a laugh. “I’m surprised he ain’t had to go to the clinic with as many chicks he be bringing back.”

“All my bitches are clean. Y’all just hate the fact that I get pussy on top of pussy, hatin’ ass busters.” He climbed out of the water and we did the same, sitting on the edge with our feet in the water. “The most y’all busters get is wrist sprains from jacking your dicks too much.”

Left to right: Cody, Me (Samuel) & Marc

“At least I’m not spending all my money on random chicks,” said Cody. “It doesn’t cost shit to bust a nut on your own.”

“I hear that,” I added. “I know I got a girl and everything but I still gotta jackoff to get a nut most of the time. She only lets me fuck every now and then. And she rarely sucks my dick.”

“Then why are you with her?” Marc asked.

“Because I love her, fool,” I laughed and playfully shoved him.

“Marc talkin’ so much shit,” Cody said, “but I bet he jacks off the most between the three of us.”

Marc says, “I won’t even lie, I do beat my shit, but mainly in the morning. I know y’all wake up with a hard dick every morning. Those morning nuts feel too good.”

“True,” I agreed. The three of us burst out laughing but I stopped when I noticed my dick was getting hard. It was probably because I was thinking about jacking off, but it was weird because I’d never gotten hard while hanging out with my boys before.

“You heard me, Samuel?” Cody asked me.

“Nah, what did you say?”

“I asked what porn site do you look at when you jackoff?”

Before I could answer Marc said, “Probably some gay shit.”

“Fuck you, Marc.” I laughed and answered, “I usually don’t watch porn when I do it. I sleep in my boxers so I just pull my dick through the little opening and do my thing.”

“What do you usually think about?” asked Cody.

“Dude, why you wanna know so bad,” Marc asked him?

“We boys,” answered Cody. “We should be able to talk about shit like this without it being all weird and shit, right?”

I hopped back into the water to hide my hard dick and said, “I don’t really think about much. I usually just nut from touching myself while I jackoff.”

“Nah fuck that,” Marc said, getting back into the water with me. “I gotta look at some porn or at least a vid of a girl playing with her pussy. I love to see a girl rubbing on her pussy through her panties and her panties get all wet and sticky. Makes me want to sniff and taste them. Damn, my dick getting hard just thinking about that shit.”

“For me, I gotta see dick stabbing some canlı bahis siteleri pussy,” said Cody, climbing down into the water with us. “I always bust my nut the moment I see pussy cream all over the dick. I use nothing but spit when I jackoff.”

“I gotta use lotion,” said Marc. “What about you, Samuel?”

“I use lotion sometimes and spit other times. I use spit when I’m feeling real freaky.”

Cody said, “Damn, I hear that,” with a smile. “I eat my own nut sometimes.”

“Ugh, you nasty ass buster,” Marc shouted out.

“What? It’s good protein for you. It comes from my body so why not eat it every now and then? One time I shot so much that it hit me face and landed on my lips. It tasted sweet.”

“That’s nasty, dude,” I told him. “But it is your own nut.”

Cody started looking back and forth between me and Marc then asked, “So, y’all ever jackoff in public?”

“Hell no,” answered Marc. “I don’t jackoff anywhere except the bathroom or my bed.”

“The bathroom?” Cody and I asked at the same time.

“I don’t jackoff on y’all towels or nothin’ like that, so chill. I jackoff while sitting on the toilet and then I bust my nut inside the toilet. I get hard sometimes when I’m takin’ a shit.”

Cody laughed and said, “I get hard sometimes when I take a shit, too. And I have jacked off in my car before. I parked on this trail one day after classes and nobody was around. I got completely naked and jacked off for like an hour.”

“In broad daylight,” I asked him?

“Yep, and the thought of somebody catching me turned me on even more. I didn’t care if it was a guy or a girl. I wanted somebody that wasn’t a cop to catch me so bad. I kept turning in all kinds of positions, like bending over the seat and spreading my legs so my asshole was up in the air. I busted one of the best nuts of my life that day.”

Marc said, “Damn,” while putting his hand under the water.

I wasn’t sure if Marc was touching himself under the water but I know I was. That shit that Cody was saying was turning me on. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Not only was I talking about jacking off with my homeboys, I was getting turned on by it. And I had the feeling that they were getting turned on by it, too. There was only one way to find out. I quickly jumped on Marc and played around with him in the water.

“You play too much, bruh” he called out in laughter.

I started tickling him and splashing water on him. I then ‘accidentally’ brushed my hand against his dick and realized he was hard like I was. He did the same to me and I didn’t know how I felt about him knowing what I had just done. We looked at each other for the longest and then started laughing again. That’s when I decided to go a little further. I pulled the front of his boxer briefs down. He did the same to me and Cody came up behind Marc and pulled his boxer briefs all the way down under the water.

“I’m gonna get y’all,” said Marc. “But damn, this water feels good on my dick. The jet stream is hitting my dick just right.” He reached down and pulled his boxer briefs off and flung them near our towels. “Take y’all shit off, too. If I’m gonna be naked up in here then so are y’all.”

Me and Cody looked at each other for a second and then pulled our shorts off. Marc was right; the water did feel good on my dick and balls. I felt like jacking off right then and there but other people had to use that Jacuzzi and I wasn’t sure when the next time it would be cleaned. I did grab my dick and play with it under the water though.

“Why is your arm moving like that?” Marc asked me. “Ugh, tipobet güvenilir mi this buster over here jacking off and shit, Cody!”

“So,” Cody responded. “I’m stroking my mine, too. I’m horny.”

“Y’all just gonna jackoff in front of me? That’s fucked up.”

“It ain’t fucked up,” I told him. “We’ve known each other since third grade, man. It ain’t like we haven’t seen each other butt ass naked before. We change clothes in front of each other all the time. Marc, you walked in on me taking a piss one morning and brushed your teeth like it was nothing. And don’t act like your dick ain’t hard right now because I felt it just now.”

“It’s hard but…”

Dude, “Then play with it,” Cody said,. “Ain’t nobody in here but us right now, right? Matter fact, let’s get out the water and go back up to the apartment and see what’s really good tonight, that is unless y’all scared.”

“Man, I ain’t scared of nothing,” I told him.

“Me either,” Marc added.

The three of us got out of the water and dried off with our towels. After drying off, we wrapped our towels around our waists, put on our flip-flops, grabbed our wet shorts and phones and then we left the pool area and took the elevator up to our floor. The moment we got into our apartment, we stood beside each other. We were all naked from head to toe—except Cody who had put his socks on in the elevator—and our dicks were hard. I wasn’t sure how far things were about to go but I was down for anything. They are my boys and there isn’t a damn thing I wouldn’t do for or with them.

“This stays between us,” Marc said before putting his arm around me and placing his hand on my back.

“Can y’all busters keep a secret?” “You know we can,” I told him. “Nobody will know about this.”

“Before we do this, I gotta be honest,” Cody said, “I done jacked off in both of y’all beds before when you weren’t here. And Samuel, I jacked off once while wearing a pair of your boxers. I didn’t get any nut on them but I did let them ride up in my ass.”

“I swear you are the nastiest buster ever,” I said with a laugh. I placed my hand on his ass and squeezed on it and he grabbed my dick.

“Grab my dick, too,” Marc told him.

He grabbed Marc’s dick with his other hand and played with it like he was playing with mine. While he did that, I kept squeezing on his ass. I was so horny by that point that I was thinking about possibly fucking Cody, but I knew it wouldn’t go that far. None of us were ready for anything like that and I wasn’t even sure Cody wanted something like that. He did say he liked jacking off with his asshole exposed and that’s what made me wanna fuck him.
Cody tugged on our dicks as he backed up towards the sofa, making us follow him. We placed our towels on the sofa and then sat down on it together. I was on one end, Marc was on the other end and Cody was in the middle. We all spit on our hands and started jacking off at the same time while looking at each other. I couldn’t believe we were actually doing something so intimate together. I don’t know if it was something in the air or if we were just so horny that we didn’t give a fuck, but I was enjoying every single second.

“Let me taste them lips, dude,” Cody said to me.

I leaned in towards him and pressed my lips against his. His breath smelled and tasted so minty. I’d never kissed another dude before so it took a few tries to get it right. Eventually, our lips synced up and we were kissing like longtime lovers. He started playing with my nipples while we were kissing and I had to stop jacking my tipobet giriş dick because I almost nutted too soon.

“Kiss me too,” Marc said to Cody.

While they were kissing, Cody kicked his left leg up. I took advantage of the opportunity and started rubbing on his balls and the area between his balls and his ass. He kept the hair shaved in that area even though his pubes weren’t shaved. His balls and ass were smooth and he moaned as I rubbed on them. I wanted to touch his asshole but I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable. So instead, I just rubbed on his balls and other parts of his ass.

My dick was leaking precum by that point. I used it as extra lube and kept jacking; meanwhile, Cody kissing Marc was making me a little jealous. So I leaned in closer to both of them and I started kissing Marc to keep Cody from kissing him. I never felt that way about Cody before that night so I was shocked by my own actions and feelings.

“I wanna see y’all bust,” he said to us, moving back to his center position.

The three of us spit on our hands again to lube our dicks up. Cody spread his legs so that they were on me and Marc, and that made me hornier. I closed my eyes and thought about fucking him and shooting my nut deep in his ass. I couldn’t envision what it would be like to fuck Marc but I could see myself sucking his big dick. His dick was the biggest out of the three of us. I kept wondering if they were having the same thoughts as me. When I opened my eyes again, I noticed Marc looking at me and licking his lips. He was looking at me like he wanted to fuck me. I could tell that’s what he wanted to do because I wanted to do it to Cody. Just the thought of being manhandled by Marc while I fucked Cody was enough to push me over the edge.

“Ah fuck!” I called out. “I’m about to bust! Fuck!”

My nut shot out of my dick and hit my chest and abs. I kept jacking until all of it was out of my dick. Cody rubbed on the sensitive head and I quickly moved his hand. I couldn’t handle the sensitivity.

“Shit!” Marc called out. “I’m cumin! Oh!”

He stopped jacking his dick and held onto it tightly as a thick load of white nut oozed out and rolled down the shaft and over his hand. He shook a few times and then tilted his head back and exhaled. I’d never seen cum that white before. Mine was usually an off-white color but his was really white.

“Now y’all help me nut,” Cody told us. “Feel on my asshole.”

He spread his legs even more and started jacking off faster and harder as me and Marc rubbed on his tight asshole. I sniffed my hand after rubbing on his asshole and the scent of it made me wanna lick it. I wanted to lick it so bad, but I decided not to. I didn’t know how they would react if I tried it. When I felt Cody’s asshole pucker repeatedly, I knew he was about to cum.

“Ooh shit,” he called out. “Yo, I’m gonna nut!”

He moaned out loud as his dick began unloading shot after shot of nut onto his chest and abs. One shot went up so far that it hit his lips. I kissed him and licked it off and tasted it. It tasted sweet. After our bodies calmed down, we kissed each other and then started laughing.

“I can’t believe we just did that,” I said. “Damn, it feels like we should’ve tried this a long time ago.”

“True that,” Marc agreed. “I’m gonna go take a shower first. Y’all busters can go after me.” He stood up, grabbed his towel and headed up the hall towards our bathroom.

“You wanted to do more, didn’t you?” Cody asked me.

“Yeah but I ain’t know if you were cool with it.”

He stood up and said, “Well, come to my room later on tonight and we can do a lil’ something. Just don’t tell Marc.”

I asked, “Why not?”

“Because I think he wants it, too but I don’t want him like that, just you.” He kissed me before heading up the hall to his room.

“Damn,” I said to myself with a smile. “Damn.”

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