12 Ağustos 2022

Cin 24: Midnight to 1 am

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Big Tits

11:45 p.m.

During stories taking place over one day, Cinnamon enjoyed phone sex with George; her boss Bill ate her pussy; she takes a late lunch break and visits her lover Mark at a motel, with Mark fucking her ass. Later, Mark fucked her co-worker, Sally, as Cinnamon watched and masturbated; then Sally ate Cinnamon. Late at night in she cybered on the computer, and then decided to return back to the motel room. She found Sally in the shower and Cinnamon made love to a woman for the first time.

Sally walked out of the motel room.

Cin picked up her cell phone and dialed a number.

Someone answered the phone.

“Hi dear, I’m in room 213 at our favorite motel. I am lying here naked, wondering if you are busy.”

“OK, see you in an hour.”

Cin hung up the phone. What would she do for an hour?

She wished she had brought some of her toys with her tonight. She walked into the bathroom, and grabbed the bottle of lotion sitting on the counter. She opened the closet door. She reached for a hanger with clips to hand trousers on. She looked around the room. Hmm, that remote might do.

She moved back on the bed, and turned the TV on. She switched kurtköy escort channels, looking for something interesting. Sports, sports, news shows, blah, blah, blah. Oh, what is this?

She watched for a few minutes. Oh yes, she was watching Body Heat. It was a regular cable station, so the good parts would likely be blurred or skipped. The lawyer was trying to get into the house, and Matty was standing there. Finally, William Hurt used a porch chair to break open a glass door, and rushed in to embrace Kathleen Turner. Cin started to touch her clit; the scene was so sensual and erotic.

Cinnamon squeezed the lotion on her hands. She gently rubbed two fingers in her pussy. Slowly moving her fingers inside, watching the two lovers on the screen.

She reached for the hanger, and adjusted the clips to be about a foot apart. She applied one of the clips to her nipple. Oh it felt so good. She loved to have her nipples pinched and she loved to apply nipple clamps to them. She moved the second clip, and attached it to her right nipple. Her nipples directly connected to her pussy, and her fingers became very, very wet.

She grabbed the remote. She was not going to aydıntepe escort change the channel. She moved its head to the entrance to her cunt. She did not need any lubrication. She pushed it in, slowly. It felt good. With her other hand, she pulled on the hanger, which pulled on both of her nipples. Her pussy was gushing. She pushed the remote in more. It was now six inches inside her cunt.

She alternated pulling on the hanger, and moving the remote in and out of her pussy. She continued to watch the movie, watching William Hurt make love to Kathleen Turner. She watched the sex scene where Hurt anally penetrated the woman. It turned her on, more. She moved the remote in and out faster. She twisted the hanger, providing a different feel to the clips pulling on both her nipples.

She pulled downward on the hanger, really pulling her nips. It was almost to the point of pain, but not to that point. Pleasure, not pain was what Cinnamon desired. Now she pulled upward and twisted, causing different pleasures on each nipple. She wished that there were a set of lips sucking on her nipples, lightly biting her. And she loved how it made her so horny, so wet, and so sexy.

She tuzla içmeler escort looked down at her bald pussy. She was frigging herself with the remote. It was going three quarters of the way in and out of her. The buttons of the remote were rubbing the slide of her pussy. Lightly rubbing her clitty, but her thumb was touching the outside of her clit. She was starting to feel the heat on the back of her knees.

Looking back at the TV, the two lovers were in the bathtub, so sexy. Cin began to roll. Her moans increased. She pulled the hanger out, extending her nipples. This caused her to climax. She screamed.

She closed her eyes. The heat rose up her body. She clinched her toes. Her nipples became so sensitive.

After the climax subsided, Cin pulled the remote out of her pussy. She accidentally changed the channel, and this caused her to laugh out loud. She pressed on the button, but did not return to the movie channel. The remote was slippery, and she dropped it to the floor beside the bed. A home shopping channel was selling jewelry. She was reaching for the remote when she heard a knock on the door. She jumped off the bed, and with the hanger still clipped to her nipples, she rushed to the door.

She opened the door. She stood there naked, with a hanger clipped to both nipples. She was standing there with a very wet cunt. Correction, a very wet naked cunt. The night air hit her.


1 a.m.

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