25 Şubat 2024

Caught By The Mail Lady

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As an IT professional, I sometimes work from home. My wife is a stay at home mom and a sexy one at that. I usually get up early when working from home as I can take longer breaks throughout the day and have a little “fun”.

We had just bought a new couch which we need to “bless” and today would be a good day. The couch was in our family room which is on the lower level, however it has a clear view of the front door which had a full length glass. This allowed a lot of light into the house, but also allowed those on the outside to see inside if they were directly in front of it.

I got up early and was able to get quite a bit of work done before the kids got up. I went upstairs and had breakfast with them and as my wife was heading out to take them to school; I grabbed her ass and whispered “hurry back”.

While she was away I set up the video camera to get a home movie and also set the Nikon to take pics at 5 seconds intervals. I undressed and put on a robe. The camera was behind the couch and had a view of the front door. I didn’t know this at the time but it would make for an intriguing event.

She came home and I turn the cameras on, and walked to the mud room to meet her coming in from the garage. The garage door was still up, when I opened my robe and showed her the hard cock waiting for her. She had a huge smile on her face and as the door went down, she came out the Travesti car and walked up to me. As she stood at the bottom of the stairs, she leaned over and kissed my dick. I pulled her up to me and kissed her, feeling her tongue darting into my mouth as her hand reached for my cock. Walking backwards into the hallway, leading her in, I took the robe off and laid it on the railing, overlooking the Living Room. I started to take her clothes off, leaving it where ever it fell.

I led her to the couch, where the video was running, the camera was clicking and she laughed. She sat on the couch and pulled me closer by my cock, and proceeded to suck me. As the camera clicked, I enjoyed the pleasure of her soft lips and tongue as they expertly caressed and massaged my manhood.

I pulled away and leaned over to kiss her lips, then went for her breast and took each nipple into my mouth, alternating from one to the other, I reached down to touch her pussy and it was soaked. Pushing her back into the new suede sectional couch, I raised her legs and gently spread them, opening up her gorgeous pussy, deliciously waiting to be tasted. And Tasted, I did… She moaned as I licked her tasting her magnificent juice. I covered her pussy with my mouth and fucked her with my tongue, looking up at her as she raised her hips to meet my tongue.

She asked me to put my cock into her and as a loving Antalya Travesti husband, I obliged. I turned her around, having her ass in the air and entered her from behind. She moaned out loud, enjoying the emptiness of the house, which encouraged me to drive her harder.

A movement caught my eye and I looked towards the door to see the Mail lady walking toward the door with a box in her hand, she looked up and I’m sure could see us through the glass. The fact that she just stood there confirmed this. My wife had no knowledge of this, and I knew she would freak out if she did so I continued to drive my cock into her but not letting the mail lady know I saw her.

She finally rang the door bell and my wife jumped and of course was about to freak out. I told her to calm down, I’ll get it. She said no leave it they go away, and I told her not to worry, she’s probably seen us already. She looked at me weird and then she laid flat on the couch, hoping not to be seen. As I walked toward the door, I made sure the mail lady had a good view of my hard cock, covered and glistening with my wife’s juice. I reached for the robe and threw it on before I got to the door.

She was flush, with red cheeks, and looked down as she spoke to me. I was nervous as hell but tried to play it off. I looked at her and asked if she’s ok. She smiled and I said to her “our secret right” Bursa Travesti she smiled back and nodded. I ask how much did she see and her response was “not enough” we laughed as she handed me the clipboard to sign. As I took it, my robe opened and my cock was out in the open. She gasped with a blush as I gave her back her clipboard and wrapped the robe back around me.

As she handed me the box, she put a finger to her lips and said “shhh, our secret”, and kissed her finger and put it on my covered dick. With this she turned and walked away, stopping to take a last peak at me before she disappeared.

As I walked back to the couch where my embarrassed and laughing wife laid, I dropped the robe and box and pounced on her. As my cock entered her waiting pussy, she whispered “I can’t believe you just did that” as I slid in and out of her wetness, I whispered, “neither can I, but I really enjoyed it”

We fucked missionary style, kissing and caressing each other until she erupted with a huge pulsating orgasm. I was right behind her and I pulled out, shooting all over her tits and stomach.

We walked into the shower and warm shower together. We agreed to not get dressed after and as you can imagine, had a few more sessions before the kids came home.

Later that night, while reviewing the video and pics, we realized that the Mail lady was in some of our pics. This got us both aroused. We decided, as the kids were asleep, we would venture downstairs and fuck right by the door. No one could see inside in the dark but it was thrilling watching others go by while we fucked and sucked each other. Next time, she will get the door…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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