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Chicago Goddess

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Here is a brief description of myself. I’m 26 years old, 6’2″ and weigh 220 lbs., give or take a few pounds. I take pride in keeping myself in shape. I may not have bulging, vein throbbing muscles (except one… but only when I breath heavy) but I have very good physique. I’m not anything special when it comes to looks. Brown hair, brown eyes if I had to say I resemble anyone famous it would be Charlie Sheen. That is before he turned crack addict. Oh… and my name is Tyler.

Sure I went to college and had the time of my life. The parties at my frat house and lets not forget the attempted sorority house raids. I had many enjoyable experiences including some not so enjoyable. In fact, down right embarrassing at times. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t trade my experiences for the world. So after enjoying 5 years in college (I had no motivation to leave.) I finally graduated with an accounting degree and joined the REAL WORLD.

I landed a job in Chicago of all places. I was scared shitless! I was just a kid fresh out of college and from the highly evolved state of Kansas. Yes, I know all the jokes about Wizard of Oz. I didn’t even leave the state to go to college. Sad!

I spent a week just trying to get around the city. Spending a fortune on cabs because I could never find my way back to train/subway (called the El). Eventually I grew to love Chicago and the surrounding areas. I started my new job with much anticipation. The job, though boring had a few perks. My supervisor Darren was only a few years older than I was. We became really good friends rather quickly. He was still single, so I had a friend to go bar hopping with.

Darren was one of those all American pretty boys that you’d expect to find on a beach in California. You know the kind blonde hair, blue eyes and unnaturally white almost fluorescent teeth. Made me sick, but he was my friend so I didn’t mind. Darren and I used our lunch hours to hang out on the streets rating women. I know we were arrogant and piggish but damn it was fun.

As luck would have it Darren had met Miss Right. Only after I had jumped on a few grenades for the guy. (You know what I mean. I had to date a few of their ugly friends.) Anyway I was without my best buddy and again all alone. I went to the bars, had a few laughs but it just wasn’t the same without him.

I buried myself with work. I had moved up steadily and was turning a few heads with my proficiency. Darren and I hung out from time to time but it the occasional Cubs game or the quick beer after work. My personal life as well as my confidence with women reached an all time low. My sex life… what sex life? That is unless you count with myself. Then I would say I was rather active. I didn’t see the point in going out anymore.

One Friday night I was in my apartment watching TV. When someone started knocking urgently on my front door. I went and opened the door and there stood my dream women. She stood about 5’10” with dark brown hair and exotic green almost yellow eyes. She was wearing workout shorts and a sports bra. I was in love!

“Can I help you?” I croaked after finding my voice.

“I need to use your phone,” she said as more of an order than a request. “I locked myself out of my apartment.” I looked out in the hall and noticed a stack of boxes by the door across the hall.

“Well,” she demanded, “can I use your phone or not?” My heart broke to pieces.

“Yeah sure,” what a bitch I thought. “Come in highness,” I made a grand gesture motioning her in. If she was going to be a bitch I was going to play the asshole. Babe or not I was in no mood for her shit. She was interfering with my pity and self-loathing. She let out a big sigh, stuck up her nose and walked into my apartment.

Since I had been a homebody as of late I had kept the place unusually clean. I had also watched way too much HGTV and decorated the place to look rather yuppish. Imagine that, a straight man that has fashion sense. I know I had all the tests… they came back normal.

She stalked into my apartment apparently noticing my sarcastic attitude. I followed her in and pointed her in the direction of the phone. As she was using the phone to call the maintenance office of our building I returned to watching my movie. I watched her out of the corner of my eye. She had an incredible body. Obviously she works out quite a bit because I hadn’t seen a set of abs like that on women since I had met a female bodybuilder at the gym awhile back. She had muscular legs that were defined and toned to perfection. She wore her hair just above her shoulders with nice spiral curls. Her hair was accented with blond streaks making her look that much more exotic. Suddenly I realized that I was staring at her… drooling.

I managed to peel my eyes off her body and slap myself back into shape before she hung up the phone. She reached the door grunted a quick thanks. I just waived my hand acting as if I was shooing a fly. Before she shut the door I heard her mutter the word “asshole.” That hurt, she’s the one that acted a bitch to me first. Fuck her!

The Travesti movie ended just as I heard her drop something heavy on the floor. I went over to the door and looked out the peephole. There she was on the ground picking up the contents of her spilled box. No woman was going to think of me as an asshole without knowing me fully. I changed my clothes to go and help my new neighbor move in and possible clear my name and conscious of what this woman thought of me.

I opened the door as she was bringing in another load. She gave me a nasty look and fumbled with opening the door.

“Here let me help,” I said opening the door for her.

“I don’t need help, especially not yours,” she quipped rather rudely setting down her boxes inside the door.

“Whoa… hold on a minute. You were rude from the time I opened the door till you left.”

“Whatever… thanks for the offer that was the last of it.”

“Fine,” I said giving up. “But the next time you call someone an asshole get to know them first.” Again fuck her! I turned and headed towards the elevator. I needed some fresh air.

I was in my jogging attire and decided that I would go for a run. It was late but, what the hell. After running what I thought was a good two-miles I turned and headed back to my apartment stopping at the corner store and buying a big bottle of water. The whole time I was running I thought about the encounter with my new neighbor. Hell I didn’t even know her name and she thought I was an asshole. The more I ran and thought, the more pissed off I became. Even more of my confidence went down the drain.

As I was opening the door to my apartment she had opened her own door and was staring at me.

“I’m sorry.” I froze.

“Bet that hurt to say,” I replied turning to face her. She looked sincere and my anger vanished. I remember thinking that I could loose myself for days in her eyes. “I’m sorry as well. You just struck the wrong cord with me earlier. I apologize for the way I acted. My name is Tyler… it’s nice to meet you,” I stuck out my hand.

She looked at my hand unsurely then back at me. Then seemingly making up her mind she took my hand and gently shook it. Her hands were soft and warm yet firm. Some man must have screwed her up royally.

“I’m Jennifer, nice to meet you neighbor.” And then she smiled, and my heart melted. I swear the sun came out in the middle of night and lit up my world.

“The pleasure is all mine. Is there something I can do for you,” I asked, dare hoped.

“As a matter of fact yes. I need some help moving furniture around. Would you please help me?” she asked warming me again with her beautiful smile. I was putty in here hands. I helped move furniture and few other odds and ends until wee hours in the morning. We talked and laughed learning about each other and enjoying each other’s presence.

Jennifer was 28 years old. Did I mention I love an older woman? Jennifer was an advertising executive as were most people in Chicago except me. She had just ended a long relationship and was rejoining the single life. I could tell she was extremely unsure of herself and still in a lot of pain over the breakup. Her ex sounded like he had everything a man could want. And so he cheated on her. Hearing a story like that I can’t help but be amazed. If given the chance, I would never do anything to jeopardize a life like that…or life with her.

Over the next couple of month our relationship turned into that of normal neighbors. We’d say hi to each other maybe even stop while passing to have a brief conversation. I never had the balls to ask her out.

Darren and I still did the lunch thing but actually ate lunch. He and his wife Lanee were expecting their first child just after eight months of marriage.

We were heading to our favorite lunch spot when I heard someone calling my name. Much to my surprise I could see Jennifer waiving from an outside café. We stopped and ate lunch with her and one of her co-workers. Through out lunch she kept giving me looks and then ex-changing conspiratory glances with her friend.

On our way back to work Darren grilled me about her.

“She’s my neighbor. There is nothing happening between us… promise.”

“Oh bullshit, you’re lying,” Darren accused.

“Trust me I wish I were,” I confessed. “There is no way a woman that fine could end up with a guy like me. Plus, she’s at a fragile point in her life right now. Only an asshole would take advantage of her at a time like this.”

“Obviously she knows something you don’t.” What was that supposed to mean?

It was early Friday evening; I usually stayed and work late, but I just had to get out of the office. I just got off the elevator at my building and was heading towards my apartment when I noticed a note on my door.

Come over and see me when you get home.


I dropped my briefcase inside my apartment and then went over and knocked on Jens’s door. There was no answer but I could hear her stereo playing. I tested the doorknob and it was Ankara Travesti unlocked. She must have left it unlocked for me. I opened the door and walked in, no Jennifer. I heard a sound coming from her bedroom. So I just walk right in her room. I don’t what I was thinking I just walked right in.

She was lying on her bed completely naked with a sleeping mask on. My jaw just dropped. Her body was amazing. Every inch of her was tan and looked of pure silk. My gaze started at her little feet, then up her muscular calves. Next were her sculpted thighs, followed by her narrow hips. Between her hips was the most perfect looking pussy I had ever seen. She had only left a thin strip of hair above her mound, absolutely gorgeous. I peeled my eyes away from her mound and up her rippled stomach that looked as firm as a rock. My eyes tracked past her stomach to her succulent breasts. It was obvious that she had had breast implants but I love the way they looked. Not too big but not small either they were just right as they stood proudly off her chest rising and falling with every breath.

I could tell the instant I walked in that she was asleep. The steady rhythm of her breathing was hypnotizing. I had the sudden urge to lie down beside her to protect her and keep her from harm.

Her arms were muscular yet feminine. She stirred slightly and rolled on to her stomach giving me the chance to see the rest of her. She had wide shoulders like that of a swimmer. Her back narrowed to a V at her waist then flared into her perfectly shaped ass. Every muscle in her body moved like ripples in the water, beautiful and intoxicating. Her perfect ass smoothed into her thigh where that little diamond shape between her legs begged for attention.

I never knew what the perfect body looked like until I saw hers. In my opinion super models don’t hold a candle to a muscular physique such as hers.

I watched her sleep for a few more minutes savoring and committing the sight to memory. I just knew I would never have the chance to see her like that again.

I returned to my apartment sporting the biggest erection of my life and stayed there until my blood returned to its proper place.

I knocked on her door this time making sure that she heard me. I even called out her name just to make sure.

“Jennifer… Its just me Tyler,” I announced loudly.

“Just a second. I’ll be right out,” she replied. I could smell the moisture in the air and the scent of her soap. I inhaled deeply collecting another memory. I had to have something to fantasize about later.

“Hi there neighbor,” she said snapping me out of a daze. She was wearing a red satin robe that ended about mid thigh. “You’re home early for a Friday night.”

“Yeah I took off early and out of chance did some site seeing,” I couldn’t help saying, a big grin spread across my face.

“Cool… I had to take a nap after work. We have a long night ahead of us.”

“Huh?” I was stumped. “What are we doing tonight?” She smiled at me seductively.

“We’re going to go out tonight with a few of my friends. And you are going to be my dancing partner.”

“Umm…Ugh. Me…I…That’s not a good idea,” I finally blurted out. She had a pouty look on her face, and giving me puppy dog eyes.

“Why not Ty. What are you going to do stay home and watch TV all night?” she was really turning it on. I thought if we’re going dance together, I’m going to look as if I had taken a whole bottle of viagra.

“I’m not that good of a dancer,” I lied. I really enjoyed dancing; it was a talent I took great pride in. But how could she expect me to remain platonic? It was my favorite way to get the girls. Who was I kidding? I could never refuse her, ever.

She stubbed her toe in the ground looking at me with her gorgeous eyes. She bit on her lower lip. (God that’s sexy!)


“Oh alright! Butthead… I could never refuse you even if I tried.”

“Thank you, thank you,” she said coming over and giving me a kiss on the cheek. Her eyes were sparkling. “You’re the best. Now go get ready we’re leaving in an hour.”

I went back to my apartment and got ready. I was nervous as hell so I had a couple Jack & Cokes to calm my nerves. Knowing she wouldn’t be ready for a while I took my time in the shower. I knew I had to do something so I took advantage and jerked off in the shower the whole time picturing her naked body. The fantasy seemed so real I thought I could even smell her perfume. I finally erupted with the most intense orgasm I’d had in ages.

I finished getting ready and went over and knock on Jen’s door. She opened the door and in unison we both said, “WOW!”

She looked amazing; she was wearing a tight white tank top that showed quite a bit of cleavage as well as her amazing abs, with white skintight pants that hugged her hips like they had been painted on. I had to tell myself, “down boy!” I knew this would be one long night.

“You look amazing,” I finally blurted out.

“Look’n mighty fine yourself their stud!” I blushed. istanbul Travesti She’d only seen me with my business suits on or in my casual clothes. She had never seen me in my whoring clothes. I tend to spike the hair up a little letting the real me out uninhibited.

We grabbed a quick bite at the local deli both wanting a light meal. Dance Club here we come.

We were the hottest couple there. She was fantastic; a very complimentary dancer. She made me dance with a friend of hers who was always trying to cut in with us. I come to conclusion that her friend Daphne was hitting on me. We laughed and drank late into the evening. I was beginning to get a little drunk as well as a little horny. Jennifer would grind her little ass into me teasing the hell out of my cock. I would start to make subtle advances on her, but she would deter me from my accomplishing my objective. Fuck it I was having fun and the more I drank…the better Daphne started to look. My attention turned from Jennifer to Daphne. Maybe I could get lucky. Obviously Jennifer wasn’t interested in me. My sexual advances were reaping rewards with Daphne. I still danced with Jennifer at times, but always returned to Daphne’s “special attention.”

Daphne and I were grinding on each other when all of a sudden she grabbed the back of my head pulling me into a crushing kiss. I wasn’t expecting that, but played along. I was drunk enough not to care. I was just horny. The kiss ended and I looked for Jennifer just to see her reaction. She was standing no more than 5 feet from us. The look on her face told me everything. I had just screwed up royally. Jennifer turned and ran out of the club. I started after her when Daphne stopped me.

“I made a mistake I’m sorry. I have to go after her,” I said in Daphne ear.

“No you don’t; you’re with me tonight.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. I’m with her…at least I want to be.”

I left Daphne in the middle the dance floor yelling obscenities at me. Fuck her; I know where I belong. I sobered up the minute I saw Jennifer runaway. I had to find her and tell her the truth.

I finally made it back to our building after getting caught behind a nasty wreck on the freeway. I hurried up to our floor.

“Jennifer open the door please,” I was knocking frantically. “Please open the door; I’m sorry. That never should have happened.”

“You’re an asshole!” she startled me. Jennifer had come down the hall behind me. “Now I can say it right! I know you now and you are an asshole.” She had been crying; I hate it when women cry. She walked up to me, tears streaming down her face. I couldn’t help it; I got down on my knees in front of her. I looked up into her eyes.

“I am an asshole, you’re right. But…I’m an asshole that loves you. I’ve loved you since that night you came knocking at my door.” There I finally said it, but I still didn’t feel any better. I search her eyes for something, anything. Her eyes were blank…nothing. I lowered my head. How could I have ever thought she would love me in return?

“I love you too,” she whispered, barely audible.


“I love you too Tyler. I tried to convince myself I was just looking for something to fill the void. That what I felt for you would pass. But when I saw you kiss her…it all crashed down around me. Why did you have to kiss her?” she asked begging for an explanation.

“Because I didn’t think I had a chance with you. You kept pushing me away like you didn’t want me. So, I turned to someone I thought did.” She remained silent taking in every word I said.

Finally she looked me in the eyes and said, “If you would have touched me anymore…I would have raped you on that dance floor.” A coy smile spread across her face. I grabbed a hold her very delicately and kissed her.

She seemed to melt into my arms. Our tongues danced together, searching and probing. She moaned into my mouth letting me know how she liked to be kissed. I ran my hands down her body. I felt her muscles ripple as I caressed her back. Every sinew and vessel responded to my exploring hands. Her little round buttocks fit perfectly in my hand. She whimpered as I squeezed her backside pulling her in for an even deeper kiss.

I managed to get us in my apartment without doing any major damage so we could continue without prying eyes.

“I wanted to do this from the first moment I saw you,” I admitted. “Especially since this afternoo…” I almost slipped. I renewed my kiss hoping she didn’t catch my slip up.

“This afternoon…I knew you were in my apartment. I heard you close the front door. What all did you see?” All I did was smile. “You shit! Oh well,” she said raising a suspicious eyebrow. “Did you enjoy your shower earlier.” My smile faded…I did smell her perfume.

I couldn’t stand it anymore I had to have this woman. I dove into her with my soul, giving her every ounce of love I could muster. She responded with a moan this time grabbing my ass in return. I gently pulled off her top exposing her gorgeous breasts to my desire. We locked eyes as I dipped my head kissing my way to her chest. My hands got there first. I rolled and pinched her nipples between my finger eliciting sounds of pleasure. I gently sucked a nipple into my mouth flicking it with my tongue. Her deep moan told me I found one of her spots.

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