12 Ağustos 2022

Carrie’s Computer

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My name is Adam. I’m a twenty eight year old single guy who is temporarily out of work. I was working and going to school but when the company I work for cut back, I had to drop out of school. Since then I’ve just been living on what I can draw and doing some computer work on the side to help out.

I live in a nice neighborhood in the suburbs. Most people around here know one another. I’ve put out the word that I’m looking to do any computer repair for a small fee. I used to do this for friends and family all the time free. But, without the job I’ve had to swallow my pride and take the cash. Most people are happy to pay. In the end, everyone is happy.

A lot of people enjoy their computers but have no idea how to remedy even the smallest problems. That’s a plus for me. I’ve put a few business cards on the bulletin boards around town, at the supermarket, the drug stores and so on. So it was no surprise when the phone rang the other morning with someone looking for help.

“Adam? Hello, this is Carrie Carson. I saw your card at the supermarket. I’m afraid I’ve really fouled my computer up. Do you think you can take a look at it?” She asked.

“Carrie that works at the hospital, lives on Irving?” I asked.

“Yes, that’s me.”

“Yeah, sure, I can be right over.” I said

Carrie is an older woman who lives just a few streets over from me. I say older, I think she’s around thirty-five or thirty-six. I think she is about my brothers’ age. They went to school together. I’ve seen her around town for years, but never knew her other than that. She always seemed to be in a hurry to get to work. I tended to think of her as one of those women who dedicate their life to their work. I knew she was divorced and had no kids. She is an attractive woman with a nice body. On the rare occasions that I’ve seen her and she wasn’t headed to work she’s always been dressed nice. But, before that morning I had just never thought much of her in a sexual way. I would before the day was over. I remember my brother saying she was a real hottie back in high school. She must put on a few pounds since high school, but luckily most of it went to her boobs and gave her some nice hips and ass. Something I find very hot.

I hopped in my old car and made the short drive over to her house. I parked in the driveway and got out my silver briefcase. I thought that gave me a professional look. It contained a few tools and some operating systems, drivers and antivirus software. I could usually have anybody up and going in anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours depending on the problem.

Carrie met me at the door after I had given the bell a ring or two.

“Come in Adam. Thanks for coming.” She said.

“I was happy to hear the phone ring, if you know what I mean. So what seems to be the problem?”

“I’m not sure. I think it’s a virus. Someone at work said it sounded like a hijack virus, whatever that means. All I know is I can’t access all of my files, I can’t surf the internet. It’s like it just has a mind of its own. I do some work from home, so I really hope my files aren’t missing.”

“It’s probably not that bad. I think I can fix it.”

“I went to school with your brother, Danny.” She said as I followed her through the house. I caught myself immediately looking at her well-rounded bottom. Not out of shape, just some extra padding. I thought she looked good.

“Yeah, I thought you two were the same age.”

She led me to the den where her computer was set up. I sat at the chair and booted it up. It was a newer system complete with upgraded speakers and an expensive webcam perched on top of the monitor. I wondered what she used that for. A dirty thought crossed my mind. I looked around the house while the computer came to life.

“Would you like a cola or something?” She offered.

“No thank you, maybe later.” I said

As soon as I reached the desktop, I reached for the mouse.

“Dial up or high speed?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s a DSL line. I couldn’t live with dial up after having this.”

I opened the browser and it looked as if it was going to load the Yahoo homepage, and at the last minute redirected to what was obviously a phony page.

“Yes, I would say you have a virus of some kind.”

“Is it bad?”

“No. I see this lot. It’s fixable, but it can be very aggravating.”

I opened my briefcase and dug around until I found the disc I was looking for.

“It’s just a matter of installing and running some utilities that will remove the virus and infected files. It may take a few minutes, it may take few hours.”

I put the disc into the tray and was aware that she was standing behind me. I could smell her perfume. She smelled very nice. She walked around me and went into the kitchen. I stole another look at her ass as she went by. Very nice, I thought. She was wearing designer jeans and a tight shirt that showed off a nice bosom. Maybe I’ve overlooked her all this time. I just never really stopped to look at her. I guess I’ve tuzla escort never seen her like this. She looked like she was dressed for a day of shopping out with the girls. Before she was usually wearing a hospital uniform and seemingly in too big a hurry to stand still. She would fly into the store, grab a few items, and jet out as quickly as she could.

“Are you sure you don’t want a coke or something.” She” asked again.

“Yeah, why not. Whatever you have will be fine.”

While she was still at the fridge, her cell phone began to ring.

“Hello. Yes. I wasn’t planning on it, not today.” She spoke to the person at the other end.

It sounded like she was being called in to work on an off day. A call I wouldn’t mind getting these days.

I searched the disc for the utilities I was looking for. She paced the floor, still on the phone. She seemed irritated by the phone call. I found what I was looking for and executed a repair file.

“I’m going to have to go in to work unexpectedly. I’m sorry I’ve called you over like this.” She said.

“It’s no problem. I may be done in a minute anyway.” I told her.

She seemed pleased to hear that. She dropped her phone back in her purse and stood behind me again.

“I’ve found the utility I was looking for. I’ll just run and see if it recognizes the virus.”

She handed me a Coke and I spun around in the chair. She was picking up her phone again. She made a call and walked down the hall to talk in private. It sounded like she was canceling a shopping trip with someone.

I stared at the screen waiting to see where I stood with this infected computer. It whirred along searching and scanning. It appeared that one virus was detected, but others still existed.

“I hate to have to run you off like this, but I’m going to have to go to work. Are you about finished?” She asked.

“Well actually it looks like I’m just getting started. I’m going to have to let several different utilities run until they clear your system.”

“I’m having company over later tonight. Could you come back in the morning? I really need to be able to do some work at home from that computer.” She asked.

“I have a job interview tomorrow. I can’t afford to skip that. I may not be too far from finishing. It’s just a matter of finding what it needs. I should have everything on this disc. I’ll just have to search through it until I find all the ones I need.”

She seemed to be reluctant to leave me here alone. It’s not like we were total strangers, but people can be uneasy about such things. It’s not like I was going to rob her blind while she was gone. She looked at her watch and grabbed her purse. She counted out some cash and laid it on the kitchen table.

“I’m going to leave your fee here on the table; I just need you to pull this locked door to behind you when you leave. Tell Danny I said ‘Hello.'” She said to me.

I think she said that last part about Danny to remind herself that we were acquaintances, not strangers. We were almost friends. Someone she could trust.

“I really shouldn’t be too long and then I’ll be gone.” I said trying to reassure her.

She smiled and then walked out the door. I heard her car crank and back out of the driveway. The computer was still whirring along searching for the right fix. I looked around the room. It was nicely furnished. The den had nice furniture and the kitchen looked like the cover of a Southern Living magazine. It all looked nice.

For the next fifteen minutes or so, I sat pecking on the keyboard giving commands and navigating my way through the repairs. I sipped on my drink and watched the progress in front of me. It looked like yet another virus had been detected. I was getting there, slowly but surely. I got up and went to the table. I pocketed the money and finished my drink while standing there. I opened the garbage and dropped the empty inside. I opened the fridge and looked in. There wasn’t much in the way of groceries. It was the beginning of a hot summer day, so I grabbed another can of Coke, walked back into the den, and sat in the chair. This was turning into a long search. When one utility had exhausted its capabilities, I would execute the next one. Then the disc would take off again hunting for baddies.

I stood up to stretch my legs. I took a big drink from my can. Now I needed to go to the bathroom. I walked down the hall thinking the bathroom couldn’t be too hard to find. It was the first door on the left. I walked in and the floor was a mess. There were clothes scattered all over the floor. It was a huge contrast to the neat and clean kitchen and den. I made my way over to the toilet. I was standing there doing my stuff when I looked down and saw a bra of hers lying on the floor. My heart sped up. My eyes did a quick scan of the floor. Jeans, shirts, towels and other clothes littered the floor. Then I saw what I was looking for, a wadded up pair of her panties. Powder blue silky panties. My cock twitched at the sight. My first reaction was to pendik escort leave the room as quickly as possible. Get back to the computer and sit at my chair like I should. Repair the computer take my cash and leave. But, my legs wouldn’t move.

I flushed the toilet but left my pants undone. I walked mesmerized to the panties on the floor. I bent to pick them up and held them in front of my face. My hands were trembling. I unrolled them and stared at them. Her lovely ass had probably just slipped out of them before I arrived. I looked them over front and back. What if she were to return at this moment? I dropped the undies, snapped my pants and walked back down the hall.

I sat in my chair and stared blankly at the computer screen. This is where I belong I told myself. Repairing the computer, not sorting through the woman’s panties like a pervert. The computer was waiting on a command from me. I tried to get my mind back on why I was here. I moved the mouse and made my selection. The disc started spinning again. My mind should be back here in front of this screen but my dick was thinking about other things. I stood up and looked out the window. I saw nothing but my car sitting there. I wonder how far it is to her bedroom.

I get up and walk hurriedly down the hall. It’s like I’m in a trance. I walk past the bathroom and at the end of the hall are two doors. The door to my left is closed. The other door stands wide open. It is her bedroom. I stand at the entrance for a second looking before I go in. My hands are shaking and I can’t believe I’m doing this. I walk in and the room looks a lot like the bathroom. Clothes are scattered on the floor, on the bed and the blinds are drawn. Her closet doors are open. I walk over to it and look inside. It’s a huge mess, full of clothes, shoes and some storage boxes. I turn to look at her clothes dresser. The top drawer was left open. I walk over and peer in without touching a thing. My cock grows harder. I slowly put my hands inside. It’s her panty drawer. I look through her underwear. Sexy panties, cotton panties, socks, hose and some jewelry.

I pull the panties to the front and look deep in the back. There is what I was looking for. A vibrator. Her vibrator. I can feel my heart pounding in my ears. With a shaking hand, I reach in and pick it up. I immediately bring it to my face. Pussy. I turn to look at the bed and picture her lying there rubbing that white buzzer on her clit. I put my tongue on the tip. I can’t help myself. I put the vibrator in my mouth sucking it, trying to taste her pussy. I can taste and smell the musky aroma of her pussy. I unsnap my jeans again. I reach in and massage my cock. Sucking on her sex toy, I turn to look around the rest of the room. I put the vibe back in its place and try to arrange the drawer as it looked when I came in.

By the bed was a nightstand. A lamp sat on the top beside a folded paperback book. There was a hug drawer below the lamp. I pull it open. There were some women’s magazines, a phone book some nail polish and some opened mail. I pick the magazines up and look in the very bottom of the drawer. There it is. A big thick veined cock-like dildo. I had no idea she was such a horny devil. I pick it up and can’t help but bring it to my face. I look around the room. I feel like I’m being watched. I’m too nervous. I put the dildo back and walk backwards out of the room. Everything is as I found it. I almost run back to the den. I sit hurriedly in my chair. The screen tells me that her computer is removing spyware.

The phone rings and I about have a heart attack. I stay seated in the chair. Should I pick it up? I sit there trembling. I stand up and look out the window again. After only a few rings, her machine picks up.

“Hello? Adam, are you there? I was wondering how the computer is coming along. I’m at work and was wondering if you were through or not.”

I sit frozen in my chair. Do I answer it? Do I pretend that I’m gone? How long have I been here? I was here only about ten minutes before she left. She has been gone another twenty minutes.

Then she hangs up. I look at the clock in the kitchen. I’ve actually been here for almost an hour now. I wish the disc would finish up. I’m thinking as soon as the computer is virus free, I should gather my discs, pack up my briefcase, and lock the door and head to my car. I’m also thinking about going back and getting those blue panties and putting them in my face. I’m thinking how good it would feel to jack off with them around my cock.

I get up and carry my chair back down the hall. I walk into the bedroom and go straight to her closet. I stand on the chair and look on the top shelf. It’s covered with some magazines, Elle, Shape and even some Penthouse, some shoes and other junk. There in the back of the closet is an old brown box. It also looks like it hasn’t been moved in a while. I reach in and slide it to the edge. I pick it up, step down from the chair and walk to the bed. I place it on the edge and slowly pull the top off it. Inside aydınlı escort is an old red photo album. It looks like any traditional family photo album. I pull it out and lay it on the bed. I open it up. My mouth literally fell open. It was old Polaroids of Carrie. There were four photos on the first page. In every one of them, she was posing with the biggest cock I have ever seen. In the first one, she was lying on a bed smiling wide and her eyes big. She was lying on her side, holding a big cock in one hand like a trophy. In the next few, she was desperately trying to put it inside her mouth. She was either sucking someone’s huge dick, or posing proudly with it in her hand. She had the biggest smile on her face. The pictures looked to be twenty years old, maybe older. It was a younger Carrie with longer hair but it was definitely Carrie.

I turn the page and there are more pictures but they are of Carrie alone. She was posing sexy, cupping her large titties, showing her backside and some of her hairy bush. I stood there shaking looking at her pictures. I could hear my heart beating like a drum again. I undid my pants again. I pushed them down enough to pull out my hard cock. I’ve never seen my cock grow so hard and big. I started to stroke it. I turned the pages in the album. There were only a few more and they all look like they were taken around the same time. She was on her knees sucking that massive dick in some, and a few was of her on her back taking that huge dick in her pussy. Those were somewhat hard to make out because obviously he was taking the pictures. I came to the last page and she was sucking and stroking his cock again. Her beautiful smile looking back at her lover as she held his cock in her hand.

I slowly pulled my dick back and forth looking into her smiling face. Then I heard a car outside. I quickly pulled my pants up, dropped the album in its box and hurriedly placed it back in the top of the closet. I ran down the hall toward the den and sat the chair down and plopped myself into it simultaneously. I then stood straight up and looked out the window. The mail truck. My heart crept from my throat back into my chest.

Everything back in it’s proper place. Her panties on the floor, her album in its place, her fuck toys hidden away and my cock throbbing in my pants.

I open the drawer above the computer tower. It’s full of pens, rubber bands, and a few floppies. I turn to the right, slide out the drawer on the opposite side and look in. It has a neat row of cd roms in it. I look at them in order front to back. Most of them have dates on them and are labeled backup. I move past these and make my way to the back few discs. The last few are backups but the very last one only has a date on it. It was created two months ago. I take it and exchange it with my repair disc I had been running. The repairs weren’t complete, but they would have to wait. I open the disc and see it has four folders in it that are dated only weeks apart. I open up the first folder. There is horny Carrie again giving some lucky guy head. The cock she has in her mouth is not the well hung fellow in the Polaroids. This looks like the Carrie that just walked out the door. I view each picture for a few seconds and move to the next.

I get brave again and pop open my jeans. I stand up and look out the window I’ve spied out of fifty time in the last hour. I see nothing but the neighbors mowing the lawn and the other houses look empty.

I open folder number two. I love the way the pics pop to life. It’s Carrie sucking, Carrie masturbating for the camera, Carrie getting fucked. I go to the next folder. It’s more of the same but it has a different date. Carrie must love sucking cock, and these guys can’t get enough of her. I’m imagining her here on her knees sucking my cock right now. I think about her panties again, the smell of her pussy on the vibrator.

I get up and go to the bathroom. I look out the window on my way to the hall. I run and pick up the blue panties. I head back to my chair. I pull my pants down to my ankles. I’m getting real brave now. Before I open the last folder, I realize the date on it. It’s yesterday. My heart picks up the pace. I open it up and set it to slideshow. The first is Carrie in her bedroom getting undressed. I pump my cock slowly. The next shots are in a series of her getting naked for the camera. Then she’s on her bed with her head hanging off the bed, her large breasts falling forward. The next succession of shots has her lover laying his cock on her face and her tongue licking him. I stroke faster. Finally, he’s in her mouth. With her head hanging off the bed, he’s got his dick pushed in to the nuts in her mouth and both hands on her tits. I can’t believe this! This happened yesterday!

My cock is leaking pre cum all down the thick head. My hands are slippery from my own lubrication. She is sucking her lovers cock and fucking herself with the rubber cock. I need to cum. I’ve held off too long. I pick up the blue panties I had laid on the desk. I close my eyes and bring them to may face and inhale deeply. I’m about to cum and I push them down on top of my swollen cock. I open my eyes to look at the monitor. Carrie is smiling that wonderful smile as she holds his spurting over her breasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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