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Carly the Cheating Cum Dump

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Carly had convinced her mom that she absolutely couldn’t watch her baby sister that night. After failing the last two Calculus tests, her coach said she would be dropped from the volleyball team if her grade fell below a C. She had to study and didn’t have the time to let the baby drool all over her all night; so her mom hired a sitter.

She had just come out of the shower when she walked into the living room wearing only a black thong and black bra. “Hey mom when is the sitter com- oh my god.” She scurried back into her room. “Why didn’t you tell me he was already here?!” She shouted angrily.

Although she had hurried back, Eddy still managed to catch a decent glimpse of her. His guess was that she was about 5 foot 5. She had long black hair that ran down her pale back. She had a few tattoos on her back and legs. “I’m sorry Eddy that’s just my daughter. She didn’t know you were here.”

“Don’t worry ma’am.”

“Yeah she is just gonna be in her room studying. If you need something just let her know. I’ll see you later.”

Twenty minutes passed and Carly came into the living room where Eddy was sitting. He was muscular and a solid 6 foot 1 with short black hair. “Hey I’m sorry about walking in earlier like that. My mom didn’t tell me you were here yet.”

“It’s cool don’t worry about it.”

“Awesome. So my boyfriend is gonna be here in a little while to study with me. If he rings the doorbell can you just let him in and tell him I’m in my room?”

“Of course. I’ll let him know!”


About half an hour later, Damien showed up and went into Carly’s room. Shutting the door behind him, the two studied for about an hour. He began kissing her neck. “Stop Damien I’m trying to study.” But he continued. “Come on, cut it out.” He continued.

Within minutes. The two were on her bed. He had her pinned down as he kissed down her neck and sucked on her breasts. Carly clawed into his bareback. He made his way down her body and lifted her skirt. He began to lick her pussy in soft, slow circles. Carly ran her hands through his hair for a while before his phone buzzed. Damien didn’t seem to notice, so Travesti Carly checked his phone.

“What the fuck Damien!” she exclaimed before smacking his head.

“What? What?” he asked, pulling his head out from under his head.

“Why the fuck are you talking to your bitch ex girlfriend?”

“What? I didn’t text her she texted me.”

“Oh shut the fuck up. It’s so clear she was replying to you.”

Eddy sat out in the living room listening to the two argue. Feeling uncomfortable, he turned the volume of the tv up and tried to tune them out. Within five minutes, Damien was storming out of the house as Carly cussed him out, slamming the door behind him.

Carly sit in her bed, arms crossed and steaming. “Stupid piece of shit.” She said to herself under breath. However, she couldn’t help still being horny. She reached for her vibrator and began pumping it in and out of her pussy. She rubbed her clit simultaneously. Twenty minutes passed. Nothing. “Fuck. Really?” She thought to herself, unable to cum. “I can never fucking finish on my own after I get started.

She walked towards the kitchen to get a bottle of water when she walked in on shirtless Eddy. “Oh!” she gasped.

“Sorry, the baby spit up on my shirt and I threw it in the wash.” he said quietly. “Guess we are even now, right?” He said chuckling.

“Yeah you could say that.” She peered his sculpted body up and down.

Going back into her room, she was even more frustrated now. She furiously fucked away at her pussy with her dildo. After another twenty minutes without cumming, she thought of her scumbag boyfriend and how much she wanted to get back at him. That’s when she popped her bedroom door open. She lay back in her bed with her vibrator on the highest setting and moaned loudly. After about ten seconds, Eddy came over to the door and knocked quickly before peering on. “Hey are you okay- oh god.”

Carly made eye contact with him as she continued to massage her pussy with her toy. He stood there for a few seconds before leaving. Carly followed him out soon after. She sat right next to him on the couch and ran her hand up izmir Travesti and down his chest. “Wanna play?”

“What is this all about?”

“Nothing I just wanna have some fun. Don’t you?”

“I can’t.”

“Oh you can’t? You want to though right?” She asked.

“What no- just-. Look, you’re very pretty. But I’m dating a girl back home.”


“So what?” he asked

“Didn’t you see my dumbass boyfriend storm out?”

“What about it?”

“They don’t have to know.” She straddled him.


“Shut up.” She pressed her lips against his and began grinding her pussy against his jeans. After a bit he began to kiss back and grope her. She took her shirt off and sat up straight as Eddy stuck his face between her tits. She then laid back and pulled his head by his hair down to lick her pussy. Her body shivered in ecstasy and she came harder than her boyfriend ever had made her.

She slid up his body and took his cock her mouth. Wasting no time, she went straight for the deep throat. She gagged on his cock and he began to face fuck her. Spit and precum ran down her chin.

She then propped up and straddled his cock. She removed her bra and he played with her nipples between his fingers as she bounced up and down. “Fuuck you are s-so much better than my stupid boyfriend.” He said nothing. He simply squeezed her hips and rammed into her pussy.

She then received a text from Damien. “I might as well make plans with my ex cause you clearly don’t give a fuck about me.”

“Go ahead I already made plans.’ She responded.

“Doing what?” he asked

She then proceeded to snap a photo from above of herself riding Eddy’s dick and sent it. Within seconds her phone starting ringing. “Oh fuck he is calling.” She said laughing.

“You gonna pick up?’ Damien replied.

“Yeah but don’t stop.” she whimpered before answering. “H-hello?”

“Carly what the fuck?! All I did was text her and now you’re fucking the baby sitter?”

“Oh Damien yo-you don’t understand. His cock is so fucking big. Makes yours look tiny.” They both laughed.

“Fuck you Carly Konya Travesti you fucking whore! I swear to go-“. She hung up.

The phone continued to ring for the next hour as Eddy picked up Carly and pinned her against the wall. Fucking deep into her pussy, he panted “Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.” into her ear.”

“Better than your girlfriend aren’t I?”

He said nothing.

“Just admit it.”

Angrily he put her down and turned her to face the wall. He slid his cock above her pussy and began pushing into her ass. “Owwwowwwoww wait.” she cried. “Fuck wait no I have never done anal.” He just kept going. “No don-nnnnn-fuck. Jus-just be, be -car-aahhh- be carefullll.” His cock pushed all the way into her tight ass and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. He began ramming away at her virgin ass while yanking at her jet black hair.

“You fucking little slut. You cheating little slut. If you’re gonna act like a cheating whore I’m gonna treat you like that.”

“Yes daddy” she whimpered.

He then laid her down flat on her back on her bed and fucked her pussy again. Pinning her down by her wrists, he began to ravage her. Clearly he was out of his shell at this point. “I’m gonna make my girlfriend fucking hate you.” Her wrists began to bruise as he clawed at her rib cage. She had never experienced so much sensation in her life.

“Make me yours” She demanded.

He felt his balls tighten. He clenched on to her as he grunted. Carly knew he was gonna blow. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Baby please just fucking fuck me” she slurred as she drolled all over the pillow with her eyes rolled out of her mind.

“Fuck!” he exclaimed before unloading inside her pussy. Thick shots of cum pumped deep inside her.

Without saying a word he stood and got dressed before going back into the living room. Carly remained on her bed, naked and oozing hot cum from her pussy and panting still. She couldn’t believe how she felt. She had never felt so complete in her life. She knew she was addicted to his cock now and all she wanted to do was please it.

Within the hour she was back in the living room on her knees while sucking his cock. This went on for an hour until he came down her throat and she cuddled against him. Her mom’s car sounded in the driveway and she quickly sprang to get the door.

“Hey mom! The sitter was great. I recommend getting him again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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